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      What comes first the lunatic or the scam artist?

      Sometimes I listen to old Coast to Coast shows. This is mostly for entertainment value but I also just like picking up on alternative perspectives on reality, history, etc. Some of those people are also just hilarious. But there's almost always a book being promoted, or a website where products are available to buy, and while the conversation is often about prophecy and crazy predictions you can look forward to being right or wrong, they always promote their product at least 5 or 6 times throughout the interview.

      Some, such as the Merlin Project or timetraks, seem sincere enough. I mean yeah they want a business but they developed their product honestly and admit that it's not a perfect science. However, their theory about reality being based on a type of synchronicity and pattern rather than causality is one I think warrants the investigation they're giving it.

      Then there's Cobra and Rob and the liberation of humanity, where two guys made up a bunch of pseudo-babble capable only of fooling the dumbest fraction of conspiracy theorists. They use all the correct vocabulary to appear sincere but act like insiders and then go on to say a bunch of shit that can't necessarily be disproven but has enough clues and inconsistencies that you know they're fucking lying. Like this story about going to Egypt on dec 21st 2012 with a bunch of meditators and being chased by the Muslim Brotherhood and doing some indiana jones level action meditating at the last second to save humanity. They mostly try to hook you with all this awesome information their privileged to about the "galactical confederation" but slightly hint, just slightly, at the possibility of people raising their vibrations to bring first contact in faster by healing themselves. Here's an example of a website where you can spend 30 dollars on a bottle of water: TACHYONIS - Tachyon Products

      So these guys are obviously just copying off the current trend of people claiming to have been aboard alien spacecrafts where they were told they were the reincarnation of John the Baptist, etc. And they're scamming tactics are very, very obvious. But what about the original people that claimed to be insiders for the Galactic Federation of Light? They all had books to sell, too, at the very least. Are they scammers as well, or are they truly insane?
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      I guess my view on this should be predictable by now....I think many more of them are knaves than is at first apparent, but we all have different gaps in our bullshit detectors. Get several of us in a room listening to ten salesmen, and we'll each recognize a few of them as frauds. But we won't recognize the same ones.

      If someone claims to have had a telepathetic experience with an alien, that seems plausible to me. If someone takes an experience and solidifies their interpretation of it into an authoritative message from the Galactic Federation of Light, then I think that's BS. There is an element of speculation in all intuition - we imagine things that might be true, and if we do that really well then our intuitions are right. But nobody does it well enough to support those kinds of claims.

      I've come to doubt that anyone alive has occult knowledge much beyond yours or mine, and I doubt that either one of us knows anywhere near enough to write an honest book that very many other people would be interested in reading. We're like a bunch of chimpanzees trying to decide how old the sun is. There are good ideas mixed in with all the BS, but its almost all plagiarized. Read enough stuff, and you find out that people who seem to be more insightful than you have usually read some obscure stuff that you didn't know about.

      I don't think there's a clear line between scamming and insane. We all think in ways that are in some degree insane. We have a bit of insane wired right into our DNA. We are also all at least subtly dishonest in a variety of ways. In the case of the alternative radio salesman, I think there are points where they consciously spin things in a way that is overtly dishonest, but they've usually rationalized that to themselves in a way that seems to them to justify it. Most of them are not insane, and most are not pure sociopaths. But to some extent most could be viewed as subconscious sociopaths wearing non-sociopathic personalities as a disguise. And I guess that could be viewed as a mild insanity. I think there's a bit of that in all of us.

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