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    Thread: Twin Flames and Soul Mates with Kelley Rosano

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      My Twin flame?

      For over a year now, Iíve been periodically visited in my dreams by this man who Iíve never met in real life but every time I see him or sense him I recognize him. Itís both exhilarating and comforting having him near. Sometimes he speaks to me, sometimes he doesnít. sometimes he appears as a shadowy figure with no discernible features but I recognize him the moment he touches me, say to caress the back of my neck, lift my legs to tuck me into bed etc. My dream body tingles at his touch. The times I have seen him, the main features of his that stick in my mind are his dark, dark eyes and pale skin. Never when he shows up does he do me any harm, in fact he always seems to be trying to help me in some way. Every time Iíve dreamt of him itís always felt different than regular dreams that are just full of random nonsense. After a while I began to wonder if perhaps he might not be just a figment of my imagination. Then I came across the twin flame theory. Now bear with me, Iím not deluded. I donít buy into every pseudo-science, paranormal crackpot theory I read, especially not one talking about two souls joining together because I believe we all have our own individuality and it is something we should hang on to. These dreams however are ongoing and always they leave me in a strange state of bliss that I began to wonder: do I possibly have a twin flame? Has he been visiting me?
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