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      kundalini rising dream

      last night i had a realy cool dream. i think i took a pill but i cant remember. they i was in my feet, i could see the inside of my body, and i could feel fire. then i moved up my legs, into my stomach. i remember looking at my stomach and there was all white stuff on the walls of it. then i went up my throught and out my mouth, and there were beautifull butterflies everywere. then my phone rang and i woke up.

      this was obviously just caused by reading and learning about kundalini.

      has anyone else experienced anything else like this??

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      I cant say ive ever had a dream like that! really fascinating

      Question now is, what will you do now that youve had this dream?

      Years ago I had a kundalini related dream, although at the time I didnt know anything about kundalini except that it was a funny word to say. In my dream I wanted to contact the lord of dragons, specifically eastern dragons which I had believed to be spiritually symbolic. An indigo dragon appeared and I was compelled to it. COMPELLED!

      When I came to the dragon I saw a flash of a beautiful indigo woman, except she had a mans chest. It is a man! A man so beautiful I mistook him for a woman. I didn't understand what I was seeing, so the being took the form of the dragon again. I was compelled again to kneel as a child waiting to be taught. I "knew" he was my teacher. Mind you, I was summoning the dragon king to ride around and have fun! I wasn't asking for my teather.

      The dragon gave me lessons of awareness and power.

      But it wasn't just a verbal lesson, his words gave me an experience! The dragon MADE me lucid beyond anything ive ever experienced! I was so excited with my new found understanding that I flew away from the dragon ready to transform my dreamscape into paradise.

      Instead, within moments of leaving the beings presence I lost all lucidity.

      Excited, I again summoned the lord of dragons for a second time in another lucid dream. This time no dragon came. Comets exploded around me, leading me to him. Again I was compelled to kneel as a child student. He taught me how to see the dream. Applying my lessons immedietely, I wanted to see who he really was, figuring that Im just staring at an illusion. His face became reflective water of light that encompassed the entire dream - for a brief moment I realized he was me (in a higher self way). It was too much for my ego so I forced myself awake. I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to summon him again unless I aplied what was already taught to me *pfff which I havent*

      A friend of mine suggested I had a kundalini related experience. I didnt know this at the time, but apparently the eastern dragon has been used to symbolize the coiled serpent of kundalini. Kundalini is energy raising your awareness and just being in that dragons presence made me more aware. I've yet to be as lucid by my own measures.

      But, I still didn't understand what the dream meant or how the indigo being *who kinda looked like paintings of krishna but more purple* related to kundalini.

      Until the other day! I was reading up on kundalini meditation and kundalini yoga. Then I read two words in the same sentance "blue man" and "shaktipat". Okay my hindu knowledge is squat, but my heart skipped a beat! Apparently the goddess Shakti is believed to be the same as the divine energy called kundalini. Shaktipat is like this offering of divine energy that a guru gives to their kundalini student.

      This offering is supposed to give the student a moment of higher awareness and bliss - so that they can understand what kundalini is all about. Although shaktipat is practiced by human gurus, apparently a divine being called Blue Man also gives shaktipat. *the ref I was reading wasnt clear which hindu god he is*

      Again, I only have a beginners knowledge of the hindu faith so I'm probably badly butchering all of this. But how could my dream correlate this so well without prior knowledge of shaktipat?

      Anywyas, ive been an idiot all these years. I never understand my dream, at first I thought I was getting lessons on dream lucidity. But now that I know my dream matches a shaktipat experience, I think my dream was actually an initiation to take on the path of kundalini awakening.

      Thats why Im asking you, what do you think your dream means? And what will you do with that knowledge?

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