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    Thread: Voynich Manuscript

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      Voynich Manuscript

      For those of you who don't know, the Voynich Manuscript is a collection of surreal imagery accompanied by an unknown language which many people have tried for the past century to decode, though they have had very little success in doing so. It has allegedly been carbon dated to the early 15th century and was purchased by Polish book dealer Wilfrid Voynich in 1912.

      You can take a look of a high definition scan of the entire manuscript here.

      The manuscript is divided into sections about never before seen plants and diagrams which have astrological figures but they seem to have little significance.
      It seems like no coincidence that the book is dated to around the same time as the birth of cryptography in Europe but even if the language is some sort of secret code, even expert cryptographers who decoded messages during the war have had no luck in deciphering the language. It'd be interesting to see if the book contained anything of actual value or whether it is just actual nonsense. Personally, I think it's probably either a hoax or the writings of a sufferer of schizophrenia.

      At least it's entertaining to think about.
      Total BS or hidden knowledge?

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      I don't know if you are still interested in this or not but I noticed u are still active. It's been a little while, so if ur not interested we can close the thread

      I checked out the book. Its definitely no Schizophrenic, those markings are a language. You can tell by the consistent repetition throughout the book.

      Page 66r seems to give a major hint as to what the book could be about. If you look at the roots those are human heads.

      There are also rare instances of men while the book is predominantly full of female caricatures.

      Its interesting how the book seems to have three major parts: starts with plants, then astral diagrams, and finally a communal living kind if situation of plants and people.

      From skimming (lol obviously not reading) it seems like the book is about us as food keeping these plants alive. The astral drawings show everyone is looking at this star shape, totally mesmerized. That may be us being mesmerized in some way so that we don't realize we are food to these plants. Honestly the book gave me a very Matrix feel.

      But it didn't seem evil. It seemed natural, nobody looks like they are suffering, in fact some images seem as if the caricatures are enjoying themselves.

      My best guess at the story: Some sort of cosmic sized plants invisible to us feed off of our minds and we're all cool with it.

      Sorry if necropost. I did find the book fascinating
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