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      help with the ganzfeld procedure?

      i want to try the ganzfeld experiment.
      so from what i have seen you cut a ping pong ball in half and put it over your eyes, then play static from the radio (or white sound), then lay there still with the lights on. and effects should start somewere between 10-30 mins.

      do you have your eyes open or closed?
      do you focus on your breath (meditate), focus on the sound, or just chill?
      has anyone done this, and if so how did it go?
      any other tips?

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      Finding a solid sensory deprivation environment would be your first task, and they're fairly hard to come by. I would direct you to research John C. Lilly and his isolation tanks, perhaps you can construct one or find a retailer or someone that actually practices these things, but it is a bit of a curve from what you want to do. Not knowing any professional fringe psychologists its hard to say, although there's got to be a place somewhere that can do the experiment on you!

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