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    Thread: How Television Constantly Hypnotizes Us

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      Yes this is known as the critical barrier. I edited my post above but I'll also elaborate. When you receive information consciously, rather than hypnotically, you can choose to disregard it. When you pay attention to your behavior, you can also act out of knowledge rather than your unconscious associations. That is why cognition exists, as I've explained previously it reduces cognitive dissonance (ie enables us to act rationally).

      Equally important as paying attention and remaining present is also surrounding yourself, as much as possible, with data that will reinforce associations you want your unconscious to favor. Tuning out of commercials only gives them direct access. In fact, you go into a state of hypnosis every time your mind wanders. Ever notice how the mind can wander while driving, and yet the body (and unconscious) are so perfectly trained you don't make a single mistake? Reduce your exposure to information you do not want to reinforce (such as commercials) and increase your exposure to data you do want to reinforce (such as good lectures). I'll often play a lecture by Alan Watts or somebody in the background of whatever I'm doing because I want to reinforce the association great minds like that create.

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      Quote Originally Posted by WakingNomad View Post
      I got intense chills, and then I shuddered, just reading this. Usually when shit like that happens, it's because I can relate because the same thing maybe happened to me. I have analyzed and seen so much fucking insane subliminal messaging and brain-polluting (brainwashing, the word itself is brainwashing because wash has a positive connotation!). For example, in the movie I just watched, The Return of the King, right before a battle the good guys shout, 'DEATH!' as a battle cry. Not "Death to the orcs," or "Death to the Dark Lord," just 'DEATH!'
      A good friend of mine who refuses to have a fakebook account told me, "If you notice, it's always about what I call SDD: Sex, Death, and Degradation." They usually mix sex with death and/or degradation.
      Yeah, TV already puts people in a hypnotic state, true, and I also think what happened to you is 100% real hardcore hypnotic electronic mind control. Of course, 4:46AM is the perfect time to do such a thing, because when you tell people about it, they will blame it on sleep deprivation. Even though it's been proven that there are cameras in the little black boxes for HDTV, and that hackers can watch us through our webcams without us knowing, people just don't want to believe in things that frighten them.
      That sounds just about right, the "100% real hardcore hypnotic electronic mind control", because if not that I have not a clue what happened. Is it normal for people to realize it happened? Or did they just fuck up their plan on me, twice? Because I searched the web about it after it happened, no one else complained about funimation doing this. I don't even know why I still watch t.v., me and my sister have had to many bad experiences with it. One time when we were children we were watching cartoon network in the daytime and out of nowhere ed edd & eddy went off the screen and on the screen was a old school computer "pool table green" desk top with a bloody knife for a mouse cursor and it was being moved over the screen maniacally, me and my sister split out of our room to go tell my mom and when we came back it was back on cartoons. I can't help but think someone was purposely trying to instill fear into us...

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