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    Thread: Use lucid dreaming/ astral plane for time travel or dimesnsion travel?

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      Question Use lucid dreaming/ astral plane for time travel or dimesnsion travel?

      I've always been curious about the supernatural and since people in this part of the forum i thought I'd open a debate.

      Do you think through lucid dreaming or going to the "astral plane" could allow you to literally travel through time and/ or alternate dimensions and stay there?

      so for example you could go to sleep and attain lucidity and use it to either go to the astral plane or ask a spirit guide to take you back to you body 5 years ago on a specific date so the 5/5/2005 for example?

      Time travel aspect reasoning:
      People have often claimed to have precognitive dreams; if this is true then in theory our dream state, astral plane or lucid dream body's should be able to enter this sort of "gate way" that allows people who experience it, to gain information that we call precognition. but rather than simply using it to gather information about the future or the past we actively go inside it and use it to transport our soul into our bodies at the time we are getting the information from (as i mention earlier)

      Alternate reality reasoning:

      On the belief that precognition is real, people who use it for example to save someones life is technically creating an alternate reality. so somewhere out in the universe there is another reality where that person wasn't saved. So could we use the "astral gate" to go to this reality and permanently stay in that body (yours) but within that alternate universe/ reality??

      for people who believe in psych ism and precognition this should be easier to think about and consider. So in theory this should be possible shouldn't it? providing psych ism and precognition is real of course . what are your thoughts?

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      I can't find this on YouTube.


      two nights ago I was watching TV and this Soldier came back from Iraq then had a dream about being in the body of another soldier.

      Then he saw on the news that his friend was one of those rescued and air lifted back home to America.

      They met and were blown away when it became clear that the dream was no ordinary dream cos the details were parallel to what happened in the enemy jail.

      Wish I could find it on YouTube for you. He really was in the body of his friend, while dreaming.

      I think this is possible because we are really one being in billions of different bodies, through out the timeline, from the Bigbang till the end of time.

      By the way, I just noticed Waking Nomad had logged-in. So I poked his user name to go to his profie. He was looking at this post. So I poked what he was looking at. And found your thread.

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      I met a woman on the astral plane, with a cute black dress, short straight black hair, violet eyes, and a very Russian Beauty type of face. Her name is Lila. She told me she works for the American-Canadian-Mexican-Russian Shadow Government as a Remote Viewer. She used to work for the KGB. She told me she would take me on journeys on the astral plane, not the dream plane, and teach me to become adept on the astral plane. She trained me in astral combat.
      We started having astral dreams together where everything felt real, and all my reality checks failed. She insisted that we were incarnate in a physical plane. I looked around me, and saw intense detail such as tiny specks of dust, stains, and wear and tear at the corner of furniture. There was nothing I could do to convince myself that it was a dream, except when I looked in the mirror I was a werelion. I looked at my hands and I had lion paws. I did reality checks again, and they all failed.
      This happened over and over again.

      After I started having these dreams again, I looked up the meaning of the name Lila. Lila means Night.
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