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    Thread: Spiritual Bliss

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      Spiritual Bliss

      Anybody else experience this?

      Earlier this year I was real deep into meditation, practicing days in a row faithfully, then I had sex one night but the sex was really different this time

      I think it was the next day, but I was riding in the car and something just entered me, and i'm pretty sure it came from my head and spread throughout my whole body...only word I could use to describe it would be pure bliss and euphoria. Nothing mattered anymore, nothing needed to be done or achieved..it literally felt like I didn't need anything, like everything was perfect, like life was just complete..

      This feeling lasted a while and dissipated throughout the day. It felt better than any drug or drink

      I talked to a guy not too long ago whos also into some spiritual stuff and he said he experienced it also before after some tantric sex with his girl or something. Would be kool to link up with other people on dreamviews who has experienced this
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      I actually do know what you're talking about but I'm not capable of explaining it.

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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