Now there is been the story of a young man who was sitting in a place talking to his friends and then suddenly he had this strange feeling that he experienced this moment before.And then after a lot of time he was on a bus and the same thing happened.
And when he read about it he found out that it was called deja vu.A feeling of a moment that he experienced before.But that was too convienient so he searched more.
And he learned the follow.

It has been said that the conciousness of a person has 7 layers.some say even more but it doesen't matter.
Every man who is been born have a chartography.His chartography created by his own shadow of course and lies in the areas below the subconcious.In fact part of his fate is been drown down by a slick mud which is called collective non-concious.

Is is been said that when christ went to the desert it was his own shadow that visited him.
It is been said also that buddha amitabha one of the buddhas,when he was meditating
Under the bodhi tree before he reached his moksha,he was approached by all kinds of entities in precence and he was confronting his own shadow.

It is been said that In theory there is a part of us that want's to be the cause and not the result.
But the shadow of a man overcomes him so much that not a lot of people come over their chartography.
A person which sees the future through fortune telling cards is person sensitive enough to feel his own chartography and even the one of another person.
Some tibetan or pythagoreans astrologers can even predict the date of death.

So some times when we walk the path of our chartography even though we don't realize or accept it,a strange thing happens.
As our non-concious does know our own future it happens on moments of deep relaxation,anxiety or pain the self opens without realizing a small tiny little hole
to the lowest layers of conciousness.
And then in a very very small amount of time the mind already knows the future.
So the feeling that we experienced that before is false.It is more likely a tiny chance of precognition.

But the most amazing part of this process is what the senses experiencing.
A thing that you are alive and for the first time you can feel your surroundings.
And when even for that little amount of time the rabbit's hole connects your concious
with the other realms of yourself which control you,
you seem to made an inner contact with yourself.

Infact for that time

But then the gap is closed before even that process started.
And then you're losing that feeling no matter how much you're going to grab on it.