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    Thread: Spirit Science Meditation Guide

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      Red face Spirit Science Meditation Guide

      I am not sure if doing three threads in such a short time counts as spamming.
      But if someone feels annoyed with this please tell me.

      I am just so motivated and inspired of the lessons of spirit science

      I never knew information and knowledge could be so powerful, I feel happy, confident and smarter at the same time.

      I hope people will open their mind and see the beauty of the human being and our ancestors spiritual history. I used to be an atheist and totally trust science completely for example that our consciousness is just an illusion and that when we die nothing happen, we just cease to exist. However that made me a little depressed, but ever since I started lucid dreaming I have somehow known that there is more to life than that boring attitude. And I was right!

      Science once made me doubt, now it's the very thing that makes me believe.

      The old greek knew this, the egyptians knew it and the mayan knew this.

      This thread was originally made to give you a meditation guide but to really understand what joy I am gonig through right now I suggest you look into the other thread I made named "New Age explained Rationally". It's a four hour long video but jump to 55:00 and watch the lesson about sacreed geometry, it will blow your mind!

      Sorry I just can't help it I want to share my excitement with you guys!

      Anyway back to topic...

      Meditation. I have always wondered how to do it and why to do it, but spiritscience helped me with that too! Here is the spiritscience step by step guide of meditation to connect with the core of yourself.

      1. Wear comfortable clothing.

      2. Concentrate on each body part individually and relax your body from toe to top.

      3. Count in your head from 100 to 0 slowly.
      4. Ignore stray thoughts that come to mind like dancing bannanas ...

      If this happens, just go back to your counting.

      5. When you reach zero count from 30 to 0 again.

      6. Sit in the aura of silence that you have created.

      7. Don't expect an experience but allow whatever happens to happen.

      A short but explaining quote:

      "I think therefore I am not, Only when the mind is silence, I am."

      Namaste xD
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      You're fine so long as you aren't posting the same thing multiple times or in multiple subforums at once or just posting inane useless drivel. We have quite a few meditation guides here on DV btw, have you come across any? Like the 99 point meditation technique? I've always found meditation guides to be annoyingly vague. The only one I've ever come across that was remotely helpful to me I think was by Deepak Chopra (maybe)...but he gives more specific things for you to imagine. Example: Don't just think about counting backwards from 30 to 0...try actually picturing and visualizing the numbers in your mind, on a huge scoreboard, and watch it tick down from 30 to 0. If you lose your concentration and start thinking about random things and your mind wanders off, then you start over again at 30, and you keep doing this until you can visualize this countdown without interruption. Things like that I've personally found way more helpful to me than just saying something like "count from 100 to 0" etc. I imagine that everyone's minds work differently, so everyone is going to have a technique that is more useful to them than another.

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      Thank you I will defnitely not waste all my time of visualization practice and reduce it to just counting. So I'll do it together with the scoreboard visualization tonight

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      This is Transcendental Meditation, which is also basically Self-hypnosis. This is not Buddhist Meditation.

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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