This is from the book "Adventures of the Soul" Journeys Through the Physical & Spiritual Dimensions, by James Van Praagh:

(These meditations are best used by recording yourself reading the following meditations into a recorder, such as the one that already exists on your iPhone. You insert your own personal information & then you play it back for yourself. Remember to leave yourself some pauses where they apply so you can reflect on each section. Feel free to change things up to reflect your own beliefs & goals etc.)

Your Souls Sanctuary

Imagine yourself sitting in an ornate gold chair that has a red velvet cushion. You are alone in a room complete & utter beauty, & soft sunlight is shining in the windows. A fire is burning in the fireplace, & it warms the room. The walls are made of stone that seems to shimmer, & when you look up, you can barely see the ceiling. There are several large oil paintings in the room, & you recognize them as significant locations from your life.

Walk around the room & take a long look at each painting. How does each location make you feel? Try & remember a cheerful time at each place. Lining the walls of this room are shelves, & they all contain framed photographs of you. Look closely at each photograph & acknowledge what age you are & who is in the photo with your. Each photograph makes you happy.

The shelves also contain mementos of your life that you have cherished. Pick each one up & remember how important it was in your life. A flood of memories comes to you as you hold each each object. One shelf holds several leather-bound books. Take a look at each title slowly. The titles are the different lessons that your soul has chosen to learn. Reflect on how you are performing each lesson.

Choose one of the books & carry it with you back to your golden chair. Open the book &, one page at a time, look at the photos inside. How old are you in the photo & who are you with? Are the photos telling you a story? What are you learning from the story? There is no judgment in this; you are merely looking & assessing.

When you feel that you understand what the book is telling you, gently close it & hold it to your chest. Look around the room & take it all in. Feel the love that the room is giving to you. The room loves to have you here. There is no hurry; you may stay in this room as long as you'd like. This your home.

When you feel that it is time to go, take a few deep breaths. In your mind's eye, envision your meditation space back in the human world & see yourself sitting in that space. Take the love you feel in the sanctuary & fill your meditation space with it. Slowly become aware of your consciousness in the meditation space. Take a few deep breaths & slowly open your eyes.

I really enjoyed this. I hope you will too. Please leave comments about your experiences with this exercise. I'd recommend reading the book too, which is real enlightening.