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    Thread: #DVA Chat Times & Logs

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      June 26th 12noon CST Chat [Hosted by myself & Paigeyemps]

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [17:57] paigeyemps joined the chat room.
      [17:59] yuvyuv: someone here?
      [17:59] TylerRoberts: <-- Meeeee
      [17:59] yuvyuv: hi
      [18:00] paigeyemps: hello
      [18:00] yuvyuv: is there a class now?
      [18:00] paigeyemps: RareCola : ding ding ding
      [18:00] RareCola: yep
      [18:00] RareCola: just got back P
      [18:00] RareCola: *
      [18:00] paigeyemps: awesome
      [18:00] yuvyuv: i wanted to sleep but staying for class
      [18:00] paigeyemps: it's 1 am here
      [18:00] RareCola: How is everyone today?
      [18:00] TylerRoberts: Alrighty, My first class and I'm ready to go!
      [18:01] RareCola: Welcome to the class
      [18:01] Oreoboy1996: unfortunately i don't have the power to half op you guys
      [18:01] paigeyemps: im good, very excited for dreams after class :3
      [18:01] TylerRoberts: I even succeffully wrote in my DJ today!
      [18:01] rudedudeowns joined the chat room.
      [18:01] paigeyemps was granted voice by Oreoboy1996.
      [18:01] lucidius joined the chat room.
      [18:01] theCambino joined the chat room.
      [18:01] paigeyemps: haha thanks oreo
      [18:01] yuvyuv: dont be offended if i leave
      [18:01] yuvyuv: in the middle
      [18:01] RareCola: We usually just discuss stuff, so feel free to chat about your experiences or whatever you like, TylerRoberts
      [18:01] paigeyemps: oh nice job TylerRoberts !
      [18:01] rudedudeowns left the chat room. ("Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is")
      [18:01] paigeyemps: im gonna read it tomorrow probably
      [18:01] theCambino: cola and oreo shake
      [18:01] paigeyemps: 3 entries, right?
      [18:01] theCambino: ?
      [18:01] Oreoboy1996: weird lag...
      [18:01] theCambino: same here
      [18:01] theCambino:
      [18:01] TylerRoberts: Yup, well...
      [18:02] You were granted voice by Oreoboy1996.
      [18:02] lucidius: yep LAG
      [18:02] Xyvoch: started?
      [18:02] TylerRoberts: I have been watching this so much... so, 2 entries and a half typed third one
      [18:02] paigeyemps: ah..
      [18:02] paigeyemps: take your time remembering everything and stuff
      [18:02] paigeyemps: ;D
      [18:02] theCambino:
      [18:02] lucidius: it will improve recall alot
      [18:02] RareCola: So anyone lucid last night?
      [18:03] lucidius: atleast it did for me
      [18:03] lucidius: i wasnt
      [18:03] yuvyuv: no i didnt but i think im at layer 0
      [18:03] TylerRoberts: I typed it all out in my Kindle before I got out of bed... If I dont I forget everything...
      [18:03] paigeyemps: ah cool
      [18:03] paigeyemps: RareCola : you had some lucids right?
      [18:03] yuvyuv: wanted to say - i try to say mantras but it keeps me awake
      [18:03] RareCola: Yepyep, 2 deilds
      [18:03] lucidius: !brb need water, now
      [18:03] lucidius is now known as lucidius|BRB.
      [18:04] RareCola: The trick with mantras is to not keep it right at the front of your mind, yuvyuv
      [18:04] RareCola: you want it in the back of your mind
      [18:04] paigeyemps: congrats again RC!
      [18:04] yuvyuv: but now i think i will combine - sslid
      [18:04] yuvyuv: ssild
      [18:04] RareCola: I'm really not a fan of ssild
      [18:04] paigeyemps: mostly when i do my mantras, i dont focus on the words, but i focus on the meaning
      [18:04] RareCola: I think time is better spent on other techniques
      [18:04] RareCola: but to each their own I guess
      [18:04] yuvyuv: why?
      [18:05] TylerRoberts: Ohh... I was repeating mantras last night but with as much emphasis as possible xD
      [18:05] RareCola: Because it's basically a placebo
      [18:05] yuvyuv: unlike normal wilds?
      [18:05] theCambino left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [18:05] RareCola: Now, using senses as an anchor to aid WILDs is good, but it's still a WILD, not SSILD.
      [18:05] paigeyemps: is SSILD sort of like a subcategory of WILD?
      [18:06] paigeyemps: it sorta seems like it
      [18:06] lucidius|BRB: i mostly specialize in DILD, (ofcorce i am no master)
      [18:06] RareCola: No, the main SSILD is like a MILD
      [18:06] yuvyuv: i can put a link
      [18:06] yuvyuv: to the explantion
      [18:06] yuvyuv: http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/senses...-ssild-129734/
      [18:06] paigeyemps: oh alright
      [18:06] yuvyuv: It seems more like a DILD aid then a WILD thing
      [18:06] theCambino^ joined the chat room.
      [18:07] yuvyuv: didnt try it before
      [18:07] theCambino^:
      [18:07] paigeyemps: wb Cam
      [18:07] RareCola: Yea, if you use it in a WILD method I think you can get some benefit
      [18:07] theCambino^: thank you
      [18:07] RareCola: but as a MILD it's just... eh
      [18:08] yuvyuv: why - cause it dosnt work?
      [18:08] yuvyuv: its like awerness checks?
      [18:08] paigeyemps: not sure if silent or lag
      [18:08] RareCola: From what I've seen, it works maybe once or twice mainly because it's a new technique and you're excited to use it, but it doesn't work because of the SSILD, it works because of that excitement and expectation of getting a lucid, basically just a normal DILD
      [18:09] paigeyemps: yea. totally placebo like you said
      [18:09] yuvyuv: hmmm
      [18:09] lucidius|BRB: oh, i have a question
      [18:09] lucidius|BRB: !here
      [18:09] lucidius|BRB is now known as lucidius.
      [18:09] yuvyuv: Do you think mantras help
      [18:09] yuvyuv: ?
      [18:09] RareCola: Mantras DEFINITELY help
      [18:09] paigeyemps: YES
      [18:09] yuvyuv: shame they keep me awake
      [18:09] RareCola: I can cause myself to wake up any time I want nowadays with mantras, no alarm
      [18:09] RareCola: That's because you're doing them wrong, yuvyuv
      [18:10] paigeyemps: how do you do your mantras, yuvyuv ?
      [18:10] yuvyuv: repeat them over and over - not good?
      [18:10] RareCola: As paige said earlier, it's about the meaning, not the words themselves
      [18:10] RareCola: You can't just mindlessly repeat them
      [18:10] RareCola: and it's better to have the words in the back of your mind where they won't interrupt you going to sleep
      [18:10] lucidius: i just repeat them sometimes
      [18:10] paigeyemps: the thing is, if you just repeat them over and over, that's precisely what your mind's gonna do once you're dreaming
      [18:10] lucidius: does visiualizeing help with maunturas?
      [18:10] • theCambino^ is working on perfecting mantras... trying to find the right timing
      [18:11] RareCola: A mantra really doesn't matter what you're saying, you could say "I like chicken nuggets", if you associate that phrase with the meaning of becoming lucid, it would work.
      [18:11] TylerRoberts: So, say the mantras, but focus on the meaning. Almost like imagining them working?
      [18:11] RareCola: Pretty much
      [18:11] RareCola: You really need to believe what you're saying to yourself
      [18:11] paigeyemps: for example: your mantra is "wake up"...if you just repeat it without thinking of the meaning, when you dream, your dream self will also just say "wake up" instead of actually waking up
      [18:11] paigeyemps: if that makes sense to you
      [18:12] lucidius: i never spoke that in depth of maunuras before
      [18:12] TylerRoberts: I get it!
      [18:12] lucidius: that is really usefull
      [18:12] paigeyemps: awesome
      [18:12] yuvyuv: what is the best mantra for you guys?
      [18:12] RareCola: You can't use somebody else's mantra, ever.
      [18:12] yuvyuv: shit
      [18:12] TylerRoberts: Why not?
      [18:12] theCambino^: RareCola: XD
      [18:12] lucidius: you are yourself
      [18:12] RareCola: As I explained, mantras are about meaning, you need to have a phrase that's meaningful to you
      [18:12] paigeyemps: you can, but it would have to have a significance that's specific to you
      [18:12] RareCola: You can't use a phrase meaningful to somebody else
      [18:13] TylerRoberts: Wait.. Is this like recreating from memorys in Inception? jk
      [18:13] lucidius: what works best for you dosnt necesarely work at all for another
      [18:13] RareCola: Well yes, what paige said
      [18:13] paigeyemps: so not really identical when it comes to the meaning, just same words
      [18:13] paigeyemps: lol tyler
      [18:14] lucidius: lol i thought you ment me sisteremps
      [18:14] paigeyemps: haha wuuut
      [18:14] paigeyemps: x)
      [18:14] yuvyuv: i wonder what would be effective - casue be aware of me dreaming is general -
      [18:14] yuvyuv: maybe
      [18:14] lucidius: (yes my real namy is tyler)
      [18:14] paigeyemps: oh D:
      [18:14] yuvyuv: noticing things are weird and then do a reality check
      [18:14] TylerRoberts: I think I get it. So the words to a manta are totally irrelevant. As long as you personalize the meaning and make it about your goal? I.E. lucid dreaming
      [18:14] yuvyuv: -but that is very long for a mantra
      [18:14] paigeyemps: exactly, TylerRoberts
      [18:15] RareCola: Yep, your mantra doesn't even have to make sense
      [18:15] RareCola: If you wanted a made up language or something, you could do that
      [18:15] lucidius: "i eat soda lucid i am"
      [18:15] theCambino^: I find it hard to visualise say becoming aware that I am in dream... regardless of what the words are for the mantra
      [18:15] theCambino^: ...any help?
      [18:15] RareCola: I think the better way of coming up with a mantra is starting with the meaning and associating words with that.
      [18:16] RareCola: Rather than the other way around
      [18:16] paigeyemps: ^ what he said
      [18:16] TylerRoberts: I suck at thinking of myself becoming lucid in a dream... because I have never done it.
      [18:16] yuvyuv: lol me to
      [18:16] TylerRoberts: I have no experience to build off of
      [18:16] paigeyemps: theCambino^ : are you doing MILD as well?
      [18:16] theCambino^: what TylerRoberts said before
      [18:16] theCambino^: paigeyemps: no
      [18:16] lucidius: it is diferent for evryone
      [18:16] theCambino^: just DILDs WBTB
      [18:17] RareCola: Just imagine yourself in a non-lucid dream as you would, and then build from there. How would you feel if you started to realise you were inside a dream? What would you first do?
      [18:17] RareCola: Just play this out in your head
      [18:17] theCambino^: but I do mantras before everytime
      [18:17] paigeyemps: TylerRoberts : maybe just imagine/daydream about stuff you want to happen
      [18:17] yuvyuv: so thinking : i will do a RC when i see strange stuff is ok - or is it to long?
      [18:17] paigeyemps: it's better if it's like, with superpowers and amazing stuff
      [18:17] lucidius: think of your excitement if you have any...
      [18:17] theCambino^: RareCola: stablize!
      [18:18] TylerRoberts: If I have any? Implying that I am emotionless?
      [18:18] TylerRoberts: jk
      [18:18] paigeyemps: yuvyuv : you can just do "Reality check." it doesnt matter really, as long as what's in your mind is the meaning of it
      [18:18] theCambino^: lol
      [18:18] RareCola: One thing with mantras, if you are using english, try to stay away from "future" mantras. The subconscious works better with the here and now so saying "I will" confuses it
      [18:18] RareCola: so for example, instead of "I will lucid dream." have "I lucid dream"
      [18:18] paigeyemps: ah yea
      [18:18] paigeyemps: uhmm how do i.. hmm
      [18:18] lucidius: future manuras work for me
      [18:19] RareCola: They can work, it's not impossible, they're just less likely to work
      [18:19] lucidius: ya, i actualy dont know if they work now that i think about it
      [18:19] paigeyemps: if you use "i will have a lucid dream"... when you are dreaming already, your dreamself would also be thinking "i will have a lucid dream", so it will never actually happen
      [18:19] paigeyemps: but it's different for everyone so..
      [18:19] paigeyemps: try to experiment with what works for you
      [18:19] paigeyemps:
      [18:20] Topic changed to "Topic: Mantras" by Oreoboy1996.
      [18:20] lucidius: my maunturas dont carry over
      [18:20] theCambino^: Oreoboy1996: lol
      [18:20] lucidius: into my dreams
      [18:20] RareCola: Maybe not vocally, but they do in your subconscious, lucidius
      [18:20] Topic changed to "Topic: Maunturas" by Oreoboy1996.
      [18:20] RareCola: that's the point
      [18:20] theCambino^: X)
      [18:20] lucidius: hmm
      [18:20] lucidius: mabe i should rethink my mantura
      [18:20] paigeyemps: lol oreo
      [18:21] RareCola: What do you use at the moment and why, lucidius?
      [18:21] Oreoboy1996:
      [18:21] TylerRoberts: This stuff is crazy... I understand it, but thinking about what actually happens is trippy....
      [18:21] RareCola: Haha TylerRoberts, a lot of moments like that with lucid dreaming
      [18:21] lucidius: i use "i will know im dreaming"...
      [18:21] paigeyemps: that's the beauty of it, TylerRoberts lol
      [18:21] paigeyemps: when you have that first LD, gaaa
      [18:21] theCambino^: I go back to visualising when I flew in a non-lucid...
      [18:21] paigeyemps: AND YOU WILL
      [18:21] RareCola: Yea, I would completely change up your mantra, lucidius. It's so generic and meaningless.
      [18:21] lucidius: it is short, and it is now just sortof habit
      [18:22] paigeyemps: RareCola : what mantra do you use?
      [18:22] TylerRoberts: Im soooooo excited.... You have no idea... Well, maybe you do. Im sure every LDer is there at some point.
      [18:22] lucidius: its not very personalizes
      [18:22] yuvyuv: i would say something weird - reality check - maybe words : weird-check
      [18:22] paigeyemps: yes, TylerRoberts ! use that excitement to your advantage
      [18:22] paigeyemps: and always just keep thinking you WILL get lucid
      [18:23] paigeyemps: soon enough your excitement to LD will bleed into your subconscious
      [18:23] lucidius: idk how to redo my mantura
      [18:23] TylerRoberts: Oh I know I will! Just not sure how soon xD
      [18:23] Oreoboy1996: i was about to say how excitement is also a bad thing, but i guess you should learn one thing at a time
      [18:23] yuvyuv: some say excitment is not good
      [18:23] RareCola: I change up my mantra quite frequently, I find having change helps keep the meaning fresh. I'm on the lines of remaining constant throughout my waking and sleeping intentions at the moment so I'm using stuff like "Stay on track", "Remain constant.", etc.
      [18:23] RareCola: Excitement is not a bad thing. Over-excitement is.
      [18:23] TylerRoberts: How about.... tonight? Eh?
      [18:23] paigeyemps: indeed
      [18:23] Xyvoch left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [18:23] paigeyemps: YES
      [18:23] paigeyemps: tonight
      [18:23] paigeyemps: is the night
      [18:23] paigeyemps: lol
      [18:23] Oreoboy1996: over-excitement = excitement
      [18:24] paigeyemps: D:
      [18:24] RareCola: No over-excitement is beyond excitement
      [18:24] theCambino^: I've read not to use mantras stating you will be lucid tonight... could be unmotivating the next morning
      [18:24] lucidius: excitement can be good or bad
      [18:24] paigeyemps: hahaha
      [18:24] RareCola: I quite agree, theCambino
      [18:24] paigeyemps: theCambino^ : it would be your choice if you wanna feel demotivated i think
      [18:24] Oreoboy1996: ^
      [18:24] paigeyemps: i feel demotivated a lot
      [18:24] theCambino^: true true
      [18:24] paigeyemps:
      [18:24] paigeyemps: LOL
      [18:24] paigeyemps: but like
      [18:24] theCambino^: same here
      [18:24] TylerRoberts: Tonight, it will happen! I will be sure to post in my workbook thread on my results
      [18:24] lucidius: then what is the mauntura suposeto say?
      [18:25] RareCola: it's not supposed to say anything
      [18:25] theCambino^: I am dreaming
      [18:25] theCambino^: I lucid dream
      [18:25] lucidius: lol, i had the comletley wrong ideas about manturas
      [18:25] paigeyemps: lucidius : if you want, just dont use any words, just think about getting lucid or something
      [18:26] theCambino^: TylerRoberts: you and I both!
      [18:26] Oreoboy1996: you also keep spelling it wrong >.>
      [18:26] paigeyemps: x)
      [18:26] lucidius: i know
      [18:26] theCambino^: confidence I hear helps!
      [18:26] Oreoboy1996: yes it does cambino
      [18:26] RareCola: I highly highly suggest reading Sageous' post about mantras from his WILD class. You can adapt them to your MILDs if you prefer to use that technique: http://www.dreamviews.com/f156/wild-...matter-132835/
      [18:26] lucidius: maunuras?
      [18:26] paigeyemps: mantras
      [18:26] theCambino^: man tra s
      [18:26] Oreoboy1996: maunuras? O_o
      [18:26] yuvyuv: so what you say is this thought to long : "if i see something weird i do a reality check"?
      [18:26] lucidius: mantras
      [18:26] theCambino^:
      [18:26] theCambino^: yes
      [18:26] paigeyemps: manures?
      [18:26] paigeyemps:
      [18:26] TylerRoberts: Isnt a manura a jewish candle?
      [18:27] paigeyemps: menorrah?
      [18:27] paigeyemps: or something
      [18:27] • Oreoboy1996 is confus
      [18:27] lucidius: mantras, no u?
      [18:27] RareCola: A bit long, yuvyuv. You usually want very short phrases
      [18:27] yuvyuv: yes it is jewish
      [18:27] RareCola: But again, it needs meaning
      [18:27] theCambino^: RareCola: bookmarked ^
      [18:27] paigeyemps: yuvyuv : so basically what you wanna do is reality check right?
      [18:27] paigeyemps: so..
      [18:28] paigeyemps: imagine doing a reality check
      [18:28] Oreoboy1996: use a mantra like "I will reality check"
      [18:28] paigeyemps: or "Reality check now" ...anything really as long as what's in your mind is you reality checking
      [18:28] theCambino^: or I reality check per se
      [18:29] RareCola: Yep
      [18:29] lucidius: so my manohofauiheuohu can be "lucid dream" and thats it just with standard asosiation withthose words
      [18:29] theCambino^: lol
      [18:29] paigeyemps: O_O lol
      [18:29] Oreoboy1996: okay...
      [18:29] paigeyemps: oh stop it you :'D
      [18:29] theCambino^: lucidius: yes
      [18:29] theCambino^: and it's good that you say mantra as maiiutiwt
      [18:29] theCambino^: ...mantra has little meaning as a name
      [18:30] theCambino^: it's what you're are doing with it
      [18:30] paigeyemps: theCambino^ : !!!!!
      [18:30] paigeyemps: yes!
      [18:30] lucidius: !brb
      [18:30] lucidius is now known as lucidius|BRB.
      [18:30] paigeyemps: it's like... people can have the same name, but what makes it meaningful is how you associate the name with the characteristics of the person
      [18:30] RareCola: Precisely
      [18:31] theCambino^: ...what she said
      [18:31] paigeyemps: so, say you are thinking of the name "Tyler"...
      [18:31] theCambino^: is what I meant to say
      [18:31] paigeyemps: it could mean lucidius or TylerRoberts
      [18:31] RareCola: Words themselves have no meaning, they're just forms of communication between our species. You need to make that meaning to attach to them
      [18:31] lucidius|BRB: !here
      [18:31] lucidius|BRB is now known as lucidius.
      [18:31] lucidius: spicies?
      [18:31] yuvyuv: cool
      [18:31] TylerRoberts: Woop woop, obviously thinking of me. Right?
      [18:31] theCambino^: people with different languages
      [18:31] yuvyuv: this might help my meditation also
      [18:31] lucidius: words dont connect spicies
      [18:31] lucidius: !brb
      [18:31] lucidius is now known as lucidius|BRB.
      [18:31] paigeyemps: lol TylerRoberts
      [18:32] paigeyemps: and lol @brocidius using brb too much
      [18:32] paigeyemps: x)
      [18:32] lucidius|BRB: i need to leave i think, sorry
      [18:32] paigeyemps: D:
      [18:32] paigeyemps: for real?
      [18:32] RareCola: Alright lucidius
      [18:32] lucidius|BRB: i will be afk for a minute though
      [18:32] RareCola: Well I hope you learned something~
      [18:32] Oreoboy1996: [13:31:42] <lucidius> words dont connect spicies
      [18:32] paigeyemps: oh okay
      [18:32] theCambino^: lucidius|BRB: remember what was said about maksahowieto
      [18:32] paigeyemps: oreo
      [18:32] paigeyemps: just
      [18:32] paigeyemps: lol
      [18:32] • Oreoboy1996 flips a table
      [18:32] lucidius|BRB: if you want to tell me something ping me plese
      [18:33] theCambino^: paigeyemps: lol
      [18:33] RareCola: Words don't connect spices, guys!
      [18:33] TylerRoberts: Oreoboy is getting ticked lol
      [18:33] theCambino^: paprika!
      [18:33] RareCola: Cinnamon!
      [18:33] theCambino^: ok back on topic!
      [18:33] theCambino^: XD
      [18:33] TylerRoberts: xD
      [18:33] • paigeyemps gives oreo a tranquilizing hug
      [18:33] paigeyemps: PAPRIKA!
      [18:33] Oreoboy1996: he no understand letters
      [18:33] theCambino^: ^
      [18:33] paigeyemps: hmm so
      [18:34] yuvyuv: i leave for a while get ready to sleep - this class was very helpful
      [18:34] paigeyemps: anyone have any questions
      [18:34] • Oreoboy1996 sleeps in his corner
      [18:34] TylerRoberts: So... is our topic LDs or Maunturas?
      [18:34] paigeyemps: oh okay yuvyuv
      [18:34] theCambino^: about mantras... no0
      [18:34] yuvyuv: LD is awsome just hope it wont make me crazy
      [18:34] paigeyemps: nah, just any questions in general
      [18:34] yuvyuv: (more crazy)
      [18:34] Oreoboy1996: it's open discussion in here relating to lucid dreaming
      [18:34] paigeyemps: about lucid dreaming and the class, etc
      [18:34] paigeyemps: lol yuvyuv
      [18:34] TylerRoberts: Well cool then! Lets talk about LD goals!
      [18:34] paigeyemps: ah cool
      [18:35] Oreoboy1996: but the topic is there in case we don't have anything to talk about
      [18:35] RareCola: Goals are great
      [18:35] yuvyuv: cool
      [18:35] TylerRoberts: Those are inspiring
      [18:35] RareCola: What are your goals, TylerRoberts?
      [18:35] yuvyuv: ok ill stay a bit more
      [18:35] paigeyemps: TylerRoberts : what are some of yours?
      [18:35] Topic changed to "Topic: LD goals" by Oreoboy1996.
      [18:35] theCambino^: I found that when doing WBTB even for 5 hours... anytime I wake up at 4am.... it's near damn impossible to go back to sleep
      [18:35] TylerRoberts: To be lucid lol
      [18:35] theCambino^: Oreoboy1996: goals work!
      [18:35] Oreoboy1996: my goal is to have 100 lucids this month
      [18:35] paigeyemps: theCambino^ : try using relaxation techniques perhaps?
      [18:35] TylerRoberts: o.o
      [18:35] RareCola: I think it's a good idea to set yourself short-term and long-term timed goals. For example "I will have X lucid dreams this month." or a short-term one, "I will remember X dreams tonight"
      [18:35] RareCola: More motivating than just "I will be lucid at some point in time"
      [18:36] yuvyuv: First i want to say i tryed for 2 weeks to WILD and was so scared i only planned how to deal with the monsters that wait when you just get out
      [18:36] theCambino^: paigeyemps: like I told phion.... this next month I am going to learn meditation
      [18:36] Oreoboy1996: i agree RareCola
      [18:36] yuvyuv: DILd is much more relaxed
      [18:36] paigeyemps: ah nice
      [18:36] yuvyuv: less scary stuff
      [18:36] Oreoboy1996: i'm a bit competitive so i like to set goals for myself
      [18:36] RareCola: yuvyuv: Don't be scared, you're just going to make it infinitely harder for yourself. WILD is already an incredibly difficult technique and being scared of it makes it practically impossible
      [18:36] paigeyemps: true that
      [18:36] yuvyuv: i know
      [18:37] theCambino^: yeah one reason I haven't tried WILD yet
      [18:37] RareCola: If you're going to try WILD I highly suggest you read over all the lessons in Sageous' WILD class in the Dream View Academy
      [18:37] yuvyuv: just read WILD posts and they all throw from time to time that its not THAT dangorus
      [18:37] theCambino^: I find that DEILD doesn't work if I am already doing WBTB>DILD
      [18:37] paigeyemps: i would suggest familiarizing MILD or other simpler techniques first, so when you try WILD, you will have a backbone sort of, something you can come back to that will always work for you
      [18:37] paigeyemps: if you get what i mean
      [18:38] yuvyuv: And the chance to die is not that big - so im like WTH
      [18:38] • theCambino^ nods at paigeyemps
      [18:38] paigeyemps: mine is particularly WBTB+MILD
      [18:38] theCambino^: die? @[email protected] you mean DILD or DEILD?
      [18:38] RareCola: Yep, know everything you can about doing DILDs and MILDs before you start a technique like WILD or DEILD, in my opinion. DILDs and MILDs don't require much set up and can just be done while also doing WILDs and DEILDs, but they just give that fallback safety net.
      [18:39] paigeyemps: yep
      [18:39] lucidius|BRB: ya huys i need to go
      [18:39] lucidius|BRB: guys*
      [18:39] Oreoboy1996: bye lucidius
      [18:39] RareCola: Cya lucidius thanks for coming
      [18:39] theCambino^: RareCola: any preferences on tuts out there? for DILD or DEILD or WBTB?
      [18:39] lucidius|BRB: see ya
      [18:39] theCambino^: later lucidius|BRB
      [18:39] yuvyuv: why i talked about this ?? because my goals before DILD was first to stablize and secure my room and imagine a laser gun to shut the ghosts
      [18:39] yuvyuv: lol
      [18:39] lucidius|BRB: i will remember the mauntuiitsaface talk
      [18:39] lucidius|BRB left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
      [18:39] theCambino^: yes!
      [18:39] paigeyemps: b--D:
      [18:39] theCambino^: good
      [18:40] • paigeyemps tuslo
      [18:40] RareCola: WBTB / WILD / DEILD I highly suggest all of the WILD Sessions in Sageous' class here: WILD (Sageous)
      [18:40] RareCola: and let me find the DILD tutorial I recommend
      [18:40] theCambino^: alright!
      [18:40] Oreoboy1996: i recomend ADA for DILD
      [18:40] theCambino^: RareCola: feel free to PM me them
      [18:40] RareCola: DILD: Puffin's DILD Guide - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [18:40] theCambino^: not to get off track
      [18:40] RareCola: doesn't take a second to google
      [18:40] paigeyemps: ohey rare i was thinking of something..
      [18:40] paigeyemps: i'll tell you after class
      [18:40] paigeyemps: x)
      [18:40] theCambino^: Oreoboy1996: much agreed
      [18:40] theCambino^: ADA
      [18:41] TylerRoberts: I would really just like to be lucid by the end of the month. And maybe even be able to stabilize the dream. That would be enough for me. And then be able to build things. Like manipulate the physical aspects of my dream scene. I.E. creating a mansion in the middle of a forest.
      [18:41] RareCola: alright paige
      [18:41] paigeyemps: <lucidius|BRB> i will remember the mauntuiitsaface talk lol
      [18:41] theCambino^: kingyoshi's.... I always talk about
      [18:41] RareCola: Personally I prefer SAT to ADA, but they're very similar
      [18:41] theCambino^: fwiw. I would like to have a lucid dream by this week's end
      [18:42] theCambino^: for short term.
      [18:42] RareCola: TylerRoberts: You can do it! The manipulating the dream takes a bit more practice, but I'm sure you can lucid.
      [18:42] Oreoboy1996: here it is
      [18:42] RareCola: Just believe you can and be motivated.
      [18:42] Oreoboy1996: http://www.dreamviews.com/f49/all-da...gyoshi-113253/
      [18:42] theCambino^: ^ thanks oreo
      [18:42] yuvyuv: Goals - : stablize- feel safe- eat food - talk to councise about health problems ask what i want to do in life - then fun stuff like see the world ect...
      [18:42] Oreoboy1996: took me a bit to find it
      [18:42] • theCambino^ needs to buy food for WBTB
      [18:42] TylerRoberts: I will. I have also heard alot about hukif and his dilation abilities. That would be amazing to learn
      [18:42] paigeyemps: ah dilationnnnn
      [18:42] theCambino^: it hurts me when trying to fall asleep with an empty stomach
      [18:42] paigeyemps: that's one of my long term goals
      [18:42] paigeyemps: oh also
      [18:43] paigeyemps: oh nvm i forgot
      [18:43] TylerRoberts: Is it hard? What does it consist of?
      [18:43] Oreoboy1996: time dilation is great
      [18:43] paigeyemps: .__.
      [18:43] TylerRoberts: xD
      [18:43] RareCola: Have you tried just drinking water, theCambino?
      [18:43] yuvyuv: me to i need to eat before sleep
      [18:43] RareCola: Should cure that empty stomach feeling
      [18:43] yuvyuv: -it will make you fat
      [18:43] paigeyemps: oh hey guys
      [18:43] paigeyemps: http://www.dreamviews.com/f144/usefu...2/#post1815629
      [18:43] paigeyemps: make sure to bookmark that
      [18:44] TylerRoberts: I have to leave in 10 minutes. Just a heads up!
      [18:44] paigeyemps: ;D it might help you
      [18:44] paigeyemps: from time to time
      [18:44] paigeyemps: oh alright
      [18:44] paigeyemps: 16 minutes of class left anyway haha
      [18:44] theCambino^: RareCola: yes. lots... I remember reading that water helps the brain remember as it needs to be hydrated to process efficiently
      [18:44] TylerRoberts: Oh, these are an hour long?
      [18:44] TylerRoberts: Didnt know that.
      [18:44] TylerRoberts: xD
      [18:44] theCambino^: paigeyemps: will do
      [18:44] paigeyemps: oh and theCambino^
      [18:44] TylerRoberts: Thats why they oddly end in an hour... lol
      [18:44] theCambino^: yes...
      [18:45] RareCola: Yea, water is great for a lot of things.
      [18:45] RareCola: Apple juice is good too
      [18:45] paigeyemps: i got your message on my wall about "waking life", unfortunately i cannot use any Flash or my pc will crash
      [18:45] RareCola: vitamins help with the recall
      [18:45] TylerRoberts: <3 Apple juice
      [18:45] paigeyemps: <3 apple juice
      [18:45] theCambino^: I often drink apple juice and then chase it with water
      [18:45] theCambino^: too slow :/
      [18:45] paigeyemps: hahaha chaser
      [18:45] paigeyemps: you alcoholic you
      [18:45] paigeyemps: x)
      [18:45] theCambino^: lol chyeah!
      [18:45] paigeyemps: ;D
      [18:46] theCambino^: paigeyemps: that's a huge bummer about Waking life
      [18:46] TylerRoberts: You dont like apple juice? I think its the best juice ever!
      [18:46] paigeyemps: i will make sure to watch it though, maybe in my cousin's pc
      [18:46] theCambino^: I have to chase it with water though...
      [18:46] theCambino^: sometimes if my mouth is open when sleeping... my throat gets dry... and acidic from apple juice burns
      [18:46] RareCola: Waking Life is really great
      [18:46] theCambino^:
      [18:47] RareCola: I think you'd like it paige
      [18:47] paigeyemps: hmmm
      [18:47] theCambino^: I get euphoria from it Everytime!
      [18:47] paigeyemps: now you got me all excited
      [18:47] RareCola: What kind of apple juice do you drink, theCambino^?
      [18:47] paigeyemps: the whole apple
      [18:47] paigeyemps: x)
      [18:47] TylerRoberts: Paige... You like water bending right? I have seen the Avatar series and am definitely a fan. How has your water bending been going?
      [18:47] • theCambino^ shrugs
      [18:47] TylerRoberts: lol
      [18:47] paigeyemps: oh really great
      [18:47] theCambino^: RareCola: treetop?
      [18:47] paigeyemps: i am a certified waterbender
      [18:47] theCambino^: I think
      [18:47] Oreoboy1996: hmm?
      [18:47] paigeyemps: in dreams at least
      [18:47] TylerRoberts: I learned a few weeks ago that the seeds have arsenic in them...
      [18:47] RareCola: Have you ever tried an unconcentrated apple juice?
      [18:48] theCambino^: it's from concentrate
      [18:48] theCambino^: no
      [18:48] Oreoboy1996: treeeeeessss
      [18:48] RareCola: I'd recommend it
      [18:48] paigeyemps: i have done basically anything related to waterbending
      [18:48] theCambino^: I read about someone having gerber baby juice
      [18:48] paigeyemps: including bloodbending
      [18:48] RareCola: The kind of apple juice that isn't see-through is better, in my opinion
      [18:48] theCambino^: nonconcentrate
      [18:48] TylerRoberts: Oh dang... If I tried it in a dream I would probably kill somebody...
      [18:48] RareCola: I personally drink innocent apple juice, but I think it's only available in the UK: http://www.ocado.com/catalog/images-...e65c290fefcbaa
      [18:48] paigeyemps: TylerRoberts : what would you like to be in your lucids?
      [18:49] theCambino^: I checked all the grocery stores... they're all concentrate... I will check whole foods though
      [18:49] paigeyemps: sometimes when i dont feel lazy we juice apples by ourselves
      [18:49] theCambino^: RareCola: innocent enough
      [18:49] paigeyemps: no solvents to dilute it, etc
      [18:49] paigeyemps: loool
      [18:49] TylerRoberts: Well, I really just want to be able to build stuff by manipulating the physical world. So basically an earth bender?
      [18:49] paigeyemps: oh nice
      [18:49] paigeyemps: i always thought i'd be an earthbender
      [18:50] paigeyemps: but gaaa
      [18:50] theCambino^: fwiw. I want to fly!
      [18:50] paigeyemps: D:
      [18:50] RareCola: I still need to try bending elements in a lucid
      [18:50] theCambino^: always have since I was a kid
      [18:50] paigeyemps: flying is awesome
      [18:50] TylerRoberts: You dont like waterbending?
      [18:50] paigeyemps: though when you learn how to do it, you'd get bored
      [18:50] paigeyemps: but still
      [18:50] TylerRoberts: Or just like eartth bending more?
      [18:50] theCambino^: flying?
      [18:50] paigeyemps: i like waterbending
      [18:50] yuvyuv: thanks for the lesson - very helpful good night
      [18:50] Oreoboy1996: i like icebending
      [18:50] Oreoboy1996: >.>
      [18:50] paigeyemps: but i always thought of myself as an earthbender
      [18:50] paigeyemps: but when i dream, i am always a waterbender
      [18:50] RareCola: Cya yuvyuv
      [18:50] paigeyemps: always
      [18:50] RareCola: sweet dreams
      [18:50] paigeyemps: byebye yuvyuv !
      [18:51] paigeyemps: happy dreaming
      [18:51] paigeyemps: wait
      [18:51] paigeyemps: YUVYUV WAIT
      [18:51] TylerRoberts: Then why wouldnt you just be an earth bender?
      [18:51] theCambino^: paigeyemps: flying gets boring?
      [18:51] yuvyuv left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
      [18:51] TylerRoberts: She says wait!!!!!
      [18:51] paigeyemps:
      [18:51] theCambino^: :/
      [18:51] TylerRoberts: too late
      [18:51] RareCola: I agree with Paige, flying does get a bit boring after you've done it in a few lucids.
      [18:51] paigeyemps: theCambino^ : when you've done much of it, yes
      [18:51] Oreoboy1996: lol
      [18:51] RareCola: It's amazing regardless, but there are so many other things to do
      [18:51] RareCola: sometimes you just don't want to fly
      [18:51] Oreoboy1996: i don't fly much anymore
      [18:51] paigeyemps: but i still fly from time to time when i have time and if my lucid is stable enough
      [18:51] theCambino^: paigeyemps: yeah... I suppose so
      [18:51] paigeyemps: yes
      [18:52] paigeyemps: and dont even get started on dream sex
      [18:52] theCambino^: I wouldn't think it would be though... to change the dream scape
      [18:52] paigeyemps: l
      [18:52] paigeyemps:
      [18:52] Oreoboy1996:
      [18:52] paigeyemps:
      [18:52] RareCola: The thing with flying too is that it kind of kills some aspects of a dream. For example, if you can just fly up to something you don't have to be creative and find other ways of doing that.
      [18:52] theCambino^: flying in egypt then flying in a city?
      [18:52] paigeyemps: yea exactly RareCola
      [18:52] theCambino^:
      [18:52] paigeyemps: it is recommended to walk
      [18:52] paigeyemps: when you're in the dream
      [18:52] RareCola: I'd highly recommend flying in your first lucids
      [18:52] Oreoboy1996: i don't like walking
      [18:52] RareCola: because it's such a great motivator
      [18:52] paigeyemps: flying for me even makes me lose lucidity
      [18:52] Oreoboy1996: i like running
      [18:52] paigeyemps: yes running too
      [18:53] TylerRoberts: Mmm dream sex..... One of my goals.... lol I will probably not walk....
      [18:53] paigeyemps:
      [18:53] TylerRoberts: To plain for a dream
      [18:53] paigeyemps: no no
      [18:53] theCambino^: TylerRoberts: thanks for bringing it back!
      [18:53] RareCola: But yes walking is much easier to keep a stable dream with
      [18:53] TylerRoberts: If Ihave control why not abuse it by flying?
      [18:53] theCambino^: lol
      [18:53] paigeyemps: the thing is, when you are walking, yes more stable like rare said
      [18:53] TylerRoberts: theCambino^: Your welcome!
      [18:53] paigeyemps: and you get to notice the environment more
      [18:53] theCambino^: hahahaha
      [18:53] paigeyemps: like, the itty bitty tiny details
      [18:53] RareCola: Because when you are on the ground you can use awareness to keep your dream stable
      [18:53] paigeyemps: and you'd be really amazed
      [18:53] theCambino^: paigeyemps: understandable
      [18:53] RareCola: when you're shooting through the air you can easily lose that stability
      [18:53] paigeyemps: exactly!
      [18:53] theCambino^: :/
      [18:54] • RareCola highfives paige
      [18:54] paigeyemps: many of my lucids end while i am flying
      [18:54] theCambino^: I don't think so though
      [18:54] • paigeyemps highfives RareCola
      [18:54] RareCola: Yep, when I'm flying I tend to be lucid and then just.. fade into non-lucidity eventually
      [18:54] RareCola: or wake up
      [18:54] TylerRoberts: Maybe I wont fly...
      [18:54] theCambino^: not to say against what you're saying with details in walking
      [18:54] paigeyemps: no no
      [18:54] paigeyemps: you should definitely fly
      [18:54] paigeyemps:
      [18:54] TylerRoberts: More like throw myself uncontrollably xD
      [18:54] RareCola: As I said, I would HIGHLY recommend flying in your first lucids as your first main "goal"
      [18:54] Oreoboy1996: i bet there is a way to gain stability by flying
      [18:54] theCambino^: but if you're flying through sky scrappers... who's to say there's no detail in the buildings themselves
      [18:54] TylerRoberts: That way I dont worry about the air time
      [18:54] RareCola: even if it means shorter lucids, it's such a great feeling it helps keep the motivation up
      [18:54] Oreoboy1996: you just need to look at it with the right attitude
      [18:55] paigeyemps: theCambino^ : good point
      [18:55] theCambino^: when I think of flying... I think of flying
      [18:55] paigeyemps: to each his own, really
      [18:55] theCambino^: swooping under bridges
      [18:55] theCambino^: ^ true
      [18:55] paigeyemps: but you should try out everything you want
      [18:55] theCambino^: Oreoboy1996: agreed
      [18:55] paigeyemps: dont be afraid to
      [18:55] paigeyemps:
      [18:55] RareCola: Try it for yourself, theCambino^ -- If you can stabilise well while flying, well all the more power to you
      [18:55] theCambino^: paigeyemps: oh Of course!
      [18:55] RareCola: Just in my experience flying is much harder to keep stable
      [18:55] paigeyemps: and also
      [18:55] theCambino^: RareCola: will do!
      [18:55] paigeyemps: DREAM FOOD IS AWESOME
      [18:55] paigeyemps: just wanted to let it out
      [18:55] RareCola: LOL
      [18:56] theCambino^: yep! turkey quacamole mmmm
      [18:56] theCambino^: it was in a non-lucid
      [18:56] Oreoboy1996: i don't think i've lost stability during flight before
      [18:57] theCambino^: I've watched too many wing-suit vids on youtube to think I would be succesful at flight in a LD
      [18:57] theCambino^:
      [18:57] TylerRoberts: <3 wingsuits
      [18:57] RareCola: Haha
      [18:57] paigeyemps: WINGSUITS
      [18:57] paigeyemps: 8D
      [18:57] paigeyemps: look at rudedudeown's avatar on #dv
      [18:57] paigeyemps: gaaaaa wingsuit
      [18:58] theCambino^: I would love to do it... but nothing really available in the US
      [18:58] theCambino^: paigeyemps: will do
      [18:58] paigeyemps: unless you're on webchat, in which case you wont see it
      [18:58] • theCambino^ searches now
      [18:58] RareCola: Alright guys well I need to head off
      [18:59] Oreoboy1996: bye RareCola
      [18:59] paigeyemps: ah alright
      [18:59] paigeyemps: wait!
      [18:59] RareCola: so I think we'll end the class here today so I can log it
      [18:59] paigeyemps: one more thing
      [18:59] TylerRoberts: She says wait!
      [18:59] RareCola: Oh yes paige
      [18:59] paigeyemps: no go on
      [18:59] RareCola: you wanted to say something
      [18:59] theCambino^: thanks RareCola for all your wise words
      [18:59] TylerRoberts: Ilied.
      [18:59] paigeyemps: lol
      [18:59] paigeyemps: pm or i'll just say it here?
      [18:59] theCambino^: ...and paigeyemps too
      [18:59] RareCola: whatever you prefer
      [18:59] paigeyemps: you're welcome
      [18:59] paigeyemps: and well i was thinking
      [19:00] paigeyemps: we should compile a list of links
      [19:00] paigeyemps: on different stuff
      [19:00] paigeyemps: so they'll be in one place, and like
      [19:00] RareCola: I was thinking of doing that actually. Ophelia gave me permission to edit the lessons however I liked if i thought I could add useful information, just haven't had time to go over them yet
      [19:00] paigeyemps: how do i say this in english
      [19:00] paigeyemps: ah alright
      [19:00] paigeyemps: so we could..
      [19:01] RareCola: Yep
      [19:01] paigeyemps: have consistent
      [19:01] Oreoboy1996: make a library?
      [19:01] paigeyemps: stuff
      [19:01] paigeyemps:
      [19:01] Oreoboy1996: not sure what you're trying to say >.>
      [19:01] RareCola: We'll have to do that sometime
      [19:01] theCambino^: oreo! ^
      [19:01] RareCola: for now... gnna log the chat and head off
      [19:01] paigeyemps: because the peopz might be confused which ones to follow
      [19:01] paigeyemps: and stuff
      [19:01] TylerRoberts: in English? Your native language isnt English!?!?! What is it!?!?
      [19:01] Oreoboy1996: but i understand what you intend to do
      [19:01] RareCola: Thanks for coming all
      [19:01] RareCola: !away
      [19:01] You are now known as RareCola|Away.
      [19:01] paigeyemps: hahaha
      [19:01] paigeyemps: byebye RC
      [19:01] paigeyemps: and thanks everyone
      [19:01] theCambino^: later RareCola|Away
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      [20:02:12] <@OpheliaBlue> it seems to be for now, I didn't call anyet yone
      [20:02:14] <theCambino> ...in class that is
      [20:02:28] <@OpheliaBlue> anyway, sorry about that you guys
      [20:02:44] <@OpheliaBlue> LD Goals, is that the topic?
      [20:02:49] <%RareCola|BRB> @back
      [20:02:52] <%RareCola|BRB> !back
      [20:02:53] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [20:02:57] <Burke|BRB> !back
      [20:02:58] Burke|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Burke
      [20:02:59] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RareCola
      [20:03:04] <%RareCola> LD goals was our topic earlier
      [20:03:10] <@OpheliaBlue> and Caenis and Burke and all yous guys
      [20:03:11] <%RareCola> I don't think Paige will be here tonight, early morning for her
      [20:03:16] <@OpheliaBlue> ah ok
      [20:03:18] <theCambino> hey
      [20:03:24] <%Oreoboy1996> 9am isn't early
      [20:03:39] RareCola [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Ophelia's internet is ALIVEEE! [Topic: Open Discussion]"
      [20:03:48] <@OpheliaBlue> hah
      [20:03:58] Exotiraan 's dream-goals still haven't changed.
      [20:04:14] <%RareCola> I had 2 lucids this morning, Ophelia. Not sure if you read my post
      [20:04:20] <Burke> my only goal is to get my lucid count back up to what it was before I went "on break"
      [20:04:25] <%Oreoboy1996> i had 4 i think
      [20:04:25] <%Caenis> Oh wow, good job RC.
      [20:04:26] <Exotiraan> More fantasy; less "compulsive programmer syndrome."
      [20:04:37] <%Oreoboy1996> just need 6 more
      [20:04:46] <%RareCola> Thanks Caenis
      [20:04:47] <theCambino> my only goal first is to have my first LD.
      [20:05:17] <Exotiraan> And to restore my dream recall and lucid abilities back to their pre-panic attack era state or better.
      [20:05:24] <@OpheliaBlue> no I haven't yet!! TWO lucids RareCola?!
      [20:05:24] <%RareCola> It'll happen in no time theCambino, just keep that motivation up
      [20:05:35] <OmkAR> my goal is full 100% female conversion
      [20:05:36] <OmkAR> ;P
      [20:05:39] <%RareCola> Yea! I DEILD chained
      [20:05:44] <theCambino> that I am doing!
      [20:05:46] <%RareCola> First DEILD from a non-lucid too
      [20:05:59] <@OpheliaBlue> you little tiger
      [20:06:07] <theCambino> RareCola: it's a hardship... but I am going at it strongest as ever!
      [20:06:37] <@OpheliaBlue> I can't wait to read it
      [20:06:39] <%RareCola> Yea, Sageous' advice on not really experiencing HI while DEILDing really helped me
      [20:06:46] <%Oreoboy1996> female conversion?
      [20:06:56] <%RareCola> Because what I thought was HI was actually a dream scene
      [20:07:06] <@OpheliaBlue> what do you mean exactly?
      [20:07:12] <theCambino> like faceonmars says... it's like believing in santa clause or the easter bunny when you have a zero count... but oh man am I excited to have my first!
      [20:07:18] <@OpheliaBlue> (I find gray areas with that too)
      [20:07:29] <theCambino> so dedicated to it... I've made it a lifestyle
      [20:07:49] <%RareCola> Well, I see images as my eyes are closed which I put down to HI, but upon opening my eyes I was actually in a dream
      [20:08:17] <@OpheliaBlue> and you used that to start your LD basically?
      [20:08:28] <@OpheliaBlue> because you were already in it?
      [20:08:34] <%RareCola> Pretty much, took no longer than for me to count down from 10
      [20:08:59] <OmkAR> when you get your internal voice in the dream to change, even have a different accent, that's really amazing
      [20:09:08] <%Caenis> theCambino: Good, it's always good to incorporate LD into your lifestyle.
      [20:09:16] <%RareCola> @theCambino: That's good, making a lifestyle out of lucid dreaming is the best way to go. It's not just lucid dreaming, it's lucid living
      [20:09:32] <theCambino> most definitely! why not? why go only half assed into practice?!
      [20:09:39] <@OpheliaBlue> what do you mean with the countdown RareCola?
      [20:09:54] <theCambino> once you pick the red pill...there's no going back to the blue pill
      [20:10:17] <%RareCola> Got that tip from OmkAR actually. I woke up from my dream, started the DEILD focusing and started at 10 and counted backwards to 0 and then I was in a dream
      [20:10:32] <@OpheliaBlue> brilllliant
      [20:11:02] <%RareCola> Felt the sleep paralysis onset too, sort of a sweeping over feeling
      [20:11:29] <theCambino> haven't felt SP yet...
      [20:11:43] <theCambino> well I take that back... I think I have but I can't confirm
      [20:11:53] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I need to read that dream after class for sure, well done man
      [20:11:58] <%Caenis> Care to tell us what it felt like theCambino?
      [20:12:20] <%RareCola> I think it's different for everyone, theCambino. Some people don't feel it, some people feel it but it's more like just "numbness", others get complete paralysation
      [20:12:59] <theCambino> Caenis: well one not being able to move
      [20:13:02] <@OpheliaBlue> doh I just remembered a short lucid from this morning, thanks to you RareCola haha!
      [20:13:12] <%RareCola> Woo! Lol
      [20:13:20] <OmkAR> you transitioned in 10 seconds?
      [20:13:22] <@OpheliaBlue> I mean really really short
      [20:13:26] <OmkAR> mine usualy take about 30-44 seconds
      [20:13:26] <OmkAR>
      [20:13:32] <%RareCola> Yea OmkAR, both times
      [20:13:53] <theCambino> Caenis: I've had one dream where I was on the mountain it was dark and a blizzard rolled in...
      [20:14:01] <OmkAR> you must have QuickSition™ Add-on installed
      [20:14:10] <theCambino> woke up in my room... no clue where I was... thought I was burried under snow
      [20:14:12] <%RareCola> Lmao
      [20:14:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I was in a grocery store, and I saw you there, at least I knew it was you, but I couldn't see your face. I kept trying to get to where I could see it. And I was thinking to my self, as soon as I saw your facial hair I would know for sure it was you.
      [20:14:17] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:14:23] <@OpheliaBlue> like 5 seconds tops
      [20:14:24] <theCambino> welcome TylerRoberts!
      [20:14:26] <%Oreoboy1996> hello TylerRoberts
      [20:14:26] <TylerRoberts> Hey, sorry I'm late!
      [20:14:28] <@OpheliaBlue> hey TylerRoberts
      [20:14:28] <%RareCola> Well I suppose slightly longer than 10 seconds, wasn't exact seconds, slightly slower
      [20:14:33] <%RareCola> probably more like 15-20 seconds real time
      [20:14:56] <%RareCola> Me, Ophelia?
      [20:14:56] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:14:59] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah
      [20:14:59] <OmkAR> my longest DEILD took about 100 seconds, im glad i stuck out and waited, i was almost gonna give up, and then . . .. it WORKED
      [20:15:12] <%RareCola> That's awesome
      [20:15:32] <@OpheliaBlue> real low level lucid, but I remember I knew I was dreaming, then I just got too goal oriented
      [20:15:45] <%Caenis> That's really interesting, theCambino. I think you can confidently say you had SP.
      [20:15:50] <theCambino> Caenis: I had one where I was hallucinating something... but at this point I can't remember quite what it was; I believe I wrote it down in my DJ though. I just would have to find it first
      [20:15:54] <OmkAR> i found some of the best goals were to go visit somebody. . .
      [20:16:09] <OmkAR> id always remember in there .. Oh ya, im suppose to go teleport to such and such now
      [20:16:09] <theCambino> it was purple
      [20:16:11] <theCambino>
      [20:16:28] <theCambino> OmkAR: I've teleported in a nonlucid
      [20:16:36] <@OpheliaBlue> I thought about using teleportation in the next TOTM, but maybe that's too much like the mirror one?
      [20:16:39] <theCambino> teleported like 10 ft
      [20:16:43] <OmkAR> your non-lucid self knows lucid tricks then
      [20:16:48] <%RareCola> I'll have to add that to my goal list actually. It would be quite awesome to have a lucid dream where everyone from this class is there
      [20:16:51] <%Caenis> You were actually hallucinating, or you were dreaming you were halucinating? =p
      [20:16:55] <OmkAR> ya i have lots of non-lucid selves, some of them knows how to walk thru walls, or fly
      [20:16:58] <theCambino> OmkAR: I know but I can't wake up in the dream
      [20:17:19] <theCambino> my non-lucid self has flown before
      [20:17:31] <theCambino> like peter pan style... so I had no control :/
      [20:17:43] <OmkAR> one time i was partially lucid, but not in control, somehow i SNAPPED myself awake, literraly shook myself and then i regained control
      [20:17:46] <%Oreoboy1996> ophelia, from my experience the mirror thing was a lot like teleportation
      [20:17:51] <TylerRoberts> Speaking of people being there... Has anybody here dream shared?
      [20:17:56] <%Oreoboy1996> some people actually use mirrors for that i think
      [20:18:14] <OmkAR> mirrors are alot of fun to morph in front of
      [20:18:20] <theCambino> Caenis: pretty sure I was hallucinating... but I've read alot of stories... so I can't say really what mine is without looking in my DJ
      [20:18:26] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah Oreoboy1996 , that's kinda what I was thinking
      [20:18:28] <OmkAR> ive changed into gray aliens. other people .. .
      [20:18:31] <%RareCola> I don't necessarily believe in it, TylerRoberts
      [20:18:42] <@OpheliaBlue> HAHA I read that as gay aliens at first, sorry
      [20:18:45] <OmkAR> lool
      [20:18:50] <%RareCola> LOL
      [20:18:52] <%RareCola> amazing
      [20:18:53] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: XD
      [20:18:55] <Mindraker> I've had a dream in which I looked at a mirror and didn't see myself -- and I knew something was suspicious.
      [20:18:57] <%Oreoboy1996> i've only transformed into a dragon
      [20:19:03] <TylerRoberts> I was just curious. I was skeptical, but I was also skeptival about LDing in general so...
      [20:19:59] <TylerRoberts> By the way, I cant do TOTMs but I think one that is about exploring an ocean would be cool. Maybe finding a treasure chest and telling what was inside?
      [20:20:00] <@OpheliaBlue> no documented cases of dream sharing here
      [20:20:03] <%Oreoboy1996> don't understand how you can be skeptical to lucid dreaming
      [20:20:10] <TylerRoberts> Never done it
      [20:20:13] <OmkAR> :O
      [20:20:13] <theCambino> when I teleported... I almost when beyond my target of ten feet... and beyond that 10 ft... there was the background like the gray and white checkers on photoshop
      [20:20:16] <theCambino> @[email protected]
      [20:20:24] <%Oreoboy1996> i like that idea for a task of the month
      [20:20:32] <%Oreoboy1996> mostly because i'm usually treasure hunting
      [20:20:43] <@OpheliaBlue> TylerRoberts: I like the idea of water/ocean TOTMs, just post in the suggestion thread
      [20:20:45] <theCambino> like the whole dream was just an image
      [20:20:50] <@OpheliaBlue> we're pulling from that thread now
      [20:20:56] <OmkAR> sometimes if i dont have a lucid for a long time. . .like 2 weeks . .. which is very long for me. . i start to feel that feeling.... was i really doing it. . . but then i go check my journals and remember. . . YA its REAL
      [20:20:57] <TylerRoberts> I would totally do that, if I could.
      [20:20:57] <theCambino> and beyond it was just the checkered background
      [20:21:04] <TylerRoberts> The exploring thing.
      [20:21:09] <TylerRoberts> I will post there after class.
      [20:21:17] <%Oreoboy1996> ophelial, i believe you need to be a task club member to post in that thread
      [20:21:30] <TylerRoberts> Well, maybe not then
      [20:21:39] <%Oreoboy1996> and to become a member of the club you need to complete a task of the month
      [20:21:47] <@OpheliaBlue> serious?
      [20:21:58] <TylerRoberts> Dangit! Im out of the question then.
      [20:22:02] <%Caenis> Huh. I never knew that.
      [20:22:03] <@OpheliaBlue> and THAT's what that permissions thing is for
      [20:22:10] <%RareCola> That's quite cool
      [20:22:25] <%RareCola> Didn't know I was now part of a special club because I completed the TOTM xD
      [20:22:27] <TylerRoberts> I havent even LDed yet so TOTM is far out of my reach at the moment.
      [20:22:35] <theCambino> same here TylerRoberts
      [20:22:35] <TylerRoberts> Lol
      [20:22:47] <OmkAR> wuts TOTM?
      [20:22:50] <%Oreoboy1996> i guess you didn't notice ophelia since you're an admin
      [20:22:54] <theCambino> task of the monht
      [20:22:55] <theCambino> month
      [20:22:56] <OmkAR> ah ya
      [20:22:58] <OmkAR> hehe
      [20:22:58] <OmkAR> k
      [20:23:03] <%Caenis> How long have you guys been trying?
      [20:23:09] <TylerRoberts> 3 days!
      [20:23:09] <@OpheliaBlue> if that's the case, I need to go into the permissions section in the admin panel, and click the box for EVERY person who has ever completed a TOTM, because not EVERY person submitted a request
      [20:23:18] <TylerRoberts> Well.. actually 1 night...
      [20:23:26] <TylerRoberts> The rest of the nights I was focussing on recall
      [20:23:29] <@OpheliaBlue> not sure I like it that way... but whatever, I'll deal with that after class
      [20:23:51] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks for the heads up on that Oreoboy1996
      [20:23:55] <%Oreoboy1996> no problem
      [20:24:15] <%Caenis> That's probably for the better, TylerRoberts. Getting lucid means nothing if you don't have good recall.
      [20:24:19] <%RareCola> 3 days left to do the mirror TOTM, wonder if I can
      [20:24:25] <%RareCola> excited for July's tasks though
      [20:24:39] <@OpheliaBlue> me too! (forceez is supposed to post them)
      [20:24:41] <TylerRoberts> Mhm, I figured I would rather remember non-lucid dreams than forget a lucid one.
      [20:24:45] <%RareCola> What's your recall like at the moment, TylerRoberts?
      [20:25:05] <%Oreoboy1996> i can't even remember what i suggested for july
      [20:25:14] <TylerRoberts> Well, I have made a pattern for myself...
      [20:25:21] <TylerRoberts> After every dream, I wake up
      [20:25:22] <Burke> any hints on to what the next tasks will be OpheliaBlue?
      [20:25:24] <TylerRoberts> And remember it
      [20:25:37] <TylerRoberts> But quickly forget if I dont start typing it out
      [20:25:44] <%Oreoboy1996> Burke: [21:24:36] <@OpheliaBlue> me too! (forceez is supposed to post them)
      [20:25:45] <@OpheliaBlue> Burke no idea, but it will probably be pulled from this "exclusive thread"
      [20:25:51] <%Oreoboy1996> so only forceez will know!
      [20:25:55] Oreoboy1996 laughs evily
      [20:25:56] <@OpheliaBlue> if he remembers!
      [20:25:57] <Burke> the one I have access to?
      [20:25:58] <Burke> xD
      [20:26:10] <OmkAR> i like chopping off my fingers in the dreamworld
      [20:26:12] <theCambino> I just can't remember anything after waking from WBTB
      [20:26:13] <OmkAR> for some reason its really fun
      [20:26:16] <%RareCola> TylerRoberts: You type your dreams?
      [20:26:16] <theCambino> :/
      [20:26:18] <OmkAR> and then you watch them grow back really fast
      [20:26:18] <OmkAR> lol
      [20:26:22] <%Oreoboy1996> OmkAR: that's creepy
      [20:26:26] <OmkAR> naaah, try it
      [20:26:28] <OmkAR> trust mee
      [20:26:28] <@OpheliaBlue> I'll know for sure sunday on my lunch break
      [20:26:34] <OmkAR> it feels . .. liberating
      [20:26:35] <%Oreoboy1996> i like my fingers
      [20:26:36] <theCambino> like a lizard
      [20:26:37] <theCambino>
      [20:26:40] <%Oreoboy1996> and i don't enjoy pain
      [20:26:48] <%RareCola> Lol OmkAR... interesting
      [20:26:50] <OmkAR> you dont realize how much you worry about your fingers in waking, and then when u chop them off and watch them grow back in the dreamworld, it freees you
      [20:26:52] <OmkAR> or something
      [20:26:52] <OmkAR>
      [20:26:55] <@OpheliaBlue> ew omkar
      [20:27:00] <TylerRoberts> RareCola: Yes, I have a Dream Journal app on my Kindle Fire. I just keep it at my bedside
      [20:27:05] <OmkAR> its liberating
      [20:27:12] <@OpheliaBlue> but still, a true level 4 lucid
      [20:27:21] <%RareCola> My dreams and lucids were full of nothing but pain last night. One of my lucids involved having a hole punched right through my stomach.
      [20:27:21] <%Oreoboy1996> i've been worrying about my fingers ever since they got electrocuted >.>
      [20:27:22] <OmkAR> i tried to saw my leg off once, but it actually started to hurt, so i had to abort
      [20:27:23] <OmkAR> lol
      [20:27:24] <@OpheliaBlue> you truly are cool with it, because your real body is safe
      [20:27:39] <@OpheliaBlue> dayamn man
      [20:27:49] <@OpheliaBlue> I want to do it
      [20:27:57] <@OpheliaBlue> son crying brb
      [20:27:59] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:28:00] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:28:01] <%RareCola> TylerRoberts: I would advise against it. Not only does looking at a screen destroy your chances of getting back to sleep but I find that actually writing your dreams kicks in your subconscious more and you can remember more as you write down
      [20:28:06] <TylerRoberts> Why not just see how many pieces you can cut yourself into? Seems like a better goal for you haha
      [20:28:10] <Mindraker> LOL, maybe that should be the "TOTM" -- electrocute and grow back your fingers in the dream.
      [20:28:17] <%Caenis> That's really impressive OmkAR.
      [20:28:32] <%Caenis> That would certainly be a challenging task!
      [20:28:36] <OmkAR> ya there's lots of kool things to try
      [20:28:36] <theCambino> !brb food
      [20:28:36] <TylerRoberts> RareCola: Really? Thanks for the tip! I will be sure to write it from now on!
      [20:28:37] theCambino [[email protected]] is now known as theCambino|BRB
      [20:28:42] <%Oreoboy1996> i'd rather not do a goal that involves inflicting pain among myself
      [20:29:01] <OmkAR> usualy when i DEILD OBE i go run outside right away, but one time i stopped, and stayed in my room, i found all these wierd toys on the floor, stuff i never had in my waking life
      [20:29:12] <Mindraker> do what ye wilt, and ye harm none
      [20:29:12] <OmkAR> it was soo wierd, there was this old 1970's radio , it felt very nostalgic to me
      [20:29:14] <%Caenis> It doesn't need to hurt though, that's the point Oreoboy1996.
      [20:29:24] <OmkAR> but its not from 'this' life . . .. might be a past life memory or something
      [20:29:25] <OmkAR> :p
      [20:29:30] <%Oreoboy1996> it's no fun when you don't feel anything
      [20:30:05] <%Caenis> You can have it tickle instead. =p
      [20:30:14] <TylerRoberts> Who all has had one, or more, OBEs?
      [20:30:24] <Burke> I've had one
      [20:30:26] <Burke> I think
      [20:30:32] <TylerRoberts> You think?
      [20:30:32] <OmkAR> i've had lots
      [20:30:41] <theCambino|BRB> RareCola: was that your innocent apple you posted earlier?
      [20:30:43] <Burke> yes, I think
      [20:30:46] <theCambino|BRB> !here
      [20:30:47] theCambino|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as theCambino
      [20:31:06] <%RareCola> What about it, theCambino?
      [20:31:12] <OmkAR> you guys experience the mind-split effect?
      [20:31:20] <%RareCola> mind-split effect?
      [20:31:21] <OmkAR> ive noticed it while counting through my DEILD/WILD transition
      [20:31:22] <TylerRoberts> How could you not know, Burke?
      [20:31:30] <Burke> Because I'm not sure if it counts as one
      [20:31:36] <%Caenis> Haven't heard of that, OmkAR.
      [20:31:37] <TylerRoberts> Oohhh
      [20:31:38] <TylerRoberts> Okay
      [20:31:39] <theCambino> RareCola: ...where'd you buy it from?
      [20:31:45] <OmkAR> another voice will take over the count. . . i'll count . . 19 .. 20 . .. then another voice takes over. . 21 . . 22. 23 .. . in the distance. . and in a british accent, or another voice entirely lol
      [20:31:52] <theCambino> local store or a chain?
      [20:31:53] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:31:53] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:31:59] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry, it was stupid
      [20:32:05] <%RareCola> It's just available in the major supermarkets here in the UK, theCambino. I'm unsure if it's possible to get in other countries.
      [20:32:08] <OmkAR> its soo messed up, at that point, im a freshly spawned dreambody, and im in the dream, i can hear my previous self continue counting in the background, and then it fades off
      [20:32:29] <theCambino> RareCola: just curious
      [20:32:54] <%RareCola> That's kind of creepy, OmkAR
      [20:32:56] <%RareCola> Cool though
      [20:33:10] <OmkAR> ive also been stuck in two places at once, one view was from a stuck head facing the door, and i saw a shadow being opening the door, at the same time, I COULD FELL MYSELF opening the door
      [20:33:13] <%RareCola> You have some of the most interesting dream experiences I've heard of
      [20:33:14] <OmkAR> the shadow being was a second copy of me
      [20:33:14] <OmkAR> lol
      [20:33:19] <theCambino> taboo like
      [20:33:31] <OmkAR> i was in two places at once, and then i finally crossfaded fully to the other dreambody and it was all fine ..
      [20:33:32] <Burke> I've felt myself in two places at once before
      [20:33:40] <Burke> but the other senses didn't follow suit
      [20:33:50] <Mindraker> I didn't know you could be in two places at once in a dream.
      [20:33:56] <Burke> not quite
      [20:33:57] <OmkAR> ya well its messy
      [20:34:02] <Burke> one was my dream body, the other was my real body
      [20:34:04] <OmkAR> you'll want to fully crossfade to your dreambody
      [20:34:04] <%RareCola> That would make for a cool Task of the Month, splitting your body into two and swapping between them
      [20:34:08] <OmkAR> otherwise you'll get overlay glitches
      [20:34:08] <OmkAR>
      [20:34:34] <Mindraker> That's an interesting idea to try, actually...
      [20:34:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I'll start with a finger or a foot hehe
      [20:35:22] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: are you getting this? Mr. NeedsSomethingElseCoolToTryInAnLD
      [20:35:29] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [20:35:33] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:35:42] <Mindraker> I guess someone with Multiple Personality Disorder could do something like that more easily
      [20:35:47] <@OpheliaBlue> grab your lucid axes folks
      [20:36:03] <%RareCola> Yea that would make sense, Mindraker
      [20:36:10] <%RareCola> rogue empty line wut ^
      [20:36:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: that's a really interesting idea.. I wonder if any of the times we banned an alt, it was an innocent multiple personality haha
      [20:36:26] <Mindraker> Someone who could "split" their mind more easily than the average person.
      [20:36:37] <TylerRoberts> It would be really fun to empty your emotions into other people and carry a group conversation with your emotions.
      [20:36:38] <%Oreoboy1996> sorry i was distracted with something
      [20:36:38] <Mindraker> LOLOL OpheliaBlue
      [20:36:41] <@OpheliaBlue> no way to know
      [20:36:50] <TylerRoberts> Well, talking with "bored" wouldnt be very fun
      [20:36:59] <TylerRoberts> But the others would
      [20:37:12] <%Oreoboy1996> being in two places at once? clones of course
      [20:37:21] <%Caenis> That sounds emotionally tiring to me, TylerRoberts.
      [20:37:45] <TylerRoberts> Or emotionally relieving. Depends on how you look at it
      [20:37:56] <%RareCola> Some of these things would really push the boundaries of how stable you could keep the dream before waking up though
      [20:38:17] <Mindraker> In a way we *do* have different aspects of our personality -- Ego, Id, superego, all that rot that Freud talked about, but are those distinct enough to be different "personalities" in your dreams...?
      [20:38:27] <Mindraker> enough to split into different places?
      [20:38:28] <TylerRoberts> Im just throwing things out there. I dont actually know these "boundries"
      [20:38:53] <%Oreoboy1996> i'm not even sure what we're talking about
      [20:38:54] <%RareCola> More personal boundaries, TylerRoberts. There's no fixed boundaries besides your imagination
      [20:39:03] <TylerRoberts> Sure, a devil, an angel, and a judge.
      [20:39:03] <%Caenis> Exactly.
      [20:39:27] <%RareCola> Depends how good you are at stabilisation
      [20:39:42] <TylerRoberts> RareCola: Well dang, if imagination governs boundaries, I am set!
      [20:40:12] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I lied, I'm doing the TOTMs
      [20:40:22] <theCambino> be kinda cool to have a ego trip in an LD
      [20:40:25] <%RareCola> forceez slacking again?
      [20:40:26] <@OpheliaBlue> I just asked forceez
      [20:40:30] <%RareCola>
      [20:40:31] <%Oreoboy1996> RareCola: yes
      [20:40:35] <@OpheliaBlue> haha no, I remembered wrong
      [20:40:43] <%Oreoboy1996> i remember differently >.>
      [20:40:55] <@OpheliaBlue> it was suggested that we swap each month, but never agreed on
      [20:41:41] <@OpheliaBlue> I'll pull mostly from the suggestion thread, but I'm open to suggestions in here too, since DVA is adedicated bunch
      [20:42:39] <%RareCola> That took me far too long to decipher. I was reading "adedicated" as "ade-dicated" ... didn't realise you missed a space xD
      [20:42:40] <TylerRoberts> Do the same rules of the "secret club" apply?
      [20:42:51] <@OpheliaBlue> what rules
      [20:42:55] <theCambino>
      [20:43:04] <TylerRoberts> Needing to complete a previous TOTM
      [20:43:32] <@OpheliaBlue> nah... I'm overlooking that IF you manage to join a DVA class and join DVA chat
      [20:43:39] <Burke> i like "-Get a haircut but don't tell the stylist how you want it. describe how it looks"
      [20:43:52] <TylerRoberts> Sooo.... I pass?
      [20:43:56] <@OpheliaBlue> haha the surprise me haircut
      [20:44:11] <%Oreoboy1996> well actually once you complete a task of the month you're only in the club until the end of the month
      [20:44:20] <%Oreoboy1996> then you're kicked out until you complete the next one
      [20:44:21] <@OpheliaBlue> TylerRoberts: I mean you "pass" in that if yo want to suggest the ocean thing or whatever IN HERE
      [20:44:31] <TylerRoberts> Wooooooo!!!!!
      [20:44:37] <%RareCola> I'm a fan of that speaking to plants one that she suggested. I'm digging the whole nature thing
      [20:44:40] <TylerRoberts> <--- I passed
      [20:44:47] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: seriously? I need to fix that permissions thing then
      [20:45:22] <Burke> i also like preventing the zombie apocalyps
      [20:45:25] <@OpheliaBlue> or re-emphasize it
      [20:45:32] <Burke> it should be mandatory for all LDers
      [20:45:49] <@OpheliaBlue> that's a mess to go into every month and select, unselect, reselect aksdhaksdhks
      [20:45:55] <%RareCola> I have far too many zombie apocalypses in my non-lucids, don't want to drag the bitches into my lucids too
      [20:46:02] theCambino is confused
      [20:46:03] <%Caenis> I can't think of any good TOTM ideas. =/
      [20:46:06] <@OpheliaBlue> lmao RareCola
      [20:46:07] <%Oreoboy1996> too many zombies in my dream world
      [20:46:13] <theCambino> RareCola: agreed
      [20:46:24] <@OpheliaBlue> I only had a couple zombie nonlucids
      [20:46:24] <Mindraker> bitches + zombies + apocalypse ... no.
      [20:46:30] <%RareCola> lol
      [20:46:46] <Mindraker> I have enough bitch/zombie/apocalypse in real life, not to need that in my dreams.
      [20:46:51] <TylerRoberts> Man.. I feel so behind everybody! haha. I have never dreamt of zombies
      [20:46:52] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb quick potty break for those who need one
      [20:46:54] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:47:26] <%Oreoboy1996> TylerRoberts: don't worry about it
      [20:47:31] <%RareCola> Everyone has to start somewhere, TylerRoberts I'm sure you'll be having great dreams in no time
      [20:47:32] <%Oreoboy1996> they're annoying as hell >.>
      [20:48:22] <Mindraker> Oreoboy1996: are you playing some kind of video game that has zombies?
      [20:48:28] <TylerRoberts> Haha, Im sure they are! But yes RareCola. I suppose you are right. Hopefully no time means tonight.
      [20:48:39] <%Caenis> I don't dream of zombies either TylerRoberts. I dream about some unusual stuff, but most of the time it's everyday stuff.
      [20:48:39] <%Oreoboy1996> Left 4 Dead
      [20:48:48] <TylerRoberts> I made a deal with paigeyemps that I WILL LD tonight.
      [20:48:50] <%Oreoboy1996> although even when i go a while without playing it i still get zombies
      [20:48:56] <Mindraker> Ah... perhaps that is the source of the zombies in your dream... oh
      [20:48:58] <%RareCola> Good luck, TylerRoberts !
      [20:49:05] <theCambino> dead island 8ahem
      [20:49:07] <%Oreoboy1996> i know it's the source
      [20:49:12] <theCambino> *ahem ***
      [20:49:46] <%RareCola> Heh, I have zombie dreams and I have nothing feeding it now
      [20:50:00] <%Oreoboy1996> TylerRoberts: if you fail she gets your soul right?
      [20:50:00] <Burke> !brb pee pee
      [20:50:01] Burke [[email protected]] is now known as Burke|BRB
      [20:50:05] <TylerRoberts> Me too Caenis!!! My wierdest dream ever was last nights, when I was driving down a freeway with about a 1/2 mile long car wreck in which cars were literally ripped apart.
      [20:50:28] <TylerRoberts> Oreoboy1996: That wasnt part of the deal! I like my soul.
      [20:50:40] <%Oreoboy1996> of course it's part of the deal
      [20:50:50] <%Oreoboy1996> i'm sure paigey would love to steal your soul
      [20:50:51] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:50:52] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:51:08] <%Caenis> Huh. Guess something was hungry TylerRoberts. So long as your dreams are interesting, that's what's important!
      [20:51:16] <%Caenis> Odd dreams are easier to remember than normal ones too.
      [20:51:21] <%RareCola> I think the weirder dreams are a sign that you're getting closer. I tend to have really whacky dreams around lucids.
      [20:51:26] <OmkAR> oh man, u reminded me of this train crash dream i had
      [20:51:37] <OmkAR> the physics in the dream were amazing, you could feel the whole dream ground shake, really heavy
      [20:52:09] <%Caenis> I've always had odd dreams, lucidity has never played a part in that for me.
      [20:52:09] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah me too RareCola, they get more whacky, and longer and more vivid.. with a huge storyline
      [20:52:11] <theCambino> OmkAR: lucid?
      [20:52:13] <TylerRoberts> My dreams seem to be getting weirder, but I only have 3 dreams to base that off of.
      [20:52:30] <@OpheliaBlue> hey you have to start somewhere TylerRoberts
      [20:52:39] <%Oreoboy1996> my dreams seem to be normal
      [20:52:52] <theCambino> Oreoboy1996: sadly, same with me
      [20:52:59] <%Oreoboy1996> sadly?
      [20:52:59] <theCambino> errr mine
      [20:53:12] <theCambino> it's best if they're weird
      [20:53:17] <Mindraker> OK folks, I'm off to bed. Sleep tight. Hugzzzzz
      [20:53:17] <%Caenis> Agreed.
      [20:53:23] <%Caenis> Night Mindraker.
      [20:53:26] <@OpheliaBlue> buona sera Mindraker
      [20:53:27] <theCambino> irl... it's okay to be normal
      [20:53:32] <Mindraker> nighty night Caenis
      [20:53:32] <theCambino> why be normal in a dream
      [20:53:35] <Mindraker> sleep tight OpheliaBlue
      [20:53:37] <theCambino> bring on the weird!
      [20:53:42] Mindraker [webchat[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:53:59] <%Oreoboy1996> well by my dreams are normal i mean they're no different than what they usually are
      [20:54:12] <%RareCola> In a non-lucid last night all I remember was somehow I had a hole punched right through my stomach and I was stumbling around my house which had now turned into a hospital pressing all the red "call for help" buttons next to the empty beds. I then stumbled in on a random patient having solo sexytime and awkwardly walked out
      [20:54:12] <%Caenis> It's more fun to share a weird dream than a boring dream after all.
      [20:54:15] <%Oreoboy1996> things still trying to kill me, me turning into a dragon and killing them, finding treasure, etc
      [20:54:21] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:54:36] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: LOLOL
      [20:54:37] <theCambino> lawls
      [20:54:47] <%Caenis> Haha, that really does sound unusual.
      [20:54:49] <@OpheliaBlue> solo sexytime
      [20:55:07] <%Oreoboy1996> seems normal RareCola
      [20:55:27] <Burke|BRB> !back
      [20:55:28] Burke|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Burke
      [20:55:34] <%RareCola> I've come to notice I don't have much of a voice in my non-lucids either, I always seem have a wheezy, quiet voice whenever I try to yell
      [20:55:36] <@OpheliaBlue> I think probably all my dreams are of equal weirdnes, but it's possibly my recall that improves just prior to a lucid streak
      [20:55:50] <theCambino> RareCola: same... I rarely talk
      [20:55:51] <@OpheliaBlue> wb burke
      [20:56:11] <Burke> I hear fireworks
      [20:56:25] <@OpheliaBlue> really? it's still a week until July 4th
      [20:56:30] <%RareCola> Heh my recall is usually not amazing just before I lucid. It's getting better now but in past cases, on the nights that I've become lucid I've had no recall previously.
      [20:56:39] <%RareCola> Though last night I still recalled 2 dreams before my 2 lucids
      [20:56:41] <Burke> we start early
      [20:56:57] <theCambino> yeah people around here have been shooting off fireworks too
      [20:57:19] <Burke> New york is more patriotic than texas
      [20:57:31] <@OpheliaBlue> I see that!
      [20:57:53] <TylerRoberts> When remembering multiple dreams per night, do you wake up between dreams? Or remember them all in the morning?
      [20:57:54] <Burke> out town's fireworks were on the 22nd
      [20:57:58] <@OpheliaBlue> ok any last quick questions for this old lady before she logs this chat?
      [20:58:07] <@OpheliaBlue> TylerRoberts: the first one
      [20:58:20] <@OpheliaBlue> for me anyway
      [20:58:34] <%RareCola> A mixture of the two personally, TylerRoberts. I usually wake up between each dream but in some cases I'll recall multiple in one wake-up session, or after I wake up in the morning
      [20:58:43] <%Caenis> People wake up between dreams, but most don't remember waking up. Usually I remember waking up and nodding back off.
      [20:58:44] <TylerRoberts> Cool, I was curious if I was the only one who did that.
      [20:58:47] <@OpheliaBlue> so I learned to remember certain keywords so that when I wake up for good, I don't forget the earliest dreams from that night
      [20:59:12] <theCambino> well I'm out... gotta get stuff done
      [20:59:22] <theCambino> good talking to you all
      [20:59:24] <%RareCola> alright thanks for coming theCambino
      [20:59:25] <%Caenis> See you later, theCambino.
      [20:59:26] <TylerRoberts> Gbye!
      [20:59:29] <%RareCola> later
      [20:59:35] <@OpheliaBlue> but yeah like RareCola, it's really a combination. Sometimes I have clusters of dreams in between waking up
      [20:59:36] <theCambino> definitely RareCola
      [20:59:42] <theCambino> adios
      [20:59:48] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya!
      [20:59:49] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:00:25] <%RareCola> And end of class by the looks of it
      [21:00:27] <TylerRoberts> I need to try the keywords thing still. That will be tonights goal.
      [21:00:36] <@OpheliaBlue> OH and
      [21:00:50] <TylerRoberts> Well, being lucid is the main goal.
      [21:01:01] <@OpheliaBlue> thank you sooo much Caenis and RareCola and Oreoboy1996 for taking that initiative when my internet was down
      [21:01:14] <@OpheliaBlue> no idea what a relief it is know I can count on you guys

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      Thursday, June 28th, 12noon Chat:

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [12:00:29] <@OpheliaBlue> small class again, ah well...
      [12:00:41] Marciano999 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:01:14] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Marciano999
      [12:01:27] <Marciano999> Hey Ophelia!
      [12:01:30] <%RareCola> Small classes can be nice
      [12:01:30] <@OpheliaBlue> you two awake Exotiraan and OmkAR ?
      [12:01:39] Exotiraan returns from Freenode nd nods.
      [12:01:44] <@OpheliaBlue> yes, the smaller ones are less chaotic for sure
      [12:02:04] <@OpheliaBlue> Exotiraan is totally cute by the way, I saw him in TC
      [12:02:30] <%RareCola> I almost had another lucid today, would have made that three days in a row but I accidentally moved and messed up the DEILD
      [12:02:44] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I'm sorry that sucks
      [12:03:00] Exotiraan didn't get out with any dreams today. Boooo.
      [12:03:09] CaptainCrounche [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:03:12] <@OpheliaBlue> I love that LD you had where you saw yourself RareCola
      [12:03:17] <@OpheliaBlue> howdy CaptainCrounche!
      [12:03:26] <CaptainCrounche> Hello there!
      [12:03:27] <@OpheliaBlue> our newest and bluest student
      [12:03:32] <%RareCola> yea I just saw you replied to my workbook
      [12:03:36] <Marciano999> I Had 2 last night .... One dild one Deild
      [12:03:44] <%RareCola> Grats!
      [12:03:48] <CaptainCrounche> nice to meet you all
      [12:04:00] <%Oreoboy1996> hello
      [12:04:11] <@OpheliaBlue> oh well done.. I had a brief DILD, then some really vivid nonlucids. The most realistic looking rain, that i thought at first was snow. I need to DJ that
      [12:04:21] <%RareCola> And yes welcome to the class, CaptainCrounche
      [12:04:23] <%RareCola> Hope you learn something~
      [12:04:25] <@OpheliaBlue> I love weird weather in dreams
      [12:04:41] <%RareCola> Yea I first experienced rain in my lucid dream the other night, I was blown away
      [12:04:51] <@OpheliaBlue> hehe literally?
      [12:04:55] <@OpheliaBlue> a monsoon
      [12:04:59] <%RareCola> LOL not quite
      [12:05:06] <%RareCola> It wasn't actually raining, just after it finished raining
      [12:05:21] <@OpheliaBlue> so how goes your dreaming CaptainCrounche?
      [12:05:58] <@OpheliaBlue> also, has anyone else ever met themselves in a dream?
      [12:06:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I have once when I was a kid, but it was non lucid
      [12:06:17] <%RareCola> Would make for a good TOTM
      [12:06:28] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it would
      [12:06:29] <%Oreoboy1996> ophelia i have a couple times
      [12:06:35] <@OpheliaBlue> I figured you might have
      [12:07:04] <%Oreoboy1996> it's really weird because i have one dream where i'm me
      [12:07:05] <CaptainCrounche> i've been writing my dreams down for about a week and i'm surprised of the amount of details i can remember just by focusing on recall right after i wake up
      [12:07:21] <%Oreoboy1996> but then i have another dream where it's the same scenario, but from the perspective of one of my dream guides
      [12:07:23] Marciano999 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [12:07:26] <%Oreoboy1996> and i end up seeing myself
      [12:07:34] <%RareCola> Personally I think recall has more to do with how you focus on it before you go to sleep
      [12:07:45] <@OpheliaBlue> that's good CaptainCrounche, that's the best time to remember them. We forget so many details as the day goes by, even if you remember the dream at all.
      [12:08:19] <CaptainCrounche> writing down keywords in the middle of the night helps a lot!!
      [12:08:28] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, preparing your mind beforehand is extremely helpful
      [12:08:42] <@OpheliaBlue> oh good for you with the keywords
      [12:09:06] <CaptainCrounche> thanks
      [12:09:12] <%RareCola> Ophelia/Oreo: Did you ever have a moment where it felt like lucid dreaming just sort of clicked? I've been feeling like that these last few days, just a sense that I can more easily control my lucidity now
      [12:09:32] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that's how it pretty much always was for me anyway
      [12:09:40] Marciano999 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:09:44] <CaptainCrounche> what's it like meeting yourself Oreoboy1996 ? Is it just an impression or can you actually see the details of your appearance?
      [12:09:44] <@OpheliaBlue> I've only become lucid from an RC a handful of times
      [12:09:48] <%Oreoboy1996> i've been that way for a while
      [12:09:53] <@OpheliaBlue> wb Marciano999
      [12:10:07] <Marciano999> Ty.... my connection sometime sucks
      [12:10:10] <@OpheliaBlue> but yeah, you just know the feeling now, and just know you're dreaming RareCola?
      [12:10:44] <%Oreoboy1996> CaptainCrounche: both i guess
      [12:10:48] <%RareCola> Somewhat, more just a sort of confidence that I can become lucid and not just hoping now
      [12:11:05] <%RareCola> As I said, like everything "clicked"
      [12:11:07] <%RareCola> hard to describe
      [12:11:14] <Marciano999> Hey oreoboy!
      [12:11:28] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Marciano
      [12:12:25] <@OpheliaBlue> so CaptainCrounche, have you had a lucid before? or very nearly?
      [12:12:28] <%RareCola> CaptainCrounche: When I met myself it was quite detailed, though a more sort of "perfect" version of myself, if that makes sense? Like it was weird how my dream clone had just woken up and had perfectly brushed hair, etc
      [12:13:01] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^ maybe that's how you view yourself :
      [12:13:02] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [12:13:32] <%RareCola> Calling me a bighead? Hahaha
      [12:13:40] <CaptainCrounche> not that i can remember... but two days ago i sort of dreamed i was having a lucid dream, it's weird
      [12:13:44] <Marciano999> I tried last night your method of teletransportation Oreoboy
      [12:13:57] <%Oreoboy1996> the portal didn't kill you did it?
      [12:14:00] <CaptainCrounche> so basically i wasn't lucid but i dreamed about lucid dreaming, i guess because i had read about it all day
      [12:14:10] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: no, but you are the one with the foxy hair
      [12:14:26] <Marciano999> I made the portal... and i entered... then the dream started to fade away
      [12:14:43] <%RareCola> That's quite common CaptainCrounche, I take it as a sign that you're close to lucidity
      [12:14:47] <@OpheliaBlue> CaptainCrounche: those kinds of dreams usually precede lucid dreams, so you're definitely on the right track
      [12:14:47] <CaptainCrounche> RareCola that makes a lot of sense
      [12:15:07] <CaptainCrounche> wow, nice!!
      [12:15:23] <%Oreoboy1996> Marciano, the unfortunate thing about teleporting or changing the dream scene is it can destabilize the dream very easily if you're not careful
      [12:15:39] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I know what you mean Oreoboy1996
      [12:15:52] <Marciano999> I tried to stabilize but it was hard inside the portal
      [12:15:53] <%RareCola> I came to realise that in my attempts the other night.....
      [12:15:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I have that trouble if I close my eyes.. funny that I never lost stability when I went through a mirror
      [12:16:06] <CaptainCrounche> do you guys think ADA could help me, as a total beginner? it's something that's easy for me because i've been noticing details pretty much my whole life
      [12:16:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I geuss I just knew I could pop my head back out, so it wasn't as committed
      [12:16:20] <%Oreoboy1996> CaptainCrounche: yes
      [12:16:29] <@OpheliaBlue> yes
      [12:16:29] <%RareCola> Awareness is everything
      [12:16:48] <Marciano999> I stabalize dream well... but inside the portal was really hard...
      [12:16:52] <%RareCola> If you do nothing else, not even reality checks, awareness is the one thing that would get you lucid.
      [12:17:05] <@OpheliaBlue> absolutely
      [12:17:50] <CaptainCrounche> did you guys try to do RCs at the very beginning of your practice?
      [12:18:00] <@OpheliaBlue> I did
      [12:18:08] <CaptainCrounche> even before finding out patterns and cues in your journals?
      [12:18:17] <@OpheliaBlue> I found that practicing RCs at all was just another thing that helped me remember to be aware
      [12:18:23] <%RareCola> Yep
      [12:18:27] <@OpheliaBlue> so it was probably more the awareness that helped than the actual RCsa
      [12:18:29] <@OpheliaBlue> -a
      [12:18:33] <%RareCola> You need to make sure that you properly reality check though, don't just look at your hands
      [12:18:37] <%RareCola> truly question your reality
      [12:18:39] <%RareCola> be aware.
      [12:18:41] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i did
      [12:18:43] <@OpheliaBlue> different for everyone I think, but awareness overall is important
      [12:19:18] <@OpheliaBlue> but yeah, blind RCs are useless
      [12:19:30] <@OpheliaBlue> absentminded RCs, I meant to say
      [12:19:39] <@OpheliaBlue> blind wtf
      [12:19:45] OpheliaBlue has had alot of caffeine this morning
      [12:19:53] <%RareCola> And I don't think it's good just to RC because you think you should
      [12:19:56] <CaptainCrounche> yeah a lot of tutorials insist on that, so i try to do my RCs thouroughly
      [12:20:07] <%RareCola> I tend to have much more success only RCing when something strange happens, or dream-like
      [12:20:32] <Marciano999> since i stopped doing RCs during the day, im h aving more LDs... i just do RC to confirm during the dream
      [12:20:33] <CaptainCrounche> dream-like things happen in you real life though?
      [12:21:12] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I do that too Marciano999... I RC in dreams after I already know I'm lucid.. seems backwards but I do it because it's kinda cool lol
      [12:21:13] <%RareCola> Well it could be anything. Driving in a car with the window down and the wind rushing towards as the scenery zooms by you can feel quite dream-like
      [12:21:27] <%RareCola> This is where awareness comes in, you need to be aware of everything
      [12:21:39] <CaptainCrounche> oh i see what you mean
      [12:21:40] <@OpheliaBlue> or when you see really bizzare weather
      [12:22:01] <%RareCola> Weather definitely, and the sky. I notice a lot in dreams the sky is pretty "intense"
      [12:22:09] <Marciano999> yes lol its fun...
      [12:22:12] <%RareCola> insane colours, almost painted cloud formations, etc
      [12:22:42] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, and dream water for me is always weird in color, texture, movement
      [12:22:49] <@OpheliaBlue> so I RC around water alot
      [12:23:03] <%RareCola> Water is a pretty universally associated with dreams in our brains though
      [12:23:05] <%RareCola> so that makes sense
      [12:23:08] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah
      [12:23:11] <CaptainCrounche> you guys all seem pretty experienced, am i the only noob in here?
      [12:23:14] <Marciano999> Thats true
      [12:23:22] <Marciano999> water its a lot in my dreams
      [12:23:26] <@OpheliaBlue> you know, carpet is always kinda funky in my dreams too.. kinda swirly and organic
      [12:23:31] <@OpheliaBlue> haha no idea why
      [12:23:46] <@OpheliaBlue> too much LSD in college
      [12:23:50] <CaptainCrounche>
      [12:23:58] <Marciano999> lol
      [12:24:10] <%RareCola> Come to a few more of these classes and you won't be a noob for long Ophelia's a great teacher
      [12:24:26] <@OpheliaBlue> and I have some excellent assistants
      [12:24:36] <CaptainCrounche> it appears so!
      [12:25:10] <@OpheliaBlue> I jus twish paigeyemps was in a different timezone, siiiigh
      [12:25:45] <%RareCola> She's been doing so well with her lucids lately
      [12:25:55] <%RareCola> did you see her post in Sageous' WILD class?
      [12:26:05] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah she really has.. and no I haven't?
      [12:26:13] <%RareCola> http://www.dreamviews.com/f156/what-...ml#post1904674
      [12:26:18] <CaptainCrounche> before i started recording my dreams and paying attention to them, i noticed that in most dreams i could remember, i was back in high school (i am not a student anymore), and something stressful happened, usually a test i hadnt studied for... is that something i should consider a dream cue?
      [12:26:52] <@OpheliaBlue> lmao "seizure"
      [12:27:10] <%RareCola> I'd be open for anything to be a dream cue, CaptainCrounche
      [12:27:35] <%RareCola> You can even get such basic stuff like just specific colours occurring a lot
      [12:27:52] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I have repeating dreams about being an opera singer again, but I'm in a performance and don't know my part or the staging
      [12:28:09] <@OpheliaBlue> same with college and missing class and failing tests, like you mentioned
      [12:28:27] <CaptainCrounche> so that's pretty common in everyone's dreams isnt it?
      [12:28:29] <@OpheliaBlue> I call those my stress dreams, but that would be an excellent time to ask yourself if you're dreaming!
      [12:28:51] Exotiraan [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [12:29:08] <CaptainCrounche> it could be a personal goal to try to turn lucid in one of those
      [12:29:10] <%RareCola> I think it's good whenever you're caught up in a situation by being stressed, busy or in the midst of an argument to question your reality
      [12:29:31] <%RareCola> As dreams are our way to process the day, it's quite common to process those moments in our dreams
      [12:29:39] <%RareCola> so a good time to question reality
      [12:30:10] <@OpheliaBlue> good advice
      [12:30:31] <CaptainCrounche> so you mean it's a good practice to chck reality during stressful moments IRL ?
      [12:30:36] <%RareCola> Yep
      [12:30:45] <%RareCola> Or whenever you're caught up in the moment in general
      [12:30:46] <@OpheliaBlue> I know that I tend to forego awareness when I'm stressed, and go into autopilot
      [12:30:48] <@OpheliaBlue> bad for LDs
      [12:31:10] <%RareCola> Yea it's really hard to remember awareness and reality checking when you're in those moments
      [12:31:18] <%RareCola> but doing so really increases your lucid chances
      [12:31:29] <CaptainCrounche> i'll try to keep that in mind
      [12:31:39] <@OpheliaBlue> wow that was a cool dream paige had
      [12:31:41] <%Oreoboy1996> i use lucid dreaming to relieve stress so it creates a balance
      [12:31:44] <@OpheliaBlue> too bad her alarm went off
      [12:31:45] <CaptainCrounche> although i don't have a lot of stressful moments in my life right now...
      [12:31:54] <%RareCola> Yea, alarms always kill the fun :l
      [12:32:14] <@OpheliaBlue> or just anytime you're "caught up in the moment", as RareCola said
      [12:32:56] <CaptainCrounche> all right
      [12:33:21] <%RareCola> Yea, mind is all about association. If you can build up an association with being hyper-aware when you're in those moments you'll be opening all the right doors
      [12:34:12] <CaptainCrounche> and i read somewhere it's okay if association takes several weeks, what's important is to be consistent, right?
      [12:34:38] <%RareCola> Definitely
      [12:34:49] <%RareCola> Lucid dreaming is a whole new lifestyle, lucid living I like to call it
      [12:34:57] <%RareCola> It takes a while to change a lifestyle
      [12:35:04] <CaptainCrounche> for how long have you been at it?
      [12:35:13] <%RareCola> 2 months and 1 day~
      [12:35:29] <%RareCola> I'm still quite the newbie too
      [12:35:59] <@OpheliaBlue> lucid living... nice
      [12:36:02] <@OpheliaBlue> sounds like a magazine
      [12:36:09] <@OpheliaBlue> we should so publish one
      [12:36:13] <Marciano999> Lol
      [12:36:27] <Marciano999> You can write a magazine with that name OpheliaBlue
      [12:36:40] <Marciano999> A weekly magazine...
      [12:36:40] <CaptainCrounche> it's true though!! how come lucid dreaming isn't more popular in the media?
      [12:36:43] <%Oreoboy1996> i've been at this for a little over 2 years
      [12:36:54] <Marciano999> Its a good idea
      [12:37:11] <CaptainCrounche> oh wow, you think about it daily after two years?
      [12:37:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I've seen documentaries in National Geographic I think?
      [12:37:24] <@OpheliaBlue> plus movies are being made about it
      [12:37:55] <@OpheliaBlue> it's just considered supernatural to those who never accomplished LDing, so we may still be in the minority
      [12:38:02] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i think about lucid dreaming every day
      [12:38:23] <Marciano999> Once you get in, hard to get out
      [12:38:36] <Marciano999>
      [12:38:55] <%RareCola> Dreaming is a forgotten art, sadly
      [12:38:59] <%RareCola> Let alone lucid dreaming
      [12:39:51] <@OpheliaBlue> I know it
      [12:40:13] <@OpheliaBlue> people are too busy with the hustle and bustle of their day to care I geuss
      [12:40:25] <%RareCola> Which is sad, when you think about it
      [12:40:26] <@OpheliaBlue> night=sleep and little more
      [12:40:43] <Marciano999> And people just think "they are just a dreams"
      [12:40:50] <@OpheliaBlue> "brain garbage"
      [12:40:55] <CaptainCrounche> really sad, especially during depressing times as the ones we're currently living
      [12:41:13] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, LDs are my holodeck, my escape from daily anguish
      [12:41:25] <Marciano999> Our freeworld!!
      [12:41:28] <@OpheliaBlue> not that I'm in anguish daily, but whenever I am in anguish
      [12:41:35] <CaptainCrounche> that is really cool!! so you usually dream about cheerful stuff?
      [12:41:37] <%RareCola> Though, I think some people are so sceptical that many don't even believe in lucid dreaming when you try to explain it
      [12:42:03] <Marciano999> I talk about LDs to all my friends... they dont seem to care...
      [12:42:17] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah there's alot of skepticism around LDing
      [12:42:26] <@OpheliaBlue> my dad's a doctor and doesn't believe in it
      [12:42:34] <@OpheliaBlue> (but that may be because he's jelly)
      [12:42:42] <%RareCola> People think it's new-age hippie mumbo jumbo, I guess
      [12:42:47] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah they do
      [12:43:10] <@OpheliaBlue> though every once in a while I'll talk to a friend about it, and they'll be like "OMG there's a word for that? I do thatall the time. Thought I was just weird."
      [12:43:23] <Marciano999> Lol
      [12:43:28] <%RareCola> Haha I've noticed people do that and don't actually have lucid dreams though
      [12:43:38] <@OpheliaBlue> that's why I love the internet, and this forum, and you can find it easy on google
      [12:43:52] <%RareCola> I told my friend about them and they were like "Oh I have lucid dreams all the time!!" -- they weren't actually lucid dreams when she explained to me.
      [12:43:53] <@OpheliaBlue> so people who think they're weird can google "dream control" or something and find us
      [12:44:00] <CaptainCrounche> definitely, i'm so happy i joined this community for this reason!!
      [12:44:13] <@OpheliaBlue> lol RareCola what were they?
      [12:44:30] <%RareCola> Well she was explaining stuff like still feeling sensations after waking up, or just really vivid dreams
      [12:44:57] <@OpheliaBlue> oh
      [12:45:16] <&IrnBruWave`|Away> Hello
      [12:45:23] <@OpheliaBlue> hey!
      [12:45:23] <Marciano999> i thought LDing was harder when i started a month ago
      [12:45:28] <&IrnBruWave`|Away> I am hereth
      [12:45:33] <%RareCola> Anyway I must head off
      [12:45:34] <@OpheliaBlue> welcometh
      [12:45:36] <%RareCola> Enjoy the rest of the class
      [12:45:45] <@OpheliaBlue> ok see ya Jason, thanks for being here as always
      [12:45:53] <%Oreoboy1996> lucid dreaming gets easier with each one you have
      [12:45:58] <%RareCola> No problem, cya later.
      [12:45:59] <&IrnBruWave`|Away> My ferry about to leave for the Netherlands, so I won't have coverage much longer. And bye RareCola
      [12:46:07] <Marciano999> Later! rarecola
      [12:46:32] <@OpheliaBlue> awwww, have a nice trip David, we will miss you
      [12:46:33] <Marciano999> I agree Oreoboy1996 100%
      [12:47:18] <Marciano999> I have never done a WILD.... but i really dont care much about it
      [12:47:29] <Marciano999> since im having plenty of LDs other ways
      [12:47:30] <CaptainCrounche> bye rarecola and thank you!
      [12:47:35] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah you learn so much from each lucid you have
      [12:48:00] <Marciano999> but i just want to WILD at least one to see how it feels
      [12:48:15] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i'm only going to learn WILD just to learn more about it
      [12:48:31] <CaptainCrounche> it does seem really cool
      [12:50:17] <CaptainCrounche> i'm gonna have to go too, it was very instructive talking to you guys
      [12:50:44] <CaptainCrounche> thank you very much and have a good class!!
      [12:50:57] <@OpheliaBlue> thank you for joining!
      [12:51:07] <@OpheliaBlue> and good luck and you know where to find us if you need anything
      [12:51:22] <CaptainCrounche> perfect!
      [12:51:29] <Marciano999> Later CaptainCrounche
      [12:51:31] <CaptainCrounche> good luck to you too, sweet dreams
      [12:51:46] <@OpheliaBlue> any last questions Marciano999 before we wrap this class up?
      [12:52:13] CaptainCrounche [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:52:19] <Marciano999> No OpheliaBlue .... thanks a lot
      [12:52:28] <Marciano999> Well i have one
      [12:52:34] <Marciano999> when will be the next class?
      [12:53:37] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yeah
      [12:53:49] <@OpheliaBlue> 8pm tonight, and 8pm tomorrow
      [12:53:57] <@OpheliaBlue> I'll post it in the chat times thread
      [12:54:10] <@OpheliaBlue> so basically there's another one in 7 hours
      [12:54:25] <Marciano999> Perfect!
      [12:54:55] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I'm going to log chat then it's lunch time
      [12:54:58] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [12:54:58] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      July 2nd, 12noon CST Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [12:04:48] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:04:48] Channel topic is: Ideas for Increased Chat Population
      [12:04:48] Topic was set by OpheliaBlue on Fri Jun 29 20:22:28 2012
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      [12:04:52] <Evolventity> Oops.
      [12:04:57] <Caenis> D:
      [12:04:58] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [12:05:15] <paigeyemps> hahahaha
      [12:05:21] lucidius^ is reading in a strange patern because he is not useto KVIRC
      [12:05:29] JoeyBelgier [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Client closed the connection
      [12:05:30] <Evolventity> I meant "Hello," OpheliaBlue
      [12:05:32] <@OpheliaBlue> so i DON'T schedule a class, and a bunch of people show up is that it
      [12:05:37] <%Oreoboy1996> OpheliaBlue: Monday, July 2nd, 12noon CST
      [12:05:44] <Burke> lol
      [12:05:47] <%Oreoboy1996> you scheduled it >.>
      [12:05:48] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I did that? lol
      [12:05:49] <Lunatide> BURN
      [12:05:51] JoeyBelgier [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:05:52] <Evolventity> Hahaha
      [12:05:56] <@OpheliaBlue> just TESTING you haha
      [12:05:57] <paigeyemps> hey joey
      [12:06:01] <RareCola> Haha lisa
      [12:06:03] <RareCola> fail
      [12:06:04] <Burke> sure, sure
      [12:06:04] <lucidius^> wait, YES! i finalt looked at the time!
      [12:06:10] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h Caenis
      [12:06:12] theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:06:15] <paigeyemps> lmao ophie
      [12:06:17] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h RareCola
      [12:06:18] <%Caenis> Hello JoeyBelgier, theCambino.
      [12:06:18] theCambino is here
      [12:06:18] <Evolventity> Hey theCambino
      [12:06:23] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h paigeyemps
      [12:06:26] <%paigeyemps> hey theCambino
      [12:06:27] <%Oreoboy1996> lots of people
      [12:06:30] <%Caenis> Thanks OpheliaBlue.
      [12:06:30] <DawgBone> Hey Canbino
      [12:06:32] <Lunatide> What is the topic for todays class?
      [12:06:32] <%paigeyemps> thanks :3
      [12:06:38] <%paigeyemps> yay so many people tonight
      [12:06:40] <theCambino> hola DVa
      [12:06:46] <Lunatide> theCambino:
      [12:06:47] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Open Discussion Until I Think of a Good Topic"
      [12:06:48] <lucidius^> BIGG class today
      [12:06:51] <Burke> lol
      [12:06:52] <Burke> lazy
      [12:07:02] <%paigeyemps> inb4 pc acts retarded and crashes :'|
      [12:07:02] <Lunatide> In that case
      [12:07:06] <Evolventity> Not being scared of SP?
      [12:07:10] <lucidius^> i didnt record my dream
      [12:07:10] <theCambino> ...sadly I am only here for 40 say minutes
      [12:07:16] <Lunatide> Maybe the topic can be focusing on remember TOTM's in dreams?
      [12:07:19] <lucidius^> now i forgot it
      [12:07:21] <Burke> Evolventity: intentionally enter sp
      [12:07:22] <%Caenis> Well, I had a few ideas for topics: 1. Control in non-LDs; 2. How your family/friends think of LDing.
      [12:07:23] <Lunatide> I never remember
      [12:07:26] <Lunatide> paigeyemps: has trouble toop
      [12:07:28] <Lunatide> toop
      [12:07:32] <theCambino> @[email protected]
      [12:07:35] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't focus on remembering tasks
      [12:07:35] <Evolventity> Burke: ???
      [12:07:37] <%paigeyemps> toop
      [12:07:41] <%Oreoboy1996> i incubate them so i don't have to use my memory
      [12:07:42] <Lunatide> toopslo
      [12:07:49] <Burke> if you intentionally induce SP then you should be less afraid of it
      [12:07:50] <lucidius^> what is toop?
      [12:07:53] <theCambino> Caenis: I can control in non-lucids fwiw
      [12:07:59] <Burke> because you can control it more
      [12:08:01] <Lunatide> SP isn't even scary
      [12:08:06] <Lunatide> Don't know what the fuss is about
      [12:08:08] <%paigeyemps> it was a typo, brocidius
      [12:08:16] <theCambino> Lunatide: depends
      [12:08:17] <@OpheliaBlue> I end up with accidental control in non lucids, but that's it, I'm not lucid so I don't do much with it
      [12:08:18] <lucidius^> oh
      [12:08:22] <theCambino> I've read horror stories
      [12:08:31] <@OpheliaBlue> it's usually to solve a problem in the dream, but I'm nto aware I'm dreaming
      [12:08:40] <Evolventity> How to genuinely question reality?
      [12:08:44] <%Caenis> Some people can theCambino! Or some people have experienced a little bit of it. I only experience it rarely.
      [12:08:45] <Burke> ADA
      [12:08:48] <theCambino> let's put it this way... my dream-self has control of the dream
      [12:08:55] <theCambino> not me
      [12:08:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i can use time control in non lucids
      [12:08:59] <Evolventity> You know Burke
      [12:09:02] <%Oreoboy1996> which usually makes me lucid
      [12:09:07] <Evolventity> Every topic is covrend in the forums
      [12:09:10] <%paigeyemps> there ARE times when I'm intentionally controlling the dream, and i know i'm controlling it, but for some reason, I don't realize it's a dream
      [12:09:12] <Lunatide> I have a decent amount of non-lucid control
      [12:09:18] <Burke> I was answering your question
      [12:09:20] <Evolventity> It seems everyone who is here already knows everythign
      [12:09:29] <@OpheliaBlue> paigeyemps: yeah, I remember that in Reece videos
      [12:09:35] <@OpheliaBlue> layer 1 or something
      [12:09:37] <theCambino> Caenis: and I agree... it shall be one of the many topics... because I too think it is interesting
      [12:09:44] <%paigeyemps> ooh
      [12:09:48] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: nope, always something to learn
      [12:09:49] <%RareCola> I've had that before too paige
      [12:09:52] <%RareCola> quite interesting
      [12:09:53] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb phone
      [12:09:53] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:09:58] <Evolventity> Oreoboy1996: Like?
      [12:09:59] <Burke> this teacher
      [12:10:00] <Lunatide> sit down OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:10:01] <Burke> always going afk
      [12:10:02] <Lunatide> sit.
      [12:10:02] <%paigeyemps>
      [12:10:03] <Lunatide> down.
      [12:10:08] <Lunatide> nw.
      [12:10:12] <%Caenis> I've had that in one dream paigeyemps. But I was scared that my mom would get angry with me for messing stuff up. I knew I could control everything though.
      [12:10:12] <Burke> leaving it up to the TAs
      [12:10:15] <theCambino> look... controlling non-lucids is already being discussed :X
      [12:10:38] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: something you don't already know of course
      [12:10:40] <theCambino> ...I've had one of those last night paigeyemps
      [12:10:44] <Evolventity> >,>
      [12:10:44] <%paigeyemps> yea it's quite odd how we are aware that we are in control yet not realize its impossibility
      [12:10:56] <DawgBone> yes
      [12:10:59] <%Caenis> I know, it's so frustrating.
      [12:11:03] <Burke> if you have a question, ask it. If not, help answer others'
      [12:11:10] <%Caenis> You'd think one would get lucid from having so much control in a non-lucid.
      [12:11:15] <%RareCola> I've had far too many instant wake-ups after becoming lucid recently
      [12:11:21] <Evolventity> Am I dreaming?
      [12:11:22] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:11:23] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:11:25] <Lunatide> Evolventity: yes
      [12:11:27] Evolventity jumps off of a building to make sure.
      [12:11:28] <theCambino> ^
      [12:11:28] <%Oreoboy1996> no
      [12:11:29] <Lunatide> go jump out of the window
      [12:11:32] <%paigeyemps> ikr Caenis ;D
      [12:11:33] <Lunatide> to make sure
      [12:11:36] <%paigeyemps> lmao
      [12:11:40] lucidius^ cant posibly keep up with this rate of chat
      [12:11:40] <%Oreoboy1996> welcome back OpheliaBlue
      [12:11:44] <Lunatide> wb OpheliaBlue
      [12:11:45] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry, our AC is broken, and it's like 100 degrees outside.
      [12:11:49] <Burke> aww man, the teachers back
      [12:12:00] <theCambino> so much happening ()_()
      [12:12:01] <%paigeyemps>
      [12:12:01] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, put the farm animals back Burke
      [12:12:07] <Burke> :/
      [12:12:08] <%RareCola> come to the UK. It's dark, cold and raining. You wouldn't think it was July :l
      [12:12:09] <DawgBone> Ophelia: My AC is broken too.
      [12:12:10] <Burke> but they never get out
      [12:12:12] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue: got a topic old chap?
      [12:12:16] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: on my way
      [12:12:18] Channel CTCP AVATAR request from Evolventity [[email protected]] (AVATAR), replied
      [12:12:27] <@OpheliaBlue> Lunatide: I beg your pardon?
      [12:12:33] <theCambino> lol ^
      [12:12:42] <%paigeyemps> hahahahaha c:
      [12:12:50] <Lunatide> I was being a sir, OpheliaBlue
      [12:12:58] <Lunatide> Guess you can't handle my class
      [12:13:03] <Lunatide> CLASS
      [12:13:05] <Lunatide> ?
      [12:13:05] <Lunatide> GET IT?
      [12:13:05] <%paigeyemps> how about what Caenis suggested?
      [12:13:07] <Lunatide> no?
      [12:13:09] <Lunatide> okay.
      [12:13:15] <@OpheliaBlue> I like Caenis's #2 topic idea, what friends and family and coworkers think of LDing
      [12:13:16] <theCambino> lawls
      [12:13:23] <theCambino> agreed
      [12:13:26] <Lunatide> Yeah
      [12:13:28] <Lunatide> okay
      [12:13:35] <Lunatide> Maybe we shouls all do a survey
      [12:13:37] <%Oreoboy1996> never talked about it to them
      [12:13:37] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "What Friends and Family Think of Lucid Dreaming"
      [12:13:40] <Lunatide> and report back
      [12:13:50] <%paigeyemps> my mom doesn't even listen to me when i talk about normal dreams lol
      [12:13:53] <%paigeyemps>
      [12:13:55] <Evolventity> They think I'm trying to make them crazy. The end.
      [12:13:55] <lucidius^> what?
      [12:14:01] <@OpheliaBlue> I just discovered that a coworker of mine has been doing it all his life and assumed everyone else did too haha
      [12:14:01] <%Caenis> Aww, that's not very nice of your mom paigeyemps.
      [12:14:03] <%RareCola> One of my friends is scared to death of lucid dreaming and thinks I'm mad for attempting it
      [12:14:05] <Burke> My dad thinks it's silly, my mom is just uninterested :/
      [12:14:17] <Burke> my sister, idk
      [12:14:22] <theCambino> before I took a break... my brother was excited that I was so dedicated to lucid dreaming... but now that I am back at it, he is -neutral- about it
      [12:14:24] <%paigeyemps> OpheliaBlue: waaaaaaaaaa?!
      [12:14:25] <%paigeyemps> :O
      [12:14:28] <lucidius^> my family dosnt know or dosnt really care that i LD except for my grandma lol
      [12:14:31] <%Oreoboy1996> RareCola: slap him
      [12:14:32] <Lunatide> My sister is an ignorant bitch about it
      [12:14:34] <Evolventity> OpheliaBlue: Were you skeptical of that at first?
      [12:14:38] <@OpheliaBlue> i'm lucky half my family can do it, also my parents are psychiatrists, so it's well known to them
      [12:14:40] <Lunatide> she calls it "dream shuffling"
      [12:14:53] <%paigeyemps> oh noice!
      [12:14:59] <Lunatide> My mother is uninterested
      [12:15:01] <Burke> my friends think it's really cool but I don't think any of them try to do it
      [12:15:02] <%Caenis> lucidius^: What does your grandmom think about it? Does she LD or somethign too?
      [12:15:05] <Lunatide> my step dad I never talk too about it
      [12:15:13] <@OpheliaBlue> Evolventity: skeptical of him? I would have been if he had been goofy about the answer, but he told me abouthow he used to change nightmares when he was a kid
      [12:15:15] <Evolventity> It's bad to mess with your head like that guys. It's satanic and stuff.
      [12:15:24] <%paigeyemps> my family and relatives are very religious and my country is very superstitious, so they look down upon it or something
      [12:15:28] <%paigeyemps> oh well, they're missing out
      [12:15:28] <@OpheliaBlue> sounded for real, but do any of us know for real if any DV members have them?
      [12:15:29] <%paigeyemps> ;D
      [12:15:33] <Lunatide> I teach all of my friends xD
      [12:15:37] <Lunatide> I am a sensei at school
      [12:15:42] <Evolventity> I guess not.
      [12:15:54] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: whha?
      [12:15:57] <%paigeyemps> lol luna
      [12:16:04] <%Oreoboy1996> have what?
      [12:16:07] <Lunatide> yeah have what
      [12:16:08] <%Caenis> Haha, that's cool Lunatide.
      [12:16:09] <Lunatide> xD
      [12:16:09] <Evolventity> Dark_Merlins is like that too, Lunatide.
      [12:16:09] <theCambino> ^
      [12:16:19] <%paigeyemps> what have?
      [12:16:25] <theCambino> lol
      [12:16:29] <lucidius^> an acuatence of mine once had a LD without even knowing what a LD was and just woke himself up, he was like "WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!"
      [12:16:36] <Lunatide> WAKE UP
      [12:16:38] <Evolventity> acuatence
      [12:16:38] <Lunatide> WAKE THE FUCK UP
      [12:16:40] <%Oreoboy1996> acuatence...
      [12:16:42] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: could you specify more on what other DV members have
      [12:16:44] <Evolventity> oreo xD
      [12:16:46] <@OpheliaBlue> alot of my friends and coworkers come up to me for dream interpretation advice, because they assume I can since I talk about dreaming alot
      [12:16:49] <Burke> !brb
      [12:16:50] Burke [[email protected]] is now known as Burke|BRB
      [12:16:54] <Lunatide> pleased to meet your akwaytnc
      [12:16:56] <Lunatide> pls
      [12:16:57] <Evolventity> That made me LOL.
      [12:16:58] <%paigeyemps> guys
      [12:17:02] <%paigeyemps> that's my lil bro
      [12:17:06] <%paigeyemps> x)
      [12:17:08] <@OpheliaBlue> theCambino: oh I was just saying, we trust that everyone's LD experiences are the truth, because there's no way to prove it really
      [12:17:09] <Lunatide> lmao
      [12:17:14] <Evolventity> What. Your bro is here?
      [12:17:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't like dream interpretation much
      [12:17:19] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue: Lying about LDing is pointless
      [12:17:25] <%paigeyemps> ^^
      [12:17:28] <%Oreoboy1996> people seem to assume that everything is a metaphor in your dreams
      [12:17:28] <%paigeyemps> yea
      [12:17:30] <@OpheliaBlue> Lunatide: it's pointless but I'm sure it's happened
      [12:17:36] <Lunatide> Probably
      [12:17:37] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: that is true...
      [12:17:38] <Lunatide> I never lie
      [12:17:39] <%paigeyemps> if you're gonna lie to strangers anyway, why lie at all, right?
      [12:17:41] <%paigeyemps> x)
      [12:17:43] <Lunatide> about my dreams
      [12:17:43] <%RareCola> I'm always skeptical of natural lucid dreamers, or people who have them without trying. I've found my skepticism is right in a lot of cases, people lie for no good reason a lot of the time.
      [12:17:43] <@OpheliaBlue> I don't focus on it, that was just in response to whether or not I believed my coworker
      [12:17:45] <theCambino> kinda like the paprika effect
      [12:17:46] <@OpheliaBlue> moving on...
      [12:17:47] <Evolventity> I hate that so called "Dream interpretation"
      [12:17:53] <theCambino> what is real and what is a dream @[email protected]
      [12:18:02] <Evolventity> Dreams are real.
      [12:18:09] <Evolventity> Everything is real.
      [12:18:10] <Lunatide> theCambino: Real is full of dicks and dreaming is full of epicness
      [12:18:17] <Lunatide> I wish real life was a dream
      [12:18:17] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: that is cool that you have that relationship though
      [12:18:17] <lucidius^> mabey this is all just one big dream
      [12:18:22] <Lunatide> lucidius^: lol
      [12:18:24] <theCambino> Lunatide: lol
      [12:18:25] <Lunatide> copy
      [12:18:29] <%paigeyemps> i feel the same way, RareCola
      [12:18:33] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius^: no
      [12:18:35] <%Oreoboy1996> i object
      [12:18:37] <lucidius^> mabey it isnt your dream either
      [12:18:42] <theCambino> Evolventity: I know that... just quoting paprika rather
      [12:18:43] <lucidius^> mabey we are DCs
      [12:18:43] <%Oreoboy1996> lucidius^: i object again
      [12:18:51] <Evolventity> lucidius^: Maybe you're inside of an atom of another universe and in a millisceond we are all going to be dead.
      [12:18:51] <@OpheliaBlue> agreed RareCola
      [12:18:53] <Lunatide> Oreoboy1996: I eject
      [12:18:56] Lunatide flies
      [12:18:58] <Evolventity> Paprika <3
      [12:19:07] <Lunatide> I have Paprika pringles <3
      [12:19:14] <%Caenis> ...Pringles?
      [12:19:16] <theCambino> RareCola: agreed as well
      [12:19:16] <Evolventity> .....
      [12:19:25] <%RareCola> so much agreement
      [12:19:26] <@OpheliaBlue> what's the paprika effect?
      [12:19:27] <%paigeyemps> i do have 2 friends who are into LDing as well, though they're not as.. enthusiastic about it
      [12:19:27] <Burke|BRB> !back
      [12:19:27] Burke|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Burke
      [12:19:29] <lucidius^> except in our time a milisecond is trillions of years
      [12:19:37] <@OpheliaBlue> well you're right alot Jason
      [12:19:42] <Lunatide> You attack someone with paprika
      [12:19:46] <%RareCola> Haha paige, I don't think anyone could be as enthusiastic as you.
      [12:19:48] <Lunatide> and steal their wallet
      [12:19:49] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: "what is real and what is a dream"
      [12:19:54] <theCambino> the endless dreamstate
      [12:19:57] <Evolventity> Thank god for dv
      [12:19:58] <@OpheliaBlue> oh
      [12:20:11] <%paigeyemps> and i hate it when i tell them i had a lucid and they're like "oh nice must be easy" and i just wanna strangle them and yell "BIOTCH I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR MONTHS OF TRAINING GAAAAAAH!!!"
      [12:20:13] <Burke> " Thank god for dv" definitely
      [12:20:16] <Lunatide> My friends expect to have a lucid on their first night
      [12:20:18] <theCambino> !brb
      [12:20:18] theCambino [[email protected]] is now known as theCambino|BRB
      [12:20:21] <@OpheliaBlue> my parents are shrinks, so growing up, dreams were a symbol of SOMEthing
      [12:20:22] <Lunatide> some of my friends lie about it
      [12:20:23] Oreoboy1996 pokes paigey
      [12:20:24] <%RareCola> Haha I know Paige, I get that a lot.
      [12:20:39] <Lunatide> apparently my friend had 2 lucids in the first week of knowing about it
      [12:20:44] <Lunatide> HAX.
      [12:20:47] <Lunatide> HAX.
      [12:20:50] paigeyemps pokes oreo
      [12:20:54] <%paigeyemps> why are we
      [12:20:55] <%paigeyemps> poking
      [12:20:58] <%paigeyemps> >.>
      [12:21:03] <Evolventity> Every person that I've met, who hasn't experience an LD, doesn't care .
      [12:21:03] lucidius^ pokes lucidius
      [12:21:04] Lunatide PRODS paigeyemps
      [12:21:05] <%Oreoboy1996> to end your rage >.>
      [12:21:15] Lunatide needs a huge piss, brb
      [12:21:16] <Lunatide> !brb
      [12:21:18] Lunatide [[email protected]] is now known as Lunatide|BRB
      [12:21:20] <%Caenis> Evolventity: I've come across that too.
      [12:21:28] <%paigeyemps> hahaha nah i wasnt raging, just narrating...with feelings and conviction.
      [12:21:30] <%paigeyemps> ;D
      [12:21:30] <%Caenis> It makes sense. They've never experienced it.
      [12:21:30] <%RareCola> I don't think people can really comprehend what a lucid dream is like without experiencing it
      [12:21:37] <%paigeyemps> ^^
      [12:21:46] <%paigeyemps> there's only so many words you can use
      [12:21:47] <%RareCola> It's really hard to believe how realistic and amazing they can feel
      [12:21:49] <Evolventity> Spent so many LD's trying to make other people lucid. >,>
      [12:21:50] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah people who haven't ever LDed generally can't believe it's possible
      [12:22:01] <%paigeyemps> evo lolwu
      [12:22:03] <%paigeyemps> t
      [12:22:04] <%Caenis> Haha, that's unfortunate.
      [12:22:07] <@OpheliaBlue> well a few can, hence the ones who joined DVA without ever having one
      [12:22:13] <Exotiraan^> The older they are, the harder it gets.
      [12:22:17] <Evolventity> Shared dreaming stuff paige
      [12:22:20] <%paigeyemps> ah
      [12:22:30] <theCambino|BRB> !back
      [12:22:31] theCambino|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as theCambino
      [12:22:31] yuvyuv [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:22:35] <Evolventity> Hey yuvyuv
      [12:22:38] <%Caenis> Hello yuvyuv!
      [12:22:39] <%Oreoboy1996> a few? there are hundreds of newbs who come here asking for help to have their first LD
      [12:22:39] <Lunatide|BRB> !back
      [12:22:39] <lucidius^> what, shared dreaming stuff what?
      [12:22:40] Lunatide|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Lunatide
      [12:22:42] <theCambino> hola yuvyuv
      [12:22:51] <%paigeyemps> hey yuvyuv
      [12:22:51] <theCambino> wb Lunatide
      [12:22:54] <Lunatide> Oreoboy1996: I hate that
      [12:22:59] <Lunatide> thanks theCambino
      [12:23:02] <%RareCola> So many of those newbs never follow through and go to having their first lucid though
      [12:23:03] <yuvyuv> ohh cool i landed on a class
      [12:23:03] <%Oreoboy1996> how can you hate it?
      [12:23:04] <Lunatide> "how do u lucid dream"
      [12:23:07] <Evolventity> Hundreds out of how many millions?
      [12:23:10] <yuvyuv> hey all
      [12:23:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i didn't mean it like that Lunatide
      [12:23:20] <Lunatide> Oh right.
      [12:23:21] <@OpheliaBlue> hey yuvyuv
      [12:23:22] <Lunatide> xD
      [12:23:23] <%RareCola> !brb a few minutes
      [12:23:24] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [12:23:25] <%Caenis> We're talking about how family/friends think of LDing. How have your family/friends reacted to you talking about LDing yuvyuv?
      [12:23:30] <theCambino> Oreoboy1996: like frob says... that's all attaining lucidity thread is about.... newbs
      [12:23:45] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: dreamviews doesn't consist of millions
      [12:23:46] <Lunatide> I'm a newb
      [12:23:50] <Lunatide> but I help myself
      [12:23:53] <Evolventity> I didn't say it-
      [12:23:55] <Lunatide> maybe get a few pointers
      [12:23:57] <%paigeyemps> ^^luna
      [12:24:06] <Exotiraan^> "Lucid dreaming looks cool. How can I LD?" "Well, it takes a bit of work and practice—" "Fuck that, I'm out."
      [12:24:08] <@OpheliaBlue> I love reading those threads, remembering what it was like when I finally realized what I was doing had a name
      [12:24:10] <theCambino> I am a beginner... but not a newb
      [12:24:15] <Lunatide> lol Exotiraan^
      [12:24:17] <%Oreoboy1996> theCambino: well of course newbs are going to be in that section
      [12:24:19] <Lunatide> pretty true
      [12:24:23] <Evolventity> Meant non-DV people but okay
      [12:24:24] <yuvyuv> well i guess i can convince them its true - i dont think there happy about it
      [12:24:28] <%Oreoboy1996> they're eager to learn how to have their first lucid
      [12:24:29] <theCambino> atleast I didn't accidently have a LD and then google it
      [12:24:37] <lucidius^> wait wait, whats a novice?
      [12:24:39] <theCambino> Oreoboy1996: I don't blame them...
      [12:24:42] <Evolventity> beginner
      [12:24:45] <theCambino> ^
      [12:24:54] <theCambino> couldn't type quick enough
      [12:24:55] <Lunatide> (on topic guys lmao)
      [12:25:08] theCambino is a novice
      [12:25:10] <Evolventity> You know, like in mortal kombat
      [12:25:13] <theCambino> rather than beginner
      [12:25:18] <%Oreoboy1996> there isn't much more to say on that topic
      [12:25:19] <theCambino> Lunatide: agreed
      [12:25:22] <theCambino> ...topic
      [12:25:26] <Lunatide> get on it.
      [12:25:27] <Lunatide>
      [12:25:31] <%Oreoboy1996> so we moved on to a new topic
      [12:25:35] <theCambino> we did?
      [12:25:40] <@OpheliaBlue> lol this isn't the forums, you're allowed to let the topics evolve
      [12:25:42] <Lunatide> I'm going to ask my parents what they think of lucid dreaming
      [12:25:52] <Evolventity> Heh, that pinged me.
      [12:25:56] <theCambino> lol
      [12:25:57] <%Caenis> You've never asked them before Lunatide?
      [12:25:57] <@OpheliaBlue> nuh uhhhh
      [12:26:03] <%paigeyemps> x)
      [12:26:06] <Lunatide> Caenis: I told them a bit about it
      [12:26:06] <%paigeyemps> oooooooh evolve
      [12:26:10] <Lunatide> but never what they thought
      [12:26:12] <Evolventity> Yup
      [12:26:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Evol
      [12:26:30] <Evolventity> That too
      [12:26:30] <%Caenis> Oh okay, have they ever shared any of their dream experience with you?
      [12:26:33] <@OpheliaBlue> (that's Love spelled backwards)
      [12:26:42] <Lunatide> Caenis: my mother had SP when she woke up
      [12:26:43] <theCambino> evol.... evil
      [12:26:49] <Lunatide> and a few vibartions
      [12:26:53] <Evolventity> evil live
      [12:26:54] <Lunatide> vibartions
      [12:26:54] <@OpheliaBlue> Lunatide: really, your mom has sp?
      [12:27:06] <Lunatide> She gets it because she fails at sleeping
      [12:27:09] <%Caenis> Was she scared when she first had it?
      [12:27:11] <Lunatide> propery
      [12:27:14] <Lunatide> properly
      [12:27:22] <Lunatide> She was kinda of confused
      [12:27:26] <Lunatide> and a bit worried
      [12:27:29] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: yes, my mom and brother both explained that in some morning, they can wake up and reenter their dreams and control them
      [12:27:30] <%RareCola|BRB> !back
      [12:27:31] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [12:27:34] <@OpheliaBlue> so, DEILD basically
      [12:27:35] <Lunatide> wb RareCola
      [12:27:40] <@OpheliaBlue> I thought that was cool
      [12:27:41] <@OpheliaBlue> wb RareCola
      [12:27:43] <Evolventity> DEILD <3
      [12:27:49] <Lunatide> I don't get DEILD
      [12:27:50] <%Caenis> THat's really cool OpheliaBlue.
      [12:27:51] <theCambino> my brother was describing a vivid dream once... when I was talking about lucidity... I think I will try to force the topic on him more
      [12:28:03] <%RareCola> I've been loving DEILD recently
      [12:28:05] <%Caenis> Haha, don't force it. But mentioning it isn't bad.
      [12:28:08] <theCambino> but I have a feeling he's not really interested on a personal level
      [12:28:13] <theCambino> ooooh DEILD
      [12:28:24] lucidius^ brain i about to explode
      [12:28:25] <theCambino> ...can't do it when I already do WBTB
      [12:28:27] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue: I like you alot...you seem to be one of the only adults who is interested in LDing
      [12:28:33] <Lunatide> ofc there are a lot on DV
      [12:28:41] <@OpheliaBlue> my 8 year old son says that he has done some things on purpose in dreams, but not sure if it's because I talk about it all the time. Still, I don't question it in case he's tellign the truth
      [12:28:45] <Lunatide> but in real life, people would think "meh I'm not 7"
      [12:28:48] <%Oreoboy1996> Lunatide: wake up, be still, and wait for you to enter another dream
      [12:29:08] <%RareCola> I think kids in general have more capabilities for dream control
      [12:29:11] <theCambino> especially when drinking a lot of apple juice... when I wake up and try to do DEILD... I usually have to take a giant piss and then it's just a WBTB
      [12:29:12] <%paigeyemps> oh oh, ever since i was young, i've heard sooooooooo many stories and scary stuff which were actually just SP, every island in my country literally has a different version of it
      [12:29:12] <theCambino> :/
      [12:29:13] <Lunatide> Keep your eyes closed?
      [12:29:15] <@OpheliaBlue> Lunatide: well I've been interested since I was a child, I just didn't get into the practice and science behind it until adulthood, thanks to internet and DV
      [12:29:21] <yuvyuv> im not sure LD is positive thats why i dont push my family to it
      [12:29:23] <%Oreoboy1996> Lunatide: yes
      [12:29:39] <theCambino> Lunatide: yeah
      [12:29:39] <Evolventity> Interesting paigeyemps
      [12:29:39] <%RareCola> Haha Paige, I remember figuring out how many things made sense when I discovered what Sleep Paralysis was
      [12:29:45] <Lunatide> I should probably stick to one method
      [12:29:50] <theCambino> paigeyemps: that's awesome
      [12:29:51] <Lunatide> which will soon be WILD
      [12:29:51] JoeyBelgier [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Client closed the connection
      [12:29:55] <@OpheliaBlue> paigeyemps: that's cool.. every island has their own version of it??
      [12:30:00] <%paigeyemps> yep
      [12:30:03] <%paigeyemps> and there are like
      [12:30:05] <%paigeyemps> so many
      [12:30:07] <%paigeyemps> islands hahaha
      [12:30:12] <Evolventity> Reading about hypnagogia and hypnapompic gave me a lot of answers.
      [12:30:15] <%paigeyemps> so many different versions and names of it
      [12:30:16] <@OpheliaBlue> man I wonder how many old legends and folklore were sp type nightmares
      [12:30:17] <%RareCola> Before my Nan died she would always freak out because she was see snakes crawling all around her room after she woke up. I know now that it must have just been SP
      [12:30:26] <%Caenis> yuvyuv: Have you known anyone in real life who is able to LD?
      [12:30:28] <@OpheliaBlue> superstitious folks probably assumed it was all real
      [12:30:29] <lucidius^> there are alot of scary stories that where just SP?
      [12:30:42] <yuvyuv> no
      [12:30:46] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius^: yes
      [12:30:58] <lucidius^> hmm
      [12:31:00] <@OpheliaBlue> scary, unless you know and accept it for what it is, just sp, HI, etc
      [12:31:02] <%paigeyemps> lucidius^: yes, most people are uninformed/misinformed about it so they think it's some superstitious ghost thingy
      [12:31:16] <Lunatide> I have a question about WILD
      [12:31:18] <theCambino> there was a coworker that found out that I was interested in LD and he told me how he did LD when he was a kid
      [12:31:27] <theCambino> but then the coworker went to a different job
      [12:31:28] <@OpheliaBlue> vampires were probably some HI nightmare gone breserk haha
      [12:31:29] <%Oreoboy1996> ask it then
      [12:31:30] <%Caenis> yuvyuv: Then you're like a lot of people here! I've been fortunate to meet some friends who can LD.
      [12:31:33] <%paigeyemps> when i started, i was so afraid of SP because i had lots of it when i was a kid
      [12:31:34] <Lunatide> Well
      [12:31:34] <yuvyuv> i mean if you can get full awerness in LD ( i dont know how much its like real life) then its heaven if not better
      [12:31:38] <%RareCola> I don't think people realise how much learning about dreaming can change their lives and expand their knowledge in general
      [12:31:43] <%Caenis> It's always nice to be able to talk to other experienced folks about LDing.
      [12:31:51] <theCambino> RareCola: seriously!
      [12:32:00] <DawgBone> Caenis: yes
      [12:32:05] <Lunatide> The question: When I reached SP this morning, I never saw any patterns before SP, I just waited for 40 minutes
      [12:32:07] <@OpheliaBlue> hey DawgBone!
      [12:32:11] <Lunatide> what does this mean?
      [12:32:16] <theCambino> Caenis: not many people outside of chat that I know who are experienced...
      [12:32:18] <DawgBone> Hey, O
      [12:32:20] JoeyBelgier [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:32:23] <yuvyuv> wish i could SP
      [12:32:24] <@OpheliaBlue> wb JoeyBelgier
      [12:32:24] <Lunatide> JoeyBelgier: wb
      [12:32:25] <Lunatide> noob
      [12:32:27] <%RareCola> I was somewhat disappointed when I didn't get any hallucinations when I was in sleep paralysis this morning
      [12:32:28] <%Oreoboy1996> not everyone experiences hallucinations Lunatide
      [12:32:30] <Evolventity> Me too yuvyuv
      [12:32:34] <lucidius^> my dream has been wifed from my memorie D:
      [12:32:37] <theCambino> wish there was like a group in my city that was involved with lucidity
      [12:32:41] <@OpheliaBlue> yes, just like not everyone experiences SP that they are aware of
      [12:32:42] <yuvyuv> i lay for 3 hours with nothing
      [12:32:49] <Lunatide> As soon as SP struck me like a ninja, faint black diamons appeared
      [12:32:52] <Lunatide> then faded
      [12:32:52] paigeyemps pretends she didn't see that
      [12:33:04] <theCambino>
      [12:33:10] <Lunatide> yuvyuv: you need to relax
      [12:33:13] <%Caenis> There might be, theCambino, but you just don't know about it. Maybe you can create your own group!
      [12:33:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I always find that when I have SP, it's something that happened to me, not something I attempted or strived for and achieved
      [12:33:18] <Evolventity> How pissed were you when you realized they weren;t real?
      [12:33:21] <Lunatide> try WBTB then just lay in bed for a while
      [12:33:24] <@OpheliaBlue> there's more control with HI in my experience
      [12:33:25] <%RareCola> Yea, you can't aim to have SP
      [12:33:26] <Lunatide> mabe like 30
      [12:33:28] <JoeyBelgier> Ya hai
      [12:33:39] <theCambino> Caenis: not much of an organizer... since well I don't have all that much experience
      [12:33:48] <theCambino> ...I've looked to an extent though
      [12:34:15] <theCambino> there is some kind of group... but it's like a book reading group
      [12:34:18] <%paigeyemps> OpheliaBlue: DO YOU HAVE A DREAMGUIDE
      [12:34:22] <Lunatide> ^
      [12:34:23] <%paigeyemps> oops caps sorry
      [12:34:25] <Lunatide> I have wanted to ask
      [12:34:26] <%paigeyemps> x))))
      [12:34:28] <Lunatide> cpas
      [12:34:37] <%Oreoboy1996> dream guides
      [12:34:45] <Lunatide> Oreoboy1996: has awesome Dgs
      [12:34:46] <%paigeyemps> with electrodes :}
      [12:34:49] <@OpheliaBlue> paigeyemps: I was starting to think Julio was there for a while
      [12:34:54] theCambino doesn't have a DG yet
      [12:34:55] <%paigeyemps> hahahahahaha
      [12:35:02] <%Oreoboy1996> you're never going to let me forget that are you paigey?
      [12:35:02] <Lunatide> theCambino: I don't yet
      [12:35:03] <Lunatide> but
      [12:35:07] <lucidius^> electrodes WHAT????
      [12:35:07] <%paigeyemps> nope
      [12:35:10] <%paigeyemps> never
      [12:35:11] <Lunatide> I have a possible girl
      [12:35:12] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [12:35:16] <@OpheliaBlue> ok Lunatide don't kill me, but I have to brb 5 minutes
      [12:35:16] <theCambino> Lunatide: eventually
      [12:35:17] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [12:35:18] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [12:35:26] <Lunatide> OpheliaBlue|BRB: it's fine
      [12:35:30] <Lunatide> questions asked
      [12:35:34] <%paigeyemps> my goal this month is to call out for my DG
      [12:35:38] <theCambino> my grandfather is a potential DG
      [12:35:39] <Lunatide> Good idea
      [12:35:41] <%paigeyemps> even if there is no response
      [12:35:45] <%paigeyemps> just, call out
      [12:35:46] <%paigeyemps> and stuff
      [12:35:52] <Lunatide> What is everyone's favourite DG?
      [12:36:23] <%Caenis> That's a good idea paigeyemps.
      [12:36:23] <%Oreoboy1996> hmm
      [12:36:23] <Lunatide> wel
      [12:36:23] <Lunatide> who*
      [12:36:23] <%Oreoboy1996> I'd say Chris is my favorite
      [12:36:23] <Lunatide> He sounds cool
      [12:36:23] <lucidius^> i still havnt found my DG
      [12:36:23] <yuvyuv> did you say there is a wild technique called HI before?
      [12:36:23] <%paigeyemps> i've read that it's better not to look for him/her or something
      [12:36:25] <lucidius^> i havnt had a LD in a long time
      [12:36:26] <%paigeyemps> just wait around, maybe call out
      [12:36:26] <Lunatide> HI is hallucinations
      [12:36:28] <Lunatide> I think
      [12:36:31] <theCambino> I think there are a lot of us without DGs
      [12:36:33] <%Oreoboy1996> paigey be careful, i once searched for my dream guide and all of the ones i found were fakes except for the man who was helping me find them
      [12:36:37] <Lunatide> or HH?
      [12:36:39] <%Caenis> It's not a technique yuvyuv, it happens during WILDs/SP.
      [12:36:47] <%Oreoboy1996> Chris was helping me find a dream guide when he was my guide all along
      [12:36:51] <%paigeyemps> D:
      [12:36:52] <%paigeyemps> that
      [12:36:54] <%paigeyemps> is awesome
      [12:36:56] <Lunatide> hahaha
      [12:36:58] <yuvyuv> i try now free falling WILD
      [12:37:02] <Lunatide> DGception
      [12:37:08] <Lunatide> Oh I have a quick question
      [12:37:09] <%paigeyemps> i really want Iroh to be my DG though
      [12:37:10] <%paigeyemps> hahahaha
      [12:37:11] <%paigeyemps> shoot
      [12:37:15] <Evolventity> Uhg I want a DG
      [12:37:20] <Lunatide> I have never seen inception
      [12:37:24] <Lunatide> is it anything like LDing?
      [12:37:25] <theCambino> it's be incredible is Cobb was a DG
      [12:37:25] <yuvyuv> so i guess its using HI
      [12:37:27] <Lunatide> I heard it isn't
      [12:37:29] <Evolventity> Or do I?
      [12:37:31] <theCambino> it'd****
      [12:37:40] <Evolventity> What's so special about DGs?
      [12:37:42] <theCambino> damn it
      [12:37:46] <Lunatide> Evolventity: They guide you
      [12:37:50] <Lunatide> (duh)
      [12:37:50] <%Oreoboy1996> Lunatide: inception leaves out a lot of lucid dreaming things in my opinion
      [12:37:51] <Lunatide> XD
      [12:37:53] <theCambino> it'd be incredible if Cobb was a DG****
      [12:38:01] <Evolventity> Why have sevreal DG's?
      [12:38:04] <%Oreoboy1996> they hardly used any dream control -_-
      [12:38:11] <Lunatide> So you can get gang banged with hints
      [12:38:15] <Lunatide> from your DGs
      [12:38:15] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: becaue 4 is more fun than 1
      [12:38:16] <Evolventity> I'll just talk directly to my subconscious :3
      [12:38:26] <%Caenis> Lunatide: Inception has some elements of LDing. Like time dilation, shared dreaming.
      [12:38:29] <Evolventity> And have fun with DC's.
      [12:38:37] <Lunatide> Okay Caenis
      [12:38:39] <Lunatide> well
      [12:38:44] <Lunatide> I'm out of class for a bit
      [12:38:48] <Lunatide> Going to start a WILD diary
      [12:39:01] <%Caenis> All right, good luck Lunatide!
      [12:39:02] <Lunatide> Similar to a DJ
      [12:39:05] <Lunatide> Thanks
      [12:39:14] <Lunatide> It's to track my progress and find mistakes
      [12:39:16] <theCambino> I like most when Cobb shows Ariadne that she's dreaming
      [12:39:18] <lucidius^> sorry bruce i exidentaly quaryd you
      [12:39:20] <theCambino> fwiw
      [12:39:20] <Lunatide> Seeya later everyone
      [12:39:25] <theCambino> later Lunatide
      [12:39:31] <%Caenis> Seeya Luna.
      [12:39:37] <theCambino> oh shit I gotta go soon too
      [12:39:38] Lunatide [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [12:39:44] <theCambino> ...work :/
      [12:39:47] <%RareCola> Out of interest, for the people who write down their dreams, what type of journal do you use? I need to buy a new one because I filled mine up and I can't decide to go with something fancy or just a generic notebook. Or whether to go with something bigger or stick to a small journal.
      [12:40:07] <theCambino> I've used notebooks
      [12:40:08] <%paigeyemps> i use a binder type
      [12:40:10] <theCambino> not that great
      [12:40:12] <%Oreoboy1996> i just use my notebook for.... notes
      [12:40:13] <%paigeyemps> so i can just add new pages
      [12:40:15] lucidius^ is getting frustrated with his memorie
      [12:40:18] <%Oreoboy1996> then i write the whole thing on DV
      [12:40:19] <theCambino> I go for more fancy ones
      [12:40:26] <%RareCola> Ah a binder is a pretty good idea Paige
      [12:40:30] <%paigeyemps> yep
      [12:40:46] <Evolventity> I use a pen on a notebook/pad to take notes when I wake up. I type out the dreams in detail on Microsft Word.
      [12:40:47] <%paigeyemps> i have like 8 sets of pages i took out and replaced with new ones
      [12:40:53] <%paigeyemps> and the ones i took out, i put in a small box
      [12:40:59] <%paigeyemps> in chronological order ofc
      [12:41:02] <%Oreoboy1996> ahh crap i just realized i'll have to write a dj entry because i did a task of the year
      [12:41:06] <%RareCola> I was thinking of getting this but I fear it's a bit too fancy xD Amazon.com: Ambigram Leather Journal (Diary, Notebook) (9781593596699): Peter Pauper Press: Books
      [12:41:07] <lucidius^> shoebox?
      [12:41:19] <%paigeyemps> sort of, yea
      [12:41:23] <Evolventity> Don't buy it, RareCola
      [12:41:33] <theCambino> RareCola: yeah that's too fancy
      [12:41:36] <%paigeyemps> hmm yea
      [12:41:40] <theCambino> and in my case, it'd fill up quick
      [12:41:50] <theCambino> I like detailed entries
      [12:41:51] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [12:41:52] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [12:41:54] theCambino shrugs
      [12:41:55] <%RareCola> Might get it just for lucids
      [12:41:59] <Evolventity> I got such a fancy journal! *scribbles the fuck out of it in a few weeks*
      [12:42:04] <%Oreoboy1996> welcome back OpheliaBlue
      [12:42:07] <%RareCola> haha Evolventity
      [12:42:09] <%RareCola> Probably true
      [12:42:30] <@OpheliaBlue> ooo that's a pretty journal RareCola
      [12:42:40] <%Caenis> When I fill my current DJ, I'm just going to use an old spiral notebook I have from school.
      [12:42:40] <theCambino> RareCola: for lucids only would be a decent idea... but then you're prioritizing your dreams... which may or may not cause laziness
      [12:42:41] <Evolventity> It's leather..........................
      [12:42:49] <%Caenis> I'll just remove all of my class-related things from it.
      [12:42:53] <lucidius^> i aperently cant flow links
      [12:43:02] <%Oreoboy1996> theCambino: i only write my lucids
      [12:43:07] <%RareCola> Nah theCambino, I'd have another one for non-lucids.
      [12:43:11] <theCambino> but you only have lucids
      [12:43:15] <theCambino> Oreoboy1996
      [12:43:15] <%Oreoboy1996> true...
      [12:43:17] <theCambino> lol
      [12:43:26] <Evolventity> Oreoboy1996: Do you save your DJ entries to your computer?
      [12:43:32] <theCambino> RareCola: no I know... in a less fancy journal
      [12:43:32] <Evolventity> Or just DV?
      [12:43:35] <theCambino> just saying
      [12:43:38] <%Oreoboy1996> no, just on DV
      [12:43:45] <@OpheliaBlue> I have all mine on DV, from like 2004
      [12:43:47] <Evolventity> Have you ever thought about... if you leave or are banned?
      [12:43:57] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa I knew where that was going
      [12:43:59] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [12:44:01] <theCambino> Evolventity: agreed with your point
      [12:44:03] <@OpheliaBlue> hey TylerRoberts
      [12:44:07] <%Caenis> Hello TylerRoberts.
      [12:44:08] <TylerRoberts> I just noticed there was chat!?!?!
      [12:44:11] <TylerRoberts> Every time!
      [12:44:12] <Evolventity> That' why I save to my computer now.
      [12:44:19] <theCambino> but I gotta go to work
      [12:44:19] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: what are the odds of me getting banned?
      [12:44:20] <%paigeyemps> and then
      [12:44:23] <%Oreoboy1996> me leaving is even less likely
      [12:44:25] <theCambino> adios everyone
      [12:44:28] <Evolventity> I suggested a "Download DV entry"-like option in meta but was ignored.
      [12:44:30] <@OpheliaBlue> that's ok TylerRoberts, I'm going to implement a PM system today
      [12:44:34] <%paigeyemps> in one apocalytpic event, every digital file is wiped out
      [12:44:37] <%Oreoboy1996> besides, if you're banned you can still view dj entries
      [12:44:46] <%paigeyemps> every picture, every text
      [12:44:47] <%Oreoboy1996> pretty sure about that one
      [12:44:48] <%paigeyemps> oh god
      [12:44:49] <%paigeyemps> :O
      [12:44:49] <Evolventity> Oreoboy1996: Well, you think that now, but things change, people change, you never know. Be prepared!
      [12:44:55] <%RareCola> This is why I hate the digital age, Paige
      [12:44:56] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:45:11] <%paigeyemps> :'|
      [12:45:16] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah RareCola, you're one of the few traditionalists who still use paper.. I used to though
      [12:45:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i'll stick to a DV journal
      [12:45:34] <Evolventity> Also, what if DV got hacked again?
      [12:45:52] <@OpheliaBlue> and stole all oreoboy's journals! O.O
      [12:45:54] <lucidius^> lol sisteremps, apcoliptic data deleteing?
      [12:45:58] <%Caenis> !away Sorry, I'm being very distracted by someone.
      [12:45:58] <Evolventity> Yuuup.
      [12:45:59] Caenis [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis|Away
      [12:46:02] <%paigeyemps> does traumerei know how to get here?
      [12:46:07] <@OpheliaBlue> I'd probably steal oreo's first
      [12:46:09] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: then i will demand a server roll back thing
      [12:46:19] <Evolventity> Lol.
      [12:46:22] <%RareCola> I think keeping a paper journal is a really nice thing to hand down to your kids & grandkids though. Both a dream journal and a normal one.
      [12:46:27] <TylerRoberts> The PM system will be nice. Oh! I recalled a fragment of a dream last night!!!!
      [12:46:31] <Evolventity> I guess he doesnt care. Anyway.
      [12:46:31] <TylerRoberts> I was soo excited!
      [12:46:34] <%Oreoboy1996> actually
      [12:46:57] yuvyuv [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [12:47:10] <%Oreoboy1996> it's more likely that my computer would get a virus and destroy my hard drive and my DJ with it if i had it on the computer
      [12:47:16] <lucidius^> what? DV was hacked?
      [12:47:19] <Evolventity> So use an SD card.
      [12:47:27] <Evolventity> Or flashdrive.
      [12:47:35] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: you confused lucidius
      [12:47:42] <Evolventity> :3
      [12:48:05] <lucidius^> then the file would just corrupt if he used a flash drive lol
      [12:48:17] <%Oreoboy1996> Evolventity: or i could put it on DV and not have to worry
      [12:48:30] <lucidius^> with a SD card it wold get snaped in half
      [12:48:31] <Evolventity> DV is not that reliable.
      [12:48:31] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa it's ok lucidius^.. we were talking in the hypothetical
      [12:48:40] <%Caenis|Away> !back
      [12:48:41] Caenis|Away [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis
      [12:48:52] <Evolventity> There is a possibility that your DJ is lost/deleted/unaccessible.
      [12:48:53] <%paigeyemps> wb
      [12:48:58] <Evolventity> Just saying.
      [12:49:10] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "If there was an apocalypse, how would you save your DJ"
      [12:49:21] <%Oreoboy1996> there's a possibility that the world will end too
      [12:49:25] <%Caenis> Haha.
      [12:49:29] <DawgBone> Ha
      [12:49:33] <Evolventity> Well, not that unlikely.
      [12:49:42] <Evolventity> Holy shit you're stubborn.
      [12:49:48] <lucidius^> i dont think i am going to re-recall my dreams any time soon
      [12:49:51] <%paigeyemps> lmao
      [12:50:02] <%Oreoboy1996> in this situation you seem to be about as stubborn as me
      [12:50:03] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius^: why not
      [12:50:03] <%Oreoboy1996> if not more
      [12:50:06] <%paigeyemps> what type of apocalypse
      [12:50:06] <Evolventity> No.
      [12:50:09] <Evolventity> Uhm.
      [12:50:12] <%Oreoboy1996> paigeyemps: pandemic
      [12:50:15] <%paigeyemps> D:
      [12:50:16] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah Evolventity, you kida are
      [12:50:17] <Evolventity> I keep both a DJ on DV and computer lol
      [12:50:26] <DawgBone> paige: zombie attack
      [12:50:45] <%Caenis> Zombies are most likely, yes.
      [12:50:49] <lucidius^> i recalled the dreams this morning, didnt DJ and then forgot them
      [12:50:49] <%paigeyemps> hmm
      [12:50:51] <%paigeyemps> well
      [12:50:51] <DawgBone> ha
      [12:50:56] <@OpheliaBlue> oh you bad MONKEY
      [12:51:10] <%paigeyemps> bringing your DJ around would be..weird
      [12:51:11] <%paigeyemps>
      [12:51:14] <@OpheliaBlue> lucidius^: do yo uat least have paper and a pencil by your bed?
      [12:51:17] <%paigeyemps> lmao
      [12:51:25] <lucidius^> nope
      [12:51:30] <%Oreoboy1996> i put my notebook and pencil under my pillow
      [12:51:34] <%Oreoboy1996> but i usually forget about it
      [12:51:38] <@OpheliaBlue> well get up on in there and get it!
      [12:51:53] <%Caenis> I did that for a while Oreoboy. I started putting it next to me instead.
      [12:51:57] <Evolventity> You know what
      [12:52:00] <%RareCola> ohey you saw my post about the madness I had last night then Ophelia? Haha
      [12:52:06] <@OpheliaBlue> i did!! haha
      [12:52:06] <Evolventity> fuck dj's on computer and DV
      [12:52:15] <Evolventity> i will create a device to record your dreams
      [12:52:20] <@OpheliaBlue> ok Evolventity, at least TRY to have an opinion about that
      [12:52:20] <Evolventity> problem solved
      [12:52:21] <%Oreoboy1996> i did that too Caenis, but i would just roll on top of it
      [12:52:26] <%Oreoboy1996> and then i'd be like "where did it go?"
      [12:52:29] <lucidius^> they already have a dream recording device
      [12:52:36] <%Caenis> Haha, I don't roll around too much in my sleep I guess.
      [12:52:39] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: you had lucid diarrhea
      [12:52:47] <@OpheliaBlue> a good thing though
      [12:52:47] <lucidius^> it is not open to the public though
      [12:52:58] <%paigeyemps> lmao lucid diarrhea
      [12:53:04] <Evolventity> lucidius^: Where? In the movie PAprika? lol
      [12:53:05] <%RareCola> I wish I could have sustained those lucids. Having another 3 in 2 days would have been awesome
      [12:53:10] <%Oreoboy1996> i rolled over at least 10 times before i even got to sleep last night
      [12:53:12] <%RareCola> lucid diarrhea is a good word for it
      [12:53:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i roll a lot
      [12:53:28] <lucidius^> lol, no , in a lab somewhere
      [12:53:33] <@OpheliaBlue> I hate rolling... I wonder if it's a matress/pillow thing
      [12:53:34] <%RareCola> Heh... as soon as my head hits the pillow I don't remember anything until I next wake up
      [12:53:36] <Evolventity> in a lap somewhere
      [12:53:38] <Evolventity> seems legit.
      [12:53:45] <%Oreoboy1996> i love rolling
      [12:53:51] <%RareCola> I tend to find that if I roll over it causes insomnia
      [12:53:52] <%Oreoboy1996> makes it easier for me to sleep somehow
      [12:53:59] Evolventity thinks you guys are talkin about weed
      [12:54:03] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaaa
      [12:54:06] <DawgBone> ha
      [12:54:11] <%RareCola> Even if I'm uncomfortable I refuse to let myself roll over because I end up just falling asleep quicker anyway
      [12:54:18] <@OpheliaBlue> oreo has to toke before he can sleep
      [12:54:20] <%Caenis> I just roll until I find a side that's comfortable. Always sleep on one of my sides though.
      [12:54:22] <%paigeyemps> hahaha evo
      [12:54:31] <%RareCola> haha Evolventity
      [12:54:32] <%Oreoboy1996> toke?
      [12:54:33] <%RareCola> poor oreo
      [12:54:36] <%paigeyemps> i sleep in a fetal position too
      [12:54:37] <@OpheliaBlue> I messin
      [12:54:40] <%paigeyemps> no pillow
      [12:54:41] <%paigeyemps> just
      [12:54:44] <Evolventity> Thank you thank you, I'm here all day!
      [12:54:49] <%paigeyemps> pure fetal position
      [12:54:50] <%paigeyemps> lol
      [12:54:52] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I saw the lap thing
      [12:54:52] <Evolventity> No really I am..
      [12:54:55] <Evolventity> >,>
      [12:54:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i sleep in the fetal position too
      [12:55:03] <%Caenis> Without a pillow? Sounds uncomfortable.
      [12:55:09] <Evolventity> Cute Oreoboy1996
      [12:55:13] <%paigeyemps> my bed is really soft
      [12:55:14] <%paigeyemps> :3
      [12:55:27] <%paigeyemps> and putting a pillow cause my neck to bend at an angle
      [12:55:30] <%paigeyemps> or something
      [12:55:36] DawgBone [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [12:55:40] <lucidius^> i sleep with my face sotof in the pillow and my arms and legs sortof in the fetal position
      [12:55:53] <Evolventity> sotof?
      [12:55:55] <@OpheliaBlue> paigeyemps: yeah I think my pillow is doing the same thing, always with a stiff neck.. I want to get one of those tempurpedic pillows
      [12:55:57] <Evolventity> sort of in?
      [12:56:02] <@OpheliaBlue> I got the matress by them already
      [12:56:08] <%paigeyemps> oh cool
      [12:56:10] <%paigeyemps> get them!
      [12:56:13] <%RareCola> Sleeping positions always reminds me of this: http://goo.gl/cxLMe
      [12:56:28] <%paigeyemps> hahaha
      [12:56:32] <Evolventity> mine isnt listed
      [12:56:37] <@OpheliaBlue> lmfao at The Log
      [12:56:55] <@OpheliaBlue> I do freefaller alot
      [12:57:01] <%RareCola> Me too
      [12:57:01] <Evolventity> Actually, one of them is.. "The Yearner"
      [12:57:31] <%RareCola> The Yearner, Freefaller and Foetus is me.
      [12:57:32] <Evolventity> But then I switch to a Frefaller position, with arms under chest
      [12:57:57] <Evolventity> we're the same RareCola x
      [12:57:58] <%paigeyemps> hmmm
      [12:58:04] RareCola highfives evo
      [12:58:15] <Evolventity> My bf is a starfish
      [12:58:16] <%paigeyemps> i gtg now gusy almost 2 am and i gotta wake up at 6
      [12:58:21] <Evolventity> Baiii paigeyemps
      [12:58:22] <%Oreoboy1996> good night paigey
      [12:58:24] <%RareCola> Ouch paige
      [12:58:26] <%Caenis> Good night paige.
      [12:58:30] <%RareCola> have fun with that
      [12:58:30] Oreoboy1996 gives paigey a lucidity hug
      [12:58:31] <%paigeyemps> byebye t'was very nice
      [12:58:31] <%RareCola> night
      [12:58:38] paigeyemps hugs everyone
      [12:58:44] RareCola glomps paige
      [12:58:52] lucidius^ hugs back
      [12:59:22] <%paigeyemps> byebye brocidius, have fun with your new irc
      [12:59:23] <%paigeyemps> lol
      [12:59:31] <lucidius^> Paalam Ate!
      [12:59:31] <%paigeyemps> !sleep
      [12:59:31] paigeyemps [[email protected]] is now known as paigeyemps|Asleep
      [12:59:36] <%paigeyemps|Asleep> paalam!
      [13:00:17] <@OpheliaBlue> night paigeyemps|Asleep
      [13:00:27] <%RareCola> And suddenly it's quiet
      [13:00:35] <lucidius^> lol
      [13:00:36] <TylerRoberts> xD
      [13:00:39] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I'll go log chat
      [13:00:41] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [13:00:42] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [13:00:55] <%paigeyemps|Asleep> whaaa
      [13:00:58] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> oh and next class is in 5 hours (8pm CST)
      [13:01:16] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [13:01:17] OpheliaBlue|Away [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Next Class Today at 6pm CST"

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      July 2nd, 6pm CST Chat:

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [18:00:28] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]db4e19.res.rr.com] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [18:00:43] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys!
      [18:00:50] <smurfman> hi
      [18:00:54] <%Oreoboy1996> wlecome back ophelia
      [18:01:16] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: thanks. hey do you have a topic of interest? if not I will think of one
      [18:01:32] <%Oreoboy1996> hmm
      [18:01:34] <%Oreoboy1996> not sure
      [18:01:36] <syth406> Dream mantras?
      [18:01:50] <@OpheliaBlue> oh for MILD?
      [18:02:27] <syth406> Yeah
      [18:02:46] <@OpheliaBlue> I don't have personal experience with mantras, but I'm interested in the subject, as always regarding LDing
      [18:03:05] <syth406> Also I recently learned about schemetas
      [18:03:11] <syth406> Don't know exactly how that works
      [18:03:18] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "MILD and Mantras"
      [18:03:19] <syth406> brb on ipod
      [18:03:21] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [18:03:32] <%Oreoboy1996> i think i read about schemetas a long time ago
      [18:03:40] <smurfman> what are they?
      [18:04:02] <%Oreoboy1996> it's where one thought leads to another thought and then into another
      [18:04:09] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:04:14] <@OpheliaBlue> wb syth406
      [18:04:28] <syth406> Thx
      [18:04:36] <%Oreoboy1996> in can make things in a dream that would seem completely random make sense
      [18:04:51] <@OpheliaBlue> I thought schemata, as relating to lucid dreaming, meant we have preconcepted nothions abotu what we can and can't do in an LD
      [18:05:20] <%Oreoboy1996> hmm maybe i'm thinking of something else again
      [18:05:24] <syth406> In a dream in general I believe
      [18:05:38] <@OpheliaBlue> were yo uthinking of cohesive flow Oreoboy1996?
      [18:05:57] <syth406> And yeah that's what I'm talking about.
      [18:06:29] <%Oreoboy1996> i was thinking that if you like saw a ball
      [18:06:40] <%Oreoboy1996> it would make you think of a beach ball which would make you think of the beach
      [18:06:41] <@OpheliaBlue> that can be pretty powerful syth406.. kinda of like mind over matter
      [18:06:51] <%Oreoboy1996> and then in less than a second you would be dreaming you're on a beach
      [18:07:01] <@OpheliaBlue> ohhhh
      [18:07:08] <smurfman> so it basically explains why your dreams jump around so much?
      [18:07:21] <@OpheliaBlue> that's also called schemata?
      [18:07:22] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah
      [18:07:33] <syth406> Yes
      [18:07:35] <%Oreoboy1996> it's either called a schema or a schemeta
      [18:07:38] <%Oreoboy1996> something like that
      [18:07:50] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't think i've read up on it in over a year
      [18:07:54] <RommiH|Away> oh crap forgot about the class. Got distracted. Spongebob is on
      [18:08:04] <smurfman> thats pretty cool
      [18:08:05] <RommiH|Away> !back
      [18:08:06] <@OpheliaBlue> I bet it works the same way in a lucid
      [18:08:06] RommiH|Away [[email protected]] is now known as RommiH
      [18:08:20] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RommiH haha, thank you for tearing yourself away from spongebob
      [18:08:22] <syth406> I became interested in it because of an article I read on dv forum
      [18:08:25] <@OpheliaBlue> speaking of, where's Burke
      [18:08:52] <@OpheliaBlue> which article syth406
      [18:09:03] <RommiH> could you provide a link to the article?
      [18:09:09] <@OpheliaBlue> we demand links
      [18:09:15] <RommiH> if its not troublesome
      [18:09:23] <syth406> I copy pasted on word
      [18:09:28] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Mild and Mantras, and a Dash of Schema"
      [18:09:37] <syth406> Back to the computer
      [18:09:43] syth406 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [18:09:59] <@OpheliaBlue> he's irl toggling between ipod and computer haha
      [18:10:20] syth406 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:10:33] <syth406> Should be this one A Unifying Theory of Dream Control - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [18:10:52] <syth406> And then I'm gonna read all the links for recommended reading
      [18:11:10] <syth406> Barely started tho. Everything printed out ended up being a small book.
      [18:12:00] <@OpheliaBlue> ooo Mzzk wrote it
      [18:12:31] <@OpheliaBlue> shifts of attention, I think I've read this before, or he may have made a post about it somewhere
      [18:12:51] <@OpheliaBlue> hwo constantly shifting attention keeps the LD going, if I remember correctly
      [18:13:01] <RommiH> !brb
      [18:13:02] RommiH [[email protected]] is now known as RommiH|BRB
      [18:13:20] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:13:30] DaveTheJoker rolls in
      [18:13:56] <syth406> Hey
      [18:13:56] <DaveTheJoker> where is everybody?
      [18:14:01] <DaveTheJoker> hi
      [18:14:05] <syth406> What do you mean?
      [18:14:23] <@OpheliaBlue> we're here, sorry, did I forget to roll out the red carpet for you
      [18:14:37] <DaveTheJoker> well the email got me in here
      [18:14:43] Wurlman [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:14:50] <DaveTheJoker> no I mean that it seems a bit low turnout
      [18:14:52] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm trying to get a new student in here, but his name started with a number
      [18:15:02] <DaveTheJoker> but what do I know
      [18:15:08] <@OpheliaBlue> so I gotta fix it as soon as he PMs me a new one
      [18:15:23] <@OpheliaBlue> DaveTheJoker: any experience with MILDs?
      [18:15:24] <DaveTheJoker> name cant start with a number?
      [18:15:31] <Wurlman> Hello hello
      [18:15:35] <@OpheliaBlue> not if you want to get into chat.. erronneous error
      [18:15:40] <DaveTheJoker> OpheliaBlue: the only sucessful technique I have used
      [18:15:40] <@OpheliaBlue> Wurlman!
      [18:16:31] <Wurlman> It's hard on my iPhone but glad I made it good idea to send that reminder
      [18:16:45] <cookieh> hi Wurlman
      [18:16:49] <DaveTheJoker> most of my LDs have been a product of MILD
      [18:17:11] <Wurlman> Gods ta see ya"ll
      [18:17:12] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Wurlman
      [18:17:26] <Wurlman> Good*
      [18:17:52] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah expect reminders from now on
      [18:18:02] <@OpheliaBlue> hold on I have to change that dude's name so he can get here
      [18:18:03] <Wurlman> Cool
      [18:18:06] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb 2 min
      [18:18:06] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [18:18:18] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> discuss induction techniques in general
      [18:18:28] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Induction Techniques in General"
      [18:18:31] <DaveTheJoker> MILD kicks ass
      [18:18:43] <DaveTheJoker> as does DILD
      [18:18:48] <smurfman> ive never tried it
      [18:18:54] <%Caenis|Away> !back
      [18:18:55] Caenis|Away [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis
      [18:18:55] <smurfman> but didl does kick ass
      [18:19:02] <Wurlman> I'm so happy my dream recall is back to its normall state my dreams were so crazy last night
      [18:19:08] <smurfman> *dild
      [18:19:08] <cookieh> ohai Caenis
      [18:19:16] <%Caenis> Hey all.
      [18:19:17] <DaveTheJoker> MILD also seems to help my Recall
      [18:19:20] <DaveTheJoker> hi Caenis
      [18:19:29] <Wurlman> Hey caenis
      [18:19:54] <%Caenis> Hello gentlemen.
      [18:19:57] <syth406> I had a dream about egg shaped aliens
      [18:20:11] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [18:20:12] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [18:20:17] <%Caenis> Did you go on a date with one syth? =p
      [18:20:23] <@OpheliaBlue> ok, pray Kraom makes it in here safe and sound
      [18:20:32] <@OpheliaBlue> lmao Caenis
      [18:20:33] <syth406> Not sure how a schemeta comes up with that, but whatever floats your boat, Subconscious.
      [18:20:53] <Wurlman> Aliens cool I want to go to space so bad
      [18:20:56] <@OpheliaBlue> glad your recall is doing better Wurlman, I hate dry spells
      [18:20:57] <syth406> Why the hell would I ever "expect" egg-shaped aliens
      [18:20:59] <syth406> ?
      [18:21:10] <%Oreoboy1996> you have to analyze the whole dream
      [18:21:15] tehmuffinman [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:21:16] <DaveTheJoker> well I want to combine MILD and DEILD in the future
      [18:21:22] <@OpheliaBlue> hey tehmuffinman
      [18:21:22] <syth406> My recall isn't good enough right now.
      [18:21:23] <%Caenis> Hello tehmuffinman.
      [18:21:26] <tehmuffinman> hello
      [18:21:33] <DaveTheJoker> Get lucid with MILD
      [18:21:39] <DaveTheJoker> and stay lucid with DEILD
      [18:21:40] <%Oreoboy1996> sometimes i look for the schema and day residue in my dreams fro fun
      [18:21:42] Kraom [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:21:55] <@OpheliaBlue> DaveTheJoker: I've done that alot, DILD then DEILD
      [18:21:56] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Kraom and tehmuffinman
      [18:22:00] <@OpheliaBlue> yay! hey Kraom
      [18:22:00] <%Caenis> Hello Kraom.
      [18:22:01] <syth406> When I went on vacation and it was quieter at night, I got to a point where I could recall even the short dreams.
      [18:22:21] <Kraom> hi
      [18:22:34] <syth406> 3 minimum a night. It was incredibly fun, but a pain to write down.
      [18:23:10] <syth406> And when I got back I couldn't remember all the important details so that the dream would be interesting to read on dv.
      [18:23:31] <RommiH|BRB> !back
      [18:23:32] RommiH|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RommiH
      [18:23:38] <%Caenis> That's a shame syth.
      [18:23:45] <@OpheliaBlue> as long as it's lucid, it will be interesting tp post on DV in my opinion
      [18:23:54] <@OpheliaBlue> I think I learn something from every lucid dream i read about
      [18:24:08] <Wurlman> Agreed!
      [18:24:15] <@OpheliaBlue> especially with respect to how it was induced, and how it was subsequently sustained
      [18:24:27] <syth406> I haven't had a successful ld yet
      [18:24:37] <Wurlman> U will
      [18:24:37] <DaveTheJoker> what I dont stand is the extreme volitility in recall
      [18:24:48] <DaveTheJoker> Some nights I cant remember squat
      [18:24:50] <syth406> I had one semi lucid where I just did a finger through palm and noticed something weird, but then I just drifted off.
      [18:24:51] <Wurlman> In time just stay focused and keep reading
      [18:24:52] <DaveTheJoker> others I can remember 5
      [18:25:04] <syth406> But this schemeta thing should prove useful knowledge.
      [18:25:34] <Wurlman> What's that about??
      [18:25:37] <smurfman> it might make me more lucid
      [18:25:41] <%Oreoboy1996> the only practical use for the schemeta thing i've found is it can teach you to recall dreams easier
      [18:25:52] <@OpheliaBlue> why, because of thought linked to thought?
      [18:25:55] <%Oreoboy1996> you just have to think schematically when you recall
      [18:25:56] <syth406> Read this, wurlman http://www.dreamviews.com/f14/master...-dreams-48095/
      [18:25:59] <@OpheliaBlue> you remember it like a chain?
      [18:26:01] <smurfman> if things keep changing the way i expect them too
      [18:26:02] <Wurlman> What's that about I want info on it
      [18:26:04] <RommiH> I have tried many DEILDs but they pretty much always fail. Nothing happens. Anyone succeed in DEILDs? what happened?
      [18:26:08] <%Oreoboy1996> yep
      [18:26:09] <smurfman> that could be a dream sign
      [18:26:14] <%Caenis> DaveTheJoker: Dream recall depends on a large amount of variables, so I guess it's not surprising that your recall is so inconsistent.
      [18:26:17] <Wurlman> Ah thank u
      [18:26:19] <@OpheliaBlue> you might be onto something there oreo
      [18:26:31] <DaveTheJoker> yea I wish I could get it more consistant though
      [18:26:35] <DaveTheJoker> makes it frustrating
      [18:26:37] <%Oreoboy1996> I'm fairly good at DEILD but i don't like it much
      [18:26:42] <@OpheliaBlue> maybe that's why we remember dreams later in the day too.. a thought led to a thought that parallelled the dream
      [18:26:47] <%Oreoboy1996> DEILDs tend to be of a lower quality for me personally i think
      [18:27:02] <RommiH> what do you go thorough? what do you experience?
      [18:27:05] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah ophelia
      [18:27:06] <@OpheliaBlue> DEILDs are somewhat of a reduced version of a solid WILD
      [18:27:22] <@OpheliaBlue> a great way to sleep in though
      [18:27:24] <syth406> Well, no there were articles linked there that were talking about how all the regular dream "Laws" like lightswitches not working and not being able to read books, hands looking different, these things were all created by the lucid dreaming community, and infected everyone with set expectations.
      [18:27:25] <%Oreoboy1996> i rarely experience anything during DEILD
      [18:27:34] <%Oreoboy1996> i just fade back into the dream
      [18:27:47] <RommiH> well in that case I might have had one or two
      [18:27:49] <Wurlman> Him
      [18:27:57] <Wurlman> Hum*
      [18:28:03] <RommiH> i expect it to be like a WILD
      [18:28:04] <%Oreoboy1996> makes sense syth406
      [18:28:07] Evolventity [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:28:11] <RommiH> with all the weird stuff happening
      [18:28:12] <%Oreoboy1996> seeing as i can actually read and turn on lights
      [18:28:44] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Evolventity
      [18:28:52] <syth406> Well, now that I have those "placeebos" out of the way, things should be slightly easier.
      [18:29:15] <Wurlman> I've been having a lot of dreams about dreaming or talking about it latly I figured that means I'm getting a little closer to my goals what do u think?
      [18:29:19] <DaveTheJoker> Is SP supposed to feel weird?
      [18:29:23] <smurfman> no matter what im always gonna be afraid of mirrors
      [18:29:23] <Evolventity> Hey OpheliaBlue
      [18:29:24] <DaveTheJoker> mine feels kinda normal
      [18:29:36] <Evolventity> DEILD <3
      [18:29:42] <Evolventity> Easier and faster than WILD.
      [18:29:43] <syth406> What's SP?
      [18:29:43] <RommiH> Oh and I think I have you to thank Oreoboy1996 for general increased awareness in all of my dreams
      [18:29:46] <%Caenis> Yes Wurlman, you're getting close!
      [18:29:47] <RommiH> that DDA
      [18:29:52] <%Oreoboy1996> DaveTheJoker: since you go through sp every night, technically no
      [18:29:55] <@OpheliaBlue> Wurlman: definitely. There's a popular lucid dreamer on youtube that calls dreamign about LDing a layer 0 lucid
      [18:29:56] <%Caenis> Those are called Layer 0 dreams.
      [18:30:00] OctoberWind [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:30:04] <%Oreoboy1996> i'm glad it works for you RommiH
      [18:30:06] <@OpheliaBlue> usually precedes having lucid dreams
      [18:30:09] <%Oreoboy1996> hello OctoberWind
      [18:30:12] <OctoberWind> hello
      [18:30:15] <syth406> U mean reecejones?
      [18:30:16] <@OpheliaBlue> hey OctoberWind
      [18:30:19] <OctoberWind> hai ^^
      [18:30:25] <%Oreoboy1996> syth406: sp = sleep paralysis
      [18:30:27] <RommiH> hey octoberwind
      [18:30:29] <%Caenis> Hello OctoberWind.
      [18:30:30] <@OpheliaBlue> (enough folks for you yet, DaveTheJoker ?)
      [18:30:31] <syth406> Ah.
      [18:30:33] <OctoberWind> hi
      [18:30:39] <OctoberWind> (friendly folk here)
      [18:30:39] <tehmuffinman> Oh it does? I never heard of those Layer 0's. I took those dreams to mean lucid dreaming was on my mind but I was severely lacking in awareness
      [18:30:44] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah reece jones
      [18:30:44] <DaveTheJoker> yea lots now
      [18:31:09] <RommiH> I used to dream about LDs a lot when I first got into dreaming
      [18:31:13] <DaveTheJoker> OpheliaBlue: your avatar scares me
      [18:31:14] OctoberWind takes her spot in her lurking chair
      [18:31:18] <Wurlman> Ah yes I'm fermilar
      [18:31:20] <RommiH> it sorta frustrated me
      [18:31:20] <syth406> He seems a little bit crazy, but some of his older videos have proven useful none the less.
      [18:31:22] <@OpheliaBlue> tehmuffinman: it is..I don't consider dreaming about lucid dreaming an LD persay, but I find that i'm usually having a lucid dream soon after one
      [18:31:26] <%Oreoboy1996> same happened to me RommiH
      [18:31:33] <@OpheliaBlue> DaveTheJoker: good. gooood.
      [18:31:38] <DaveTheJoker> ...
      [18:31:38] <%Oreoboy1996> most of the time i would catch on to it though and facepalm
      [18:31:41] <tehmuffinman> alright
      [18:31:56] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it's a major facepalm
      [18:31:58] <Wurlman> U guys r so kick ass wish I ha people all around me to talk about it all day!
      [18:32:08] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [18:32:15] <@OpheliaBlue> awww <3 Wurlman
      [18:32:20] <RommiH> lol never me i could even give proof that I was dreamin but not get lucid somehow...
      [18:32:22] <OctoberWind> there's always #LucidDreaming here if you like talking
      [18:32:36] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah and OreoBoy is almost always there
      [18:32:51] <OctoberWind> Oreo is always watching
      [18:32:53] <DaveTheJoker> ^
      [18:32:54] <@OpheliaBlue> and he's an encyclopedia of lucid dreamign and experience to boot
      [18:32:58] <OctoberWind> even when he's marked away o.o
      [18:32:59] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i usually wait for someone to bring up a topic there before i jump in
      [18:33:09] <syth406> When I become lucid, this is the first thing I'm gonna try. http://www.dreamviews.com/f14/infini...reaming-46571/
      [18:33:09] <DaveTheJoker> Yea hes a joker
      [18:33:14] <@OpheliaBlue> oh damn whatever happened to Hukif
      [18:33:22] <RommiH> most of my friends are into LDing too
      [18:33:26] <DaveTheJoker> wow
      [18:33:28] <RommiH> so i have plenty to talk to
      [18:33:39] <%Oreoboy1996> too long, will read later (maybe) >.>
      [18:33:41] <OctoberWind> I have no friends that are into LDing
      [18:33:44] <OctoberWind> :<
      [18:33:50] <OctoberWind> (except my dv friends)
      [18:33:51] <syth406> I only have 2 friends that are into lding
      [18:33:53] <%Oreoboy1996> not sure Ophelia
      [18:33:55] <@OpheliaBlue> that's cool RommiH
      [18:33:56] <DaveTheJoker> I dont know anyone who knows what LDing is
      [18:34:00] <cookieh> i have one or two that would be interested..
      [18:34:03] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't know anyone in real life who lucid dreams
      [18:34:05] <syth406> One has had an actual successful LD, but a rather lame one.
      [18:34:14] <cookieh> one of them asked me to link this place a while ago
      [18:34:20] <@OpheliaBlue> haha topic deja vu
      [18:34:22] <cookieh> bbut i smoothly ignored it.
      [18:34:23] <syth406> Just something aobut him realizing he was at driver's ed on the wrong day, and he got lucid, woke up.
      [18:34:29] <RommiH> they are pretty good at it too a few of them
      [18:34:33] <%RareCola|Away> o_O busy class today; hey guys
      [18:34:38] <cookieh> hi RareCola|Away
      [18:34:42] <RommiH> hey
      [18:34:42] <%Oreoboy1996> hello RareCola
      [18:34:52] <%RareCola|Away> Not here for long, just checking in inbetween doing stuff
      [18:34:53] <RommiH> mmm im hungry
      [18:34:53] <syth406> Rarecola!
      [18:34:59] <DaveTheJoker> I have had 13 LDs and not one where I actually did anything
      [18:35:04] <Wurlman> Wud up rare cola!!
      [18:35:07] <DaveTheJoker> sumpm aint right
      [18:35:13] <%RareCola|Away> Hey Wurlman! Welcome to the IRC
      [18:35:15] <DaveTheJoker> o hai RareCola|Away
      [18:35:18] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RareCola|Away
      [18:35:23] <%RareCola|Away> <3
      [18:35:25] <@OpheliaBlue> I sent PMs
      [18:35:27] <@OpheliaBlue> loads of them
      [18:35:29] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [18:35:32] <Wurlman> It sucks trying to chat on the iPhone bro
      [18:35:34] <%RareCola|Away> Ahh makes sense
      [18:35:35] <DaveTheJoker> SPAMMER
      [18:35:36] <%Caenis> Haha, you'll get there soon DaveTheJoker. You've had a lot of success recently, just imagine yourself stabilizing when you become lucid next.
      [18:35:39] <RommiH> Davethejoker i never really do that much myself until recently
      [18:35:46] <OctoberWind> I'm back up to an LD every 2 or 3 nights
      [18:35:55] <@OpheliaBlue> oh well done OctoberWind
      [18:35:56] <%Oreoboy1996> DaveTheJoker: is it because you're dreams end too soon or because you forget you can do things?
      [18:35:59] <OctoberWind> not as good as before my dry spell, but I can't complain
      [18:36:09] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: I did, but now I am having a little dry spell
      [18:36:12] <Wurlman> Congrats October I envy u
      [18:36:16] <@OpheliaBlue> who was it that was scared to even walk in an LD? oh that was Merro I think
      [18:36:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i think i had 4 lucids last night
      [18:36:23] <RommiH> wow
      [18:36:24] <OctoberWind> aww
      [18:36:25] <OctoberWind> lol
      [18:36:26] <RommiH> 4
      [18:36:26] <syth406> According to BillyBob, the whole dream stabalization is completely unneccessary if no one ever tells you that dream stabalization is a thing.
      [18:36:30] <%Caenis> Psh. You're a dreaming machine Dave, your dry spell won't last long.
      [18:36:31] <DaveTheJoker> Oreoboy1996: once I become lucid, they end within second
      [18:36:39] <%RareCola|Away> I don't believe that syth406
      [18:36:42] <OctoberWind> syth, I always feel the need to stabalize a bit
      [18:36:49] <@OpheliaBlue> syth406: I think that is true ALOT, but maybe not exclusive
      [18:36:57] <%Oreoboy1996> stabilize within that one second then
      [18:37:04] <RommiH> i never had the problem of lds ending fast
      [18:37:05] <OctoberWind> I think it helps
      [18:37:10] <%Oreoboy1996> if that isn't possible, then incubate stability
      [18:37:14] <RommiH> they last long time for me
      [18:37:15] <OctoberWind> before I even heard of it my dreams were a bit shakey
      [18:37:16] <%Oreoboy1996> i'd like to know if that's possible
      [18:37:20] <%RareCola|Away> It probably does make it worse believing that you need to stabilise, but I don't think it's to the point where you don't have to stabilise if you don't know about it.
      [18:37:27] <RommiH> when i do get them that is
      [18:37:34] <OctoberWind> incubate stability
      [18:37:40] <OctoberWind> i think that's very possible
      [18:37:40] <@OpheliaBlue> exactly
      [18:37:44] <Wurlman> Rommih!!!!! Luck bastardi
      [18:37:46] <%Oreoboy1996> incubation solves everything
      [18:37:52] <OctoberWind> ikr
      [18:37:55] <DaveTheJoker> Oreoboy1996: I can only incubate so much
      [18:37:56] <syth406> Okay, fair enough, but keeping in mind that nearly everything you know about dreaming is exclusivly based off other people's experiences is a good thing to keep in mind.
      [18:38:05] <OctoberWind> I incubate uber easy, so I'm very blessed that way
      [18:38:10] <DaveTheJoker> I can only say so many mantras
      [18:38:11] <%Oreoboy1996> DaveTheJoker: incubate the ability to incubate more
      [18:38:19] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [18:38:22] <RommiH> hah
      [18:38:24] <RommiH> sa
      [18:38:26] <RommiH> a
      [18:38:27] <OctoberWind> rofl oreo
      [18:38:32] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [18:38:36] <Wurlman> Dave do u I an iPhone
      [18:38:38] <%RareCola|Away> Anyway back to being away, nice to see some new faces in here tonight! Shame I couldn't be around for more of it. Maybe I'll see you all another time
      [18:38:39] <%Oreoboy1996> more seriously though, you can do more than mantras to incubate
      [18:38:42] <DaveTheJoker> Wurlman: nope
      [18:38:42] <%Caenis> DaveTheJoker: I use my mantras for recall and lucidity. Then I daydream about myself using RCs and stabilizing.
      [18:38:49] <OctoberWind> DaveTheJoker: You can't incubate if you say you can't
      [18:38:54] <@OpheliaBlue> awww see ya RareCola|Away
      [18:38:55] <%Oreoboy1996> you could write out what you want sort of like a journal
      [18:39:07] <DaveTheJoker> well I have been able to incubate
      [18:39:07] <%Oreoboy1996> write about the dream you want to have
      [18:39:09] <OctoberWind> baibai rarecola
      [18:39:12] <Wurlman> Damn ever try guided relaxation?
      [18:39:21] <DaveTheJoker> I havent
      [18:39:22] <Wurlman> It helped me wild last time
      [18:39:25] <%Oreoboy1996> you could also try daydreaming about it
      [18:39:25] <@OpheliaBlue> what's guided relaxation?
      [18:39:28] <OctoberWind> that's one of the best ideas I've read abou Oreoboy1996
      [18:39:30] <OctoberWind> *about
      [18:39:43] <OctoberWind> visual mantras/incubation always work the best for me
      [18:39:50] <Wurlman> It's Somone talking well soft sounds are played
      [18:39:55] <%Oreoboy1996> same for me OctoberWind
      [18:39:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i love daydreaming
      [18:40:02] <DaveTheJoker> I have noticed if I want something bad I am less likely to attain it
      [18:40:03] <RommiH> how long is this class expected to last?
      [18:40:04] <OctoberWind> same here ^^
      [18:40:09] <%Oreoboy1996> RommiH: another 20 minutes
      [18:40:17] <OctoberWind> Thinking of a little plot right before bed helps get me to sleep easier too
      [18:40:17] <@OpheliaBlue> 20 more minutes RommiH.. wy, you got a date?
      [18:40:19] <Wurlman> Leads u into a relaxing state
      [18:40:24] <%Oreoboy1996> date with an alien
      [18:40:30] <@OpheliaBlue> haha I was so gonna say that
      [18:40:32] <syth406> Yeah oreoboy written dream incubation seems like it would be more effective for me.
      [18:40:37] <RommiH> ^^exactly
      [18:40:45] <OctoberWind> I like to draw out my incubations
      [18:40:45] <DaveTheJoker> well thinking makes me uncomfortable unforchunately
      [18:40:47] <%Oreoboy1996> ever since i was little i would daydream of some story to help myself fall asleep
      [18:40:49] <DaveTheJoker> because I love thinking
      [18:40:53] <OctoberWind> unforchunately
      [18:40:56] <syth406> I'm a "Linguistic Learner" so that seems more practical.
      [18:40:58] <RommiH> i gotta go real soon
      [18:41:02] <%Oreoboy1996> i love thinking too lol
      [18:41:09] <%Oreoboy1996> i think myself to sleep
      [18:41:12] <RommiH> i think too much
      [18:41:14] <DaveTheJoker> thats my problem
      [18:41:19] <RommiH> its exhausting
      [18:41:21] <@OpheliaBlue> that's ok RommiH, you're not graded for being in here
      [18:41:21] <DaveTheJoker> if I think alot before sleeping
      [18:41:30] <OctoberWind> i do too
      [18:41:31] <DaveTheJoker> I cant sleep
      [18:41:44] <Wurlman> Me to practice makes perfect that's why I use guided relaxation help u not think so much
      [18:41:57] <RommiH> well i should go now
      [18:42:00] <OctoberWind> baibai
      [18:42:02] <DaveTheJoker> Wurlman: what technique do you use
      [18:42:02] <RommiH> wish i could stay
      [18:42:08] <%Caenis> See you later RommiH.
      [18:42:08] <@OpheliaBlue> ok see ya next time RommiH
      [18:42:09] <%Oreoboy1996> well i suppose it's more like i let myself think without too much work from my conscious if that makes sense
      [18:42:10] <DaveTheJoker> next time,
      [18:42:12] <RommiH> great class today though!
      [18:42:14] <RommiH> Bye
      [18:42:15] <DaveTheJoker> bye RommiH
      [18:42:17] <%Oreoboy1996> so it eventually allows me to drift off into sleep
      [18:42:19] <OctoberWind> I've never been much of a fan of guided relaxation
      [18:42:23] <RommiH> !AWAY
      [18:42:24] RommiH [[email protected]] is now known as RommiH|Away
      [18:42:28] <OctoberWind> But whatever works for you ^^
      [18:42:33] <Wurlman> Wild deld and deild
      [18:42:41] <%Oreoboy1996> guided relaxation? I just do whatever feels natural to me
      [18:42:44] <Wurlman> It really helps me
      [18:42:48] <DaveTheJoker> yea usually it seems like I am either tired or I am not
      [18:42:53] <syth406> Hmmm.... Idea.
      [18:42:54] <DaveTheJoker> I have trouble making myself tired
      [18:42:58] <Wurlman> I wish I could do it better without
      [18:43:10] <OctoberWind> baths always get me tired
      [18:43:15] <OctoberWind> v__v
      [18:43:29] <DaveTheJoker> I should shower before bed
      [18:43:34] <DaveTheJoker> that actually would make me tired
      [18:43:41] <Wurlman> Sexy time makes me tiered afterward lol
      [18:43:46] <DaveTheJoker> ^
      [18:43:46] <OctoberWind> rofl
      [18:43:49] <%Caenis> Showers make me more awake.
      [18:43:52] <syth406> I should find something to read that is so confusing that it becomes ideological white noise and makes me fall asleep.
      [18:43:53] <DaveTheJoker> it doesnt do that for me
      [18:43:54] <@OpheliaBlue> haha ok Wurl
      [18:43:57] <OctoberWind> hot showers make me tired
      [18:43:57] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah baths/showers can tire me out too
      [18:44:11] <DaveTheJoker> with the lights off
      [18:44:33] <Wurlman> Sry but true
      [18:44:34] <OctoberWind> ugh
      [18:44:39] <@OpheliaBlue> syth406: that's.. interesting
      [18:44:40] <OctoberWind> I showered in the dark this morning
      [18:44:41] <OctoberWind> not fun
      [18:44:48] <DaveTheJoker> OctoberWind: why not
      [18:44:52] <DaveTheJoker> did u fall
      [18:44:54] <OctoberWind> lol sytg
      [18:44:57] <OctoberWind> *syth
      [18:45:03] <Wurlman> Lmao that's dangerous
      [18:45:05] <@OpheliaBlue> but makes sense.. I once read a volume of Dairy Science and Technology and I went out like a light
      [18:45:11] <OctoberWind> no, but I knocked into the box of cleaning razors then stepped on one :x
      [18:45:18] <%Caenis> Ouch.
      [18:45:21] <DaveTheJoker> owwww
      [18:45:22] <Wurlman> Ugh
      [18:45:25] <%Oreoboy1996> oh yeah, reading also tires me out
      [18:45:30] <@OpheliaBlue> ewww damn
      [18:45:34] <DaveTheJoker> reading wakes me up too
      [18:45:34] <OctoberWind> Reading always makes me more awake
      [18:45:48] <DaveTheJoker> reading is as bad as DV for me
      [18:45:56] <DaveTheJoker> well almost
      [18:45:59] <OctoberWind> but when I was (and still am) a major Harry Potter nerd, I would read right before bed then dream of magic and such
      [18:46:04] <syth406> Try reading way above your reading level
      [18:46:07] <syth406> Then say that again.
      [18:46:10] <%Oreoboy1996> i usually read a chapter of the hobbit and then tired out real quick
      [18:46:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I was JUST thinking about my days of reading HP OctoberWind
      [18:46:22] <OctoberWind> read russian lit
      [18:46:26] <OctoberWind> lol ^^
      [18:46:26] <@OpheliaBlue> Kraom: you still in here man?
      [18:46:29] <syth406> Hahahahhahahahha
      [18:46:36] <DaveTheJoker> I read nonfiction usually
      [18:46:37] <DaveTheJoker> politics
      [18:46:43] <Kraom> mhmm sorry just reading the chat
      [18:46:50] <syth406> Nah politics would interest me too much.
      [18:46:51] <DaveTheJoker> but now Im on a novel and that seems better
      [18:47:00] <DaveTheJoker> better for going to sleep
      [18:47:08] <OctoberWind> I read a lot of nonfiction
      [18:47:10] <tehmuffinman> i was at the library the other day and found a fantastic book all about circles
      [18:47:11] <smurfman> kroam: its ok lurking is good too
      [18:47:17] <OctoberWind> medical sorta stuff, mostly on the brain
      [18:47:20] <%Caenis> That's good Dave. Have you stopped using your computer just before you go to sleep?
      [18:47:26] <tehmuffinman> not entertaining in the slightest but i couldnt stop reading it
      [18:47:26] <OctoberWind> but I like reading fiction and mysteries before bed
      [18:47:27] <syth406> Maybe I just need to find something that I just couldn't ever give a fuck about.
      [18:47:29] <@OpheliaBlue> haha that's ok, just wondering Kraom
      [18:47:54] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: not really, I think I will start tonight by taking a shower and then reading
      [18:48:02] OctoberWind fails at being a lurker
      [18:48:03] <DaveTheJoker> of course with the computer shut off
      [18:48:08] <%Caenis> Good, good.
      [18:48:10] <@OpheliaBlue> syth406: try Dairy Science and Technology.. I could link you to a volume.
      [18:48:16] <syth406> Sure
      [18:48:21] <@OpheliaBlue> they're from 1970's and earlier, the free ones anyway
      [18:48:28] <@OpheliaBlue> haha ok hold on
      [18:48:30] <OctoberWind> I have an aquarium in my room, the noise of the filter sounds like a waterfall and always puts me to sleep
      [18:48:31] <syth406> I'm not sure though... I like science and technology.
      [18:48:48] <syth406> OOHHHHH
      [18:48:53] <DaveTheJoker> I blame my bed for some of it too
      [18:48:56] <syth406> I should read a coding book.
      [18:48:59] <DaveTheJoker> I freaking hate my bed
      [18:49:14] <OctoberWind> aww
      [18:49:20] <OctoberWind> lol syth
      [18:49:22] Caenis sets fire to DaveTheJoker's bed.
      [18:49:25] <syth406> I hate coding.
      [18:49:34] <syth406> I tried python once and raged after a week.
      [18:49:35] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: thank you
      [18:49:41] <%Caenis> You're welcome.
      [18:49:52] <DaveTheJoker> 50 year old bed
      [18:49:53] <smurfman> i love it but reading abotut it puts me to sleep
      [18:49:55] <DaveTheJoker> needs to die
      [18:49:57] <OctoberWind> D:
      [18:49:59] <syth406> I could understand most of the stuff, it just bored the hell out of me
      [18:49:59] <Wurlman> Lmao
      [18:50:00] <OctoberWind> 50?
      [18:50:02] <DaveTheJoker> matress
      [18:50:11] <DaveTheJoker> my great grandma slept on it before she died
      [18:50:14] <%Caenis> Seriously?
      [18:50:16] <DaveTheJoker> yes
      [18:50:18] <OctoberWind> O.O
      [18:50:21] <OctoberWind> you need a new bed
      [18:50:22] <Wurlman> Wtf dude
      [18:50:23] <DaveTheJoker> then my aunt said it smelled
      [18:50:26] <%Caenis> Mattresses need to be replaced every decade or so. o_o
      [18:50:27] <DaveTheJoker> and gave it to my dad
      [18:50:32] <DaveTheJoker> who gave it to me to sleep on
      [18:50:35] <OctoberWind> poor kid
      [18:50:37] <syth406> Flip it overt
      [18:50:38] <DaveTheJoker> and that was 5 years ago
      [18:50:39] <OctoberWind> sleep on the floor
      [18:50:39] <syth406> over
      [18:50:41] <Wurlman> I have a mattress for u come to Michigan
      [18:50:44] <tehmuffinman> is the "Do not remove under penalty of law" tag still on it?
      [18:50:47] <syth406> Lol
      [18:50:48] <DaveTheJoker> I am in Michigan
      [18:50:50] <%Oreoboy1996> O_O
      [18:50:51] <OctoberWind> lol tehmuffinman
      [18:51:00] <OctoberWind> O_O
      [18:51:00] <syth406> I am going to michigan for vacation
      [18:51:06] <DaveTheJoker> syth406: really?
      [18:51:07] <@OpheliaBlue> ooo here's a good one on bacteriophages: Industrial significance of lactococcal bacteriophages
      [18:51:10] <smurfman> gross fact: matresses gain 10 pounds after a decade due to skin cells from your body
      [18:51:11] <syth406> I was there a few weeks ago actually
      [18:51:12] <Wurlman> Lasalle mi
      [18:51:19] <syth406> That's where I had my amazing dreams
      [18:51:25] <@OpheliaBlue> good to know if you're into more industrial cheese making than artisinal
      [18:51:32] <syth406> I was in a friend's cabin and we were close to a private beach
      [18:51:37] <OctoberWind> cheese is so goddam good >w<
      [18:51:38] <%Oreoboy1996> smurfman: aren't you supposed to clean your bed sheets or something?
      [18:51:40] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [18:51:44] <%Oreoboy1996> hello TylerRoberts
      [18:51:46] <@OpheliaBlue> it so is, now I'm back on topic
      [18:51:49] <@OpheliaBlue> hey TylerRoberts
      [18:51:49] <TylerRoberts> I missed it again!!!!!!
      [18:51:55] <%Caenis> Hey TylerRoberts.
      [18:52:00] <TylerRoberts> zEven with a pm!!!
      [18:52:02] <OctoberWind> gouda is my favorite C:
      [18:52:04] <smurfman> yeah but skin cells still get through
      [18:52:05] <%Caenis> Eh, we still have a few minutes.
      [18:52:14] <@OpheliaBlue> lol do you do that in school for real too? go to yor classroom 10 minutes until the bell rings?
      [18:52:17] <DaveTheJoker> Wurlman: you're south of me
      [18:52:23] <smurfman> and after a decade its enough to make a large baby!
      [18:52:24] <DaveTheJoker> I live in Southfield
      [18:52:26] <%Oreoboy1996> poor tyler
      [18:52:31] <OctoberWind> poor oreo
      [18:52:39] <@OpheliaBlue> poor Caenis
      [18:52:48] <DaveTheJoker> we fish around there though
      [18:52:56] <Wurlman> Wish I could get further north I love it up there
      [18:53:00] <TylerRoberts> Well its pretty hard to forget that it is time to go to class... at school.... but I am late alot
      [18:53:00] <%Oreoboy1996> poor... holy crap i just saw OctoberWind's avatar
      [18:53:08] <syth406> Ophelia, this might work, but I heard someone talking about reading something that's not in english... That might work pretty well too.
      [18:53:12] <OctoberWind> which one?
      [18:53:15] <DaveTheJoker> Wurlman: me too
      [18:53:16] <@OpheliaBlue> ooo creepy avatar
      [18:53:18] <DaveTheJoker> southfield sucks
      [18:53:23] <%Oreoboy1996> the zombie girl thing
      [18:53:29] <OctoberWind> I liked Gunter better
      [18:53:44] <syth406> I need to get f.lux on my ipod.
      [18:53:50] <OctoberWind> (the penguin)
      [18:53:53] <DaveTheJoker> !profile OctoberWind
      [18:53:54] <iBot> View Profile: OctoberWind - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [18:53:59] <OctoberWind> DaveTheJoker: kvirc avi
      [18:54:17] <@OpheliaBlue> ok about 5 minutes left folks, any additional questions?
      [18:54:17] <DaveTheJoker> ohhh
      [18:54:18] <Wurlman> I fing live u guys time for my 10 miles see ya next chat peace!! And sweet dreams!!
      [18:54:28] <DaveTheJoker> its a cute penguin
      [18:54:35] <OctoberWind> lol that's my old one
      [18:54:42] <DaveTheJoker> oh it didnt refresh
      [18:54:45] <%Caenis> Bye Wurlman.
      [18:54:50] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya Wurlman
      [18:54:51] <DaveTheJoker> oops
      [18:54:52] <OctoberWind> baibai
      [18:54:52] <%Caenis> Thanks for joining!
      [18:54:57] <DaveTheJoker> bye
      [18:54:59] <syth406> Well I think she's gorgeous.
      [18:55:08] <OctoberWind> wait
      [18:55:11] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [18:55:16] <OctoberWind> who's Caenis? never met you before
      [18:55:18] <OctoberWind> O_O
      [18:55:30] <%Oreoboy1996> Caenis = DVA apprentice
      [18:55:34] <%Oreoboy1996> special person
      [18:55:37] Wurlman [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [18:55:40] <@OpheliaBlue> very special
      [18:55:41] <%Caenis> Helloooooooooo. I've seen you post about a little, OctoberWind.
      [18:55:42] <DaveTheJoker> helpful person
      [18:55:48] <OctoberWind> oic
      [18:55:50] <OctoberWind> hi
      [18:56:06] <%Oreoboy1996> RareCola and paigey are also apprentices
      [18:56:16] <OctoberWind> I see
      [18:56:20] <OctoberWind> what's an apprentice?
      [18:56:22] <TylerRoberts> <--- future apprentice right hurr
      [18:56:27] <@OpheliaBlue> and Oreoboy1996 is Chat Mod and Honorary Lucid Coach
      [18:56:32] <DaveTheJoker> helper person
      [18:56:48] <%Oreoboy1996> http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/lucid...rogram-132409/
      [18:56:50] <OctoberWind> i see
      [18:56:58] <@OpheliaBlue> http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/lucid...rogram-132409/
      [18:57:00] <@OpheliaBlue> balls
      [18:57:01] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [18:57:02] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [18:57:05] <@OpheliaBlue> you young people are fast
      [18:57:14] <DaveTheJoker> dangged youngins
      [18:57:28] <DaveTheJoker> you dad blame youngins you
      [18:57:38] <%Oreoboy1996> gibberish >.>
      [18:57:45] <tehmuffinman> whippersnappers
      [18:58:07] <TylerRoberts> Ooohhhh!!!!!
      [18:58:10] <OctoberWind> nice
      [18:58:12] <TylerRoberts> Question!!!!
      [18:58:17] <OctoberWind> congrats Caenis
      [18:58:17] <TylerRoberts> Uhmm.....
      [18:58:18] <DaveTheJoker> shoot
      [18:58:24] <tehmuffinman> bang
      [18:58:29] <%Caenis> Thank you OctoberWind.
      [18:58:40] <OctoberWind> ^^
      [18:58:43] <DaveTheJoker> I like ducks
      [18:58:45] <%Caenis> Yes TylerRoberts?
      [18:58:48] <DaveTheJoker> I should change my avatar to a duck
      [18:58:48] <%Caenis> I have a duck.
      [18:58:48] <%Oreoboy1996> i like trees
      [18:58:48] <TylerRoberts> In one of my dreams, I thought to myself, "I can't wait to journal this!" So, I knew I was dreaming? I didn't have any degree of control. So, question is, was I lucid?
      [18:59:01] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: are you the guy with the pictures of a duck
      [18:59:02] <@OpheliaBlue> haha interesting
      [18:59:08] <OctoberWind> wow, nice x3
      [18:59:18] tehmuffinman [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [18:59:23] <OctoberWind> just cause you know you're dreaming doesn't mean you control it
      [18:59:25] <%Oreoboy1996> TylerRoberts: if you knew you were dreaming
      [18:59:26] <DaveTheJoker> TylerRoberts: yes you were
      [18:59:26] <OctoberWind> and vice versa
      [18:59:27] <%Oreoboy1996> you were lucid
      [18:59:32] <%Oreoboy1996> dream control isn't a factor
      [18:59:34] <OctoberWind> you can be lucid with no control
      [18:59:36] <%Caenis> Oh yeah, I saw your post about that Tyler. I'd say you were semi-lucid. Or lucid. Definitely lucid to some degree.
      [18:59:38] <%Oreoboy1996> it's a seperate thing
      [18:59:42] <@OpheliaBlue> that's a good question, but I'd say it's lucid, just a low enough level where you didn't even think to try to control anything
      [18:59:45] <DaveTheJoker> I would count it as lucid
      [18:59:47] <%Oreoboy1996> yes to what OctoberWind said
      [18:59:51] <OctoberWind>
      [18:59:56] <OctoberWind> omg someone agreed with me
      [18:59:57] <%Caenis> And yes, I'm the guy posting pictures of ducks in the forum.
      [19:00:01] <DaveTheJoker> cool
      [19:00:01] <@OpheliaBlue> yes to all y'all haha
      [19:00:04] <DaveTheJoker> I love dicks
      [19:00:06] <DaveTheJoker> shiittt
      [19:00:08] <DaveTheJoker> *DUCKS
      [19:00:11] <OctoberWind> xD
      [19:00:12] <@OpheliaBlue> oh you shit
      [19:00:12] <DaveTheJoker> I love DUCKS
      [19:00:13] <smurfman> lol
      [19:00:15] Caenis backs away from DaveTheJoker.
      [19:00:16] <TylerRoberts> That sucks....
      [19:00:20] <OctoberWind> quoting that
      [19:00:22] <TylerRoberts> I wanted my first lucid to be good!
      [19:00:29] <%Oreoboy1996> that sucks?
      [19:00:32] <%Oreoboy1996> you were lucid
      [19:00:33] <%Oreoboy1996> be happy
      [19:00:55] <Kraom> in around my first ten lucid dreams i woke up after becoming lucid.
      [19:00:56] <%Caenis> TylerRoberts: My first LD, I woke up as soon as I realized I was lucid. Your first LD isn't too bad.
      [19:01:00] <@OpheliaBlue> oh we still need to get together Caenis don't we.. PM me a good time for yuo this week
      [19:01:03] <%Oreoboy1996> the first few lucids are rarely of the best kind
      [19:01:05] <TylerRoberts> Oh, im not upset. I just wanted my first lucid to be different then my other dreams.
      [19:01:19] <%Caenis> Sure OpheliaBlue, thanks for reminding me! I've been meaning to respond to your PM. I just forget.
      [19:01:22] <%Oreoboy1996> you focus on gaining lucidity before you focus on things like control
      [19:01:23] <TylerRoberts> Well, it was just that one thought.
      [19:01:24] <@OpheliaBlue> Kraom: I understand, I STILL sometimes wake up too soon
      [19:01:30] <TylerRoberts> After that it was like any other dream
      [19:01:36] <TylerRoberts> Well, actually...
      [19:01:36] <OctoberWind> DaveTheJoker: http://www.dreamviews.com/f21/dv-cha...7/index37.html
      [19:01:43] <TylerRoberts> I thought that and got attacked by birds
      [19:01:44] <Kraom> yea i also forget to stabilize while doing things
      [19:01:49] <TylerRoberts> Then woke up
      [19:01:58] <DaveTheJoker> OctoberWind: lovely
      [19:02:02] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [19:02:07] <OctoberWind>
      [19:02:09] <OctoberWind> <3 you too
      [19:02:10] <%Caenis> Haha, very nice OctoberWind.
      [19:02:30] <OctoberWind> dammit
      [19:02:34] <OctoberWind> I wish I could have met Naiya
      [19:02:44] <OctoberWind> she has amazing tutorials i___i
      [19:02:45] <DaveTheJoker> whos dat
      [19:02:51] <@OpheliaBlue> Kraom: I finally started making a short list for when I become lucid. usually includes looking in a mirror, remembering the TOTM, things like that
      [19:02:59] <DaveTheJoker> oh that gal with those guides
      [19:03:06] <@OpheliaBlue> and make myself memorize it so I don't forget when I get lucid
      [19:03:06] <%Caenis> She/He does, I like reading them. Naiya's tutorials are rather in-depth.
      [19:03:09] <%Oreoboy1996> DaveTheJoker: Naiya is probably one of the greatest contributers to dream views
      [19:03:26] <OctoberWind> *on topic side of dream views
      [19:03:28] <DaveTheJoker> Is there a place with a list to all her tutorials?
      [19:03:36] <OctoberWind> I've just bookmarked them
      [19:03:38] <%Oreoboy1996> on topic side is the only side that really matters >.>
      [19:03:43] <OctoberWind> to show to other noobs
      [19:03:45] <DaveTheJoker> ^
      [19:03:47] <OctoberWind> lol
      [19:03:51] <OctoberWind> i ninja'd you
      [19:03:54] <@OpheliaBlue> doh it's after 7 and I gotta start dinner
      [19:04:02] <%Oreoboy1996> bye ophelia
      [19:04:04] <OctoberWind> baibai ophielia
      [19:04:05] <syth406> BAIIII
      [19:04:06] <DaveTheJoker> bye OpheliaBlue
      [19:04:06] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks to all who responded to the PM
      [19:04:07] <%Caenis> Bye Ophelia.
      [19:04:08] <smurfman> bye bye
      [19:04:09] <OctoberWind> *Ophelia
      [19:04:11] <OctoberWind> >___>
      [19:04:13] <Kraom> bye
      [19:04:15] <syth406> I was just a ninja and already here.
      [19:04:21] <@OpheliaBlue> appreciate you as always Caenis, Oreoboy1996 and RareCola|Away
      [19:04:35] <@OpheliaBlue> !away logging chat
      [19:04:36] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      Jun 2004
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      Tuesday, July 3rd, 8pm CST Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [19:59:47] <theCambino> ok I've been curious...
      [19:59:52] <theCambino> before class starts...
      [19:59:53] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I didn't PM Burke (yoh, ping)
      [20:00:02] <Burke> ohai
      [20:00:04] <theCambino> has anyone had the digital clock RC fail?
      [20:00:05] <Burke> was playing WoW
      [20:00:06] Oreoboy1996 pokes the seabear
      [20:00:09] Burke gets angry
      [20:00:21] <%Oreoboy1996> o.o
      [20:00:24] <theCambino> WOW is more important?
      [20:00:25] <Burke> btw, can i set kvirc to ping me for different names?
      [20:00:29] <theCambino> tsk tsk tsk
      [20:00:30] <Burke> lol, i forgot
      [20:00:33] <%Oreoboy1996> yes Burke
      [20:00:39] <Burke> how? xP
      [20:01:19] <@OpheliaBlue> different names?
      [20:01:28] <@OpheliaBlue> Like, seabear?
      [20:01:30] <Burke> i.e. ping me when someone says seabear
      [20:01:31] <Burke> yea, lol
      [20:01:33] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:01:44] <%Oreoboy1996> settings > configure kvirc > IRC > tools > alert/highlight
      [20:02:02] <@OpheliaBlue> you know I wasw wondering that, because apparently if I type Evolventity, Evolve, or even Evol, it pings Evolventity
      [20:02:06] <%RareCola|BRB> !back
      [20:02:07] <@OpheliaBlue> unless he was jerking my chain
      [20:02:08] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [20:02:11] <@OpheliaBlue> wb man
      [20:02:26] <%Oreoboy1996> Oreoboy1996, oreo, and tree ping me
      [20:02:34] <%RareCola> Yea, I have my IRC to ping me whenever someone says RC/Jason/Rare/Cola/RareCola
      [20:02:36] <%RareCola> so many false pings though
      [20:03:26] <Burke> how can I input names? I don't see anywhere
      [20:03:27] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:03:28] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:03:31] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah me neither
      [20:03:38] <%Oreoboy1996> settings > configure kvirc > IRC > tools > alert/highlight
      [20:03:39] <%Oreoboy1996> >.>
      [20:03:42] <Burke> i'm there
      [20:03:45] <@OpheliaBlue> I mean, I saw a place in case my name was already used or something
      [20:03:48] <Burke> but there's no spot to type in
      [20:03:54] <%Oreoboy1996> yes there is
      [20:04:03] <%RareCola> Yea, that's not a problem on DreamViews IRC as it uses forum accounts
      [20:04:04] Traumerei [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:04:09] <%RareCola> Your name can't be stolen
      [20:04:14] <@OpheliaBlue> mine doesn't have "tools"
      [20:04:17] <%Oreoboy1996> right above the "Add" button
      [20:04:21] <%Oreoboy1996> it doesn't?
      [20:04:26] <Burke> durr
      [20:04:28] <Burke> didn't see it
      [20:04:29] <Burke> >.>
      [20:04:48] <@OpheliaBlue> no add button either
      [20:04:58] <Burke> kk, got it
      [20:04:59] <Burke> ty
      [20:05:01] <@OpheliaBlue> probably a different KVirc version
      [20:05:14] <%Oreoboy1996> you must be using an old one
      [20:05:24] <@OpheliaBlue> "alternatives" ?
      [20:05:33] <%Oreoboy1996> not sure
      [20:05:56] <%RareCola> It'd be under alerts and/or highlights
      [20:05:59] <%RareCola> so just look for that
      [20:06:08] <%RareCola> But hi Traumerei
      [20:06:29] <@OpheliaBlue> it said there "KVirc will use an alternative if someone else on the irc network is already using it"
      [20:06:35] <@OpheliaBlue> hi Traumerei
      [20:06:49] <Traumerei> Hello Ophelia and Cola!
      [20:06:50] <%RareCola> That's for your username settings
      [20:06:50] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I suppose class should start now (6 min ago)
      [20:06:57] <%RareCola> Haha yea probably
      [20:07:03] <Evolventity> OpheliaBlue: Wasn't jerking your chain. It does ping me.
      [20:07:09] <@OpheliaBlue> HAHA
      [20:07:16] Evolventity was having a moment away from the computer.
      [20:07:24] <@OpheliaBlue> how dare thee
      [20:07:26] <%RareCola> Was you jerking?
      [20:07:32] <%RareCola> waitwut
      [20:07:34] <Evolventity> No lol
      [20:07:46] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:07:55] <Evolventity> i was gloating. xD
      [20:08:02] <@OpheliaBlue> ok, a topic other than BYOB and RareCola's lucid diarrhea
      [20:08:18] <%RareCola> How about how awesome fans are
      [20:08:32] <%Oreoboy1996> fans?
      [20:08:37] <@OpheliaBlue> white noise gods
      [20:09:02] <%RareCola> Yep, I've been coming so closer to WILDing recently thanks to the white noise from my fan
      [20:09:16] <@OpheliaBlue> really?
      [20:09:19] <%RareCola> I think that could be the culprit of my dream diarrhea actually, I'm slipping back into dream states so easily
      [20:09:44] <%RareCola> if only I could remember to DEILD more often :l
      [20:09:44] <@OpheliaBlue> you know, ever since it got hot and I've needed the fan, it helps me sleep but my lucidity is whack
      [20:10:04] <Traumerei> Just the sound of it can throw you off?
      [20:10:07] <%Oreoboy1996> i haven't noticed a difference
      [20:10:16] <%RareCola> Incorporate it into your DEILDs / WILDs
      [20:10:28] <%RareCola> Did you ever post in Sageous' thread btw Ophelia?
      [20:11:20] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:32] <TylerRoberts> I made it!!!
      [20:11:36] <%Oreoboy1996> hello TylerRoberts
      [20:11:37] <TylerRoberts> And not too late!!!
      [20:11:41] <%RareCola> hey TylerRoberts
      [20:12:15] <kraom> a lot less people here than yesterday
      [20:12:27] <%RareCola> Yep quite small class today, that's fine though
      [20:12:27] <TylerRoberts> Indeed, its alot quieter than I'm used to
      [20:12:31] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: nooooo I haven't. Too much admin thread triage today
      [20:12:41] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:12:55] <Burke> so... I vote the next TotY isn't "do something with unknown effects"
      [20:12:58] <Burke> err, Tot M
      [20:13:02] <@OpheliaBlue> you're a much better student than I Jason
      [20:13:21] <%RareCola> hey Burke
      [20:13:22] <@OpheliaBlue> awww you poor thing
      [20:13:28] <Burke> hi RareCola
      [20:13:36] <%RareCola> I'm interested to see what happens to me
      [20:13:45] <%RareCola> if I manage to do this TOTM, that is
      [20:13:48] <%Oreoboy1996> Burke: you could have given it your own effects
      [20:13:49] <Burke> lol, didn't make me too upset though, since I had been having a fair amount lately
      [20:13:57] <Burke> well I wanted a surprise
      [20:13:58] <Traumerei> What does TotM stand for?
      [20:13:59] <%Oreoboy1996> you could have said "this potion will give me super strength"
      [20:14:02] <Burke> task of the month
      [20:14:03] <kraom> task of the month
      [20:14:13] <%RareCola> Isn't the task to see what the potion does?
      [20:14:14] <%Oreoboy1996> you just said you didn't want it but now you
      [20:14:14] <Burke> but it wouldn't be as fun that way
      [20:14:15] <@OpheliaBlue> ok Burke, put your ideas in the lucid task club and I'll see what I can do
      [20:14:16] Oreoboy1996 brain explodes
      [20:14:17] <%RareCola> Not take a potion that does something
      [20:14:22] <TylerRoberts> I took another step backwards. I tried WBTB, but just ignored my alarm that I set. Then proceeded to wake up with no recall of any of the dreams I had last night.
      [20:14:47] <%RareCola> Protip: Throw the alarm out the window
      [20:14:48] <Traumerei> I hide my alarms around my room so I have to get up to turn them off.
      [20:14:48] <Burke> Oreoboy1996: I meant I wanted a surprise when I was in the dream, not when I was commenting about the TotM
      [20:14:54] <kraom> I had pretty much the opposite of that, and had a lucid dream..
      [20:14:59] <@OpheliaBlue> lamo Traumerei
      [20:15:03] <@OpheliaBlue> effective
      [20:15:21] <%Oreoboy1996> anyways, I finally finished writing about my dream where I did the advanced TOTM
      [20:15:24] <@OpheliaBlue> oh cool, you had a lucid kraom?
      [20:15:29] <kraom> yep
      [20:15:35] <Burke> congrats
      [20:15:36] <%RareCola> I'm completely against alarms these days, maybe the occasional usage to fix a sleep schedule.
      [20:15:36] <kraom> i usually do every other morning.
      [20:15:39] <kraom> thanks
      [20:15:40] <TylerRoberts> I usually keep my alarm on the other side of the room, but since i am away from home at the moment, I used my phone.
      [20:15:47] <TylerRoberts> Which was at my side the entire time.
      [20:15:56] Mindraker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:15:58] <Mindraker> Hi guys
      [20:16:01] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Mindraker
      [20:16:03] <kraom> hi
      [20:16:04] <%RareCola> Hey Mindraker
      [20:16:07] <Traumerei> Yo.
      [20:16:09] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Mindraker!
      [20:16:18] <Burke> hola minr
      [20:16:19] <@OpheliaBlue> kraom: have you started a workbook yet?
      [20:16:23] <Burke> mindraker*
      [20:16:25] <Mindraker> Hello all
      [20:16:27] <kraom> yea.
      [20:16:29] <kraom> i have
      [20:16:47] <@OpheliaBlue> OH it's under ADJ, my bad
      [20:16:52] <@OpheliaBlue> I was looking for Kraom
      [20:17:01] <kraom> although i realized i cant change the original post after like 1440 minutes or something so the way i was doing it wont work
      [20:17:12] <kraom> so ill have to update it when i have new goals or finish things
      [20:17:16] <%RareCola> Haha I had the same problem kraom
      [20:17:17] <kraom> and yea.. its under ADJ
      [20:17:17] <%RareCola> sucks
      [20:17:25] <TylerRoberts> Me too!!!
      [20:17:29] <@OpheliaBlue> I can change it.. what did you want changed, just the title?
      [20:17:40] <TylerRoberts> I tried to take paigeyemps format...
      [20:17:42] <kraom> oh that would be good if you changed it to
      [20:17:51] <kraom> to Kraom's workbook
      [20:17:54] <%RareCola> Well people try to format it with their dream signs and stuff in the main post
      [20:17:56] <@OpheliaBlue> you too TylerRoberts and RareCola?
      [20:18:02] <%RareCola> but you can't go back and add any more dream signs after 1440 minutes
      [20:18:06] <%RareCola> because it locks you out of editing the post
      [20:18:09] <%RareCola> for normal users at least
      [20:18:22] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah ANYtime you want me to adjust something like that in your main post, just PM it to me, as long as it isn't completely deleting the thing
      [20:18:28] <@OpheliaBlue> that's a no-no from Alex
      [20:18:42] Marciano999 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:18:46] <%Oreoboy1996> hello Marciano999
      [20:18:56] <@OpheliaBlue> but yeah I'll add dream signs, change the title to match a namechange, etc
      [20:19:05] <@OpheliaBlue> hi Marciano999
      [20:19:09] <kraom> good to know
      [20:19:32] <%RareCola> In fact you could probably PM Ophelia, me, Caenis or Paigeyemps to do that stuff
      [20:19:35] <%RareCola> I think we all have the power now
      [20:19:45] theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:19:50] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yeah, duh
      [20:19:51] <%Oreoboy1996> hello theCambino
      [20:19:56] <kraom> oh i was talking to caenis in my workbook today.
      [20:19:57] <theCambino> about facking time
      [20:20:02] <theCambino> IRC is a pos
      [20:20:22] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:20:22] <theCambino> hmm
      [20:20:37] <theCambino> so what are we talking about?
      [20:20:56] <%RareCola> Pretty much everything right now
      [20:21:04] <Marciano999> Hello!!!
      [20:21:06] <%RareCola> Feel free to come up with a topic
      [20:21:16] <theCambino> why is there so much lagggg
      [20:21:21] <@OpheliaBlue> so what about white noise and its effects on sleep and LDs
      [20:21:30] <Traumerei> Lucid diarrhea?
      [20:21:31] <@OpheliaBlue> it helps me sleep, might be bad for my lds
      [20:21:33] <theCambino> my connection with irc sucks!
      [20:21:49] <kraom> i personally like it to be quiet while im trying to go to sleep.
      [20:21:50] <theCambino> so I'll try asking again...
      [20:22:00] <kraom> although noise wont wake me easily after im asleep
      [20:22:09] <Mindraker> I can vouch for that; I use roaring fans in my apartment and it blocks out my goofy neighbor's annoying noises. It helps me sleep.
      [20:22:16] <theCambino> has anyone had the digital clock RC fail?
      [20:22:26] <kraom> never tried the digital clock RC
      [20:22:34] <%RareCola> Yep, failed for me before
      [20:22:47] <theCambino> RareCola: really?
      [20:22:48] <kraom> seems unreliable so I use alternatives
      [20:23:12] <%RareCola> Yep, I had a false awakening, checked the clock and it told the time well enough for me to believe it
      [20:23:23] <%RareCola> only failed that once though
      [20:23:36] <Marciano999> I have a question about the Rem stage... for example if i sleep for 5 or 6 hours, then stay up for a little while then sleep again, Rem stage will be longer, but after how many hours of awake time will be reset the Rem stage, and start shorter again?
      [20:23:37] <Mindraker> My digital clock projects on the ceiling, but it's been dropped so many times that it is partially broken -- the readout is "screwy".
      [20:23:46] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah, if your RCs are related to things around you when you wake up irl, it could trick you
      [20:24:04] <@OpheliaBlue> that's when awareness comes in
      [20:24:15] <%RareCola> Marciano999: I wouldn't stay up for any more than 1hr30m - 2hrs
      [20:24:20] <%RareCola> during the WBTB
      [20:24:25] <kraom> ive never actually became lucid off of a reality check.
      [20:24:31] <kraom> become*
      [20:24:32] <Marciano999> Ok but what happen for the Nap?
      [20:24:44] <Marciano999> when you sleep again about 5 hours later?
      [20:25:05] <Marciano999> Is one of the best time for lucid dreaminbg during the Nap time
      [20:25:11] <%RareCola> Assuming you've been awake long enough to tire you out enough to nap, you instantly go into REM
      [20:25:16] <%RareCola> that's why naps are effective for WILDs
      [20:25:32] <%RareCola> kraom: I have, but only during false awakenings
      [20:25:40] <Mindraker> Reality checks are more effective if the dream is already more unbelievable. If the dream is *real*, or represents everyday life, then there isn't much making me want to do an RC in the first place.
      [20:25:45] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:25:47] <kraom> yea that makes sense ive never had a false awakening
      [20:26:13] <kraom> alright thats not true i had one, but i instantly came out of that
      [20:26:15] <Mindraker> For instance, I had a dream where a blue head with wings just flew by -- very easy to make me realize, "I'm in a dream."
      [20:26:23] <@OpheliaBlue> lmao Mindraker
      [20:26:37] <@OpheliaBlue> also, kraom, title's fixed
      [20:26:40] theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:26:44] <kraom> oh ok thank you
      [20:26:47] <@OpheliaBlue> wb poor theCambino
      [20:26:57] <kraom> lately ive been passively knowing that im dreaming
      [20:27:03] <Mindraker> But if I'm in a dream where I'm in an everyday environment, I'm not going to have any reason to believe that I'm in a dream.
      [20:27:10] <Mindraker> Or even question that I'm in a dream.
      [20:27:10] <%RareCola> I've been doing the same, kraom
      [20:27:33] <kraom> for instance this morning i saw some blond girl and just was like. where am i? oh a dream.
      [20:27:51] <Traumerei> If I've been thinking more than I usually do in my dreams, does it mean I'm improving slightly?
      [20:27:59] <%RareCola> Most of the time I haven't even been questioning it.. I'm just taking part in the dream when all of a sudden I'm just like "Oh this is a dream"
      [20:28:05] <Mindraker> LOL kraom :forever alone:
      [20:28:10] <kraom> hahaha
      [20:28:14] <kraom> D:
      [20:28:30] <%RareCola> Of course, Traumerei
      [20:28:54] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah your awareness is increasing
      [20:28:57] <%RareCola> It's good you're noticing that. When you start lucid training it mostly always begins by improving the detail of your non-lucids
      [20:29:12] <%RareCola> And the more you notice the tiny steps like that, the more motivated you'll be
      [20:29:22] <Mindraker> It's weird the details you'll notice in everyday life, too.
      [20:29:34] <kraom> yea like with ADA
      [20:29:39] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:29:45] <Mindraker> Yeah, and you're not even intentionally doing it.
      [20:30:13] <Burke> !brb
      [20:30:13] Burke [[email protected]] is now known as Burke|BRB
      [20:30:13] <Traumerei> That's encouraging to hear.
      [20:30:23] <kraom> well i still take intentional periods of time for ADA
      [20:30:39] <kraom> not to the point where i passively do it.
      [20:31:32] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:31:39] <theCambino^> can this work PLEASE!
      [20:31:45] <theCambino^> X(
      [20:31:57] <%RareCola> You're doing SAT then, kraom
      [20:32:01] <@OpheliaBlue> so sorry man, I had similar issues the other night
      [20:32:08] <theCambino^> OpheliaBlue: it sucks!
      [20:32:14] <theCambino^> it like freezes
      [20:32:35] <theCambino^> I closed #DV to see if that helps... but ugh
      [20:33:04] <kraom> could be your home connection to the internet maybe someone is downloading something
      [20:33:10] <theCambino^> no
      [20:33:16] <Mindraker> Are you guys connecting from the web page or from an IRC client program?
      [20:33:23] <theCambino^> IRC
      [20:33:25] <kraom> i just am using the webpage
      [20:33:29] <kraom> works fine
      [20:33:46] <theCambino^> client connection keeps dropping
      [20:33:53] <Mindraker> Ah, I'm using the web page and haven't had serious problems, except my ISP will occasionally disconnect me at 9:05 PM
      [20:33:59] <theCambino^> so far... it's working better since I closed #DV
      [20:34:15] <Mindraker> It's a problem on my end
      [20:34:28] <theCambino^> 0_o
      [20:34:33] <theCambino^> Mindraker: whatta ya mean?
      [20:34:51] <Mindraker> My ISP resets its server or something once a week
      [20:34:56] <theCambino^> oh
      [20:35:03] <@OpheliaBlue> oh interesting
      [20:35:04] <theCambino^> so back to my question...
      [20:35:04] <Mindraker> DNS
      [20:35:13] <%Oreoboy1996> i think i'll go back to my dj and try to keep up with the chat at the same time
      [20:35:17] <theCambino^> all RCs are inevitable to fail
      [20:35:22] <theCambino^> or most
      [20:35:24] <@OpheliaBlue> ok Oreoboy1996
      [20:35:28] <theCambino^> ...coreect?
      [20:35:32] <theCambino^> correct*
      [20:35:33] <@OpheliaBlue> theCambino^: yes
      [20:35:42] <%Oreoboy1996> theCambino: my energy rc has never failed me
      [20:35:45] <theCambino^> alright good to know
      [20:35:53] <kraom> well if you think they can fail then they probably will at some point.
      [20:35:59] <@OpheliaBlue> which is why it's muy importante to improve your awareness level in general
      [20:36:03] <theCambino^> it's more on a personal preference... or personal belief
      [20:36:03] <Mindraker> Well, if you have more than one check, and if you don't do them halfheartedly, and if they are personalized to your life and environment, then they'll be less prone to failure.
      [20:36:11] <Burke|BRB> !back
      [20:36:12] Burke|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Burke
      [20:36:16] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Burke
      [20:36:19] <Burke> hi
      [20:36:32] <theCambino^> yes!... so far chat is flowing correctly...
      [20:36:46] <%Oreoboy1996> i have a few reality checks, but i only ever have to use the one
      [20:36:46] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah what Mindraker said is true too.. because again, doing an RC half-heartedly means you're not being aware enough as you do them
      [20:36:49] <kraom> it was all #dv's fault!
      [20:36:53] <theCambino^> too many channels might of been the cause for IRC Client to drop me
      [20:37:09] <theCambino^> kraom: that's what I was thinking
      [20:37:18] <theCambino^> anyway...back on topic
      [20:37:47] <@OpheliaBlue> what are your current RCs by the way theCambino^?
      [20:38:00] <theCambino^> plugged nose... ofc
      [20:38:07] <theCambino^> from my DJ
      [20:38:20] <theCambino^> ...fingers through the palm
      [20:38:20] <Mindraker> For example, it's one thing to just "jab your hand with your fingers" as you blunder through life; it's another thing to take the time to see something strange, stop, wonder what happened, look at your hand, look at your fingers, and pause while you examine your fingers poking your palm of your hand.
      [20:38:38] <theCambino^> Mindraker: true
      [20:38:47] <theCambino^> what does iBot want with me?
      [20:38:59] <kraom> it just wants you in general
      [20:39:04] <%Oreoboy1996> I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to start working on that tutorial
      [20:39:36] <kraom> but anyway i'd much rather just use awareness rather than relying on a RC
      [20:39:41] <theCambino^> !joindate kraom
      [20:39:42] <iBot> kraom () joined Dreamviews on Jul 01, 2012.
      [20:39:47] <theCambino^> ok nvm
      [20:39:57] <kraom> what did you think
      [20:40:01] <Mindraker> True kraom
      [20:40:19] <Traumerei> Has anyone here actually done a RC in their dream out of habit, then become lucid that way?
      [20:40:23] <theCambino^> I only use RCs as an affirmation
      [20:40:33] <theCambino^> or to confirm
      [20:40:38] <%Oreoboy1996> i probably have a few times Traumerei, but i can't think of a moment off the top of my head
      [20:40:46] <theCambino^> Traumerei: some what
      [20:40:48] <kraom> i have not.
      [20:40:52] <@OpheliaBlue> Traumerei: no, I usually do a RC after I have become lucid. Just to kinda stabilize hehe
      [20:41:02] <Mindraker> I have had a RC pull back a memory of a dream
      [20:41:13] <theCambino^> !dj theCambino^
      [20:41:14] <iBot> http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/theCambino^/
      [20:41:15] <iBot> Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - theCambino - Dream Journals
      [20:41:16] <kraom> wait wait actually one time a long time ago when i first learned i did finger through the palm at the suspect of dreaming and became fully lucid
      [20:41:20] <%Oreoboy1996> reality checks are typically used when you become suspicious or something
      [20:41:25] <theCambino^> Traumerei: read my dj
      [20:41:28] <@OpheliaBlue> I usually become lucid because of a dream sign (as a DILD), or I do a form of WILD
      [20:41:43] <%Oreoboy1996> you'll see something weird and be like "that's odd, I should do a reality check"
      [20:41:58] <%Oreoboy1996> "omgomgomg i'm dreaming!"
      [20:41:59] <theCambino^> Traumerei: because I do a nose plug RC daily... it was easier to come to mind to do the RC in my dream
      [20:42:15] <theCambino^> Oreoboy1996: 0_o
      [20:42:19] <Traumerei> Lucky break there in your DJ, Cambino.
      [20:42:20] <%Oreoboy1996> O.O
      [20:42:26] <theCambino^> Traumerei: thanks
      [20:43:09] <theCambino^> Oreoboy1996: lawls.... the same time you read that... is the same time I posted my dj
      [20:43:33] <theCambino^> thought you were referring to my dj
      [20:43:52] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:43:57] <theCambino^> hola DaveTheJoker
      [20:43:58] <DaveTheJoker> I'me here!
      [20:44:00] <DaveTheJoker> hi
      [20:44:05] <@OpheliaBlue> hey dave!
      [20:44:07] <theCambino^> a bit late
      [20:44:12] <Traumerei> Bienvenido.
      [20:44:15] <theCambino^> but better late than never
      [20:44:24] <DaveTheJoker> yea I dont know why I only saw the email now
      [20:44:25] <%RareCola> hey dave actually made it with 15 minutes to spare today!
      [20:44:35] <Traumerei> Ironically, I was sleeping during the last class chat..
      [20:45:08] <@OpheliaBlue> Traumerei: did you see the poll?
      [20:45:40] <Traumerei> Yeah, but..
      [20:45:57] <theCambino^> class tomorrow?
      [20:46:04] Marciano999 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:46:21] <@OpheliaBlue> if one of the apprentices is willing to hold one tomorrow
      [20:46:33] <@OpheliaBlue> sadly, it's 4th of July tomorrow, and i work from 6am until 8pm
      [20:46:44] <@OpheliaBlue> 5am to 8pm*
      [20:46:44] <DaveTheJoker> work on july 4th
      [20:46:45] <%Oreoboy1996> if someone is hosting tomorrow i'll gladly help
      [20:46:53] <kraom> ill be out camping >.>
      [20:47:05] <Traumerei> Slave labor.
      [20:47:14] <%RareCola> Think I'm busy tomorrow
      [20:47:27] <%RareCola> Even though we don't celebrate 4th of July in the UK! woo
      [20:47:28] <%RareCola> Lol
      [20:47:31] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [20:47:46] <@OpheliaBlue> I figured even grilling on average would be a bit trim in the UK as well
      [20:48:16] <%Oreoboy1996> all of the americans are probably going to be too busy for class >.>
      [20:48:22] <@OpheliaBlue> well theCambino^, after we analyze all the data from the poll, a wednesday class could very well be in yourfuture
      [20:48:22] <DaveTheJoker> yea 4th is on a wednesday
      [20:48:24] <DaveTheJoker> it sucks
      [20:48:38] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah it does
      [20:48:42] <TylerRoberts> Depending on the time, I will be there.
      [20:48:53] <@OpheliaBlue> so glad I'm off 2 days after that
      [20:48:53] Evolventity [[email protected]] is now known as Evolventity|Away
      [20:48:53] <kraom> i could still probably attend a class tomorrow if it happened with an irc client on my phone
      [20:49:11] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:49:12] <TylerRoberts> Also, sorry for my silence this chat, as I said, I am away from home which means alot of visiting with faces I dont see often
      [20:49:27] <Mindraker> LOL, I remember being in Europe (as an American) celebrating July 4th. There was only 1 other American couple we knew. We knocked on their door at 8 PM and when they opened the door, we yelled "HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!"
      [20:49:33] <DaveTheJoker> well thats more important, TylerRoberts
      [20:49:42] <@OpheliaBlue> lol Mindraker
      [20:49:46] <%RareCola> haha Mindraker
      [20:49:48] <%RareCola> amazing
      [20:50:42] <TylerRoberts> Man... Im really tired....
      [20:50:50] <TylerRoberts> I think im going to go to sleep early guys...
      [20:50:54] <Mindraker> TylerRoberts: Obligatory family visits.
      [20:50:58] <TylerRoberts> Yup
      [20:51:11] <TylerRoberts> I dont really like "reunions"
      [20:51:18] <TylerRoberts> They are so... bleh...
      [20:51:22] <DaveTheJoker> well
      [20:51:27] <DaveTheJoker> depends on the family
      [20:51:33] <Mindraker> Awww TylerRoberts has to look good for his grandmummy.
      [20:51:45] <kraom> lol mindraker
      [20:52:00] <TylerRoberts> Haha, Not quite Mindraker, I just need to participate in small talk...
      [20:52:26] <@OpheliaBlue> ugggh, sorry I haven't been so active in here... our child population doubles for the summer
      [20:52:26] <Mindraker> Family reunions: Everyone is 1 year older, fatter, greyer...
      [20:52:51] <Traumerei> "How old are you again" "What do you wanna be when you grow up" is all I get asked when talking to relatives..
      [20:52:52] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:52:58] <Mindraker> Why don't we realize that we can accomplish the same thing on facebook now?
      [20:53:10] <DaveTheJoker> its not the same thing
      [20:53:12] <TylerRoberts> Although, I think I am going to hop off IRC and head to bed. Time for me to attempt some WBTB MILD. I also think I will attempt DEILD if I can remember it.
      [20:53:26] <Mindraker> Yeah it's time for me to start closing up, too.
      [20:53:27] <Traumerei> Good luck bro.
      [20:53:28] <@OpheliaBlue> ood luck TylerRoberts!
      [20:53:33] <Mindraker> Have fun at the family reunion!
      [20:53:42] <kraom> i was going to do a DEILD this morning.. but I wrote down my lucid dream instead..
      [20:53:44] <Mindraker> Don't eat too much of grandmummy's chocolate cake!
      [20:53:46] <%RareCola> Good luck TylerRoberts
      [20:53:48] <kraom> figuring that was more important
      [20:53:53] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client
      [20:54:04] <Mindraker> ha ha ha poor guy
      [20:54:05] <DaveTheJoker> My RCs really are sucking like a leach
      [20:54:18] <Mindraker> OK see you around, everyone. Sleep tight.
      [20:54:25] <DaveTheJoker> bye Mindraker
      [20:54:27] <kraom> see ya
      [20:54:30] <Traumerei> Good night Rake.
      [20:54:45] Mindraker hugs (man hugs) everyone.
      [20:54:50] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:56:19] <Traumerei> I've got to go too, nice talking with you all!
      [20:56:25] <kraom> bye
      [20:56:33] <%Oreoboy1996> bye
      [20:56:41] Traumerei [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:57:53] <DaveTheJoker> Oreoboy1996: what RC do you use?
      [20:57:56] <kraom> so oreoboy earlier you were talking about dream dilation. how many times have you done it?
      [20:58:13] <@OpheliaBlue> DaveTheJoker: we were just talking earlier, that RCs aren't as important as general awareness
      [20:58:14] <%Oreoboy1996> i have a special reality check where i can simply feel whether i'm dreaming or not
      [20:58:19] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah
      [20:58:29] <kraom> thats basically what i do too..
      [20:58:31] <@OpheliaBlue> I know alot of us are in that boat basically
      [20:58:35] <DaveTheJoker> OpheliaBlue: I would have had a DILD last night if my RC had worked...
      [20:58:45] <kraom> gotta build up awareness
      [20:58:45] <@OpheliaBlue> DaveTheJoker: how do you mean?
      [20:58:47] <%Oreoboy1996> there's just a weird feeling i get while in a dream that i never get in real life
      [20:58:52] <@OpheliaBlue> amen ^^
      [20:58:56] <kraom> same here.
      [20:59:09] <%Oreoboy1996> kraom: i've done time dilation many times, but only several have been on purpose
      [20:59:10] <DaveTheJoker> I said "hey, I must be dreaming, I don't normally see naked women walking around "
      [20:59:23] <@OpheliaBlue> DaveTheJoker: if the RC isn't working in your dream, then you're not aware enough in real life when you do them
      [20:59:25] <kraom> so youve done it not on purpose by incubation?
      [20:59:26] <DaveTheJoker> I repeatedly tried to jam my finger through my palm
      [20:59:32] <DaveTheJoker> but it didnt work
      [20:59:45] <%Oreoboy1996> well the thing with dream incubation is actually on purpose
      [20:59:49] <DaveTheJoker> I have got to stop doing that one
      [20:59:56] <%Oreoboy1996> sometimes time dilation happens without even trying it though
      [21:00:03] <kraom> hmm
      [21:00:11] <%Oreoboy1996> like once i had a dream that felt like 15 years before i even knew about time dilation
      [21:00:18] <DaveTheJoker> Is there no foolproof RC that ALWAYS works?
      [21:00:22] <kraom> no
      [21:00:34] <DaveTheJoker> damn
      [21:00:36] <kraom> really its based off your belief i guess,,
      [21:00:37] <Exotiraan^> DaveTheJoker: You find your own.
      [21:00:44] <%Oreoboy1996> my reality check where i check how it feels to be in a dream has never failed me
      [21:00:48] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:00:51] <DaveTheJoker> Exotiraan^: I'm not lucid enough
      [21:00:52] <theCambino^> what a joke
      [21:00:53] <@OpheliaBlue> wb buddy
      [21:00:53] <%Oreoboy1996> though i suppose it's possible with a trick of the mind
      [21:00:58] <kraom> yea same here but mines not really a reality check
      [21:01:13] <kraom> its just like well this is a dream.
      [21:01:14] <theCambino^> connection remote lost.... client connection lost...
      [21:01:27] <kraom> did #dv get to you again
      [21:01:29] <theCambino^> 15minutes of signing in nonstop >X(
      [21:01:33] Exotiraan^ always does a hand-check because, when he's dreaming, it fails 95% of the time fro him.
      [21:01:37] Evolventity|Away [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: http://goo.gl/XJV5y
      [21:01:41] <theCambino^> it's not #DV
      [21:01:42] <DaveTheJoker> Exotiraan^: me too man
      [21:01:54] <DaveTheJoker> wait
      [21:01:56] <theCambino^> it's just the client connection with IRC is a piece of shit
      [21:01:57] <kraom> try using the nose plug R
      [21:01:59] <DaveTheJoker> I mean it does NOT fail
      [21:01:59] <theCambino^> anyway
      [21:01:59] <kraom> RC*
      [21:02:09] <DaveTheJoker> I will try the nose plug
      [21:02:14] <%RareCola> Hand checks and nose plugging are definitely my most reliable RCs
      [21:02:21] Oreoboy1996 sneaks back to his dj
      [21:02:23] <DaveTheJoker> and the finger count one has worked for me
      [21:02:25] <DaveTheJoker> I should do that one
      [21:02:34] <theCambino^> RareCola: do you do palm checks irl?
      [21:02:49] <%RareCola> Occasionally, only when I think something's weird
      [21:02:53] <theCambino^> right
      [21:03:04] <DaveTheJoker> me too
      [21:03:10] <kraom> alright guess well i have to clean out my car for this camping trip. so ill see ya later.
      [21:03:13] <kraom> guys*
      [21:03:18] <DaveTheJoker> but the finger palm one is a joke
      [21:03:18] <theCambino^> sadly there isn't much that happens that is weird
      [21:03:20] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya kraom
      [21:03:27] kraom [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:03:30] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks for joining guys, going to go log chat now
      [21:03:31] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:03:31] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      Thursday, July 5th, 8pm CST Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:

      [01:53] Oreoboy1996|Away is now known as Oreoboy1996.
      [01:54] opheliablue: wb man
      [01:54] Oreoboy1996: thanks
      [01:54] opheliablue: I'm still waiting
      [01:54] opheliablue: s
      [01:55] opheliablue: might be a bit late but I'm on my phone at least
      [01:55] Oreoboy1996: the topic is opening your dream eyes?
      [01:55] Oreoboy1996: interesting
      [01:56] theCambino: something I'm not familiar with...?
      [01:56] • theCambino shrugs
      [01:56] opheliablue: yeah you know when you realize in an FA that you are lucid, but
      [01:56] theCambino: I am still willing
      [01:57] theCambino: ...I wake up eyes closed
      [01:57] theCambino: or try to
      [01:57] opheliablue: sometimes are ambivalent to open you eyes in the dream, for fear of waking up for real?
      [01:57] theCambino: that'd make sense
      [01:57] Oreoboy1996: i don't have false awakenings often but i understand
      [01:58] Oreoboy1996: actually i think the one dream i was lucid but blind is similar
      [01:59] opheliablue: not always sure what to make the topic, so I draw from my own lucid experiences
      [01:59] theCambino: understandable
      [01:59] opheliablue: how was it similar oreo?
      [01:59] Oreoboy1996: i have a trick or two for solving the blindness problem in dreams, but i always forget to use them
      [02:00] Oreoboy1996: well i figured being blind and not opening your eyes were similar enough
      [02:00] opheliablue: just say fuck it and open them?
      [02:00] Marciano999 left the chat room. (Quit: )
      [02:00] Oreoboy1996: that's one way to do it
      [02:00] Marciano999 joined the chat room.
      [02:01] theCambino: party in the class time!
      [02:02] Oreoboy1996: i do remember when I did my first WILD my dream eyes were closed when i was already in a dream
      [02:02] Oreoboy1996: i could feel that i was in a dream though and was confident about it
      [02:02] Oreoboy1996: so opening my eyes wasn't a problem to me at the time
      [02:03] opheliablue left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:06] DaveTheJoker: *9 OCLOCL
      [02:06] DaveTheJoker: FUCKIT
      [02:07] theCambino: OpheliaBlue|Away is on her way
      [02:07] DaveTheJoker: ``Let's talk about some dreaming
      [02:07] OpheliaBlue|Away: !back
      [02:07] OpheliaBlue|Away is now known as OpheliaBlue.
      [02:07] theCambino: wb OpheliaBlue
      [02:07] Oreoboy1996: welcome back
      [02:07] OpheliaBlue: sorry my phone pooped out
      [02:07] OpheliaBlue: hey guys
      [02:07] DaveTheJoker: UNDERWAY
      [02:07] theCambino: ...
      [02:07] Oreoboy1996: DaveTheJoker : it's 9:07 actually
      [02:07] theCambino: lol
      [02:07] OpheliaBlue: 8:07 here
      [02:08] DaveTheJoker: no OpheliaBlue
      [02:08] DaveTheJoker: it is 9:07
      [02:09] OpheliaBlue: don't argue with me
      [02:09] OpheliaBlue: ok reading up
      [02:09] OpheliaBlue: so Oreoboy1996, obviously confidence when you know you're in a dream is important
      [02:10] OpheliaBlue: it helps you to overcome certain obstacles, like opening your eyes, or moving out of your bed, if the LD starts there
      [02:10] Oreoboy1996: yeah but there was one problem in that dream
      [02:10] OpheliaBlue: what
      [02:10] Oreoboy1996: i was afraid of moving around -_-
      [02:10] OpheliaBlue: afraid because of what was in the dream with you? or you were afraid it would wake you up?
      [02:10] Oreoboy1996: now that i think of it, in that false awakening i had i was also worried about that
      [02:10] Oreoboy1996: i was afraid i would hurt myself in real life actually
      [02:11] Oreoboy1996: i forgot to have faith in sleep paralysis lol
      [02:11] OpheliaBlue: oh wow really? why?
      [02:11] Oreoboy1996: well the first time i was in a car, so i was worried i would unbuckle my seatbelt or something
      [02:11] Oreoboy1996: the false awakening i was in bed and worried i would roll off
      [02:11] RareCola: I am here -- sorry for being late
      [02:11] Oreoboy1996: hello RareCola
      [02:12] RareCola: what are we talking 'bout then
      [02:12] Oreoboy1996: i've learned from my mistakes though and i'm sure if it happens again i'll remember them
      [02:12] OpheliaBlue: hey RareCola!
      [02:12] RareCola: Lisa<3
      [02:12] OpheliaBlue: oh BALLS!
      [02:13] OpheliaBlue: I didn't do the PM
      [02:13] RareCola: haha
      [02:13] OpheliaBlue: I'll do that now
      [02:13] Oreoboy1996: lol
      [02:13] OpheliaBlue: we went to dinner spontaneoulsy sorry
      [02:13] OpheliaBlue: hold a sec, I'll go later if necessary
      [02:13] DaveTheJoker: what was dinner?
      [02:14] theCambino: back from dinner
      [02:14] theCambino: now I can type
      [02:14] OpheliaBlue: trout shrimp calimari fried pickles and martini
      [02:14] theCambino: oooh
      [02:15] DaveTheJoker: mmmmmm
      [02:15] theCambino: rout
      [02:15] theCambino: trout
      [02:15] DaveTheJoker: gimme gimmme
      [02:15] DaveTheJoker: Calimari
      [02:15] DaveTheJoker: martini
      [02:15] DaveTheJoker: shrimp
      [02:15] theCambino: on topic
      [02:15] DaveTheJoker: lordy
      [02:15] DaveTheJoker: sorry
      [02:15] theCambino: it's alright
      [02:15] RareCola: How's your dreams been going DaveTheJoker?
      [02:15] RareCola: Did you fix your issues?
      [02:15] theCambino: been waiting to utilize my time in class today since last time my connection was bad
      [02:16] OpheliaBlue: oh dome
      [02:16] theCambino: sooo
      [02:16] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : no its been worse, unforchunately
      [02:16] OpheliaBlue: done*
      [02:17] RareCola: Ah :/
      [02:17] OpheliaBlue: so what's most on your mind then theCambino?
      [02:17] DaveTheJoker: I HATE having no recal
      [02:17] DaveTheJoker: I HATE it
      [02:17] DaveTheJoker: HATE
      [02:17] DaveTheJoker: its like why sleep at all
      [02:17] theCambino: yeah I feel you on that
      [02:18] RareCola: Why do you think that is, DaveTheJoker?
      [02:18] Oreoboy1996: don't get worked up over it DaveTheJoker
      [02:18] Oreoboy1996: that only makes it worse
      [02:18] Oreoboy1996: you need to be more relaxed and patient about it
      [02:18] theCambino: think of it like a dry spell
      [02:18] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : I dont know
      [02:18] theCambino: recall comes and sometimes goes for a bit
      [02:18] DaveTheJoker: I feel like I am missing something big
      [02:18] RareCola: Describe your sleep schedule to me. Do you go to bed/wake up the same time every day? Mantras? What do you do before bed?
      [02:19] Oreoboy1996: what do you normally do to remember dreams?
      [02:19] syth406: Have you guys tried writing down waking life too to try to improve memory?
      [02:19] DaveTheJoker: IDK I just remember them
      [02:19] theCambino: DaveTheJoker: you gotta work on your sleep sched
      [02:19] theCambino: remember!
      [02:19] Oreoboy1996: syth406 : i haven't because i personally find that too much trouble
      [02:19] Oreoboy1996: but other people have
      [02:19] DaveTheJoker: I remember them in the morning and write them down
      [02:19] DaveTheJoker: I awoke intro SP again
      [02:19] theCambino: I agree with Oreoboy1996
      [02:20] kraom joined the chat room.
      [02:20] theCambino: in his answer toward syth406
      [02:20] Oreoboy1996: hello kraom
      [02:20] DaveTheJoker: but again it was in my LAST sleep cycle so I had to get up
      [02:20] theCambino: welcome kraom
      [02:20] RareCola: That's where your problem is. You're expecting the recall to happen in the morning, the best time to induce better recall is before bed.
      [02:20] Oreoboy1996: DaveTheJoker : you should try recalling in the middle of the night
      [02:20] kraom: hi
      [02:20] syth406: I find it sorts therapeutic.
      [02:20] DaveTheJoker: Oreoboy1996 : you dream in the middle of the night?
      [02:20] theCambino: use a mantra before bed
      [02:20] theCambino: I will remember my dreams
      [02:20] Oreoboy1996: each time you wake up in the middle of the night, try to recall your dreams and then write a few key words in a notebook to help you remember in the morning
      [02:20] DaveTheJoker: I DO use a mantra before bed
      [02:21] RareCola: That's a horrific mantra, theCambino
      [02:21] Oreoboy1996: wtf, of course i dream in the middle of the night
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker: I dont wake up in the middle of the night
      [02:21] Oreoboy1996: how is that horrific?
      [02:21] RareCola: That's also your problem, DaveTheJoker
      [02:21] theCambino: RareCola: ughhh it's an example
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker: ?
      [02:21] Oreoboy1996: DaveTheJoker : set an alarm if you must
      [02:21] RareCola: Oreoboy1996: It's a future mantra and it lacks meaning
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker: I am just a world of problems
      [02:21] syth406: Mantras work better in present tense
      [02:21] OpheliaBlue: hey kraom
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker: in the middle of the night?
      [02:21] theCambino: oh cola...
      [02:21] theCambino: yes syth406
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker: I dont even dream then
      [02:21] Oreoboy1996: RareCola : i don't believe the tense of the mantra matters at all
      [02:21] theCambino: "I remember dreams"
      [02:22] kraom: hi ophelia
      [02:22] Oreoboy1996: what your intentions are is important
      [02:22] RareCola: DaveTheJoker: Of course you do. Your first dream starts about 2 hours after going to bed.
      [02:22] OpheliaBlue: saying "I'm a world of problems" is negative self talk, and it's a set up for failure
      [02:22] OpheliaBlue: ./ Dr. Phil
      [02:22] theCambino: I think it starts first with DaveTheJoker's sleep sched
      [02:22] DaveTheJoker: No
      [02:22] Oreoboy1996: DaveTheJoker : you dream in the middle of the night, you just don't seem to remember
      [02:22] OpheliaBlue: ^^
      [02:22] theCambino: not to attack you DaveTheJoker .... but we spoke about you going to sleep sooner and having a sched sleep cycle
      [02:23] DaveTheJoker: I dont think its my sleep cycle beacuse I can wake up as late as I want
      [02:23] RareCola: I think DaveTheJoker is just doing everything backwards, you need to completely rethink how you look at lucid dreaming and recall
      [02:23] DaveTheJoker: so I get about the same length of sleep every night
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: DaveTheJoker: good point
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: however
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: I noticed I can have the same hours of sleep, BUT
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: if I sleep later and wake up later,
      [02:23] RareCola: You need to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: there's more sunlight coming throught the windows when I should be WBTBing
      [02:23] theCambino: thank you RareCola !
      [02:24] theCambino: that is what I am saying!
      [02:24] DaveTheJoker: I pretty much do
      [02:24] DaveTheJoker: within 1-2 hours
      [02:24] OpheliaBlue: the point is, that's when your body starts producing melatonin, and it wakes you up too much
      [02:24] RareCola: It should be no more than 30 minutes
      [02:24] RareCola: Honestly, I don't believe that, OpheliaBlue
      [02:24] theCambino: a sleep schedule is pretty helpful in everything luciddreaming.... dreaming period
      [02:24] DaveTheJoker: well I have shades in my room
      [02:24] RareCola: My sleep schedule at the moment usually revolves around me waking up at 11am... no issues with recall or lucidity for me
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : I wake up around the same time
      [02:25] theCambino: DaveTheJoker: your body sense when the room is just slightly a little brighter or darker
      [02:25] Oreoboy1996: i wouldn't know because i sleep under my blanket once the light comes out
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: when do you go to bed?
      [02:25] RareCola: Me? Usually 3-4am
      [02:25] theCambino: Oreoboy1996: I wish I could do that but I feel like sufficating myself
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : that must be it
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: I am getting too MUCH sleep
      [02:26] theCambino: 8 hrs is recommended
      [02:26] RareCola: Too much sleep can also be bad, you sleep beyond the end of your dream and forget it before you even wake up
      [02:26] theCambino: any more CAN be bad
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : maybe that is it
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: because I go to bed around 2
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: and often wake up at noon
      [02:26] RareCola: How old are you?
      [02:26] theCambino: yeah 10 hrs is a lot
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : 17
      [02:27] RareCola: yea, I'd say 10 hours is a bit much
      [02:27] theCambino: yeah 8 hrs is more than plenty
      [02:27] OpheliaBlue left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:27] DaveTheJoker: ok I will set my alarm for 6am
      [02:27] Oreoboy1996: well, teenagers require 9 hours of sleep
      [02:27] OpheliaBlue joined the chat room.
      [02:27] OpheliaBlue was promoted to operator by DreamBot.
      [02:27] theCambino: 2am to 6am?
      [02:27] OpheliaBlue: balls
      [02:27] theCambino: oh nvm
      [02:27] Oreoboy1996: 1 more hour doesn't hurt i'm sure
      [02:27] RareCola: Do you do a WBTB DaveTheJoker?
      [02:27] Marciano999: after how many hours of sleep will i stop dreaming? and/or how many cycles max one person can i get in one night of sleep?
      [02:27] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : with an alarm?
      [02:27] RareCola: It's better without an alarm for recall
      [02:27] DaveTheJoker: well if I have to piss or something
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: I do
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: lol
      [02:28] theCambino: drink a lot of water
      [02:28] Oreoboy1996: i'm not sure Marciano999
      [02:28] theCambino: water also helps the brain
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: but usually no
      [02:28] theCambino: in memory
      [02:28] Oreoboy1996: from my experience it's when i can't sleep anymore that i stop dreaming
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: I drink a ton of water
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: well I used to
      [02:28] RareCola: I think in general you just need to take it a bit more seriously if you want to improve, DaveTheJoker
      [02:28] theCambino: good
      [02:28] syth406: A great way to reset your sleep schedule is to eat your breakfast in the sun.
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: I am takin it seriously
      [02:28] Marciano999: i see
      [02:28] theCambino: you think you drink a lot of water... drink more
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: I am doing a MILD that keeps me from falling asleep...
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: for 15 mintures
      [02:29] DaveTheJoker: and I started reading before bed
      [02:29] theCambino: maybe you're stressing too much over recall?
      [02:29] DaveTheJoker: but it made it worse...
      [02:29] DaveTheJoker: I think RareCola is right
      [02:29] DaveTheJoker: I am getting too much sleep
      [02:29] theCambino: I know RareCola is right
      [02:29] DaveTheJoker: I am waking up too late
      [02:29] OpheliaBlue: syth406: that's interesting
      [02:29] RareCola: Well. Change your sleep schedule to 8 hours, practice waking up multiple times throughout the night. Do a WBTB every night (around 4-6 hours after initially going to sleep, and preferably without an alarm if you can train yourself)
      [02:30] theCambino: ...and try to fall asleep at the same scheduled time
      [02:30] OpheliaBlue: syth406: for getting your biological clock working regularly?
      [02:30] DaveTheJoker: So tomorrow I will get up rediculously early
      [02:30] DaveTheJoker: and then I will go to bed early
      [02:30] DaveTheJoker: and then I should wake up ealier than normal
      [02:30] RareCola: Forcing a change in sleep schedule won't work either, you need to be more subtle about it for it to stick
      [02:30] syth406: Yes
      [02:30] theCambino: if you sleep say midnight everynight and get sufficient 8 hours... and then say sleep in on saturday... you're fucking up your sleep cycle
      [02:31] theCambino: saturday you get... say 10 hours
      [02:31] RareCola: Change your sleep schedule over the course of 7 days, waking up and going to bed a bit earlier each day.
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker: !brb water
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB.
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker|BRB: I cnat
      [02:31] theCambino: that messed with your biological clock
      [02:31] syth406: Yeah
      [02:31] theCambino: why can't you?
      [02:31] Topic changed to "Settling on a Regular Sleep Schedule" by OpheliaBlue.
      [02:31] theCambino: lol
      [02:32] DaveTheJoker|BRB: well I cant controll when I go to bed
      [02:32] DaveTheJoker|BRB: !back
      [02:32] DaveTheJoker|BRB is now known as DaveTheJoker.
      [02:32] DaveTheJoker: when I fall asleep that is
      [02:32] RareCola: You can, with practice
      [02:32] RareCola: and a good diet before sleep helps
      [02:32] DaveTheJoker: I dont know why, but my focus on dreaming has made it much more difficult for me to fall sleep
      [02:33] RareCola: Going to sleep should literally take no more than 10 minutes
      [02:33] DaveTheJoker: it used to be instant
      [02:33] DaveTheJoker: then I started thinking about it
      [02:33] theCambino: when I started again from a break... during the break I was reckless staying up late and I would be disappointed the following mornings for having terrible recall... and said I will stay motivated because my recall will get better and better in the course of a week or so because I am fixing my sleep schedule
      [02:33] theCambino:
      [02:33] OpheliaBlue: since I've been getting on the treadmill every other day, I pass out way easier
      [02:33] theCambino: there!
      [02:33] DaveTheJoker: I should go runnin
      [02:33] RareCola: I think that's your problem too, you're being too focused on it. I have infinitely better recall when I don't get too determined on it
      [02:33] DaveTheJoker: lol its like I am both too determined and too lazy
      [02:33] OpheliaBlue: lol I know the feeling man
      [02:34] RareCola: You're determined on the wrong things, basically
      [02:34] OpheliaBlue: but you gotta find it in yourself
      [02:34] DaveTheJoker: lol
      [02:34] theCambino: mentally you're determinded and physically you lazy and don't act on the determination?
      [02:34] OpheliaBlue: wake up your inner adult
      [02:34] theCambino: you're**
      [02:34] RareCola: The thing I think most people struggle with, including DaveTheJoker is that lucid dreaming isn't just lucid dreaming, it's lucid living
      [02:35] RareCola: it requires rethinking your entire life to succeed well
      [02:35] OpheliaBlue: amen my brother
      [02:35] RareCola: and finding the motivation to do that
      [02:35] theCambino: a lifestyle
      [02:35] DaveTheJoker: well I dont know if I want to rethink my entire life
      [02:35] OpheliaBlue: not just something that you say right before bed "Ok I'm gonna try to LD"
      [02:35] DaveTheJoker: kist to get dream recall
      [02:35] DaveTheJoker: well the funny thing is
      [02:35] DaveTheJoker: when I do that, OpheliaBlue
      [02:35] theCambino: scratch "try"
      [02:35] DaveTheJoker: it often works
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: well not often
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: but when I just have a few thoughts
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: It works better than staying up all night thinking about it
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: I am confusing myself
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: stoppit
      [02:36] theCambino: lol
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: my brain is pissing me off
      [02:37] RareCola: From what I can see there are multiple things causing your problems
      [02:37] theCambino: calm yourself down...
      [02:37] DaveTheJoker: imagine if you had to live with this penut for a brain
      [02:37] DaveTheJoker: you would be annoyed too
      [02:37] RareCola: Honestly? The thing I would recommend at this point is taking a time-out from lucid dreaming
      [02:37] RareCola: Don't even attempt it for a week
      [02:37] syth406 left the chat room. (Connection closed)
      [02:37] DaveTheJoker: ok
      [02:37] RareCola: And come back next week with a fresh start
      [02:37] theCambino: getta fresh start... like RareCola is saying
      [02:37] theCambino: damn it
      [02:37] DaveTheJoker: maybe this week I will attempt to fix my sleep schedule
      [02:37] theCambino: tuslo
      [02:38] OpheliaBlue: sounds like a good idea
      [02:38] RareCola: Yea, have a week of sorting out your sleep schedule and maybe attempting to wake up multiple times during the night, just set your intentions on that
      [02:38] DaveTheJoker: maybe I will wake up at 6am
      [02:38] DaveTheJoker: stay awake for a bit
      [02:38] DaveTheJoker: and then do a WBTB
      [02:39] OpheliaBlue: I'm setting my alarm for 5am, then 6:30, then 8
      [02:39] theCambino: that many times?
      [02:39] OpheliaBlue: it's my snooze DEILD method
      [02:40] theCambino: lol
      [02:40] OpheliaBlue: yeah, worked this morning haha
      [02:40] RareCola: Oo you're not a natural waker?
      [02:40] RareCola: Haha
      [02:40] theCambino: OpheliaBlue: my alarm clock would suck for that
      [02:40] OpheliaBlue: I did naturally for all except the 5am one\
      [02:40] OpheliaBlue: that was when my bf got up for work
      [02:40] DaveTheJoker: I am totally stealing OpheliaBlue 's Idea
      [02:40] RareCola: ah
      [02:40] theCambino: one step at a time
      [02:41] theCambino: don't shoot yourself in the foot and take on too many techniques
      [02:41] OpheliaBlue: the rest I did on my own, but I'm not sure it would work 2 nights in a row, since I'm not as tired today as I was yesterday what with the long ass work day
      [02:41] DaveTheJoker: you think I have patience?
      [02:41] OpheliaBlue: no not really haha
      [02:41] theCambino: do I think you don't?
      [02:41] OpheliaBlue: but you can learn that too
      [02:41] DaveTheJoker: absolutely not
      [02:41] theCambino: patience is key... just like confidence
      [02:41] RareCola: Patience is a virtue, as they say~
      [02:41] theCambino: dream yoga young grasshoppper
      [02:41] DaveTheJoker: We are not patient types around here
      [02:41] DaveTheJoker: Its not my fault
      [02:42] DaveTheJoker: lol jk
      [02:42] theCambino: start learning to be patient
      [02:42] theCambino: it's a process
      [02:42] DaveTheJoker: I am better than my dad
      [02:42] OpheliaBlue: ok
      [02:42] RareCola: What is your reason for lucid dreaming DaveTheJoker?
      [02:43] DaveTheJoker: boredom to be honest
      [02:43] RareCola: That could also be your issue
      [02:43] RareCola: You're not motivated enough
      [02:43] theCambino: that's a tough question with multiple answers
      [02:43] DaveTheJoker: [21:43:32] <% RareCola > You're not motivated enough
      [02:43] DaveTheJoker: definition of my life
      [02:43] DaveTheJoker: so far that is
      [02:44] theCambino: wow it's 6:44 already @[email protected]
      [02:44] RareCola: So here is your homework for this week, and I want a report back from you in your workbook next weekend: 1) Sort out your sleep schedule 2) Practice waking up multiple times during the night, there are multiple methods to do this, research them. 3) Start a list of why you want to lucid dream. Make them meaningful and things that will motivate you.
      [02:44] theCambino: I definitely need to start waking up without an alarm
      [02:45] OpheliaBlue: practice and motivation
      [02:45] theCambino: determination and commitment
      [02:45] OpheliaBlue: funny how those things come fairly easy when yuo really want to attain that goal
      [02:45] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : I am gonna paste that in my DJ, if you don't mind
      [02:45] DaveTheJoker: just for me to reference
      [02:45] RareCola: Go ahead
      [02:46] RareCola: And be patient, you have all week so take your time with all of them
      [02:47] theCambino: agrees
      [02:47] DaveTheJoker: I need to do shit IRL
      [02:47] DaveTheJoker: I think that will help with dreaming
      [02:47] DaveTheJoker: this laying around is overrated
      [02:47] theCambino: practice ADA and ASDA
      [02:47] theCambino: whill walking to the park?
      [02:47] theCambino: while*
      [02:48] DaveTheJoker: sounds cool
      [02:48] thedanknight joined the chat room.
      [02:48] DaveTheJoker: but I mean like stuff to advance my life
      [02:48] DaveTheJoker: maybe get a job
      [02:48] theCambino: oh
      [02:48] RareCola: That could help
      [02:48] RareCola: Of course getting more juice for your dreams will increase their content
      [02:48] theCambino: ^
      [02:49] theCambino: getting a job will ease irl stresses
      [02:49] DaveTheJoker: I got frustrated after searching for a job and not finding anything workable
      [02:49] theCambino: stress deminishes recall at times too
      [02:49] DaveTheJoker: you need to be 18 for all the good jobs
      [02:49] RareCola: Another tip I have is to focus on finding "dream feelings" in real life. For example, if you're driving in a car open up the window and notice the environment rushing past you as the wind blows against your face. It's a pretty surreal thing that can feel really dream-like
      [02:49] RareCola: there are a whole bunch of things like this in real life
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: ^
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: posting that in the thread too
      [02:50] theCambino: interesting!
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: so much useful info here
      [02:50] • theCambino takes notes
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: thank god for these
      [02:50] theCambino: Ikr
      [02:50] RareCola: Haha
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: and the teachers of course
      [02:50] theCambino: like the surreal thing... going to the park and just listening to the environment is pretty weird
      [02:51] theCambino: or the zoo
      [02:51] theCambino: I need to go to the zoo sometime
      [02:51] theCambino: get some more content for the mind
      [02:51] DaveTheJoker: lol tthe zoo
      [02:51] theCambino: then dream about errr say polar bears
      [02:51] RareCola: I'm a fan of people-watching too, it's interesting to just sit somewhere and see how people go about their lives. That could be why I have so many dreams where I'm viewing from other people's perspectives, actually.
      [02:51] DaveTheJoker: yea I wish we had a place to do that around here
      [02:52] RareCola: I'm sure you could find somewhere. Every town has a park
      [02:52] theCambino: detroit doesn't have zoos?
      [02:52] OpheliaBlue: forgive me, there's always a troll, or spammer, or something wheneve I'm tryign to teach a class
      [02:52] theCambino: lol
      [02:52] DaveTheJoker: huh where
      [02:52] theCambino: forums...?
      [02:52] RareCola: No worries, my teaching juices seem to be flowing tonight.
      [02:52] DaveTheJoker: the park at my town sucks
      [02:53] theCambino: downtown...
      [02:53] theCambino: sit on a bench
      [02:53] DaveTheJoker: I might get shot
      [02:53] theCambino: or steps
      [02:53] RareCola: Go sit in a McDonalds then, idfk
      [02:53] theCambino: think positive
      [02:53] theCambino: RareCola: lol
      [02:53] DaveTheJoker: jk, but seriosly inner suburbs of detroit arent the place for that sort of thing
      [02:54] DaveTheJoker: although gettin shot might be good for dreaming
      [02:54] theCambino: there's always a place
      [02:54] RareCola: haha
      [02:54] theCambino: lol
      [02:54] theCambino: going downtown tomorrow to people watch
      [02:54] DaveTheJoker: plus its soo hot
      [02:54] theCambino: excuses....
      [02:54] DaveTheJoker: downtown detroit....
      [02:54] theCambino: determination!
      [02:55] RareCola: Noticing weather is great, weather in dreams can be very intense
      [02:55] theCambino: I've been walking around to much... time for the environment to walk around me... so I can watch
      [02:55] theCambino: rain in dreams!
      [02:55] DaveTheJoker: I guess I will get on my bike and huff it into Franklin tomorrow
      [02:55] DaveTheJoker: if I dont die
      [02:55] theCambino: there you go
      [02:55] DaveTheJoker: of heat
      [02:56] theCambino: you'll get your daily exercise
      [02:56] theCambino: and be tired enough to fall asleep earlier
      [02:56] theCambino:
      [02:56] DaveTheJoker: or I could drive there....
      [02:56] theCambino: driving isn't fun
      [02:56] DaveTheJoker: isnt it kind of weird to sit alone at a park
      [02:56] theCambino: not at all
      [02:56] theCambino: people do it all the time... it's why there are benches
      [02:57] RareCola: I think one of the most important things in life is to become comfortable with spending time in your own company
      [02:57] theCambino: ^
      [02:57] DaveTheJoker: I spend too much of my time in my own company
      [02:57] RareCola: Ever gone to a restaurant by yourself? You should try it
      [02:57] theCambino: it's not how much time you spend
      [02:57] theCambino: it's how comfortable you are spending it
      [02:57] theCambino: RareCola: eating alone is a little more challenging...
      [02:57] theCambino: hah
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: maybe I will take my brother out for lunch one of these days
      [02:58] RareCola: Haha
      [02:58] theCambino: I am still trying to get comfortable eating alone... especially in high class restaurants
      [02:58] theCambino: you don't see people eating alone in red lobster
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: no
      [02:58] RareCola: It's hard and awkward, but it's great
      [02:58] theCambino: but that's besides the point
      [02:58] theCambino: ^ agreed
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: how is it great?
      [02:58] theCambino: peace of mind
      [02:59] theCambino: plus people watching... watching them eat
      [02:59] DaveTheJoker: peace of mind that you are alone in life?
      [02:59] RareCola: Just being comfortable in your own company
      [02:59] OpheliaBlue left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:59] theCambino: thats a negative way to look at it DaveTheJoker
      [02:59] theCambino: you HAVE to be positive
      [02:59] DaveTheJoker: well...
      [02:59] Oreoboy1996: my problem is actually being around people >.>
      [02:59] theCambino: Oreoboy1996: because they're not dragons?
      [02:59] Oreoboy1996: i'm just fine on my own
      [02:59] DaveTheJoker: lol you cant spend your life alone
      [02:59] thedanknight: me too
      [02:59] theCambino: DaveTheJoker: that's not the point
      [02:59] Oreoboy1996: no because i have no social skills
      [03:00] theCambino: me neither Oreoboy1996 !
      [03:00] DaveTheJoker: I have no social skills
      [03:00] Oreoboy1996: i've also always been content with being alone
      [03:00] theCambino: same Oreoboy1996
      [03:00] DaveTheJoker: oh well I havent
      [03:00] OpheliaBlue joined the chat room.
      [03:00] OpheliaBlue was promoted to operator by DreamBot.
      [03:00] OpheliaBlue: dayamn
      [03:00] theCambino: society itself is awkward
      [03:00] RareCola: Nothing wrong with being introverted, I am myself
      [03:00] theCambino: wb OpheliaBlue
      [03:00] • theCambino is introverted
      [03:00] Oreoboy1996: unfortunately i'm going to have to learn how eventually
      [03:00] RareCola: Guess I'll be posting the chat log tonight Ophelia?
      [03:01] OpheliaBlue: hey RareCola, do you mind logging chat tonight? My chat history has too many holes tonight
      [03:01] theCambino: lol
      [03:01] DaveTheJoker: lol
      [03:01] RareCola: < Psychic
      [03:01] DaveTheJoker: great minds think alike
      [03:01] theCambino: Ikr
      [03:01] theCambino: I've been thinking what RareCola has been thinking almost all night
      [03:01] OpheliaBlue:
      [03:01] theCambino:
      [03:01] RareCola: I need to go grab some food before I head to bed, so I'll log the chat now
      [03:02] OpheliaBlue: ok thank youuu
      [03:02] OpheliaBlue: you're the best <3
      [03:02] RareCola: Good luck with your homework, DaveTheJoker
      [03:02] DaveTheJoker: thanks for your help
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      The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary.

      No sailor controls the sea. Only a foolish sailor would say such a thing. Similarly, no lucid dreamer controls the dream.
      Like a sailor on the sea, we lucid dreamers direct our perceptual awareness within the larger state of dreaming.

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      Friday, July 6th, 8pm CST Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [20:00:12] <Exotiraan^> 'Tis a nice keyboard on my small Android phone. You can type really fast on the touchscreen and it still gets your words correct.
      [20:00:27] <DaveTheJoker> I wish I had IRC on my blackberry
      [20:00:29] <@BuffaloBlue> so, DEILDs and FILDs... WILD's little brothers
      [20:00:31] <theCambino> FIlLD!
      [20:00:40] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
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      [20:00:45] paigeyemps^ [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] has joined #DVA
      [20:00:45] <theCambino> Exotiraan^: yep!
      [20:00:45] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v paigeyemps^
      [20:00:49] BuffaloBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h Caenis
      [20:00:55] <theCambino> paigeyemps^!
      [20:00:56] BuffaloBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h paigeyemps^
      [20:01:01] <DaveTheJoker> BuffaloBlue: I woke to SP with my alarm this morning
      [20:01:03] <@BuffaloBlue> yay hey Caenis and paigeyemps^
      [20:01:05] <%paigeyemps^> theCambino: !!!
      [20:01:07] <%Caenis> Hey.
      [20:01:10] <theCambino> Caenis!
      [20:01:13] <%paigeyemps^> hey ophie
      [20:01:15] <theCambino> bonjour!
      [20:01:19] <Burke> i'm not horribly late xD
      [20:01:22] <DaveTheJoker> hi paigeyemps
      [20:01:23] <%paigeyemps^> am i late?
      [20:01:23] <theCambino> lol
      [20:01:27] <%paigeyemps^> hey dave
      [20:01:34] BuffaloBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Topic: WILD's little brothers: DEILD and FILD."
      [20:01:36] <Wurlman> Hell caenis and PAIGEY my love!!
      [20:01:44] <%Oreoboy1996> never read up on FILD
      [20:01:44] <theCambino> atleast my phone is on qwerty!
      [20:01:48] <%paigeyemps^> Wurlman!!!!!!!!
      [20:01:50] <%Oreoboy1996> too lazy :/
      [20:01:50] <@BuffaloBlue> no y'all are all right on time
      [20:01:59] <%paigeyemps^> ))
      [20:02:00] <@BuffaloBlue> theCambino: oh I know mine too
      [20:02:02] <theCambino> ?? FILD
      [20:02:11] <%paigeyemps^> no sornabot.
      [20:02:11] <theCambino> oh no bot
      [20:02:12] <%paigeyemps^> ?
      [20:02:13] <%Oreoboy1996> sornabot isn't here
      [20:02:13] <Wurlman> Fild??
      [20:02:14] <%paigeyemps^> *
      [20:02:23] <%Caenis> Finger Induced LD.
      [20:02:28] <%Oreoboy1996> fild: Finger Induced Lucid Dream http://www.dreamviews.com/f49/finger...eam-fild-4779/
      [20:02:29] <theCambino> I'm on my phone...
      [20:02:36] <theCambino> bear with me
      [20:02:50] <theCambino> thank you oreo
      [20:02:51] <Wurlman> Is that we're u move ur finger well u fall asleep?
      [20:02:55] <@BuffaloBlue> yeah
      [20:02:58] <theCambino> yes
      [20:03:06] <@BuffaloBlue> I tried it once, but I found it a nuisance
      [20:03:07] <Wurlman> I understand
      [20:03:09] <DaveTheJoker> well you wake up in the middle of the night
      [20:03:17] OwenLucid [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:03:19] <DaveTheJoker> and you stay awake for as little as possible
      [20:03:23] <@BuffaloBlue> I find induction techniques are more mental than physical
      [20:03:25] <%Caenis> Hello OwenLucid.
      [20:03:29] <%paigeyemps^> i tried it a couple of times too but it mever worked for me
      [20:03:36] <DaveTheJoker> I tried last night
      [20:03:37] <OwenLucid> hey guys
      [20:03:38] <%paigeyemps^> *never
      [20:03:38] <Burke> good amount of people tonight
      [20:03:41] <DaveTheJoker> but I woke up to SP
      [20:03:42] <%paigeyemps^> hey OwenLucid
      [20:03:48] Exotiraan^ hasn't done anything outside of DILD and WILD (and one DEILD).
      [20:03:48] <OwenLucid> heeeellooo
      [20:03:54] <DaveTheJoker> and I wanted to try a DEILD
      [20:03:59] <DaveTheJoker> which failed...
      [20:04:08] paigeyemps^ [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] is now known as nutteyemps
      [20:04:17] <theCambino> this will be hard to keep up o_o
      [20:04:19] <%Caenis> I thought waking up with SP would make it easy to do DEILD?
      [20:04:27] <DaveTheJoker> me too
      [20:04:31] <@BuffaloBlue> me three
      [20:04:32] <kraom> yea seems like it
      [20:04:34] <DaveTheJoker> I waited and waited
      [20:04:40] <DaveTheJoker> but nuttin happened
      [20:04:51] <kraom> did you try visualization?
      [20:04:51] <DaveTheJoker> my alarm went on for 60 seconds
      [20:04:59] <%Caenis> That sucks.
      [20:05:08] <Exotiraan^> Explicitly waiting on things make you stay awake.
      [20:05:15] <DaveTheJoker> I just tried to slow my mind down
      [20:05:26] <DaveTheJoker> and tried to relax
      [20:05:31] <Burke> during deilds I try and go back in the dream i was just in
      [20:05:39] <%Caenis> That's a good point Exo.
      [20:05:40] <OwenLucid> is anybody else trying to DEILD cause they finally are done school and can sleep in?
      [20:05:42] <Burke> helps with not waking up too much and also with thinking of a place to go
      [20:05:56] <theCambino> ^ what Burke said
      [20:06:00] <theCambino> before
      [20:06:06] <DaveTheJoker> maybe I will think about ducks next time
      [20:06:07] <%nutteyemps> before, i would always imagine the dream i want before i go to bed. took a me a loooong time to realize it only keeps me awake
      [20:06:08] <%Oreoboy1996> i use DEILD, but it's not really because school is over
      [20:06:20] <theCambino> ducks XD
      [20:06:21] <Burke> I used to use DEILD all the time
      [20:06:31] <Burke> but I haven't had the oppourtunity recently
      [20:06:31] <%nutteyemps> so now i just listen to white noise from the AC or to my breaths so i can fall asleep
      [20:06:48] <OwenLucid> it would screw up my sleep schedual if I did during school
      [20:06:50] <@BuffaloBlue> in general, it's really important for ALL of us to realize that bed time is for sleep and dreams.. all other thoughts and stress and nonsense is for the waking hours.
      [20:06:59] <theCambino> I need to train myself not to move for DEILD again
      [20:07:24] <theCambino> ok brb getting on the comp
      [20:07:27] <DaveTheJoker> BuffaloBlue: give me exactly what to do after I wake to SP
      [20:07:35] <@BuffaloBlue> lol
      [20:07:44] <kraom> theres a thread like this
      [20:07:48] <@BuffaloBlue> well,
      [20:08:22] <@BuffaloBlue> you need to develop techniques to quiet your mind, and stress relievers durign the day help alot: ie. exercise.
      [20:08:40] <Wurlman> I wish I could achieve sp
      [20:08:50] <%Oreoboy1996> sp sucks
      [20:08:52] <Burke> Wurlman: you do every night
      [20:09:12] <@BuffaloBlue> tell yourself that stress and out of control thoughts are for the day, during exercise, and night/sp/dreams are for relaxation
      [20:09:31] <DaveTheJoker> well I wasnt stressed
      [20:09:36] <Wurlman> Lol
      [20:09:39] <DaveTheJoker> just a bit excited
      [20:09:43] <DaveTheJoker> not very much either
      [20:10:00] <DaveTheJoker> I just was trying to keep from involuntarily moving
      [20:10:00] <Burke> calm yourself, maintain a balance so that you fall asleep but you don't lose consciousness
      [20:10:11] <DaveTheJoker> I really wanted to roll over
      [20:10:21] <DaveTheJoker> eventually after I gave up I did
      [20:10:24] <DaveTheJoker> fell right to sleep....
      [20:10:40] <%nutteyemps> ahh whenever i avoid an itch, i just end up involuntarily twitching that body oart o.o
      [20:10:42] <%nutteyemps> part
      [20:10:42] <@BuffaloBlue> you probably need to wear yourself out more during the day
      [20:10:47] <Wurlman> Close ur eyes and amagine sinking in ur bed or floating out of ur body I read in a one book once
      [20:11:01] <@BuffaloBlue> lol you got all nutty
      [20:11:14] <%Caenis> Well you made a good attempt Dave! Read some WILD tutorials, and see what you think could help. There are a ton of different ways of creating a dream around you.
      [20:11:21] <%Caenis> nutteyemps: That happens to me too.
      [20:11:23] <%nutteyemps>
      [20:11:25] <Wurlman> Obe*
      [20:11:27] <%Oreoboy1996> since we're on the topic of WILD, i had backwards experience last night
      [20:11:38] <@BuffaloBlue> Wurlman: yeah, when I'm in prime position for WILDs / DEILDs, I have the sinking feeling.. almost to the point of feeling like there's a weight on me
      [20:11:45] <@BuffaloBlue> then something crawls up on me haha
      [20:11:56] <@BuffaloBlue> a comfortable weight, that is
      [20:12:08] <%Oreoboy1996> as I was falling asleep for the first time last night I somehow ended up in sleep paralysis
      [20:12:18] <%nutteyemps> x)
      [20:12:21] Exotiraan^ oohs.
      [20:12:22] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:12:31] <%RareCola> Late again, woops -- hey guys
      [20:12:35] <%nutteyemps> hey rc!
      [20:12:36] <DaveTheJoker> cool
      [20:12:36] <@BuffaloBlue> hey!
      [20:12:42] <%Oreoboy1996> i used it to my advantage and tried daydreaming
      [20:12:45] <DaveTheJoker> hey RareCola
      [20:12:58] <%nutteyemps> my pc was being crappy agaon and wouldnt turn on so i had to come over tom my co
      [20:12:59] <%Caenis> Hey RareCola.
      [20:13:02] <%Oreoboy1996> and i ended up in some sort of false awakening where i was blind and stumbling around my room
      [20:13:02] <%RareCola> So much name rape today
      [20:13:05] <%nutteyemps> ,cousin's
      [20:13:12] <%nutteyemps> damn this keyboard!! hahahaha
      [20:13:12] <@BuffaloBlue> oh that sucks Oreoboy1996
      [20:13:21] <%Oreoboy1996> i was lucid but i completely forgot about the thing we discussed about opening the dream eyes
      [20:13:26] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [20:13:31] <DaveTheJoker> Im sorry
      [20:13:33] <DaveTheJoker> I find that really funny
      [20:13:38] <%Oreoboy1996> it is funny
      [20:13:40] <%nutteyemps> loool
      [20:13:43] <@BuffaloBlue> I wonder if alot of those unstable, partially blind and deaf LDs are where we are still in a bit of SP
      [20:13:48] <DaveTheJoker> Oreoboy1996: stumbling around his room, blind, lucid
      [20:13:53] <%nutteyemps> i think it is?
      [20:13:59] <@BuffaloBlue> well, FA is not lucid
      [20:14:09] <@BuffaloBlue> you can turn it into a lucid
      [20:14:28] <%RareCola> False Awakenings are awesome though
      [20:14:28] <%Oreoboy1996> well i was lucid right from the start
      [20:14:31] <%RareCola> such an easy way to become lucid
      [20:14:53] <%Oreoboy1996> but i consider it a false awakening if i'm right where i fell asleep
      [20:14:58] <DaveTheJoker> I always RC in the morning
      [20:15:15] <Wurlman> Good practice for sure
      [20:15:18] <%Oreoboy1996> anyways, the strange part is i entered sp maybe a half hour or so after going to bed
      [20:15:22] <%Oreoboy1996> maybe sooner than that
      [20:15:55] <@BuffaloBlue> ohhhhh, well that's like, instantly lucid in your bed or whatever
      [20:16:05] <Wurlman> Hum
      [20:16:07] <@BuffaloBlue> a FA by definition is where you think you woke up, but you are dreaming
      [20:16:07] Exotiraan^ had two dreams this morning, but forgot one.
      [20:16:18] <%RareCola> It's just using your most recent waking memory to form the dream, instead of building a dream from your subconscious
      [20:16:32] <@BuffaloBlue> technically nonlucid, but it can easily become a lucid if you can become aware within th FA, which makes it a DILD more or less
      [20:16:34] <%nutteyemps> hmm i was wondering
      [20:16:51] <DaveTheJoker> FILD I think well work for me
      [20:17:05] <%RareCola> FILD's a weird one
      [20:17:11] <DaveTheJoker> weird?
      [20:17:16] <%nutteyemps> would an FA require the dream scene look normal and realistic? or would it still be an FA even if the scene is completely off, but you just think you woke up already
      [20:17:25] <%RareCola> I find it keeps me too awake
      [20:17:26] <Wurlman> Def. weird lol
      [20:17:51] Exotiraan^ intreprets a false awakening as literal definition.
      [20:17:53] <%RareCola> False awakening is any time you think you woke up, but you didn't. Hence false awakening.
      [20:17:56] <%Oreoboy1996> paigey, a false awakening would simply be one where you "wake up"
      [20:18:21] RommiH [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:18:23] theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:18:25] <Exotiraan^> You could wake up in outer space and it's still an FA. :p
      [20:18:28] <%RareCola> moar people
      [20:18:29] <%Oreoboy1996> hello RommiH and theCambino
      [20:18:35] <RommiH> Hello!
      [20:18:36] <%Oreoboy1996> Exotiraan^: yes
      [20:18:38] <%nutteyemps> thanks ĂĽ
      [20:18:38] <theCambino> hola
      [20:18:39] <RommiH> class now?
      [20:18:41] <RommiH> later?
      [20:18:43] <RommiH> soon?
      [20:18:44] <%RareCola> now
      [20:18:48] <%nutteyemps> now
      [20:18:54] <%Oreoboy1996> now
      [20:18:54] <theCambino> hola cola
      [20:18:55] <%nutteyemps> *nao
      [20:19:05] <Exotiraan^> RareCola: It started 1t 2000 UTC-0500.
      [20:19:05] <@BuffaloBlue> yes to nutteyemps
      [20:19:10] <Exotiraan^> * RommiH
      [20:19:20] <RommiH> for how since it started?
      [20:19:27] <%RareCola> 19 minutes
      [20:19:28] <Exotiraan^> Twenty minutes ago
      [20:19:29] <%Oreoboy1996> 20 minutes ago
      [20:19:30] <@BuffaloBlue> in fact, that's how you get an FA to become a lucid, if the waking environment is so messed up that it sparks lucidity
      [20:19:37] <Wurlman> Exotirraan I never though of it like that then I had one yesterday lol in Somones back yard
      [20:19:39] <RommiH> ok
      [20:19:57] <%nutteyemps>
      [20:20:26] <@BuffaloBlue> eventually you can even begin to "feel lucid" when you have an FA, if you do it continuously
      [20:20:36] <theCambino> so did I miss much discussion on FILD?
      [20:20:46] sollun [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:20:47] <RommiH> so were discussing DEILDs and FILDs... Great I need help with those
      [20:20:47] <theCambino> I know when I left it was about SP
      [20:20:51] <%Caenis> Hey sollun.
      [20:20:54] <%Oreoboy1996> hello sollun
      [20:20:58] <Wurlman> Nope
      [20:21:04] <Exotiraan^> I haven't had (or, at least, remembered) an FA in a while.
      [20:21:07] <sollun> hey all
      [20:21:20] <Wurlman> I want to wake up in space l
      [20:21:21] <@BuffaloBlue> hey sollun our newest and bluest
      [20:21:21] <RommiH> Its been a while for me too
      [20:21:24] <theCambino> had one before I started practice lucid dreaming
      [20:21:24] <%nutteyemps> hey sollun!
      [20:21:27] <@BuffaloBlue> tell us a bit about yourself man
      [20:21:32] <%RareCola> ewlcome sollun!
      [20:21:34] <%RareCola> and welcome
      [20:21:41] <%nutteyemps> oooh i've waoken up in space!
      [20:21:45] <%nutteyemps> *woken
      [20:21:46] <RommiH> Hello Sullon
      [20:21:47] <Wurlman> SOLLUN!!
      [20:21:51] <%nutteyemps> it was cool :3
      [20:21:56] <Exotiraan^> I usually hate those, 'cause when they do feel weird, I somehow end up getting it mixed up with schizophrenia or something, then panic. :<
      [20:21:57] <theCambino> nutteyemps: that's awesome
      [20:21:57] <%RareCola> I'm jealous
      [20:21:59] <@BuffaloBlue> nutteyemps: lol what
      [20:22:00] <%RareCola> I want to go to space
      [20:22:01] <Wurlman> Wrong spelling lololol
      [20:22:04] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't go to space often
      [20:22:04] <theCambino> I have yet to experience space
      [20:22:12] <%nutteyemps> i've had some space FAs before
      [20:22:13] <DaveTheJoker> oops ophelia I was in the wrong room LOL
      [20:22:16] <Wurlman> That would b the best
      [20:22:19] <%nutteyemps> and usually they didnt make me lucid
      [20:22:19] <@BuffaloBlue> I know I saw that
      [20:22:27] <DaveTheJoker> I was wondering why they werent talking about dreaming
      [20:22:34] <theCambino> lol
      [20:22:43] <%RareCola> Fail Dave :l
      [20:22:47] <@BuffaloBlue> !brb potty break 2 min
      [20:22:47] <theCambino> hah ^
      [20:22:48] BuffaloBlue [[email protected]] is now known as BuffaloBlue|BRB
      [20:22:57] DaveTheJoker facepalms for himself
      [20:22:59] <%nutteyemps> but whenever im in space, i always seem to jump off planets amd freefall to earth or something
      [20:23:09] <%nutteyemps> brb getting my name back
      [20:23:15] nutteyemps [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] has quit IRC: Quit: Colloquy for iPad - Mobile Colloquy: Stay Connected
      [20:23:22] Exotiraan^ hasn't been in space before in a dream.
      [20:23:27] paigeyemps^ [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] has joined #DVA
      [20:23:28] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v paigeyemps^
      [20:23:30] <%Oreoboy1996> welcome back
      [20:23:36] <%Caenis> I don't think I have either.
      [20:23:38] <OwenLucid> this is hecktick!
      [20:23:39] <+paigeyemps^> thanks
      [20:23:40] <theCambino> the only thing I have a problem with FILD is that I keep reading that the LDs are short and light
      [20:23:41] <theCambino> :/
      [20:23:50] <+paigeyemps^>
      [20:23:53] <Exotiraan^> I don't even recall it being a Spectator Mode event, but that's a lot more likely.
      [20:23:54] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino: someone told me that
      [20:23:59] <%Oreoboy1996> really? i thought this was pretty mild
      [20:24:02] <theCambino> unlike DILD... the dreams are usually already vivid
      [20:24:05] <Wurlman> PAIGEY I dident know that was u lmao
      [20:24:10] <DaveTheJoker> she said that you just need to do alot of stablization
      [20:24:12] <+paigeyemps^> whaaa? lmao
      [20:24:15] <+paigeyemps^>
      [20:24:21] <+paigeyemps^> i got raped
      [20:24:21] <%RareCola> I think there are better methods than FILD personally, you can focus your attention without moving your finger
      [20:24:22] <DaveTheJoker> and increase the vividness manually
      [20:24:25] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: yeah we'd have to work on control
      [20:24:28] <+paigeyemps^> weird, i neverget raped in the morning
      [20:24:32] <Wurlman> Lmao
      [20:24:34] <+paigeyemps^> anyway i was wondering
      [20:24:40] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino: well how hard can it be?
      [20:24:43] <+paigeyemps^> gaaaaaa i forgot
      [20:24:46] <theCambino> hard?
      [20:24:48] <DaveTheJoker> lol I never get raped in the morning
      [20:24:53] <theCambino> probably really hard
      [20:25:03] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino: nah sounds easy
      [20:25:03] <DaveTheJoker> I mean all you gotta do
      [20:25:06] <Exotiraan^> DaveTheJoker: As hard as you want it to be. :p
      [20:25:15] <Exotiraan^> (non-suggestively. )
      [20:25:21] <DaveTheJoker> is hug the wall and yell for the dream to be vivid
      [20:25:22] <+paigeyemps^> lmaok
      [20:25:27] <theCambino> spin
      [20:25:36] <%RareCola> Initial stabilisation of a dream is easy, yes, keeping it stable is hard.
      [20:25:36] <+paigeyemps^> lmao*bababababa this keyboard is going to be smashed later
      [20:25:45] <+paigeyemps^> ^^
      [20:25:47] <%Oreoboy1996> most people don't seem to handel spinning well
      [20:25:50] <%RareCola> Unless you spend the entire lucid dream rubbing your hands together
      [20:25:59] <theCambino> hmmm
      [20:26:02] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino: well the good thing is, you will likely be fully lucid
      [20:26:10] <@BuffaloBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:26:11] BuffaloBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as BuffaloBlue
      [20:26:16] <theCambino> RareCola: any suggestions outside of FILD... WILD?
      [20:26:19] <DaveTheJoker> and will have your wits about you in stabliizing the dream
      [20:26:27] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: true
      [20:26:29] <%RareCola> Also, remember that waking memories have issues transferring into lucid dreams. You may not remember to stabilise
      [20:26:30] <+paigeyemps^> i had this lucid dream once where a jamaican looking dc kept telling me to rc every few seconds
      [20:26:35] <+paigeyemps^> he might have been my dg
      [20:26:39] <+paigeyemps^> but never saw him again
      [20:26:43] <Exotiraan^> In the once-in-a-blue moon that I get lucid, I don't try to do stabalization stuff to it.
      [20:26:59] <RommiH> eeek gotta go :S
      [20:27:00] <+paigeyemps^> *stabilize, not rc
      [20:27:04] RommiH [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:27:08] <+paigeyemps^> aww byebye ro-nvm
      [20:27:13] <theCambino> lol
      [20:27:14] <+paigeyemps^> x)
      [20:27:16] <Exotiraan^> I think that doing the stabalization stuff gets into my head that you have to stabablize dreams in order for you to stay in them.
      [20:27:17] <+paigeyemps^> tuslo
      [20:27:28] <Exotiraan^> I don't want to invent more rules.
      [20:27:37] <%Caenis> You don't stabilize Exotiraan^? How long do you stay in your dreams for?
      [20:27:40] <+paigeyemps^> yea fOrceez said something about those being a schema
      [20:27:42] <%Caenis> How vivid are your LDs?
      [20:27:42] <theCambino> ^ makes sense Exotiraan^
      [20:27:47] <@BuffaloBlue> Exotiraan^: I know what yuo mean, they call that schema
      [20:27:58] <Wurlman> Good point on rules
      [20:28:03] <%Oreoboy1996> i do the same thing Exotiraan^
      [20:28:04] <+paigeyemps^> so like, if you dont expect your dream to crash, it wont, and you dont have to stabilize in the firstvplace
      [20:28:07] <+paigeyemps^> forst place
      [20:28:10] <+paigeyemps^> first
      [20:28:15] <@BuffaloBlue> yes
      [20:28:16] <+paigeyemps^>
      [20:28:18] <%RareCola> I personally don't believe that
      [20:28:18] <%Oreoboy1996> stabilization = destabilization
      [20:28:21] <@BuffaloBlue> at least, that's the theory
      [20:28:29] <+paigeyemps^> ^
      [20:28:34] <+paigeyemps^> i was kinda confused about int
      [20:28:35] <Wurlman> So is the big bang
      [20:28:36] <+paigeyemps^> it
      [20:28:41] <@BuffaloBlue> I know everyone is different, and there are all types of lucid learning
      [20:28:52] <+paigeyemps^> but ophie told me to try it out and see what works for me
      [20:28:53] <theCambino> so if spinning isn't handled by others well... what's a safe alternative
      [20:28:56] <@BuffaloBlue> sorry, I meant hypothesis, not theory
      [20:29:03] <@BuffaloBlue> schema is not a proven theory yet
      [20:29:05] <%RareCola> I think, if anything, it's a schema that believing not stabilising will help you stay lucid without stabilising.
      [20:29:12] <@BuffaloBlue> ^^^^^^^^^^^6
      [20:29:15] <@BuffaloBlue> -6
      [20:29:23] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:29:23] <DaveTheJoker> WHAT DO I THINK ABOUT , BuffaloBlue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
      [20:29:23] <DaveTheJoker> oops
      [20:29:23] <DaveTheJoker> didnt mean to hit enter
      [20:29:23] <DaveTheJoker> dont want to sound harsh
      [20:29:23] <DaveTheJoker> ^
      [20:29:32] <%RareCola> wut
      [20:29:32] <TylerRoberts> Im late again! But here!
      [20:29:35] <DaveTheJoker> hi TylerRoberts
      [20:29:41] <theCambino> bonjour TylerRoberts
      [20:29:42] <%Oreoboy1996> hello TylerRoberts
      [20:29:51] <+paigeyemps^> hey TylerRoberts !
      [20:29:52] <Wurlman> Tyler lol to cool for school
      [20:29:52] <@BuffaloBlue> anyway RareCola, that was going to be my next point but you worded it perfect
      [20:29:54] TylerRoberts changes avatar to http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-150-1939077-1264890883.jpeg
      [20:29:58] <theCambino> paigeyemps^: BuffaloBlue is opheliablue
      [20:29:59] <%Caenis> theCambino: Rubbing hands, staring at your hands, moving forward, touching your environment, eating something.
      [20:30:01] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:30:03] <DaveTheJoker> I need to know what to think
      [20:30:09] <+paigeyemps^> Cam did you just greet in french?
      [20:30:11] <%Oreoboy1996> BuffaloBlue: how do we prove a theory like that?
      [20:30:12] <theCambino> Caenis: thank you... good looking out!
      [20:30:21] <+paigeyemps^> i know, theCambino :p
      [20:30:21] <theCambino> paigeyemps^: oui
      [20:30:26] <%Caenis> Interacting with your dream, basically. The more you focus on your dream theCambino, the more vivid it will become!
      [20:30:31] <theCambino> ping ping ping
      [20:30:36] <theCambino> keep em coming!
      [20:30:37] <@BuffaloBlue> Oreoboy1996: I dunno, we need sleep therapists and REM scientists and brain wave specialists etc
      [20:30:42] Exotiraan^ is still in the process of trying to either coerce his mind to break logic rules or work within the system to get what he wants.
      [20:30:43] <+paigeyemps^> lol
      [20:30:54] theCambino taking notes from Caenis
      [20:30:56] <theCambino> thank you
      [20:31:00] <%RareCola> I don't think there is a way to prove it. It's all about what works for you.
      [20:31:07] <%RareCola> The power of belief is a strong one though
      [20:31:09] <@BuffaloBlue> true dat
      [20:31:10] <DaveTheJoker> RareCola: are you a DEILDer?
      [20:31:14] <+paigeyemps^> yaaa placentaaaa
      [20:31:15] <+paigeyemps^> woo
      [20:31:19] <%RareCola> I'm an everything-er.
      [20:31:19] <+paigeyemps^> i mean placebo
      [20:31:23] <%RareCola> So yes
      [20:31:26] <+paigeyemps^> lmfao wtf is wrong with me today
      [20:31:28] Caenis [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis|BRB
      [20:31:30] <%Oreoboy1996> i think trusting people would be easier than rapists
      [20:31:36] <theCambino> paigeyemps^: lawls
      [20:31:37] <DaveTheJoker> RareCola: what do you think of when you wake up in SP?
      [20:31:41] <@BuffaloBlue> I believe there is some truth to "OMG there is now possible way in hell I can have a decent LD without stabilizing" is a way to set up for failure
      [20:31:41] <@BuffaloBlue> but
      [20:31:57] <@BuffaloBlue> not learning stabilization techniques at all ever, is another set up for failure
      [20:32:11] <@BuffaloBlue> no problem having as many tricks up your sleeve as possible
      [20:32:24] <theCambino> not to derail the room... but I found myself doing a lot of RCs today... how many is too many?
      [20:32:26] <%RareCola> I don't really go into sleep paralysis, I have "vibrations" but never really full sleep paralysis. But when I wake up I usually just lay there and try and recall the previous dream or count down and believe that when I reach 0 I will be in a lucid dream.
      [20:32:29] <theCambino> errr to often
      [20:32:33] <theCambino> too often**
      [20:32:39] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB
      [20:32:43] <%RareCola> The trick with DEILDing is to not wake your mind up too much
      [20:32:49] <%Oreoboy1996> well what happens when i remember stabilization is I worry too much about the dream falling apart
      [20:33:07] <%Oreoboy1996> and no matter how much i stabilize i can't beat that thought
      [20:33:07] <theCambino> RCs in waking life is what I'm shooting at
      [20:33:17] <DaveTheJoker|BRB> !back
      [20:33:17] DaveTheJoker|BRB [Dav[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker
      [20:33:19] <TylerRoberts> My issue with DEILD is my instant urge to roll over when I wake up.
      [20:33:20] <%Oreoboy1996> so the answer is simply to not think about it
      [20:33:28] <%RareCola> You just have to fight that urge
      [20:33:34] <+paigeyemps^> TylerRoberts: it could work for you
      [20:33:38] <theCambino> TylerRoberts: same.... I have to work on that
      [20:33:40] <DaveTheJoker> huh
      [20:33:41] <+paigeyemps^> rolling over works for me a lot
      [20:33:42] <DaveTheJoker> !brb
      [20:33:42] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB
      [20:33:55] <%RareCola> Oh that's true actually, you can still DEILD after rolling over
      [20:34:02] <%RareCola> as long as you don't think about it too much
      [20:34:05] <+paigeyemps^> insteadnof laying still, i roll over and fall into a dream where i usually get lucid right away
      [20:34:17] <+paigeyemps^> im not sure why it works either
      [20:34:19] <TylerRoberts> Really? I roll over and then realizwe what I just did and give up.
      [20:34:21] <theCambino> I find myself being like oh fack I rolled over I gotta DEILD
      [20:34:24] <%RareCola> if you start thinking "oh I need to roll over! I have to! Okay I'm going to roll over. Damn I've just lost my DEILD chance" -- you're ruining it for yourself.
      [20:34:27] <Exotiraan^> At the end of a dream I had yesterday, I ran up to a computer terminal and started inputting commands to tell myself to «relax» and to «enter sleep paralysis» and «continue», but I ended up waking up when I did that.
      [20:34:36] <+paigeyemps^> yea you can try it out, just think positive
      [20:34:40] <@BuffaloBlue> Oreoboy1996: I believe there is truth to that.. don't worry about stabilization at all if possible. Then, if something goes wrong, have a back up plan
      [20:34:41] <theCambino> RareCola: ^ yep
      [20:34:45] <%Caenis|BRB> !back
      [20:34:46] <+paigeyemps^> i think i started like that too
      [20:34:46] Caenis|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis
      [20:34:49] <+paigeyemps^> wb
      [20:34:55] <theCambino> RareCola: exactly actually
      [20:34:58] <theCambino> wb Caenis
      [20:35:01] <%Caenis> Thanks.
      [20:35:33] <+paigeyemps^> yea i started out with thinking i ruined my chances by rolling over
      [20:35:46] <theCambino> I often stress about recall
      [20:35:48] <+paigeyemps^> until one time i just rolled over and thought i WILL be in a dream
      [20:35:51] <+paigeyemps^> then bam
      [20:35:54] <+paigeyemps^> it just worked
      [20:35:55] <theCambino> if I wake up naturally after WBTB
      [20:35:58] <theCambino> or so
      [20:36:05] <%RareCola> Personally though, unless I do some sort of stabilisation, my lucid dreams aren't as crisp. When I stabilise I get that "more realistic than real life" feeling. I don't necessarily think about stabilising though which is why I think it works for me. I usually incorporate it into the dream.
      [20:36:13] <@BuffaloBlue> positive goes a long way.. further than thinking that you NEED to have a contingency in order to be successful
      [20:36:22] <@BuffaloBlue> positive thinking*
      [20:36:34] <TylerRoberts> When I try to use WBTB I fumble with my phone too much and wake myself up.
      [20:36:35] <theCambino> RareCola: good to know!
      [20:36:49] <theCambino> I dispise electronics
      [20:36:57] <theCambino> atleast between my sleeping hours
      [20:37:01] <%Caenis> TylerRoberts: I thought the point of a WBTB WAS to wake yourself up for a brief time.
      [20:37:03] <@BuffaloBlue> TylerRoberts: I'm spoiled that way. My bf sets the alarm and turns it off hehe
      [20:37:04] <theCambino> except alarm clock
      [20:37:15] <@BuffaloBlue> I don't have to mess with much that often
      [20:37:18] <+paigeyemps^> rubbing hands is always the thing that stabilizes my dreams the most
      [20:37:24] <TylerRoberts> Oh yeah!!! I keep forgetting that!
      [20:37:31] <+paigeyemps^> it's amazing how real it can feel
      [20:37:36] <%RareCola> highfive paige
      [20:37:37] <TylerRoberts> I cant wrap my head around the fact that waking up helps you dream.
      [20:37:42] <@BuffaloBlue> which is why I like to state over and over to make a short, simple list to remember
      [20:37:44] <+paigeyemps^> sometimes i wonder if i actually rubbed my hands in rl
      [20:37:50] paigeyemps^ highfives
      [20:38:00] <TylerRoberts> !brb
      [20:38:00] <@BuffaloBlue> maybe include TOTM, your fav stabilization techniques if necessary,
      [20:38:00] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] is now known as TylerRoberts|BRB
      [20:38:03] <%Caenis> Haha, well now you know TylerRoberts. Waking up makes you more aware when you enter the dream world.
      [20:38:30] <Wurlman> We're is the Totm located
      [20:38:30] <%RareCola> I need to become lucid again so I can practice the advanced TOTM, I feel like that one's going to take me a few tries
      [20:38:40] <@BuffaloBlue> !totm
      [20:38:45] <@BuffaloBlue> oh well i tried
      [20:38:52] <@BuffaloBlue> ?? totm
      [20:38:59] <%RareCola> Sornabot isn't here
      [20:39:02] <Wurlman> Task of the month
      [20:39:05] <@BuffaloBlue> ah
      [20:39:08] <+paigeyemps^> http://www.dreamviews.com/f43/task-m...2012-a-133556/
      [20:39:10] <@BuffaloBlue> I thought he was everpresent
      [20:39:14] <@BuffaloBlue> thanks paige
      [20:39:18] <+paigeyemps^> np
      [20:39:18] <%Oreoboy1996> i did both
      [20:39:23] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [20:39:32] <@BuffaloBlue> y'all find that stuff faster than I do on this dern netbook
      [20:39:36] <Wurlman> Thank u PAIGEY!!!
      [20:39:37] <+paigeyemps^> twice now, i was in a lucid and almost did the basic one
      [20:39:43] <Exotiraan^> A "stabalization" that I do use is to simply interact with the environment.
      [20:39:43] <+paigeyemps^> it's getting to me
      [20:39:48] <@BuffaloBlue> Oreoboy1996 = Resident Lucid BadAss
      [20:39:48] <theCambino> RareCola: how often is too often for RCs... like plugged nose in waking life
      [20:39:53] <+paigeyemps^> np wulrman ĂĽ
      [20:40:10] <@BuffaloBlue> A and a quarter?
      [20:40:10] <%Oreoboy1996> paigey it's in your pocket
      [20:40:20] <%RareCola> I don' t think it's possible to RC too often, as long as you're RCing for the right reasons
      [20:40:22] <%Oreoboy1996> it's always in your pocket >.>
      [20:40:26] <+paigeyemps^> brb emergency some car hit our house!!!
      [20:40:28] paigeyemps^ [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] has quit IRC: Quit: Colloquy for iPad - Mobile Colloquy: Stay Connected
      [20:40:31] <%Caenis> o.O
      [20:40:31] <@BuffaloBlue> RC + AWARENESS
      [20:40:34] <%Oreoboy1996> i once found a slinky in my pocket
      [20:40:36] <theCambino> garden snake...I'd say is a good reason
      [20:40:38] <Wurlman> Wtf
      [20:40:42] hathor28 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:40:42] <%Oreoboy1996> and then i rode it to the sky
      [20:40:43] <@BuffaloBlue> lol oreo in a dream right?
      [20:40:44] <DaveTheJoker|BRB> oh boy
      [20:40:45] <theCambino> don't see snakes often
      [20:40:48] <%Caenis> Hello hathor28.
      [20:40:48] <DaveTheJoker|BRB> !back
      [20:40:49] DaveTheJoker|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker
      [20:40:50] <theCambino> BuffaloBlue: thank you!
      [20:40:50] <%Oreoboy1996> yes ophelia lol
      [20:40:50] <hathor28> hi
      [20:40:55] <@BuffaloBlue> oooo! instead of a basic task,
      [20:40:56] <%Oreoboy1996> a lucid i had a while back
      [20:40:57] <theCambino> hola hathor
      [20:40:58] <@BuffaloBlue> I mean,
      [20:41:03] <hathor28> ola
      [20:41:04] <@BuffaloBlue> in addition to the other tasks,
      [20:41:10] <Wurlman> Lololol nice
      [20:41:16] eMCLucid [webcha[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:41:17] <theCambino> Oreoboy1996: wtf (@)_(@)
      [20:41:18] <@BuffaloBlue> have a beginner task, a novice task
      [20:41:20] <theCambino> that's intesne
      [20:41:21] <%Oreoboy1996> i found a slinky in my pocket, made it the size of a house, and then made it fly
      [20:41:22] <hathor28> ?
      [20:41:25] <%Caenis> Hello eMCLucid.
      [20:41:26] <%Oreoboy1996> while riding on top of it
      [20:41:27] <eMCLucid> Greetings all!
      [20:41:33] <@BuffaloBlue> hey eMCLucid
      [20:41:38] <%Oreoboy1996> hello eMCLucid
      [20:41:47] <eMCLucid> Sorry I'm late!
      [20:41:48] <theCambino> Oreoboy1996: that is impressive
      [20:41:49] <hathor28> make me think of mcdonalds
      [20:41:51] <Wurlman> Hey Hathor!
      [20:41:52] <hathor28> lol
      [20:41:58] <@BuffaloBlue> lol hathor28
      [20:42:00] <Wurlman> Lol
      [20:42:05] <DaveTheJoker> [21:34:35] <%RareCola> if you start thinking "oh I need to roll over! I have to! Okay I'm going to roll over. Damn I've just lost my DEILD chance" -- you're ruining it for yourself.
      [20:42:05] <DaveTheJoker> this is exactly what I do
      [20:42:09] <%Oreoboy1996> oh yeah, and i think i then jumped off of it and dived towards the ground
      [20:42:11] <%Oreoboy1996> and hurt myself
      [20:42:20] <theCambino> oooh
      [20:42:34] <hathor28> hi allz what we talking about? lucids
      [20:42:36] <%RareCola> Haha yea Dave, you just need to not even let the rolling over thought cross your mind. Just thinking of DEILDing and roll over mindlessly if you have to
      [20:42:50] <@BuffaloBlue> I roll over alot and still DEILD / WILD .. I find though that when I'm primed for a WILD type lucid, I don't even want to roll over
      [20:42:55] <@BuffaloBlue> I feel so comfortable where I am
      [20:42:56] <theCambino> hathor28: look at the topic ^
      [20:43:04] <hathor28> o i see
      [20:43:04] <DaveTheJoker> RareCola: am I supposed to think of DEILDing ?
      [20:43:05] <@BuffaloBlue> I don't have to RESIST rolling over
      [20:43:07] <Burke> responding wall of texts with more wall of texts, yay!
      [20:43:11] <theCambino> so how difficult is WILD...
      [20:43:15] <hathor28> i deild more than wild
      [20:43:18] <%RareCola> Yea I agree Ophelia, I don't want to move when I get in that mindset either
      [20:43:21] <theCambino> from what it sounds it's not much harder than FILD
      [20:43:33] <eMCLucid> Had an FILD last night! Interesting method to say the least.
      [20:43:34] <hathor28> wth is fild
      [20:43:35] <%RareCola> DaveTheJoker: Of course Dave, you want to set your intentions on becoming lucid
      [20:43:42] <hathor28> what does it do?
      [20:43:43] <%Caenis> Good job, eMCLucid!
      [20:43:47] <%Oreoboy1996> fild: Finger Induced Lucid Dream http://www.dreamviews.com/f49/finger...eam-fild-4779/
      [20:43:49] <DaveTheJoker> I kept thinking "how much longer till I'm in a dream"
      [20:43:53] <@BuffaloBlue> thanks oreo
      [20:43:53] <DaveTheJoker> and it never came
      [20:44:00] <%RareCola> That's the issue, you're trying to analyse
      [20:44:04] <theCambino> everything is going by so quickly @[email protected]
      [20:44:13] <theCambino> full class tonight
      [20:44:16] <%RareCola> When you analyse like that you're waking your mind up too much and you're not going to get to sleep
      [20:44:18] <Wurlman> Analyze and die
      [20:44:19] <DaveTheJoker> ok , so I will think about ducks
      [20:44:20] <@BuffaloBlue> I know it!
      [20:44:29] <%RareCola> Thinking about ducks could actually be good
      [20:44:30] <Wurlman> Quack quack
      [20:44:43] <%RareCola> You want to have imagery thoughts basically, rather than analytic ones.
      [20:44:44] <theCambino> wish I could change my color of text... but I don't want to DL kvirc :/
      [20:45:15] <theCambino> can't tell if anyone answered my question
      [20:45:17] <%Caenis> DaveTheJoker: Have you thought about using DDA?
      [20:45:17] Exotiraan^ does the Dance of Temptation and tempts theCambino into installing KVirc.
      [20:45:24] <theCambino> fack
      [20:45:25] <@BuffaloBlue> a happy place is good, as long as it's not too exciting lol
      [20:45:25] <Exotiraan^> You only have to do it once! : P
      [20:45:33] <Wurlman> It's only 4 cool people
      [20:45:40] <theCambino> Exotiraan^: not really my comp
      [20:45:44] <%Oreoboy1996> theCambino: WILD is considered to be one of the most difficult techniques to master
      [20:45:49] <theCambino> I share it with roomies
      [20:46:00] <Exotiraan^> theCambino: In that case, install it to a Flash drive.
      [20:46:13] <hathor28> so basically usings fingers
      [20:46:15] <@BuffaloBlue> very true, the times I WILDed, it was lucky chance
      [20:46:18] <hathor28> :\
      [20:46:19] <theCambino> Oreoboy1996: but I keep being told to focus on WILD instead of FILD... because FILD isn't far from WILD
      [20:46:26] <@BuffaloBlue> but the more you do it, the easier it becomes to repeat it
      [20:46:27] <theCambino> hmmmm
      [20:46:33] <%Oreoboy1996> well i don't know anything about FILD
      [20:46:36] <theCambino> BuffaloBlue: understandable
      [20:46:37] <%RareCola> WILD itself isn't hard, the mental preparation is.
      [20:46:43] <TylerRoberts|BRB> !back
      [20:46:43] TylerRoberts|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as TylerRoberts
      [20:46:44] <theCambino> ^ yeah
      [20:46:50] <hathor28> wb
      [20:46:56] <@BuffaloBlue> wn tyler
      [20:47:01] theCambino is still ready sageous' WILD work
      [20:47:03] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: yes
      [20:47:06] <Exotiraan^> IIRC, my first LD was a WILD.
      [20:47:12] <eMCLucid> Not sure if anyone suggested it yet, but if you have an iPhone/iTouch, you can set an event for an estimated REM period, and use a short "chime" to wake you up. You won't have to turn off the alarm. Last night I did this and woke up directly into SP.
      [20:47:31] <theCambino> aids *rolls eyes*
      [20:47:35] <Exotiraan^> WILDing was easier for me in 2010 because I split sleep.
      [20:47:43] <theCambino> split sleep?
      [20:47:52] <DaveTheJoker> would an alarm going on for 1 minute be bad for DEILDing?
      [20:47:59] <@BuffaloBlue> oh hey hey!! ANNOUNCEMENT
      [20:48:03] <theCambino> ...?
      [20:48:07] <Exotiraan^> theCambino: I would sleep in two to four parts a day.
      [20:48:09] <%RareCola> oh my
      [20:48:11] <@BuffaloBlue> the Intro Class OFFICIALLY has mroe threads than any other class
      [20:48:15] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: yes because you'd have to actively turn it off
      [20:48:18] <Exotiraan^> Usually just two or three.
      [20:48:19] <%RareCola> WOO
      [20:48:23] <%Caenis> Haha, that's great Ophelia!
      [20:48:23] <DaveTheJoker> woot woot
      [20:48:28] <@BuffaloBlue> because ours is the shiznit
      [20:48:29] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: or can you turn it off?
      [20:48:37] <theCambino> BuffaloBlue: that's awesome!
      [20:48:44] <@BuffaloBlue> ok [/announcement]
      [20:48:46] <DaveTheJoker> it goes off automatically after a minute
      [20:48:49] <theCambino> Exotiraan^: oh like a kitty cat?!
      [20:48:54] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: oh
      [20:48:56] <%RareCola> A minute is far too long Dave
      [20:48:58] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: any shorter
      [20:48:59] <DaveTheJoker> so if I wake up into SP
      [20:49:00] <theCambino> ^ yeah
      [20:49:04] <DaveTheJoker> I had to wait a minute
      [20:49:07] <DaveTheJoker> for the alarm to go off
      [20:49:08] <%Oreoboy1996> announcement?
      [20:49:12] <%RareCola> if you really must use an alarm (which I wouldn't recommend), I'd say about 10 second maximum.
      [20:49:14] <DaveTheJoker> and then some
      [20:49:15] <Exotiraan^> Now'days, I only sleep in two parts on weekdays and single unicycles on weekends.
      [20:49:25] <DaveTheJoker> RareCola: I guess I need a new alarm
      [20:49:33] <theCambino> Exotiraan^: I've read about sleeping 6 nights a week
      [20:49:35] <%Caenis> DaveTheJoker: That really depends on you. Some of my alarms last a minute, but I don't wake up to them. I sleep like a rock.
      [20:49:39] <theCambino> for the same amount of hours
      [20:49:44] <Exotiraan^> s/si\w+//
      [20:50:07] <Exotiraan^> If I ever get work, though, that might turn into three-part sleep again.
      [20:50:20] <theCambino> Exotiraan^: yeah
      [20:50:20] <Exotiraan^> Or one, depending on if it is a night or morning job.
      [20:50:36] <theCambino> forget alarms DaveTheJoker
      [20:50:43] <theCambino> just learn to wake up naturally
      [20:50:48] <DaveTheJoker> bah
      [20:50:50] <theCambino> drink a shit ton of water
      [20:50:59] <DaveTheJoker> bah
      [20:51:00] <TylerRoberts> how do you teach yourself to wake normally?
      [20:51:00] <theCambino> you bladder will wake you up
      [20:51:02] <%RareCola> Water's no good if you're DEILDing
      [20:51:07] <theCambino> RareCola: true
      [20:51:08] <DaveTheJoker> ^
      [20:51:18] <Exotiraan^> TylerRoberts: Going to bed at consistent times helps a lot.
      [20:51:26] <%Caenis> TylerRoberts: Go to bed a little earlier, use mantras.
      [20:51:27] <DaveTheJoker> well when I set my alarm Im setting it for an FILD
      [20:51:29] <DaveTheJoker> attempt
      [20:51:31] <theCambino> RareCola: but if you get in the habit of doing WBTB for say a week and then don't drink as much water
      [20:51:41] <theCambino> you'll naturally be in habit of waking up those hours
      [20:51:50] <%RareCola> Teaching yourself to wake up naturally is a process, can take a good few weeks to get down. You need to become aware to the point where you recognise each of the times you wake up in the night (which is after each dream period)
      [20:51:56] <%RareCola> Mantas work well
      [20:51:59] <DaveTheJoker> but my plans changed after I awoke into SP
      [20:52:11] <DaveTheJoker> I figured I would surely DEILD
      [20:52:14] <DaveTheJoker> co
      [20:52:15] <%Oreoboy1996> luckily i naturally wake up naturally
      [20:52:16] <Exotiraan^> TylerRoberts: You can also start off with using an alarm. Brain normally does not like to be woken up abruptly, so you will end up trying to beat the alarm awake.
      [20:52:22] <theCambino> well I thought it was worth mentioning
      [20:52:24] theCambino shrugs
      [20:52:28] <%Oreoboy1996> not sure why
      [20:52:37] <Exotiraan^> After that point, you stop using the alarm and do it on your own.
      [20:52:39] <@BuffaloBlue> or if you have insomia like me, where I can get to sleep initially just fine, but I wake up alot in the early hours
      [20:52:47] <@BuffaloBlue> having an early work schedule can so that
      [20:52:53] <theCambino> in later hours I wake up naturally
      [20:52:54] <theCambino> lately
      [20:52:55] <@BuffaloBlue> do*
      [20:53:18] <%RareCola> Yea, you can set an alarm for the first few days to get your mind in the routine of waking up approximately every 90 minutes
      [20:53:32] <theCambino> well if you're like paige and me... we wake up minutes before the alarm goes off
      [20:53:32] <DaveTheJoker> During what hours of sleep is one the most tired if he wakes up from?
      [20:53:41] <DaveTheJoker> ^
      [20:53:43] <DaveTheJoker> me too
      [20:53:51] <theCambino> turn off your alarm
      [20:53:55] <DaveTheJoker> no
      [20:54:00] <theCambino> you already are in habit of waking those hours
      [20:54:06] <%RareCola> ^
      [20:54:11] <%Oreoboy1996> DaveTheJoker: probably the first hour
      [20:54:12] <DaveTheJoker> I need it to FILD
      [20:54:24] <theCambino> aside from trying FILD tonight... after tonight I am tossing my alarm
      [20:54:26] <%RareCola> Thought you were having a week break this week Dave?
      [20:54:27] <DaveTheJoker> Does dreaming occur in the first hour?
      [20:54:29] <%Caenis> DaveTheJoker: Times that I'd be MOST tired from? Yeah, the first hour or two. If I get two hours of sleep, I'm dizzy and have headaches the rest of the day.
      [20:54:38] <%Oreoboy1996> in my case, apparently it can
      [20:54:43] <DaveTheJoker> RareCola: Break/chill LDing attempts
      [20:54:51] <DaveTheJoker> nothing too serious
      [20:54:59] <%RareCola> ah okay
      [20:55:01] <DaveTheJoker> I woke up earlier today
      [20:55:10] <%RareCola> Awesome
      [20:55:11] <DaveTheJoker> so I should be able to fall asleep earlier
      [20:55:16] <@BuffaloBlue> sorry DaveTheJoker, I meant to tell you something last night but forgot until this morning
      [20:55:25] <DaveTheJoker> shoot
      [20:55:32] <@BuffaloBlue> when I set my alarm for the snooze technique that I was talkign about,
      [20:55:38] <@BuffaloBlue> I only set it for 5:30am
      [20:55:40] <%Oreoboy1996> for some reason today feels like two days
      [20:55:41] Exotiraan^ has been being naughty and going to bed these last two weeks at 0100 to 0300 in the morning.
      [20:55:48] <Exotiraan^> (Last night: 0600)
      [20:55:51] <@BuffaloBlue> I automatically wake up after each REM cycle after that
      [20:55:51] <DaveTheJoker> BuffaloBlue: jog my memory
      [20:55:54] <DaveTheJoker> what were we talking about
      [20:56:07] <@BuffaloBlue> read up
      [20:56:12] <Exotiraan^> But my dream recall is still better than it is when I try to go to bed at 2300.
      [20:56:22] <theCambino> 2300 is military time
      [20:56:23] <@BuffaloBlue> amen Exotiraan^
      [20:56:24] <theCambino>
      [20:56:34] <@BuffaloBlue> if I go to bed at 2300 at the latest, I do the best
      [20:56:44] <%Oreoboy1996> theCambino: it still tells time at least
      [20:56:49] <theCambino> it does
      [20:57:01] <%RareCola> 24-hour clocks are pretty standard in the UK
      [20:57:04] paigeyemps^ [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] has joined #DVA
      [20:57:04] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v paigeyemps^
      [20:57:08] <Exotiraan^> Twelve-hour time drives me bananas.
      [20:57:10] <%Oreoboy1996> hello paigey
      [20:57:11] <@BuffaloBlue> 2300 = 11pm over the pond
      [20:57:13] <theCambino> RareCola: they're actually standard world wide
      [20:57:17] <%Oreoboy1996> you're back
      [20:57:17] <+paigeyemps^> hi hi
      [20:57:18] <%RareCola> Is your house falling down, paige?
      [20:57:20] <theCambino> except for america
      [20:57:20] <@BuffaloBlue> wb paigeyemps^
      [20:57:25] <theCambino> wb paigeyemps^
      [20:57:28] <+paigeyemps^> thanks and yes sort of
      [20:57:32] <%RareCola>
      [20:57:40] <@BuffaloBlue> really?
      [20:57:43] Wurlman [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:57:45] paigeyemps^ [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] has quit IRC: Connection closed
      [20:57:45] <%Caenis> Is everyone okay?
      [20:57:48] <Exotiraan^> But I'm stuck in a nation that uses it all the time along with imperial units, that also drive me nuts.
      [20:57:51] <theCambino> I wish I could get back into the 24hour clock
      [20:57:51] <%Oreoboy1996> bye paigey
      [20:57:57] paigeyemps^ [paigeyemps^@C85EFD.E88B32.DBCF5E.77EB6E] has joined #DVA
      [20:57:57] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v paigeyemps^
      [20:57:59] <theCambino> but my work is based off of the 12hour
      [20:58:00] <%Oreoboy1996> hello paigey
      [20:58:08] <theCambino> wb paige
      [20:58:12] <+paigeyemps^> gaaaa sorry
      [20:58:14] <+paigeyemps^> yep one side of our house is crumbling
      [20:58:16] <+paigeyemps^> a cab hit it and caught fire
      [20:58:18] <DaveTheJoker> why>?
      [20:58:19] <%RareCola> jeez
      [20:58:21] <%Oreoboy1996> lol
      [20:58:23] <DaveTheJoker> jeez
      [20:58:23] <theCambino> wow
      [20:58:25] <+paigeyemps^> soooo many people o.o
      [20:58:26] <+paigeyemps^> anyway
      [20:58:26] <%RareCola> Reality check paige!
      [20:58:26] <%Caenis> Glad you're okay Paige.
      [20:58:28] <TylerRoberts> [email protected][email protected]?
      [20:58:29] <+paigeyemps^> what did i miss
      [20:58:33] <theCambino> RareCola: Ikr
      [20:58:36] <+paigeyemps^> i did plenty of times
      [20:58:37] <theCambino> I was just about to say
      [20:58:40] <%RareCola> haha
      [20:58:42] <theCambino> lol
      [20:58:49] <theCambino> not at your issue paige
      [20:58:49] <+paigeyemps^> thanks Caenis
      [20:58:53] <@BuffaloBlue> a cab hot your house and caught on fire?!?!?!??!
      [20:59:00] <+paigeyemps^> hahahaha it's alright
      [20:59:00] <@BuffaloBlue> hit
      [20:59:05] <+paigeyemps^> noone was there
      [20:59:07] <@BuffaloBlue> like, just now?
      [20:59:11] <+paigeyemps^> but that wa my favorite wall!!
      [20:59:17] <theCambino> oh wow
      [20:59:17] <@BuffaloBlue> lmao
      [20:59:18] <@BuffaloBlue> fuck
      [20:59:18] <+paigeyemps^> with my grandma's trinkets
      [20:59:19] <DaveTheJoker> shii
      [20:59:24] <hathor28> ?
      [20:59:27] <%Oreoboy1996> sorry but i find it funny
      [20:59:30] <DaveTheJoker> ^
      [20:59:31] <theCambino> lol
      [20:59:33] <+paigeyemps^> lol i do too
      [20:59:34] <DaveTheJoker> dude
      [20:59:35] <theCambino> agreed
      [20:59:44] <DaveTheJoker> as long as no body got hurt
      [20:59:46] <+paigeyemps^> i dont know why tragedies make me laugh
      [20:59:47] <+paigeyemps^> nope
      [20:59:48] <%Oreoboy1996> as long as everyone lives it's funny
      [20:59:48] <theCambino> good thing I live on the second floor!
      [20:59:50] <hathor28> or was it a dream?
      [20:59:52] <theCambino> o_o
      [20:59:58] <+paigeyemps^> it wasn't
      [21:00:00] <hathor28> XD
      [21:00:02] <theCambino> hathor28: irl
      [21:00:03] <+paigeyemps^> i thought my mom was joking
      [21:00:07] <@BuffaloBlue> lol
      [21:00:08] <@BuffaloBlue> !
      [21:00:10] <hathor28> ok
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      Tuesday, July 10th, 8pm CST Chat
      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [01:56] RareCola: 'Ello
      [01:56] OpheliaBlue: hey there
      [01:57] You were promoted to half-operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [01:57] RareCola: Enjoying your bike?
      [01:57] Marciano999 left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [01:57] OpheliaBlue: oh my god I love that thing
      [01:57] Caenis joined the chat room.
      [01:57] OpheliaBlue: it was a ridiculous deal
      [01:57] DaveTheJoker joined the chat room.
      [01:58] RareCola: Is it an actual bike or a spin bike?
      [01:58] RareCola: hey Caenis & DaveTheJoker
      [01:58] OpheliaBlue: http://www.dreamviews.com/f16/post-p...ml#post1913142
      [01:58] Caenis: Hello RareCola, Ophelia.
      [01:58] Caenis was promoted to half-operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [01:58] DaveTheJoker: nice bike OpheliaBlue
      [01:58] OpheliaBlue: Hey Caenis
      [01:58] RareCola: Oh that's really cool, very old-school
      [01:58] DaveTheJoker: I want an old school bike
      [01:59] OpheliaBlue: it has this amazing suspension
      [01:59] RareCola: I'm a pretty big nerd when it comes to cycling. Nothing like riding on an open road on a summer's day
      [01:59] RareCola: Great for dream inspiration too
      [01:59] DaveTheJoker: yea I need a road bike
      [01:59] OpheliaBlue: no matter what I ride over, I just bounce a little and it feels like I went over something smooth
      [01:59] OpheliaBlue: you are RareCola? cool
      [01:59] DaveTheJoker: I hate huffing it around town on my mountain bike
      [01:59] RareCola: I have a hybrid, best of both worlds
      [02:00] DaveTheJoker: yea mine is so heavy
      [02:00] DaveTheJoker: chineese piece of junk]
      [02:00] DaveTheJoker: but anyway...
      [02:01] OpheliaBlue: anyway..
      [02:01] theCambino: !here
      [02:01] DaveTheJoker: theCambino 's here
      [02:01] DaveTheJoker: now we can start
      [02:01] OpheliaBlue: whatchoo want to talk about tonight? I have something interesting that happenedto me in a dream last ngiht
      [02:01] theCambino: luls
      [02:02] DaveTheJoker: let's talk about OpheliaBlue 's dream
      [02:02] theCambino: breaking dry spells...?
      [02:02] DaveTheJoker: ^^^^^
      [02:02] DaveTheJoker: and that
      [02:02] Traumerei joined the chat room.
      [02:02] OpheliaBlue: breaking sry spells is also good
      [02:02] RareCola: I had an bleh night last night, wasn't really focusing on dreaming though
      [02:02] xanous joined the chat room.
      [02:02] Caenis: Exotiraan^: Class!
      [02:02] OpheliaBlue: well in my dream, the one with RareCola actually haha
      [02:02] theCambino: learning to lucid dream consistantly...?
      [02:03] Caenis: Hello xanous and Traumerei.
      [02:03] theCambino: burke's not here?
      [02:03] xanous: Hello. I finaly joined a chat. Late though.
      [02:03] OpheliaBlue: you know the part where I said we just both took a nap on the couch? It was like two old farts just randomly fallign asleep on the couch
      [02:03] RareCola: Haha oh god
      [02:03] OpheliaBlue: I could feel our arms touch, just barely (this is non sexual, just random),
      [02:03] DaveTheJoker: did you do a dj?
      [02:03] DaveTheJoker: on DV
      [02:04] Caenis: Ha, no worries xanous. It's never too late to join a chat. Happy that you joined us today!
      [02:04] OpheliaBlue: well, the weord part was, as I was waking up, I could still feel an arm touching mine, for the longest time, but I was alone
      [02:04] xanous: Thanks
      [02:04] Exotiraan^: Caenis: I'm (sort-of) here.
      [02:04] DaveTheJoker: !dj OpheliaBlue
      [02:04] iBot: Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - OpheliaBlue - Dream Journals
      [02:04] RareCola: Next lucid goal of me is to conjure a dream character in a lucid as I never really have DCs in lucids, so I may try conjuring you for the fun of it, Lisa
      [02:04] Exotiraan^: (Writing an audio bridge daemon.)
      [02:04] Caenis: All right. Well feel free to keep popping in and out I guess.
      [02:04] OpheliaBlue: it's happened to me before in other dreams, where I can still feel something like that
      [02:04] RareCola: &oh I love when dream sensations extend into waking life
      [02:05] OpheliaBlue: sorry DaveTheJoker, I posted a clip in the share your dreams thread, not my DJ
      [02:05] DaveTheJoker: ahhhh
      [02:05] OpheliaBlue: haha conjure away.. and yeah, the extened sensations are so weird
      [02:05] RareCola: Oh my god, Alex is a sexy motherfucker
      [02:05] OpheliaBlue: or sucky if they're painful, like when my hand gets bit
      [02:05] RareCola: http://www.dreamviews.com/f18/cant-s...7/#post1913257
      [02:06] Alex: OpheliaBlue, #staff
      [02:06] DaveTheJoker: lol
      [02:06] OpheliaBlue: ok
      [02:06] OpheliaBlue: brb guys
      [02:06] OpheliaBlue: !brb
      [02:06] OpheliaBlue is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB.
      [02:06] xanous: Hey OpheliaBlue so how does 5HTP help you? How do you take it? I took two lastnight with a meletonin and it didnt do much
      [02:06] xanous: bleh
      [02:06] Caenis: Amazing, thanks Alex!
      [02:07] DaveTheJoker: this teacher must be in the union
      [02:07] DaveTheJoker: leaving us during class
      [02:07] DaveTheJoker: lol
      [02:07] theCambino: lol
      [02:07] RareCola: Haha
      [02:07] xanous: lol
      [02:07] xanous: Anyone else use 5HTP?
      [02:07] Caenis: I know 5HTP helps with lucidity. I think that it produced melatonin or something, right RareCola?
      [02:08] RareCola: Yea, something like that
      [02:08] Caenis: It's a precursor or something to melatonin.
      [02:08] DaveTheJoker: what is 5HTP
      [02:08] xanous: oh so maybe i should not take meletonin with it?
      [02:08] RareCola: It definitely works, but I never use supplements. Plus I don't think supplements work too well unless you're already decent at lucid dreaming and just want to ensure that you will lucid.
      [02:09] RareCola: For example, Ophelia takes 5HTP to break dry spells
      [02:09] theCambino: we come up with a topic...?
      [02:09] DaveTheJoker: no
      [02:09] Caenis: It's a little redundant to take melatonin with it, so you could try 5HTP by itself and see how it works.
      [02:09] xanous: I see
      [02:09] RareCola: Yea, don't want to be taking melatonin with 5HTP
      [02:10] RareCola: Be careful with supplements too, don't take it too often or too much of it at once.
      [02:10] Caenis: xanous: I also know Ophelia has mentioned that 5HTP only worked for a limited amount of time for her. The effectiveness wore off for her, but I think some people do take it regularly.
      [02:10] DaveTheJoker: my dog is staring at me
      [02:10] DaveTheJoker: !brb
      [02:10] DaveTheJoker is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB.
      [02:10] RareCola: Precisely, Caenis
      [02:10] xanous: I only read a little on that I guess I got confused bc somehow I thought you were supposed to take meletonin with it. Im guilty of just taking a bunch of supplements and see what happens. :X
      [02:10] RareCola: And, if you take supplements too regularly your body will become dependant on them and stop naturally producing melatonin
      [02:11] Caenis: That I didn't realize.
      [02:11] xanous: Yeah I get that. I never take the same regularly. I would rather not but I havent been able to produce a lucid in a while.
      [02:11] theCambino: blahhh supplements.
      [02:11] RareCola: Yep, I know of one person that took supplements every night to try and have lucids, then they couldn't sleep at all unless they took them
      [02:12] thedanknight joined the chat room.
      [02:12] xanous: oh thats no good
      [02:12] Caenis: Hello thedanknight.
      [02:12] thedanknight: hello
      [02:12] theCambino: immunity
      [02:12] RareCola: How many lucids have you had, xanous?
      [02:12] Exotiraan^: killall alsa_out
      [02:13] theCambino: immunity and addiction to supplements is terrible
      [02:13] Caenis: Oh xanous, milk and cheese have something (tryptophan?) that helps to induce LDs. So that's a more natural way of increasing your chances of having LDs.
      [02:13] theCambino: RareCola: that wouldn't happen to apple juice would it?
      [02:13] Caenis: I have no idea which cheeses work best though, somewhere on the Internet that information exists though.
      [02:13] xanous: Well I lost count. I got into it in 2006. But I have been bad about abandoning my practices due to stress or life changing events.
      [02:13] RareCola: Nope, theCambino
      [02:14] RareCola: xanous: So you've had a decent amount of lucids and know what they feel like, then?
      [02:14] theCambino: phewww
      [02:14] xanous: Oh yes for sure
      [02:14] theCambino: good
      [02:14] OpheliaBlue|BRB: brb in a bit, sorry for the wait guys
      [02:14] theCambino: np OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [02:14] Exotiraan^: Apparantly, apple juice was a LD- or dream recall-enhancer, according to Oreoboy. But it has to be real apple juice. Not that "from concentrate" bullshit.
      [02:14] Caenis: No worries Ophelia!
      [02:14] RareCola: Well in that case I would recommend trying 5HTP on its own to break your dry spell. As you know what it feels like you may have some success re-inducing them.
      [02:15] xanous: How many rarecola?
      [02:15] kraom joined the chat room.
      [02:15] RareCola: Yep precisely, you need the apple juice which isn't see-through / pee-coloured.
      [02:15] Caenis: Hello kraom.
      [02:15] Traumerei: Does soymilk work just as well as milk?
      [02:15] Caenis: No idea.
      [02:15] RareCola: xanous: What's the dosage with your 5HTP pills?
      [02:15] thedanknight: nuts and seeds have tryptophan in them.
      [02:16] DaveTheJoker|BRB: !back
      [02:16] DaveTheJoker|BRB is now known as DaveTheJoker.
      [02:16] DaveTheJoker: dam dog
      [02:16] xanous: 100mg
      [02:16] theCambino: luls
      [02:16] OpheliaBlue|BRB: !back
      [02:16] OpheliaBlue|BRB is now known as OpheliaBlue.
      [02:16] RareCola: Then I'd recommend just 1 or 2, I think
      [02:16] RareCola: ah ophelia's here now
      [02:16] OpheliaBlue: thanks RareCola and Caenis
      [02:16] RareCola: How much 5HTP do you take to break a dry spell, Ophelia?
      [02:17] Traumerei left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:17] OpheliaBlue: I just take one pill, but I forget the mg, hold on I'll check
      [02:17] mattyd joined the chat room.
      [02:17] DaveTheJoker: I can feel the dream state within me
      [02:17] Caenis: Hello mattyd.
      [02:17] DaveTheJoker: !brb
      [02:17] DaveTheJoker is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB.
      [02:18] mattyd left the chat room. ("")
      [02:18] kraom left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:18] OpheliaBlue: ok one pill is 100mg
      [02:18] xanous: hmmm.... I'll give it another night or two on the 5-HTP alone and see
      [02:18] OpheliaBlue: but I think some places offer it in 50mg
      [02:18] RareCola: Yea, so just 1 pill should do it, xanous
      [02:18] Traumerei joined the chat room.
      [02:18] xanous: ok
      [02:18] OpheliaBlue: I find it works best if I use it once a month, let it get out of my system so the effect is better
      [02:18] xanous: Do you take it at bed time or WBTB?
      [02:19] OpheliaBlue: also, i'm thinking of cycling suppliments
      [02:19] RareCola: Don't forget to keep up your generic lucid dreaming practices too though, awareness skills, MILDs, etc.
      [02:19] theCambino: !brb
      [02:19] theCambino is now known as theCambino|BRB.
      [02:19] OpheliaBlue: I knooooow, Jason is rolling his eyes right now
      [02:19] RareCola: Haha
      [02:19] theCambino|BRB: I am too ^
      [02:19] theCambino|BRB: blahhh
      [02:19] OpheliaBlue: and he's right, keep up the real techniques
      [02:19] • theCambino|BRB is a purest.
      [02:19] OpheliaBlue: but I probably don't get enough of the proper supplements in my diet as it is, so I thought, why not take them before bed instead of in the mroning, benefit off the effect on dreams
      [02:20] xanous: I will. I have been better with the RCs today. Not as lazy. I have a little more drive.
      [02:20] Caenis: I'm not theCambino|BRB. I'll cheat occasionally. =p
      [02:20] lucidius joined the chat room.
      [02:20] OpheliaBlue: however my GOAL, is to scrap them all together.. hell, 5-htp is expensive
      [02:20] Caenis: That's good xanous! So what's driving you today?
      [02:20] Caenis: Hello lucidius.
      [02:20] lucidius: hia
      [02:21] RareCola: You know, I barely ever reality check these days. Maybe a couple of times a day.
      [02:21] lucidius: is this clas?
      [02:21] xanous: The fact that I want my wings back lol
      [02:21] Caenis: Yes lucidius, the intro class.
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker|BRB: !back
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker|BRB is now known as DaveTheJoker.
      [02:21] theCambino^ joined the chat room.
      [02:21] OpheliaBlue: lol lucidius
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker: oh shit
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker: !brb
      [02:21] DaveTheJoker is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB.
      [02:21] theCambino^: ...back
      [02:21] Caenis: Oh right! You going for the advanced challenge?
      [02:21] theCambino^: what's iBot's deal o_0
      [02:22] xanous: No that one seems a bit too much. I can ever leave earth. I dont know why.
      [02:22] xanous: cnat
      [02:22] xanous: bah can't
      [02:22] lucidius: i still just want to fly
      [02:22] theCambino|BRB left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:22] Caenis: Yeah, that's understandable. That'd be an awesome LD though, dating aliens.
      [02:22] xanous: I love to fly but if I go too high I loose my grounding and get lost and wake up
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: xanous: you don't have to leave earth persay, you can use a portal
      [02:23] theCambino^: ...soooo about dry spells
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: like a mirror for example
      [02:23] DaveTheJoker|BRB: dry spells
      [02:23] DaveTheJoker|BRB: !back
      [02:23] DaveTheJoker|BRB is now known as DaveTheJoker.
      [02:23] OpheliaBlue: yes, dry spells are shitty
      [02:23] theCambino^: dry spells
      [02:23] lucidius: ya dry spells
      [02:23] DaveTheJoker: dry spells
      [02:23] DaveTheJoker: fuckin suck
      [02:23] xanous: Ah yes portals are so unpredictable. I guess its all in your amount of control
      [02:23] RareCola: Advanced task is really difficult for me this time too, scene changes and dream characters are pretty unexplored territory for me.
      [02:23] theCambino^: I've only had a count of uno... but I am still dealing with a dry spell
      [02:24] lucidius: i have one right now too
      [02:24] xanous: So are dry spells common with everyone?
      [02:24] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : I tried not using alarms last night
      [02:24] RareCola: I wouldn't really call it a dry spell after only 1 lucid, more of a lack of self-knowledge to find the methods that work for you
      [02:24] OpheliaBlue: xanous: it's helpful to create a combination for your destination, helps with the unpredictability
      [02:24] RareCola: Oh did you DaveTheJoker? How did that go?
      [02:24] DaveTheJoker: failure
      [02:24] RareCola: Haha, to be expected on the first night
      [02:24] DaveTheJoker: I actually woke up
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: and closed my window
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: but I was a zombie
      [02:25] OpheliaBlue: lol
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: I thought about writing down the dream that I remembered
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: but I couldnt bring myself to do it
      [02:25] xanous: Ophelia what do you mena combination?
      [02:25] DaveTheJoker: now I remember no dreams
      [02:25] RareCola: Well you woke up, that's one step
      [02:25] RareCola: Keep at it and next time set your intentions of doing better
      [02:25] RareCola: on*
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: I am just pissed off because so many people have recall naturally
      [02:26] lucidius: you are trying to wbtb?
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: and I have dismal
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: recal when I am trying
      [02:26] theCambino^: ...back
      [02:26] theCambino^: derp
      [02:26] RareCola: I find the harder you try, the less recall you have
      [02:26] lucidius: hmm
      [02:26] DaveTheJoker: I hate paradoxes
      [02:27] DaveTheJoker: unforchunately life is a paradox
      [02:27] RareCola: Thing is you don't want to "try", you should just expect it to happen without effort.
      [02:28] OpheliaBlue: well said
      [02:28] RareCola: Plus, doubt and negative thoughts are much more powerful that positive ones, so if you have any doubts of recall/lucidity happening, it's pretty likely that it won't
      [02:28] theCambino^: you're pretty much right RareCola .... but even with only one... I can utilize the information on how to deal with dry spells
      [02:28] lucidius: so the mid range of content efort is the best spot
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: so pretty much
      [02:28] OpheliaBlue: yeah in health class in high school, they told us you need 10 positive thoughts to erase 1 negative one
      [02:28] DaveTheJoker: I am fucked
      [02:28] OpheliaBlue: ^^
      [02:28] OpheliaBlue: again with the negative self talk
      [02:29] theCambino^: yeah think positive
      [02:29] theCambino^: confidence
      [02:29] theCambino^: patience
      [02:29] RareCola: This is why I suggested you take a week break to clear out all the negative thoughts.
      [02:29] theCambino^: ^
      [02:29] lucidius: its hard thinking positive for me
      [02:29] DaveTheJoker: I have an endless supply of negative thoughts
      [02:29] lucidius: exacyly
      [02:29] DaveTheJoker: oops
      [02:30] DaveTheJoker: another negative thought
      [02:30] OpheliaBlue: oh shit, rain and cat's outside
      [02:30] OpheliaBlue: !brb
      [02:30] OpheliaBlue is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB.
      [02:30] RareCola: Thoughts are pretty easy to control
      [02:30] DaveTheJoker: but critiqueing that was negative
      [02:30] Caenis left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:30] RareCola: Awareness comes into play again. Not only do you need to be aware of the outside world and it's happenings, you need to be aware of your self.. this includes your thoughts.
      [02:31] lucidius: so whats the best way to deal with dry spells?
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker: I am sort of aware
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker: but not in control
      [02:31] fennecgirl joined the chat room.
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker: Awareness is different than control
      [02:31] theCambino^: use mantras errr positive affirmations to start thinking positive
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker: LOL
      [02:31] theCambino^: I cereal
      [02:31] RareCola: I posted this dry-spell killer guide in the tutorials & resources compilation thread: Ending A Dry Spell - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker: You can't tell yourself to think positice
      [02:31] fennecgirl: Sorry I'm late! Is it okay if I join in now?
      [02:31] DaveTheJoker: *postive
      [02:31] theCambino^: I am serious*
      [02:32] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : thanks
      [02:32] RareCola: hey fennecgirl! Perfectly fine
      [02:32] xanous: Attitude is a choice. You CAN chose to be positive.
      [02:32] theCambino^: RareCola: thanks... bookmarked
      [02:32] theCambino^: ^ what xanous said
      [02:33] theCambino^: possitive affirmations... like say a note on your mirror in the bathroom... will remind you to be positive
      [02:33] lucidius: so simply positivity is the best way to combat dry spells then?
      [02:33] RareCola: Pretty much
      [02:33] lucidius: i will keep that in mind
      [02:33] theCambino^: confidence and patience... and positive thinking. yes.
      [02:33] RareCola: Being motivated, patient and positive is the best way
      [02:33] theCambino^: ^
      [02:33] xanous: ^^^^Good thought
      [02:34] theCambino^: ...?
      [02:34] lucidius: my motivation isnt that great right now
      [02:34] Caenis joined the chat room.
      [02:34] Caenis was granted voice by DreamBot.
      [02:34] theCambino^: alan watts' lectures are helpful to motivation
      [02:34] theCambino^:
      [02:34] Traumerei: Same lucidius..
      [02:34] RareCola: Best way to build motivation, I've found, is to read over old lucids and really take your time to recall every part of how it felt.
      [02:34] RareCola: welcome back Caenis
      [02:34] Caenis: Thanks.
      [02:34] theCambino^: wb Caenis
      [02:34] theCambino^: tuslo
      [02:35] Caenis: I agree with RareCola. I like reading over my old LDs. Or reading over other people's. Hyu's are amazing.
      [02:35] theCambino^: hukifs are too
      [02:35] Caenis: Yes.
      [02:36] OpheliaBlue|BRB: !back
      [02:36] OpheliaBlue|BRB is now known as OpheliaBlue.
      [02:36] OpheliaBlue: I am so sorry for all the interruptions
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: I amment eating enough sugar
      [02:36] RareCola: How's the cat?
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: that is why I aint lucid dreaming
      [02:36] lucidius: be posotivly motivated
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker: !away to find sugar
      [02:36] DaveTheJoker is now known as DaveTheJoker|Away.
      [02:36] OpheliaBlue: very wet lol.. and I got a claw implanted in my left cheek
      [02:36] theCambino^: what am I saying Hukif doesn't have a DJ
      [02:36] theCambino^: derp
      [02:36] RareCola: Haha
      [02:37] theCambino^: his posts are motivational though
      [02:37] OpheliaBlue: but that's why god created antibiotic ointment
      [02:37] Caenis: Hukif has a DJ at another site.
      [02:37] lucidius: lol ophilia
      [02:37] theCambino^: Caenis: oh?
      [02:37] lucidius: i should probably go
      [02:37] OpheliaBlue: I miss Hukif, very insightful
      [02:37] theCambino^: ...? why
      [02:37] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: agreed
      [02:38] OpheliaBlue: ok see ya lucidius
      [02:38] lucidius: see ya
      [02:38] theCambino^: later
      [02:38] lucidius left the chat room. (Client exited)
      [02:38] Caenis: theCambino^: I think he was at that other site initially. Can't remember which site that was though.
      [02:38] OpheliaBlue: xanous: me?
      [02:38] theCambino^: Caenis: hmm
      [02:38] xanous: Yeah sorry I dont know my chat commands its been a long time
      [02:38] theCambino^: interesting
      [02:38] RareCola: DreamViews seems to attract so many insightful, interesting people. I've learnt so much in my 2 months, and not just about lucid dreaming.
      [02:38] theCambino^: ^ same
      [02:39] Caenis: Yes. I know too much about other people's fapping habits now.
      [02:39] • Caenis shakes his head.
      [02:39] Traumerei: Whoa there.
      [02:39] theCambino^: lawls Caenis
      [02:39] OpheliaBlue: xanous: when I take 5-htp, it's 100mg just before bed. When I have taken b6 in the past, it was independant of the 5-htp. Haven't experimented with both yet.
      [02:39] RareCola: haha Caenis
      [02:39] OpheliaBlue: I plan to try rotating the 2 and seeing what happens
      [02:39] theCambino^: RareCola: I had no idea you were so new to DV
      [02:39] Traumerei: Now we know what he's reading.
      [02:40] xanous: Oh ok thanks. How did you get the red text and beep?
      [02:40] theCambino^: RareCola: fwiw.... welcome!
      [02:40] OpheliaBlue: just not every night.. I don't want it to be a crutch.. if it does become a cruth, I'm srapping them
      [02:40] theCambino^:
      [02:40] RareCola: Yep, I only started lucid dreaming about a week before I joined DV. I'm a newbie too
      [02:40] Caenis: xanous: You just type the person's name in, and it pings them.
      [02:40] Caenis: So you'll get that red text and beep each time your name is typed. xanous
      [02:40] theCambino^: RareCola: oh damn... and I've been asking you like you've been at it for years.
      [02:40] xanous: caenis thanks
      [02:41] OpheliaBlue: or hit the first few letters of a name, an hit tab
      [02:41] theCambino^: @[email protected] assumptions
      [02:41] fennecgirl left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
      [02:41] xanous: Caenis: ooooohhhh OK
      [02:41] OpheliaBlue: as long as it's not too similar as another user's name
      [02:41] RareCola: haha
      [02:41] xanous: I get it I get it lol
      [02:42] xanous: OK I have to go. Thanks all for being so helpful!
      [02:42] theCambino^: later xanous
      [02:42] Traumerei: Bye xanous.
      [02:42] Caenis: Bye xanous, have a good night.
      [02:42] RareCola: Cya xanous
      [02:42] OpheliaBlue: ok, other ways to end a dry spell, sorry if it was covered, but change sleep environments
      [02:42] OpheliaBlue: ok bye xanous
      [02:42] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: that I tried today
      [02:42] RareCola: Ah yes, your sleeping environment is very important
      [02:42] theCambino^: I've been cleaning up my room
      [02:42] xanous: OpheliaBlue: yes I have noticed that before
      [02:42] OpheliaBlue: theCambino^: results?
      [02:42] DaveTheJoker|Away: !back
      [02:42] DaveTheJoker|Away is now known as DaveTheJoker.
      [02:42] DaveTheJoker: with ice cream
      [02:42] xanous: OK bye
      [02:42] xanous left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
      [02:42] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: just starting cleaning today
      [02:43] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: I'll let you know tomorrow
      [02:43] OpheliaBlue: cleaning?
      [02:43] • Caenis takes DaveTheJoker's ice cream.
      [02:43] OpheliaBlue: da fuq you talkin bout
      [02:43] theCambino^: well unpacking rather
      [02:43] • DaveTheJoker begins to cry
      [02:43] Traumerei: Does sleeping on a hard surface have any benefits over a soft one?
      [02:43] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: sleeping environment
      [02:43] • Caenis gives DaveTheJoker one spoonful of ice cream, and keeps the rest.
      [02:43] OpheliaBlue: you just started unpacing your sleeping envoronment?
      [02:44] OpheliaBlue: unpacking*
      [02:44] DaveTheJoker: While taking out the trash I realized my problem
      [02:44] OpheliaBlue: lol I think I know what you mean, not 100%
      [02:44] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: I just recently moved into a new place two weeks aho
      [02:44] RareCola: Traumerei: That's all personal, I feel. You'll get people telling you sleeping on a hard mattress helps with lucidity because of being less comfortable, but I don't necessarily believe that.
      [02:44] DaveTheJoker: I haven't had bacon
      [02:44] OpheliaBlue: ohhhhhh
      [02:44] DaveTheJoker: NO bacon= No dreams
      [02:44] OpheliaBlue: lol
      [02:44] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: my room has been crowded and unorganized...
      [02:44] theCambino^: bacon!
      [02:44] Caenis: Traumerei: I think that depends on the person. Some people prefer softer beds. Some people find a wee bit of discomfort helpful in having LDs.
      [02:45] Caenis: Oh, RareCola answered. Well, I'll make my Mac stop lagging now.
      [02:45] OpheliaBlue: ohhhh were we talking about the uncluttered sleep environment?
      [02:45] OpheliaBlue: before/
      [02:45] OpheliaBlue: ?
      [02:45] theCambino^: ?
      [02:45] RareCola: Yes Lisa, well done. /slow claps
      [02:45] Traumerei: Caenis: Yeah, I've read a few guides where they tell you to be slightly uncomfortable.
      [02:45] DaveTheJoker: reading before bed might be doing me in too
      [02:45] theCambino^: I thought a sleep environment in general was what we were discussing
      [02:46] DaveTheJoker: actually reading inn bed I mean
      [02:46] Traumerei: I'll try sleeping on the floor during my WBTB tonight. For science.
      [02:46] DaveTheJoker: I need a chair
      [02:46] theCambino^: what "sleep environment" were we talking about?
      [02:46] Caenis: For science! Good man(?) Traumerei.
      [02:46] theCambino^: o_0
      [02:46] thedanknight: what if you were to change the room you sleep in
      [02:46] Caenis: Let us know how sleeping on the floor goes.
      [02:46] theCambino^: sleeping on the floor at times is nice.
      [02:46] Traumerei: Lol, I will.
      [02:46] RareCola: It'll probably be cold and uncomfortable with no affect on lucidity
      [02:46] RareCola: haha
      [02:47] theCambino^: thedanknight: that's probably what we were talking about
      [02:47] RareCola: Lay perfectly still and you may WILD though, the uncomfortableness could be an awareness anchor
      [02:47] theCambino^: rearranging the room?
      [02:47] Traumerei: Rarecola: It's hot in my room, so the wood floor usually is refreshing to lay on.
      [02:47] theCambino^: ^
      [02:48] theCambino^: it's hot in mine... but I have carpet
      [02:48] Caenis: Ah. My recall drops if my room is too hot. Maybe the floor would be a good option then.
      [02:48] theCambino^: water helps recall
      [02:48] DaveTheJoker: I got mad at my matre
      [02:48] DaveTheJoker: mattress
      [02:48] thedanknight left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
      [02:48] Traumerei: Drinking a lot of it during the day?
      [02:48] DaveTheJoker: and put an air mattress on top of it
      [02:48] theCambino^: brain has poor memory if it's dehydrated
      [02:48] RareCola: Water helps everything
      [02:48] theCambino^: #fact
      [02:48] Caenis: He means drinking it before bed, Traumerei. Helps for a WBTB.
      [02:48] DaveTheJoker: and for ONE night my recall improved
      [02:49] Caenis: I assume.
      [02:49] theCambino^: anytime... even while writing in your DJ
      [02:49] theCambino^: you drink water
      [02:49] RareCola: you slept on 2 mattresses, DaveTheJoker?
      [02:49] RareCola: Must have been high up, lol
      [02:49] RareCola: I usually drink a half glass of water during my WBTB
      [02:49] Traumerei: He's posh enough for two mattresses.
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: RareCola : yea
      [02:50] theCambino^: lul
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: it was pretty high
      [02:50] OpheliaBlue left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: I figured it would make me more aware
      [02:50] theCambino^: ha
      [02:50] Caenis: DaveTheJoker: I figured you would just put the air mattress on the ground.
      [02:50] DaveTheJoker: no room in my room
      [02:51] Caenis: Ah, that explains it.
      [02:51] RareCola: Sleep outside your door
      [02:51] theCambino^: lol
      [02:51] DaveTheJoker: lol
      [02:51] theCambino^: sleep outside
      [02:51] theCambino^: for that matter
      [02:51] DaveTheJoker: lol
      [02:51] theCambino^: in a tent maybe
      [02:51] DaveTheJoker: when we bring the trailer back
      [02:51] DaveTheJoker: I am gonna sleep in that
      [02:51] RareCola: I'd imagine camping would be quite good for lucidity actually
      [02:51] Caenis: You need to push your parents out of their bed and use it for a night DaveTheJoker. =p Tell them you need it more than they do.
      [02:51] DaveTheJoker: I always dream when I am sleeping in the airstream
      [02:52] DaveTheJoker: Caenis : lol
      [02:52] theCambino^: I am curious to the results of camping... next camping trip I am going to hold off on the booze and greens
      [02:52] DaveTheJoker: they'll say "No, that hard bed is fittin' for youngin's
      [02:52] OpheliaBlue joined the chat room.
      [02:52] OpheliaBlue was promoted to operator by DreamBot.
      [02:52] RareCola: Welcome back
      [02:52] theCambino^: wb OpheliaBlue
      [02:52] Caenis was promoted to half-operator by OpheliaBlue.
      [02:52] OpheliaBlue: dayamn
      [02:53] OpheliaBlue: must be the storm
      [02:53] OpheliaBlue: sorry yet again
      [02:53] theCambino^: having a tacoking moment?
      [02:53] OpheliaBlue: I think so haha
      [02:53] theCambino^: lawls
      [02:53] theCambino^: wish I had a/c
      [02:53] DaveTheJoker: where you at, theCambino^
      [02:54] theCambino^: cold environments are good for dreaming
      [02:54] theCambino^: DaveTheJoker: where... is where?
      [02:54] theCambino^: Oregon...?
      [02:54] RareCola: I tend to find I have worse recall when I'm cold, actually
      [02:54] OpheliaBlue: cold environments are just good for sleeping in general I believe
      [02:54] OpheliaBlue: really?
      [02:54] DaveTheJoker: whats the weather like in oregon
      [02:54] Traumerei: No air cond in Oregon?
      [02:54] theCambino^: OpheliaBlue: actually I think that is correct
      [02:54] OpheliaBlue: when I'm hot I toss and turn and sleep is no where to be found
      [02:54] theCambino^: Traumerei: what? no... no a/c in my apartment
      [02:54] DaveTheJoker: ^
      [02:54] Caenis: I'm the same OpheliaBlue.
      [02:54] OpheliaBlue: but I'm sure, as with everything else, it depends on the individual
      [02:55] theCambino^: I sweat when it's hot
      [02:55] DaveTheJoker: heat makes me uncomfotable
      [02:55] OpheliaBlue: it's important to be CONFORTABLE
      [02:55] theCambino^: wake up in sweat suck
      [02:55] theCambino^: s
      [02:55] RareCola: Actually, I think either drastically hot or cold is bad for recall
      [02:55] Traumerei: I get weird dreams when I get too hot while sleeping.
      [02:55] OpheliaBlue: crap
      [02:55] OpheliaBlue: COMFORTABLE
      [02:55] OpheliaBlue:
      [02:55] theCambino^: lol
      [02:55] OpheliaBlue: and Jason lives where butts tend to freeze, so warmer is more confortable
      [02:55] DaveTheJoker: if its hot I have to take off my shirt
      [02:55] DaveTheJoker: and that is unfomfortable
      [02:55] Caenis: Well of course being drastically cold or hot is bad. But if it's cold, you just get some blankets and it's suddenly quite cozy.
      [02:55] OpheliaBlue: yeah I slept shirtless last night
      [02:55] theCambino^: DaveTheJoker: 85°F and sunny
      [02:55] OpheliaBlue: I had no choise, it was so bad
      [02:56] DaveTheJoker: yea
      [02:56] OpheliaBlue: choice PBnJ damnit
      [02:56] RareCola: I remember when we had a week of heat in the UK, it sucked because I was trying to DEILD (and eventually succeeded) but I woke up and just laid there, in the immense heat, unable to move the sheets off me.
      [02:56] DaveTheJoker: I am not one to sleep without my shorts an t shirt
      [02:56] Caenis: I always like sleeping without a shirt. I feel less constrained that way.
      [02:56] theCambino^: yeah yeah yeah "85°F that's no big deal" ...actually it is.
      [02:56] DaveTheJoker: its just makes me uncomfortable for some reason
      [02:56] OpheliaBlue: yeah, the extremes suck.. I know ehn it's too cold, because my nose will be cold and impossible to warm it again
      [02:57] OpheliaBlue: it just, stays cold and I can't sleep
      [02:57] DaveTheJoker: the worst is going to bed extremely hot and waking up freezing
      [02:57] theCambino^: lol yeah
      [02:57] OpheliaBlue: yeah, freezing sweats
      [02:57] DaveTheJoker: like what happens at the deer camp
      [02:57] DaveTheJoker: the woodstove goes out
      [02:57] DaveTheJoker: and it gets cold cold
      [02:57] theCambino^: damn
      [02:57] RareCola: I have pretty sucky circulation for some reason so my feet turn to blocks of ice when it's too cold. Horrible to try and get to sleep.
      [02:57] OpheliaBlue: if the deer can withstand it, you can dave
      [02:57] DaveTheJoker: not quite
      [02:57] theCambino^: ^
      [02:58] Traumerei: Be a deer.
      [02:58] Caenis: Deer have fur. Dave would need to be extremely hairy to compete.
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: I dont have fur
      [02:58] RareCola: Be one with the deer.
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: well I do have fur
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: but not that much
      [02:58] RareCola: Become the deer!
      [02:58] theCambino^: ^ luls
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: I need a deer carcass
      [02:58] RareCola: use it as a sleeping bag
      [02:58] theCambino^: deer headress
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: yea
      [02:58] Traumerei: Gotta bounce, bye guys!
      [02:58] DaveTheJoker: bye
      [02:59] theCambino^: later Traumerei
      [02:59] Caenis: Bye Traumerei.
      [02:59] RareCola: Thanks for coming
      [02:59] Traumerei left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
      [02:59] DaveTheJoker: plus the humidity kills my nose
      [02:59] OpheliaBlue: lol
      [02:59] DaveTheJoker: IDK why I even deer hunt
      [02:59] Caenis: Because deer are tasty.
      [02:59] DaveTheJoker: no they arent
      [02:59] Caenis: Yes they are.
      [02:59] OpheliaBlue: hey RareCola or Caenis, are you able to retrieve the whole class from tonight? I got booted earlier
      [02:59] DaveTheJoker: not the ones I have eaten
      [02:59] theCambino^: yeah they are
      [02:59] RareCola: I should be able to
      [03:00] theCambino^: elk too
      [03:00] OpheliaBlue: ok thanks
      [03:00] Caenis: I can't. =/
      [03:00] Caenis: Thanks RareCola.
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      Thursday, July 12th, 8pm CST Chat:

      Spoiler for #DVA:
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      [20:00:23] Channel topic is: TOPIC: Open Discussion.
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      [20:00:28] <theCambino> bonsoir OpheliaBlue
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      [20:00:35] <theCambino> RareCola: salut!
      [20:00:38] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys!
      [20:00:57] <fennecgirl> hello!
      [20:01:01] <theCambino> quick question... can any one think of another name for this >>> http://www.buyfurnitureyoulove.org/u...able_17060.png
      [20:01:09] <@OpheliaBlue> I immediately have to pee because RareCola had me tied up for an hour
      [20:01:11] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:01:12] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:01:26] <%RareCola> That sounds bad in another context
      [20:01:35] <kraom> thats kind of what I thought
      [20:01:36] <kraom> lol
      [20:01:42] <%RareCola> &Hey fennecgirl, back for another class?
      [20:01:47] <theCambino> I can't think of a name.... it's like an island but apart of the counter
      [20:01:49] wana^ [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:01:50] <fennecgirl> yep
      [20:02:01] <kraom> i couldnt come to the last one
      [20:02:08] <kraom> D: kept saying i was already logged in
      [20:02:09] <fennecgirl> and I'm on time today!
      [20:02:11] <kraom> or something
      [20:02:45] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:02:45] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:03:05] <theCambino> guess I am just stumped on this...
      [20:03:16] <%RareCola> Is that not just a table, theCambino?
      [20:03:25] Exotiraan^ giggles at OpheliaBlue's unfortunate wording.
      [20:03:33] <@OpheliaBlue> we call them island counters
      [20:03:35] <theCambino> well it's like a table... but apart of the counter in a kitchen
      [20:03:48] <theCambino> it's like cupboards without the cupboards
      [20:04:00] <theCambino> and looked a lot like that ^
      [20:04:12] <kraom> never seen something like that.
      [20:04:18] <theCambino> hutch is too big from what I was thinking
      [20:04:19] <@OpheliaBlue> oh wait my bad, it's not actually installed in the floor.. I have one out side for my grill, I call it my "kitchen assistant"
      [20:04:30] <theCambino> hmmm
      [20:04:34] <theCambino> let me look
      [20:04:40] <@OpheliaBlue> anyway, theCambino.. you have a dream about one or something?
      [20:04:46] <theCambino> yes
      [20:04:51] <%RareCola> Dream about kitchen counters, sounds exciting
      [20:05:02] <kraom> very exciting
      [20:05:08] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yes, most popular dream sign
      [20:05:14] <theCambino> I was thrown under one... as a tank barrelled its way through the kitchen walls
      [20:05:24] <kraom> i guess thats more exciting
      [20:05:25] <%RareCola> ... oh so somewhat exciting then
      [20:05:29] <theCambino> cant say I was thrown under a counter... doesn't sound right
      [20:05:30] <@OpheliaBlue> oh serious?? I was joking
      [20:05:34] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:05:34] <@OpheliaBlue> very exciting
      [20:05:50] <kraom> could call it a table.
      [20:05:51] <theCambino> an island isn't an island when attatched to the counter assembly
      [20:06:03] <theCambino> it's almost like a desk
      [20:06:06] <hathor28> ok class time
      [20:06:11] <hathor28> lol
      [20:06:14] <theCambino> agreed
      [20:06:15] <@OpheliaBlue> no man is an island
      [20:06:20] <@OpheliaBlue> and yes, class time
      [20:06:23] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: hmm?
      [20:06:25] <%RareCola> This I know?
      [20:06:31] <@OpheliaBlue> John Donne
      [20:06:52] <theCambino> hathor28: but it was dream related...
      [20:07:05] <theCambino> a topic...?
      [20:07:13] <%RareCola> oh I was referring to Black Flies by Ben Howard
      [20:07:23] <%RareCola> Guess John Donne used No Man Is An Island too
      [20:07:33] <@OpheliaBlue> well I'll be..
      [20:07:37] <hathor28> yes
      [20:07:44] <hathor28> :\
      [20:08:02] <@OpheliaBlue> ok who's induction methods are working and who's aren't?
      [20:08:11] <@OpheliaBlue> let's get to the nitty gritty of it
      [20:08:14] <kraom> oh mine are working great.
      [20:08:29] <fennecgirl> mine aren't yet
      [20:08:33] <kraom> past 5 days four full lucid dreams
      [20:08:39] <kraom> and realized i was dreaming twice
      [20:08:45] <theCambino> mine are not
      [20:08:45] <fennecgirl> I came fairly close with WILD but still didn't reach SP
      [20:08:46] <kraom> but awoke.
      [20:08:48] <@OpheliaBlue> niiice, DILDing mainly?
      [20:08:53] <kraom> yea
      [20:08:59] <%RareCola> My attempts have been really slacking lately. Bad recall these last 2 or 3 days and WILD attempts have resulted in me just falling asleep.
      [20:09:01] <kraom> ive been using SSILD after waking up
      [20:09:11] <theCambino> ever since I ditched my alarm... I've had a hard time waking up during WBTB
      [20:09:19] <theCambino> maybe I need to drink more water
      [20:09:25] <fennecgirl> I also tried MILD twice last night (when I went to bed, as well as after my failed WILD attempt at around 4:30 AM)
      [20:09:30] theCambino was really dehydrated last night
      [20:09:40] <theCambino> luls at recall
      [20:09:46] <%RareCola> You shouldn't rely on water, theCambino. It's about building the mental notion that you will realise each time you wake up
      [20:09:49] <fennecgirl> It still hasn't worked yet
      [20:10:03] <kraom> ehh takes time
      [20:10:06] <theCambino> ...I thought I was having Dave's luck, when I couldn't recall for awhile this morning
      [20:10:06] <%RareCola> how long have you been practicing lucid dreaming fennecgirl?
      [20:10:36] <theCambino> RareCola: any suggestions on waking up the mind a little more during WBTB
      [20:10:36] <fennecgirl> a few weeks, I think
      [20:10:44] <fennecgirl> no success yet
      [20:10:47] <fennecgirl> still trying, though
      [20:10:51] <@OpheliaBlue> fennecgirl: I read your workbook entry, the one with the "waves" .. that sounded like it could have been the onset of a WILD. Especially since it occurred twice
      [20:10:52] <%RareCola> theCambino: Walk around
      [20:10:56] <theCambino> fennecgirl: what's your count?
      [20:10:57] <@OpheliaBlue> I get that too, also without the SP
      [20:10:59] <%Caenis|Away> !back
      [20:11:00] Caenis|Away [[email protected]] is now known as Caenis
      [20:11:02] <kraom> took me two months before my first LD
      [20:11:14] <theCambino> bonsoir Caenis
      [20:11:16] <@OpheliaBlue> wb Caenis
      [20:11:17] <theCambino> ...again
      [20:11:22] <theCambino> err wb
      [20:11:23] <%RareCola> Are you practicing awareness fennecgirl?
      [20:11:30] <%Caenis> Hello again.
      [20:11:33] <fennecgirl> Ophelia: Yeah, that's why I think I was close. Cambino: LD count? Nothing yet.
      [20:11:34] <%RareCola> hey Caenis
      [20:12:07] <theCambino> fennecgirl: ahh.... patience! keep at it and you will have one!
      [20:12:17] <fennecgirl> RareCola: Occasionally. I've started the dream yoga course recently, which includes awareness.
      [20:12:42] <%RareCola> Ah that's good, you'll learn a lot with that course
      [20:12:58] <%RareCola> Awareness is key though -- have you checked out the awareness links in the compilation thread?
      [20:13:02] <fennecgirl> That's what I'm hoping!
      [20:13:11] <fennecgirl> And not yet - I will, though.
      [20:13:23] <theCambino> sometimes I feel too overwhelmed... with ADA, ASDA, RCs.
      [20:13:46] <theCambino> questioning reality and then focusing on ADA... also ASDA.
      [20:13:52] <kraom> i don't even use RCs in my dreams
      [20:13:53] <@OpheliaBlue> I don't do a specific "awareness technique" .. just being more aware all day is going the right direction
      [20:13:55] <kraom> only real life.
      [20:13:55] <theCambino> a lot to think about in a days time
      [20:14:06] <theCambino> ^ what OpheliaBlue said
      [20:14:08] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:14:09] <fennecgirl> Yeah, I find ADA to be overwhelming.
      [20:14:13] <fennecgirl> It takes practice, I guess.
      [20:14:19] <theCambino> fennecgirl: you have to build up to it
      [20:14:19] <%RareCola> I don't necessarily like ADA
      [20:14:24] <theCambino> alittle at a time
      [20:14:32] <theCambino> RareCola: that's why I included ASDA
      [20:14:39] <@OpheliaBlue> it does, and one can become complacent with awareness, and you need to kick it up another level after a while
      [20:14:52] <theCambino> incorporating both ADA and ASDA together
      [20:14:56] <%Caenis> Kraom, you might start RCing in dreams after a few more months. Some of my LDs have been the result of a sporadic RC.
      [20:15:04] <fennecgirl> What's ASDA?
      [20:15:04] <%Caenis> It's worth it to try at least!
      [20:15:13] <%RareCola> Honestly, I have no idea what ASDA is... ASDA is a grocery store in the UK
      [20:15:14] <kraom> mehh
      [20:15:14] <%RareCola> lol
      [20:15:20] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:15:20] <theCambino> All Day Self Awareness
      [20:15:26] <theCambino> why am I saying ASDA
      [20:15:27] <theCambino> XD
      [20:15:28] <%RareCola> wouldn't that be ADSA?
      [20:15:29] <theCambino> ADSA
      [20:15:30] <%RareCola> fail
      [20:15:31] <@OpheliaBlue> ADSA
      [20:15:35] <kraom> lol
      [20:15:39] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah SDA is sporadic awareness
      [20:15:40] <theCambino> RareCola: I know -_-
      [20:15:41] <fennecgirl> How is it different from ADA?
      [20:15:51] <theCambino> just making sure if everyone is paying attention!
      [20:15:54] <theCambino> ha ha
      [20:16:01] <%RareCola> Self-awareness is much different to awareness of the outside world
      [20:16:18] <kraom> i think self-awareness is more beneficial.
      [20:16:25] <%RareCola> I agree, kraom
      [20:16:35] <theCambino> fennecgirl: ADA is awareness outside of yourself... ADSA is the awareness of the impact you make on your surrounding
      [20:16:39] <theCambino> something like that
      [20:16:48] <fennecgirl> Interesting. I'll have to look into that more.
      [20:16:49] <%RareCola> It's about focusing on all your senses, your presence in the world and how your presence affects everything around you and how it affects you.
      [20:17:12] <theCambino> ADA also focuses on your senses as well... but to an extent
      [20:17:35] <kraom> ADA for me is less thoughtful more visual and auditory
      [20:17:48] <%RareCola> Sageous explains self-awareness really well, if you're interested in learning more about it: http://www.dreamviews.com/f156/wild-...p-part-131815/
      [20:18:01] <theCambino> ^
      [20:18:20] <@OpheliaBlue> hathor28: and thedanknight, how are your techniques working for you?
      [20:18:35] <@OpheliaBlue> if you're still here
      [20:18:36] <theCambino> notice though it pertains to a lot of the impact you have on everything... as well as everything having an impact on you
      [20:18:57] <theCambino> which is much different from ADA ^
      [20:19:08] <theCambino> hola Burke
      [20:19:25] <Burke> buenos dias
      [20:19:28] <theCambino> buenos dias
      [20:19:30] <theCambino> damn it
      [20:19:32] <theCambino> tuslo
      [20:19:33] <Burke>
      [20:19:37] <theCambino> bien bien
      [20:20:02] <Burke> debemos tener una clase totalmente en espanol
      [20:20:09] <kraom> oh si?
      [20:20:21] <theCambino> mi no si
      [20:20:29] <theCambino> I try
      [20:20:31] <@OpheliaBlue> "Reality Check in Reverse"
      [20:20:33] <Burke> dicho si
      [20:20:46] <@OpheliaBlue> who here has read that, from the link RareCola provided?
      [20:20:48] <Burke> err, digo
      [20:20:49] <Burke> xD
      [20:20:56] <hathor28> i have to recall if i wake up forgetting the dream
      [20:21:00] <kraom> uhm ive read the post about reverse reality checks
      [20:21:04] <kraom> that sageous wrote
      [20:21:10] <kraom> in a wild tutorial.
      [20:21:24] <theCambino> Burke: how are your techniques working for you...? which apparently is the subtopic
      [20:21:32] <%Caenis> I have not read much from Sageous' WILD class.
      [20:21:35] <Burke> en espanol o ingles?
      [20:21:36] <@OpheliaBlue> do you practice that on a regular basis kraom?
      [20:21:38] <%RareCola> Reverse Reality Checks are really great. I use them as stabilisation sometimes too.
      [20:21:42] <theCambino> Burke: si.
      [20:21:50] <kraom> just si lol
      [20:21:59] <kraom> espanol espanol!
      [20:21:59] <@OpheliaBlue> it's interesting, the part about asking yourself how you got there, and where you will be
      [20:22:01] <Burke> elige un
      [20:22:07] <theCambino> ohhhh
      [20:22:11] <Burke> (pick one)
      [20:22:12] <theCambino> derp y = and
      [20:22:15] <theCambino> yeah
      [20:22:17] <theCambino> o is or
      [20:22:19] <theCambino> my bad
      [20:22:22] <theCambino> ingles.
      [20:22:34] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: agreed!
      [20:22:37] <Burke> umm, I had a lot of success last week but nothing recently
      [20:22:44] <Burke> then again my sleep schedule has been kind of hectic
      [20:22:51] <Burke> woke up at nnon yesterday and 7 today
      [20:22:57] <Burke> noon8
      [20:22:58] <Burke> *
      [20:23:00] <theCambino> lul
      [20:23:11] <kraom> noon huh.. thats a little late.
      [20:23:14] <%RareCola> It works for stabilisation because it also focuses on your impact on the world around you and its impact on you. In a dream, you can imagine how everything would feel.
      [20:23:15] <theCambino> yeah sleep schedule is pretty helpful
      [20:23:28] <Burke> I have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow so idk
      [20:23:33] <Burke> and next week im going camping
      [20:23:41] <Burke> so we'll see how that works out with recall and lucidity
      [20:23:43] <kraom> i got back from camping recently
      [20:23:45] <kraom> >.>
      [20:23:48] <kraom> not good
      [20:23:59] <Burke> I had my first lucid when we went camping
      [20:24:03] <theCambino> also to add from RareCola's statement... when in a dream, you realise that the dream is a creation of you and you impact it incredibly
      [20:24:05] <kraom> my recall was great
      [20:24:08] <Burke> first as in first ever, not after I had found out
      [20:24:14] <kraom> mhmm
      [20:24:17] <theCambino> and as we all know... dreams impact us tremendously
      [20:24:32] <%RareCola> I think it's all about how you go into it thinking. If you go camping and think your recall/lucidity will be bad, it will be.
      [20:24:41] <theCambino> ^
      [20:24:47] <kraom> i didn't have any thoughts prior to it.
      [20:24:47] <Burke> I'm going in neutral so...
      [20:24:49] <theCambino> or unless you get shitfaced
      [20:24:51] <Burke> it will stay the same?
      [20:24:54] <kraom> it was just the way it panned out
      [20:24:55] <theCambino> pardon my english
      [20:25:00] <%RareCola> Probably, Burke
      [20:25:02] <@OpheliaBlue> I like how Reece mentioned that what we see everyday is a creation of our mind, rather a created perception, like dreams
      [20:25:04] <%RareCola> I don't see why it would affect lucidity
      [20:25:16] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: I very much agree
      [20:25:21] <Burke> well when we went camping back when I was 8 I had like5 lucids
      [20:25:24] <Burke> thanks to recurring nightmares
      [20:25:27] <theCambino> reece has a ton of wise words
      [20:25:32] <%RareCola> Reece is a smart one
      [20:25:54] <theCambino> ^
      [20:26:15] <theCambino> fennecgirl: look into his dream related material >>> ReeceJones87 - YouTube
      [20:26:19] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah he is.. in the best case scenario, a dream should be as vivid as real life, since it's just our brain creating images either way
      [20:26:33] <fennecgirl> will do!
      [20:26:48] <%RareCola> Best case? I'd say best case is more vivid than real life
      [20:27:06] <%RareCola> Your imagination isn't limited by the physical limitations of your body
      [20:27:12] <theCambino> ...or better like RareCola said
      [20:27:13] <@OpheliaBlue> I knew someone would point that out
      [20:27:17] thedanknight [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:27:26] <@OpheliaBlue> "almost best case scenario" and then the rest I said
      [20:27:26] <%RareCola> haha
      [20:27:33] <theCambino> notice things that would normally go unnoticed in waking life
      [20:27:46] <@OpheliaBlue> better than best
      [20:28:07] <theCambino> high hopes is something I kind of wish I knew
      [20:28:39] <@OpheliaBlue> I like what Sageous says about "wonder"
      [20:28:56] <theCambino> wonder...? about?
      [20:28:58] <@OpheliaBlue> it reminds me of something from "Joe vs. The Volcano" anyone ever seen that movie?
      [20:29:08] <%RareCola> Is this your first time reading his WILD sessions?
      [20:29:10] <@OpheliaBlue> Tom Hanks and meg Ryan, circa 1990 ish
      [20:29:17] <theCambino> OpheliaBlue: afraid not
      [20:29:17] <%RareCola> Can't say I have
      [20:29:23] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: nooooooooooooooo ( ) yes
      [20:29:31] <%RareCola> haha
      [20:29:36] <%RareCola> they're really great
      [20:29:42] <theCambino> they are ^
      [20:29:50] <theCambino> not sure why I keep agreeing
      [20:29:53] <theCambino> ...so much
      [20:30:00] <%RareCola> Not just for WILDs either, besides the last 2 sessions, everything he teaches helps with every aspect of lucid dreaming
      [20:30:01] <%Caenis> You're just so agreeable theCambino.
      [20:30:05] <@OpheliaBlue> Meg's character talks about how people go on their whole lives, never questioning anything, no awareness, etc, you know, we talk about that alot on DV, but THEN,
      [20:30:15] <theCambino> I know... just seems this is a one sided conversation
      [20:30:22] <theCambino> I'm not contributing much.
      [20:30:25] <@OpheliaBlue> She said some people spend their whole lives in utter Awe at the world around them.
      [20:30:42] <theCambino> fennecgirl: by chance, have you seen waking life?
      [20:30:49] <theCambino> I think it was mentioned in last class.
      [20:30:51] <fennecgirl> nope
      [20:31:00] <theCambino> it's on google
      [20:31:04] <%Caenis> Didn't I mention it to you, theCambino?
      [20:31:05] <@OpheliaBlue> that's what I always reference when I am working on my awareness.. being in Awe at everything around me, how it works, what makes it wonderful
      [20:31:05] <%RareCola> Sounds like me, I'm always the odd one out amongst my friends when I'm awestruck by the world haha
      [20:31:11] <%Caenis> Or maybe it was Mattorix.
      [20:31:15] <theCambino> Caenis: no...?
      [20:31:22] <theCambino> I own Waking Life on DVD
      [20:31:25] <%Caenis> Sorry, I mentioned it to Mattorix.
      [20:31:29] <@OpheliaBlue> no that's cool.. the world, universe, everything is pretty freaking incredible
      [20:31:35] <theCambino> ...if it came in bluray... I would of gotten that!
      [20:31:36] <Burke> I'm awestruck when listening to some good music xP
      [20:31:44] <theCambino> Caenis: it's alright.
      [20:31:45] <@OpheliaBlue> but you have to stop the clock every now and then during the day
      [20:31:57] <%RareCola> It is, I love those moments when you just stop and realise how incredible everything is
      [20:32:03] <@OpheliaBlue> be in awe, find wonder in the world around you
      [20:32:07] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah
      [20:32:17] <@OpheliaBlue> it used to scare me because I didn't understand how it all came to be
      [20:32:20] <theCambino> I love what Alan Watts has said about the stages of dreams! ...so inspirational!
      [20:32:28] <Burke> I have a fan beside me, I shall find beauty in it!
      [20:32:30] <@OpheliaBlue> then I said fuck it, I don't need to know, I'm just going to be in awe about it and party
      [20:32:38] <theCambino> Burke!
      [20:32:47] <%RareCola> Yeaaa, I think that's the key, you need to be content in the not-knowing
      [20:32:56] <@OpheliaBlue> did you find the fan sexy, Burke?
      [20:33:01] <theCambino> Burke: errr I assume that was a quote?
      [20:33:03] <Burke> not that beauty
      [20:33:08] <Burke> and no, I just said it
      [20:33:09] <@OpheliaBlue> lol
      [20:33:11] <theCambino> oh
      [20:33:12] <kraom> lol
      [20:33:14] <Burke> because there is a fan beside me
      [20:33:17] <Burke> and that's the topic
      [20:33:22] <theCambino> lol
      [20:33:27] <%RareCola> Humans have a strange desire to figure out how everything works, down to the nuts and bolts. Sometimes you need to realise that you don't need to know, and that it's harmful to strive to try and know.
      [20:33:27] <@OpheliaBlue> does the fan inspire awe and wonderment?
      [20:33:29] <hathor28> i got a question concerning dream images
      [20:33:43] <Burke> no, but it inspires a cool feeling on my body
      [20:33:44] <theCambino> speak into the fan and listen to it echo
      [20:33:56] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: I agree. I used to stop thinking about it because it drove me crazy with desire to know why/how etc.
      [20:33:57] <%Caenis> Go ahead hathor28.
      [20:34:07] <hathor28> there was an image that haunted me thru a dream, and also when i woke up its still in my head why?
      [20:34:08] <theCambino> I can't wait to shout in a dream and hear the harmonics inside.
      [20:34:09] <%RareCola> Haha, you'd be amazed how much awe and wonderment you can find in a fan when you use it as your WILD anchor.
      [20:34:20] <Burke> @hathor because it haunted you
      [20:34:35] <hathor28> not in a scary way tho
      [20:34:35] <kraom> yea because it was on your mind after you woke up.. idk.
      [20:34:38] <@OpheliaBlue> hathor28: what was the image, and what did it do?
      [20:34:45] <theCambino> hathor28: it left a deep impression in your memory
      [20:34:50] <Burke> ^^
      [20:34:53] <theCambino> ...just like a really vivid or amazing dream
      [20:35:06] <hathor28> the dream guy someone i knew
      [20:35:10] <hathor28> :\
      [20:35:13] <theCambino> you remember it so well because it has impacted you
      [20:35:18] <%RareCola> Does a creation of your imagination have the ability to leave a deep impression in your memory?
      [20:35:23] <theCambino> sleep on it.
      [20:35:24] <hathor28> could it be linked to my telepathy?
      [20:35:26] RommiH [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:35:30] <theCambino> you'll forget it tomorrow.
      [20:35:38] <%Caenis> Is that the guy you SD with, hathor?
      [20:35:38] <RommiH> class now?!
      [20:35:40] <@OpheliaBlue> I got disturbed by the most nothing of images when I had a really high fever once. It was just a rope, but I found it freaky at the time. Some dreams are like that: not very rational in the moment.
      [20:35:43] <%Caenis> Hello RommiH, yessir!
      [20:35:44] <hathor28> yes
      [20:35:47] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RommiH
      [20:35:51] <RommiH> HEY!
      [20:35:54] <theCambino> bonsoir RommiH
      [20:35:57] <RommiH> been on for how long?
      [20:36:07] <theCambino> since 8pm cst
      [20:36:14] <theCambino> 36 minutes ago
      [20:36:19] <%RareCola> Freaked out by a rope. Almost as good as going into mourning by putting a bag over your head.
      [20:36:20] <RommiH> i keep forgetting abouot the chats!
      [20:36:30] <RommiH> ak ok...
      [20:36:33] <@OpheliaBlue> it was a sheet Jason, ablack sheet
      [20:36:42] <hathor28> it was like a facial image
      [20:36:43] <@OpheliaBlue> nto a bag
      [20:36:43] <%Caenis> Hmmmm. I can't say hathor28. But then again, I don't think I ever could--it's your dream and experience after all. You'd know best what it means.
      [20:36:43] <%RareCola> Details, detail
      [20:36:45] <%RareCola> s
      [20:36:52] fennecgirl [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:36:57] <theCambino> welp I am offically lost
      [20:37:03] <@OpheliaBlue> a black sheet it goth, a bag is suicidal
      [20:37:10] <%RareCola> Hahaha
      [20:37:23] <RommiH> what are we talking about??
      [20:37:26] <%RareCola> not if you draw a happy face on it
      [20:37:31] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [20:37:32] <hathor28> hmm i guess it got stronger this connection then
      [20:37:36] <theCambino> a whole lot of everything
      [20:37:39] <RommiH> i have a brown paper bag next to me
      [20:37:44] <@OpheliaBlue> ignore the woman with the sheet over her head
      [20:37:59] <RommiH> it fits nicely over the head
      [20:38:00] <hathor28> who sees the woman? lol
      [20:38:07] <%Caenis> That could be, hathor28. I wonder if your friend had the same experience.
      [20:38:11] <@OpheliaBlue> it was a dream I had a few days ago
      [20:38:44] <hathor28> caenis it is getting oddly stronger
      [20:39:01] <hathor28> it has to do with communications
      [20:39:27] <@OpheliaBlue> communications?
      [20:39:40] <hathor28> odd thing is i see the face 1 sec and it continues with me thru my dream like chain dream
      [20:39:51] <hathor28> telepathy ophelia
      [20:39:52] <theCambino> hmmm
      [20:40:34] <hathor28> i continue with the 2nd dream and it's still there
      [20:41:08] <@OpheliaBlue> ah. Well, I don't really know much about telepathy hathor28, and this class is more designed for entry level lucidity hehe
      [20:41:13] <@OpheliaBlue> so I won't be much help there!
      [20:41:21] <%Caenis> Interesting. o.O I'm curious to see how your dreams will continue to be affected. Curious stuff.
      [20:41:27] <hathor28> well it is also linked to my dreams
      [20:41:59] <hathor28> i was sleeping late it was day
      [20:42:00] <%RareCola> Shhh, Ophelia's secretly telepathically controlling you all. It's a conspiracy.
      [20:42:11] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm telepathetic alright
      [20:42:15] Seroquel [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:42:17] <kraom> knew it..
      [20:42:22] <%Caenis> D= Ophelia is violating our minds.
      [20:42:29] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Seroquel
      [20:42:38] <hathor28> i read that someone thinking of you can affect your dreams at the moment
      [20:43:02] <%RareCola> A bit fairy-tale for me
      [20:43:04] <@OpheliaBlue> so lately anxiety is ruining my WILD attempts. meaning, I always have a higher anxiety level first thing in the morning, but never at any other time of day
      [20:43:09] <hathor28> yes it is caenis
      [20:43:09] <@OpheliaBlue> anyone else ever experience this?
      [20:43:15] <theCambino> no
      [20:43:21] <theCambino> well I'm out
      [20:43:24] <theCambino> au revoir
      [20:43:27] <@OpheliaBlue> ok see ya Caenis
      [20:43:31] <theCambino> lul
      [20:43:31] <%RareCola> I think I've experienced something similar before actually
      [20:43:33] <kraom> ja ne
      [20:43:34] <hathor28> cya camb
      [20:43:38] <%RareCola> What exactly happens to you?
      [20:43:42] <theCambino> kroam...?
      [20:43:45] <kraom> hmm
      [20:43:49] <%Caenis> Bye theCambino.
      [20:43:54] <theCambino> later
      [20:43:55] <hathor28> lol
      [20:44:14] <hathor28> i realized this thru recall
      [20:44:19] <@OpheliaBlue> when I wake up too early, and the thoughts of work and other issues (mostly work, or the have-to's of my life) fill my head all in one big rush
      [20:44:29] <hathor28> didnt know in dream O_o
      [20:44:32] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:44:48] <@OpheliaBlue> my heart races and I get butterflies in my stomach, the bad kind
      [20:45:00] <%Caenis> OpheliaBlue: I don't usually have anxiety in the mornings. If I'm anxious, it's going to be more at night when I have the time to think. Or various parts of the day, but nights are a regular time for me to feel anxious.
      [20:45:09] <@OpheliaBlue> hard to relax and focus then... and it creeps into my induction attempts
      [20:45:12] <%RareCola> Ah yea, I've had similar before, particularly know the heart racing/butterflies feeling
      [20:45:33] <hathor28> only time i get those feelings is thru a night terror
      [20:45:41] <@OpheliaBlue> I think it's because sleep is a huge excape for me, and waking up is being thrown from that escape
      [20:45:43] <Seroquel> This room is weird
      [20:45:53] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: weird how we're opposite on that
      [20:46:01] <hathor28> knew i felt something looking over
      [20:46:01] <@OpheliaBlue> Seroquel: awww bless your heart
      [20:46:12] <@OpheliaBlue> you'll fit right in
      [20:46:13] <hathor28> always has
      [20:46:21] <%Caenis> Yeah, I didn't even realize people got anxious in the mornings. =p
      [20:46:22] <hathor28> someone lurking
      [20:46:28] <%Caenis> I'm too groggy in the mornings to be too anxious.
      [20:46:49] <@OpheliaBlue> Caenis: I was reading about it recently, apparently it's a condition, and what can trigger it is low blood sugar in the mornings
      [20:47:10] <hathor28> lol
      [20:47:12] <%Caenis> Ahhhh, I could see how that would be. Interesting.
      [20:47:16] <%RareCola> My WILD attempts have just been weird lately. I reach a point where I know I'm getting closer to successfully WILDing but for some reason or another, I end up rolling over and going to sleep. It makes no sense whatsoever
      [20:47:34] <kraom> all of my WILD attempts fail.
      [20:47:36] <kraom> everytime
      [20:47:49] <kraom> thats why i love my DILDs.. so easy
      [20:47:58] <%RareCola> Really random though
      [20:48:00] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm supposed to drink apple juice when that happens or something, but I'm afraid the sugar would exacerbate the problem, not help it
      [20:48:18] <@OpheliaBlue> I dunno, worth a try I guess.. probably an antidepressant or therapy would be better
      [20:48:46] <%RareCola> I don't see sugar being a problem
      [20:48:47] <%Caenis> If the issue really is just a blood sugar thing, apple juice would be a good fix.
      [20:49:09] <hathor28> yesterday i got light headed very fast, and i got no health problems :\
      [20:49:12] <@OpheliaBlue> y'all are just saying that because you don't want me popping more pills
      [20:49:20] <hathor28> went away as fast as it came
      [20:49:22] <%RareCola> Possibly
      [20:49:24] <%Caenis> My dad always gets irritable if his blood sugar is low. It definitely has an effect on moods.
      [20:49:45] <@OpheliaBlue> fuck it, why not.. I'll give it a shot
      [20:49:49] <hathor28> i think it has nothing to do with blood pressure
      [20:49:58] <@OpheliaBlue> blood sugar*
      [20:50:00] <%RareCola> I'm pretty against medication unless it's absolutely necessary actually. Don't take anything when I have headaches and such
      [20:50:09] <hathor28> if it was a 3 sec happening
      [20:50:16] RommiH [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:50:35] <hathor28> i take no medications
      [20:50:40] <@OpheliaBlue> when I get the early morning anxiety, it lasts for hours and I don't get back to sleep (if it's a work day)
      [20:50:50] <kraom> i dont take medication but if i get a headache i use excedrin
      [20:51:00] <@OpheliaBlue> I can wake up as early as 3am and not get back to sleep
      [20:51:12] <%Caenis> o.O Oh. That's a little more serious than I realized.
      [20:51:17] <kraom> i have a hard time going back to sleep too
      [20:51:24] <%RareCola> Maybe it's time to change your career
      [20:51:24] <kraom> takes like two three hours sometime
      [20:51:32] <hathor28> im a light sleeper
      [20:51:39] <%Caenis> Well, yes, therapy is certainly never a bad option OpheliaBlue!
      [20:51:43] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: my friend, you just said a cotton-picken' mouthful
      [20:52:20] <%RareCola> haha
      [20:52:28] <@OpheliaBlue> i'm a bit stuck for the time being, benefits and some other shit I'm tied up with, but that's ok, I didn't mean for you guys to try and solve my issues
      [20:52:34] <@OpheliaBlue> I was just curious about,
      [20:52:55] <@OpheliaBlue> what people did to combat anxiety, or even just too many thoughts while trying to focus on an induction technique
      [20:53:19] <%RareCola> Have you ever tried meditation techniques?
      [20:53:31] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm not allowed to
      [20:53:33] <hathor28> no
      [20:53:35] <hathor28> lol
      [20:53:40] <%RareCola> oh?
      [20:53:40] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm kidding
      [20:53:48] <@OpheliaBlue> hehe I was evading
      [20:53:51] <%RareCola> Haha
      [20:54:03] <hathor28> i never use medication it messes with my dreaming
      [20:54:18] <@OpheliaBlue> I was just thinking about it too... is it possible for a brain to be too spastic even for meditation?
      [20:54:26] <%Caenis> Really? I've read from multiple sites that meditation helps with LDing hathor28.
      [20:54:37] <hathor28> oh sorry
      [20:54:41] <@OpheliaBlue> not medication hathor28 meditation
      [20:54:46] <hathor28> i thought u meant medication
      [20:54:46] <%RareCola> I don't think so, Lisa
      [20:55:07] <hathor28> ya i use meditation
      [20:55:14] <hathor28> a lot
      [20:55:19] <hathor28> have to!
      [20:55:33] <%RareCola> I think it's all a mental process really, you need to develop your own ways of calming your mind -- I just find implementing some meditative techniques useful
      [20:55:56] <@OpheliaBlue> oh like beer?
      [20:56:00] <%RareCola> For example, trying to fight your thoughts just makes it worse. You just need to let the thoughts pass through, complete themselves
      [20:56:02] <hathor28> lol
      [20:56:05] <%RareCola> haha... well, I guess beer could help
      [20:56:20] <DaveTheJoker|Away> !back is
      [20:56:21] DaveTheJoker|Away [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker
      [20:56:22] <DaveTheJoker> h
      [20:56:25] <hathor28> wb
      [20:56:25] <@OpheliaBlue> kidding again... I'm being a baby, and I know what you mean
      [20:56:29] <%Caenis> Hey Dave.
      [20:56:33] <DaveTheJoker> hi all
      [20:56:33] <@OpheliaBlue> I try to either fight or fix the thoughts
      [20:56:38] <@OpheliaBlue> hey dave
      [20:56:50] <hathor28> i do both
      [20:57:06] <DaveTheJoker> Movin couches burned up my DVA time
      [20:57:14] <@OpheliaBlue> so you just have to think them, and let them pass... I just feel like they want to stab me on their way through each time
      [20:57:25] <hathor28> or fight, fix and trick
      [20:57:26] <@OpheliaBlue> it jolts me and wakes me up too much
      [20:57:32] <%RareCola> When my thoughts I racing I tend to just think about them, consider them briefly and then let them pass through and refocus my mind on some outside distraction. This is why I started using a fan, a constant source to focus on
      [20:57:36] <%Caenis> You're so active lately Dave, with the furniture moving and the yard work.
      [20:58:08] <@OpheliaBlue> he's trying to tire himself out more before bed
      [20:58:14] <@OpheliaBlue> speaking of overactive minds
      [20:58:31] <%Caenis> I was just thinking that! Dave's set for sleeping.
      [20:58:39] <DaveTheJoker> Caenis: yea lol
      [20:58:53] <DaveTheJoker> got the living room recarpeted
      [20:58:59] <DaveTheJoker> so had to move all the crap out
      [20:59:02] <%RareCola> !brb a few minutes
      [20:59:03] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [20:59:07] <kraom> im feeling pretty tired today.. was forced to go to the beach D:
      [20:59:21] <hathor28> burgundy color?
      [20:59:21] <DaveTheJoker> nextime I'll go for you
      [20:59:25] <kraom> haha
      [20:59:29] <kraom> k
      [20:59:33] <DaveTheJoker> hathor28: sort of
      [20:59:39] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [20:59:41] <%Caenis> Ha, forced? Well, you'll fall asleep quickly tonight kraom.
      [20:59:42] <hathor28> and i just guessed
      [20:59:59] <DaveTheJoker> nah its more brownish
      [21:00:00] <hathor28> i got red
      [21:00:14] <hathor28> but then it turned a bit brown
      [21:00:16] <kraom> yea caenis forced, i know some people are like whaa the beach? but i live in san diego soo its not too spectacular
      [21:00:17] <DaveTheJoker> more like greyish brown dirt colored
      [21:00:19] <hathor28> burgundy
      [21:00:27] <kraom> i was promised food for coming..
      [21:00:34] <hathor28> eeeew
      [21:00:36] <kraom> which i got.
      [21:00:39] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [21:00:46] <DaveTheJoker> its not too bad
      [21:00:50] <hathor28> i was close
      [21:00:52] <%Caenis> I'm not a big beach person either actually. My family hated when I'd go to the beach in jeans and a hoodie. =p
      [21:00:58] <kraom> ol
      [21:01:00] <kraom> lol*
      [21:01:03] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [21:01:07] <DaveTheJoker> jeans and a hoodie
      [21:01:09] <@OpheliaBlue> oh we're off topic, it must be 9pm
      [21:01:14] <kraom> mehh i at least put on board shorts
      [21:01:16] <DaveTheJoker> no its 10pm
      [21:01:17] <@OpheliaBlue> !away logging chat
      [21:01:18] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      Next #DVA Chat Time:

      • Friday, July 13th, at 8pm CST*

      *Wear your costumes kids, it's Friday the 13th ooooooo...

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      Friday, July 13th, 8pm Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [20:01:37] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:01:37] Channel topic is: Next Class - 8pm CST
      [20:01:37] Topic was set by Oreoboy1996 on Fri Jul 13 15:06:48 2012
      [20:01:37] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
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      [20:01:39] Channel was created at Sat Jun 2 03:29:01 2012
      [20:01:40] <+paigeyemps> hey Cam
      [20:01:45] <+paigeyemps> hey Ophie
      [20:01:45] <+paigeyemps>
      [20:01:45] <+Caenis> Hello theCambino and Ophelia.
      [20:01:46] <theCambino> Bonsoir
      [20:01:46] <DaveTheJoker> you made it after all
      [20:01:48] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h Caenis
      [20:01:54] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h paigeyemps
      [20:01:57] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h RareCola
      [20:02:03] <@OpheliaBlue> hey y'all!
      [20:02:08] <%paigeyemps> thank you :3
      [20:02:14] <theCambino> yep... DaveTheJoker: I am in a park in Downtown
      [20:02:18] <%paigeyemps> awww yea finally i can attend class!
      [20:02:20] <DaveTheJoker> cool
      [20:02:24] <theCambino> all the awareness I need!
      [20:02:28] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [20:02:29] <@OpheliaBlue> yay! hi paigeyemps
      [20:02:32] <%paigeyemps> oh cool cam
      [20:02:36] paigeyemps waves
      [20:02:50] <DaveTheJoker> anything intresting outside
      [20:03:03] <%RareCola> Oh people, woo
      [20:03:06] <theCambino> ofc I am 6 meters from a homeless man in a wheelchair
      [20:03:09] <DaveTheJoker> nice
      [20:03:11] <theCambino> salut paige!
      [20:03:15] <%RareCola> Speaking of which, it's been a week dave, how's the homework?
      [20:03:23] <DaveTheJoker> well
      [20:03:25] <theCambino> ^
      [20:03:32] <DaveTheJoker> Sleep sched is better I think
      [20:03:34] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Open Discussion unless y'all want to talk about seeing through your closed eyes"
      [20:03:36] <theCambino> luks
      [20:03:39] <theCambino> luls*
      [20:03:42] <%paigeyemps> closed eyes!
      [20:03:44] <%paigeyemps> yes
      [20:03:56] <@OpheliaBlue> now that's some trippy stuff
      [20:03:57] <%paigeyemps> i had a WILD yesterday morning
      [20:03:59] <%paigeyemps> and
      [20:04:01] <@OpheliaBlue> oh yeah?
      [20:04:09] <%paigeyemps> there was a moment where i think i opened my eyes
      [20:04:12] <%paigeyemps> but at the same time
      [20:04:13] <theCambino> not experienced enough... but I'll listen.
      [20:04:15] <%paigeyemps> it was like i didn't
      [20:04:21] <%paigeyemps> like it was just the dream eyes
      [20:04:29] <%paigeyemps> i can't quite explain :S
      [20:04:36] <%Oreoboy1996> weird topic O_o
      [20:04:38] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino: talk to the homeless man about lucid dreaming
      [20:04:42] <DaveTheJoker> tell him that he should take it up
      [20:04:48] <@OpheliaBlue> it's a weird group of weirdos!
      [20:04:59] Mindraker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:04] <Mindraker> hello all
      [20:05:04] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Mindraker
      [20:05:07] <%Caenis> Hey Mindraker.
      [20:05:08] <DaveTheJoker> hi Mindraker
      [20:05:09] <%RareCola> What about the list of reasons why you want to lucid dream, Dave? Get anywhere with that?
      [20:05:10] <%paigeyemps> hey Mindraker
      [20:05:13] <%RareCola> hey Mindraker
      [20:05:19] <Mindraker> Well hello everyone!
      [20:05:21] <DaveTheJoker> yea
      [20:05:35] <Mindraker> Warm greetings to everyone
      [20:05:42] <DaveTheJoker> 1) Its fun
      [20:05:44] <@OpheliaBlue> I will go back to sleep in a DEILD chain, and I'll open my dream eyes, and what I see is from the same standpoint as when I went to sleep
      [20:06:01] kraom [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:06:11] <%Caenis> Hey kraom.
      [20:06:13] <@OpheliaBlue> like if I was facing the bathroom irl, then I will open my eyes in a lucid and it's right there.. easy to FA with that until yo're used to it
      [20:06:15] <%Oreoboy1996> 2) it isn't boring
      [20:06:17] <kraom> hey there
      [20:06:18] <DaveTheJoker> 2) Emotions and feelings and stuffs that I dont get in the daytime
      [20:06:32] <%paigeyemps> OpheliaBlue: yea that's what happened to me! D:
      [20:06:36] <@OpheliaBlue> hey kram
      [20:06:41] <DaveTheJoker> 3) It helps with my learnings in Zen Buddhism
      [20:06:46] <%paigeyemps> hi kriad
      [20:06:50] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:06:50] <%paigeyemps> *kraom
      [20:06:55] <%RareCola> Haha I thought "It's fun" was all you had for a moment.
      [20:06:58] <kraom> hi
      [20:06:58] <%paigeyemps> waitwut kriad lol
      [20:07:01] <@kriad> D:
      [20:07:04] <%RareCola> Those other 2 are pretty good though
      [20:07:07] <DaveTheJoker> 4) Its phun
      [20:07:09] <@OpheliaBlue> the kraid tab failure.. I do it all the time with kraom. I just catch it quick enough heeeee
      [20:07:09] <theCambino> !back
      [20:07:18] <@OpheliaBlue> hi Kraid!
      [20:07:21] <kraom> lol
      [20:07:31] <@kriad> hello dear
      [20:07:39] <@OpheliaBlue> I miss you
      [20:07:44] <eMCLucid> Sorry, I'm here!
      [20:07:47] <theCambino> only down fall for attending class on my phone.... interrupting phone calls. literally.
      [20:07:58] <@OpheliaBlue> without shockwave to bind us together, we are nothing Kraid
      [20:07:58] <DaveTheJoker> popular man
      [20:08:00] <theCambino> bonsoir eMCLucid
      [20:08:09] <%paigeyemps> hey eMCLucid
      [20:08:11] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: sadly
      [20:08:11] Burke [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:08:16] <%Caenis> Hello Burke.
      [20:08:17] <@OpheliaBlue> hi eMCLucid and Burke
      [20:08:17] <theCambino> hola Burke
      [20:08:23] <Burke> buenas noches
      [20:08:24] <theCambino> buenos dias
      [20:08:24] <%paigeyemps> hi Burke
      [20:08:30] <@OpheliaBlue> beans and nachos
      [20:08:33] <DaveTheJoker> I would go outside if I could get chat on my phone
      [20:08:49] <kraom> i could attend on my phone but i wouldnt be able to really type
      [20:08:50] <%paigeyemps> hey i invited supernova over
      [20:08:52] <theCambino> noches... evening? ...night?
      [20:08:58] SUP3RNOVA25 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:08:59] <@OpheliaBlue> so eMCLucid, how goes the lucid endeavors?
      [20:09:05] <DaveTheJoker> yea I can actually type on my blackberry
      [20:09:11] <%RareCola> So Dave besides your somewhat fixed sleep schedule, any other progress? Any plans for next week?
      [20:09:15] <%paigeyemps> hi nova
      [20:09:25] <DaveTheJoker> well
      [20:09:27] <SUP3RNOVA25>
      [20:09:29] <kraom> daves gunna SSILD! right..
      [20:09:31] <kraom>
      [20:09:36] <theCambino> yeah yeah I know you're all jelly...
      [20:09:37] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: Not bad, I had a very short lucid/false awakening this morning, but I woke up within seconds of it
      [20:09:39] Exotiraan^ wants to WILD.
      [20:09:39] <DaveTheJoker> That's the plan
      [20:09:43] <%paigeyemps> oh yaaa kraom congrats on the lucids!
      [20:09:48] <kraom> thank you thank you
      [20:10:00] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: oh cool, please give us a summary
      [20:10:01] <Exotiraan^> I haven't (actively) attempted it in a while.
      [20:10:13] <%RareCola> Can't say I'm too much of a fan of SSILD, but whatever floats your boat
      [20:10:19] Caenis taps Exotiraan's nose.
      [20:10:37] <%Caenis> Exotiraan^: I thought you said you were going to allocate more time to LDing?
      [20:10:49] <theCambino> sitting under a ginormous tree canopy... I enjoy that transition to chat and then focusing on the nature around me.
      [20:11:01] <%paigeyemps> ;D
      [20:11:11] <DaveTheJoker> RareCola: I have figured out that my best bet is to do a WBTB around 7am
      [20:11:30] <kraom> i can never fall back asleep after my wbtbs takes like two hours
      [20:11:31] <eMCLucid> So I woke up, went back to sleep, and thought I woke up again. I heard a voice say "You're dreaming" and immediately I got so excited, and realized I wasn't in my room, I was in like an "empty" version of my room. I stood up and was about to spin but the dream was already destabilizing, probably from that initial jolt of excitement
      [20:11:37] <%paigeyemps> awwwshiiii
      [20:11:49] <%paigeyemps> the Aladdin singing scene is on
      [20:11:52] <%RareCola> Well that's something Dave, now you need to practice that every day
      [20:11:54] <theCambino> anyway... has anyone read the book Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner?
      [20:11:58] <%Caenis> :O That's exciting, eMCLucid.
      [20:12:00] paigeyemps tries her best to resist
      [20:12:01] <theCambino> xD paigeyemps
      [20:12:10] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: oh sweet. when you thought you woke up again, do you remember what position you were in?
      [20:12:10] <%paigeyemps> i must stay here
      [20:12:11] <%paigeyemps> lol
      [20:12:21] <SUP3RNOVA25> .-.
      [20:12:22] <%Caenis> theCambino: I haven't, I think Dawgbone mentioned that book though, he might be reading it.
      [20:13:02] <theCambino> the cover looks interesting
      [20:13:19] <%RareCola> I need to get around to finishing Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. It's not one of those books you can just rush through though, so many exercises and stuff to complete
      [20:13:24] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: I was laying on my back, which was weird because I sleep on my side all the time
      [20:13:26] <DaveTheJoker> RareCola: my recall has been improving some
      [20:13:36] <DaveTheJoker> but it is still sub-par
      [20:13:43] <DaveTheJoker> the last to nights I did DJs though
      [20:13:52] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: I was looking through Alan Watts' books today
      [20:13:54] <DaveTheJoker> even though they were weak
      [20:13:58] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino: oh?
      [20:14:11] <%RareCola> You need to stop thinking negatively. Every small step is progress, and know that soon you'll be doing even better.
      [20:14:15] <%paigeyemps> oh that reminds me
      [20:14:23] <theCambino> DaveTheJoker: so many
      [20:14:28] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: oh that's interesting. I was asking because it kinda ties in with today's topic. Sometimes I fall back to sleep, then I think I have woken up because it's moments later, and I'm in the exact same position, seeing the same thing I was looking at just before closing my eyes again
      [20:14:32] <%paigeyemps> is there a pdf of EWOLD?
      [20:14:33] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino I should get one
      [20:14:37] <%RareCola> There is paige
      [20:14:44] <%RareCola> I linked it in the links & resources thread
      [20:14:51] <%paigeyemps> ahhh
      [20:14:59] <%paigeyemps> gonna download it
      [20:15:02] <%paigeyemps> thanks
      [20:15:03] <theCambino> the book is better paigeyemps
      [20:15:12] <%paigeyemps> can't find it
      [20:15:22] <%paigeyemps> but probably because our bookstores here suck
      [20:15:24] <theCambino> amazon?
      [20:15:29] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: I didn't realize it wasn't my room until I stood up and looked around, the scene may have quickly changed when I became lucid.
      [20:15:31] <theCambino> lul
      [20:15:35] <%paigeyemps> i have never ordered anything online
      [20:15:37] <%paigeyemps> x)
      [20:15:39] <%Oreoboy1996> ophelia you just reminded me of a dream i had
      [20:15:45] <%Oreoboy1996> but i forgot it instantly
      [20:15:48] <DaveTheJoker> :S
      [20:15:52] <%paigeyemps> :O
      [20:16:05] <kraom> :0
      [20:16:24] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [20:16:26] <@OpheliaBlue> awwww
      [20:16:27] <%Caenis> :I
      [20:16:43] <Mindraker> There are evil people on and offline... people will try to screw you over no matter where you are.
      [20:16:49] <DaveTheJoker> oops I forgot to upload my DJ today
      [20:16:54] <%paigeyemps> O.o
      [20:16:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I had a trippy lucid this morning.. dark, whispy smoky hands were entwining with mine
      [20:17:06] <@OpheliaBlue> I knew I was dreaming so I wasn't scared
      [20:17:09] <%Caenis> Oh yeah, any more luck with your incubation Dave?
      [20:17:16] <Mindraker> I think people are just a little more used to watching their tangible wallets than intangible, clickable money.
      [20:17:17] SUP3RNOVA25 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:17:22] <kraom> yea you incubate yvonne yet
      [20:17:24] <%Oreoboy1996> i had 7 lucids i think
      [20:17:52] <@OpheliaBlue> 7? dayamn
      [20:18:12] <%RareCola> How is that even possible o_O
      [20:18:13] <%paigeyemps> ophie that is kinda
      [20:18:15] <%Caenis> Jeez Oreo, you'll be having only LDs soon enough.
      [20:18:18] <%paigeyemps> romantic?
      [20:18:22] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:18:24] <%paigeyemps> x) lol entwining sounds cool
      [20:18:30] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:18:37] <theCambino^> damn phone
      [20:18:39] <%Oreoboy1996> Caenis: i can't remember the last time i've recalled a non-lucid...
      [20:18:41] <%paigeyemps> oh which reminds me
      [20:18:46] <%paigeyemps> i have a question
      [20:18:52] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I didn't want them to fade away.. I spent the rest of the lucid trying to find the shithead, when I could have been attampting the TOTM
      [20:18:59] <%RareCola> I still think you should set yourself a goal to only have non-lucids for a week.
      [20:19:02] <theCambino^> like I was saying...
      [20:19:05] <%Oreoboy1996> ask away paigey
      [20:19:08] <%paigeyemps> yea RareCola
      [20:19:11] <%paigeyemps> that thing
      [20:19:21] <%Oreoboy1996> RareCola: why ruin a good thing >.>
      [20:19:22] <%paigeyemps> do you think it would be possible to be non-lucid
      [20:19:28] <%paigeyemps> once you're lucid of course
      [20:19:35] <%paigeyemps> like, choose to go non-lucid
      [20:19:35] <%RareCola> Because non-lucids are great too!
      [20:19:40] <%Oreoboy1996> paigeyemps: yes
      [20:19:45] <Mindraker> Lose awareness? Sure...
      [20:19:45] <@OpheliaBlue> interesting
      [20:19:54] <@OpheliaBlue> lose it on PURPOSE
      [20:19:57] <%paigeyemps> yep
      [20:19:58] <%Oreoboy1996> RareCola: being passive in a lucid dream is just as good
      [20:20:00] <%RareCola> I don't think it'd be possible to make yourself lose lucidity
      [20:20:04] <%RareCola> It's kind of.. paradoxical
      [20:20:08] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:20:11] <theCambino^> I saw an old book today called the Lucid Dreamers. full of surreal images... almost bought it. @[email protected]
      [20:20:15] <Mindraker> I don't think awareness is an absolute.
      [20:20:22] <Mindraker> I think you can be "kind of" aware.
      [20:20:24] <theCambino^> anyone heard of it?
      [20:20:29] <%paigeyemps> i was wondering, if you can make the switch go on, why not make it go off? or something
      [20:20:39] <eMCLucid> It's possible to purposely indulge characters and the environment, eventually you'll probably forget you're dreaming.
      [20:20:44] <kraom> maybe you should try.
      [20:20:47] <%Oreoboy1996> well i suppose you can't force yourself to go non-lucid
      [20:20:48] <%paigeyemps> but i dont mean just losing the awareness though
      [20:20:51] <theCambino^> light switch?
      [20:20:59] <%paigeyemps> just..losing the lucidity intentionally
      [20:21:00] <@OpheliaBlue> I'd still be willing to give it a shot if I remember.. would it be cool if you actually become more lucid when yuo try to lose it, as opposed to losing lucidity when you tried to get more lucid
      [20:21:01] <%RareCola> Because trying to force awareness off is just enforces you to keep it on. It's like telling yourself not to think about something, you still think about it.
      [20:21:04] <%Oreoboy1996> but you can forget that you're dreaming after becoming lucid
      [20:21:07] <%paigeyemps> gaa sorry i suck at explaingin hahaha
      [20:21:10] <%paigeyemps> *explaining
      [20:21:26] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah but it's usually not intentional oreo
      [20:21:29] <Mindraker> It's like right now... I'm not focusing all my attention on the sounds coming from outside the window, but I'm still aware of them.
      [20:21:30] <theCambino^> meh it's all good
      [20:21:34] <DaveTheJoker> I am just a little frustrated cause I was going good
      [20:21:41] <DaveTheJoker> and then I nosedived
      [20:21:51] <theCambino^> positive thinking!
      [20:21:56] <%Oreoboy1996> i get the feeling you guys don't want me to lucid dream anymore D:
      [20:22:01] mattyd [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:22:03] <DaveTheJoker> ^^^^
      [20:22:03] <%RareCola> I have sporadic nose-diving. Like these last 3 days have been awful for me.
      [20:22:05] <DaveTheJoker> NO SHIT
      [20:22:06] <%paigeyemps> lol oreo
      [20:22:12] <DaveTheJoker> just kidding
      [20:22:14] <theCambino^> v_v
      [20:22:14] paigeyemps hugs Oreoboy1996
      [20:22:15] <Mindraker> lol
      [20:22:19] <%Caenis> Hello mattyd.
      [20:22:22] <%paigeyemps> *and steals his lucid powers
      [20:22:24] <%RareCola> I think it'd just be an interesting experiment, Oreo
      [20:22:24] <mattyd> hi
      [20:22:29] <%paigeyemps> hey mattyd
      [20:22:30] <@OpheliaBlue> hey mattyd
      [20:22:40] <%Oreoboy1996> hello mattyd
      [20:22:49] <@OpheliaBlue> Oreoboy1996: that's crazy talk
      [20:22:56] <eMCLucid> I have a general question, how many WILD attempts has it taken to have a WILD?
      [20:23:03] <%paigeyemps> many
      [20:23:07] <%paigeyemps> for me that is
      [20:23:13] <Mindraker> Hmmm... if me saying "Must not fap" results in me fapping excessively, then me saying "must not lucid dream" must result in me dreaming excessively, eh?
      [20:23:16] <kraom> ive never even had one.. D:
      [20:23:26] <%paigeyemps> lmao Mindraker
      [20:23:27] <%Oreoboy1996> eMCLucid: you can succeed on your first attempt
      [20:23:28] <%RareCola> I'm a pretty bad WILDer, probably made about 2 weeks worth of attempts now with not much progress
      [20:23:30] <kraom> yes mindraker yes..
      [20:23:31] <%Oreoboy1996> or your 100th
      [20:23:34] <eMCLucid> I've tried a couple times but all my lucids have been DILDs to this point
      [20:23:34] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: I'll be honest, my progress has been a slow, natural one
      [20:23:43] <%Oreoboy1996> or you can even succeed without making an attempt
      [20:24:18] <eMCLucid> The only progress I've made is I've started becoming conscious occasionally when waking up in SP
      [20:24:21] <@OpheliaBlue> but the more aware I am during the day, and the more time I spend on DV, just tryign to learn as much as I can, the better I get. The specific techniques seem trivial, because they tend to form around me, not the other way around
      [20:24:27] <%Caenis> Yeah, I haven't had much luck with WILDs either, eMCLucid. But then again, I've been focusing more on DILDs. As with all LD techniques/abilities, depends on the person.
      [20:24:35] <theCambino^> alright... back. had to move again!
      [20:24:45] <%Caenis> That's actually pretty good progress, eMCLucid.
      [20:24:45] <@OpheliaBlue> wb bambino
      [20:24:46] <%paigeyemps> wb cam
      [20:24:55] <DaveTheJoker> you better get a gun
      [20:25:00] <%paigeyemps> haha
      [20:25:06] <DaveTheJoker> Case the homeless man on a wheelchair comes back
      [20:25:07] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: oh you are conscious during sp? what's that like
      [20:25:08] <%RareCola> OpheliaBlue: I agree. That's something Sageous recently taught me actually. It doesn't matter how you get lucid, because regardless it's a lucid, the specifics don't matter and you don't even need to "label" it.
      [20:25:32] <theCambino^> yes Dave
      [20:25:38] <Mindraker> I'm finding my dreams are becoming musical, artistic... and for me, I'm a very left-brained, mathematically minded person.
      [20:25:40] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: yeah i'm starting to love his open-minded, hippie-esqe approach <3
      [20:25:49] <@OpheliaBlue> -esque*
      [20:25:58] <%RareCola> Haha, gotta love the hippie lifestyle
      [20:26:00] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [20:26:02] <theCambino^> I'm actually gettingg distracted from chat... this is amazingg!
      [20:26:08] <%Caenis> That's really cool, Mindraker. Those dreams sound much more fun than logical dreams.
      [20:26:15] <Mindraker> I had a painting of Andy Warhol in my head this afternoon. For me, that's a major WTF. I couldn't tell you the difference between Monet and Manet.
      [20:26:21] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [20:26:25] <@OpheliaBlue> hhaa
      [20:26:36] <@OpheliaBlue> which one Mindraker, the Marylin one?
      [20:26:48] <Mindraker> Yeah, Marilyn Monroe
      [20:26:49] <@OpheliaBlue> Marilyn*
      [20:26:50] SUP3RNOVA25 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:26:50] <eMCLucid> Thanks! and I agree OpheliaBlue . The more time I spend on dream views or reading up on LDs and techniques, the better chance I have of having them. And it just feels like a heavy blanket, I never know if Im definitely in it or not so I try not to move. The only time I've had hallucinations is one time I woke up straight from a dream, opened my eyes for a second and there was like a vortex of color everywhere so I closed my eyes again.
      [20:27:06] <kraom> i had to do a painting like that for my art class
      [20:27:07] <%RareCola> I think learning to control your right brain is one of the best things you can do
      [20:27:07] <kraom> zzz
      [20:27:14] <SUP3RNOVA25> i hate my computer -___-
      [20:27:28] <%paigeyemps> wb SUP3RNOVA25
      [20:27:31] <%Caenis> Haha, well, Andy Warhol was focused on commercialized art, or something like that. That actually seems fitting for you if you're a math/logical person, Mindraker.
      [20:27:34] <SUP3RNOVA25> thx lol
      [20:27:42] <DaveTheJoker> Well my dream incubation almost worked last night
      [20:27:43] <theCambino^> controlling a brain. period.
      [20:27:45] <%Oreoboy1996> i like my left brain more
      [20:27:50] <Mindraker> Ah maybe it's a form of art that I understand more...
      [20:27:57] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: good to hear! definitely lock on to those feelings, visions, sensations.. they'll help you to recognize it quicker the next time you experience them.
      [20:27:58] <DaveTheJoker> I like my bottom brain
      [20:27:59] <theCambino^> your* not a
      [20:27:59] <%paigeyemps> dave, what happened?
      [20:28:01] <%RareCola> Left brain is so mainstream /hipster
      [20:28:01] <theCambino^> XD
      [20:28:08] <SUP3RNOVA25> .-.
      [20:28:08] <DaveTheJoker> well...
      [20:28:29] fennecgirl [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:28:32] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: remember every aspect of them. Relive them, and reread them in your journal. Esp before bed.
      [20:28:34] <%paigeyemps> hey fennecgirl!
      [20:28:36] <%Oreoboy1996> hello fennecgirl
      [20:28:38] <%Caenis> GOod evening fennecgirl.
      [20:28:39] <@OpheliaBlue> right* before bed I mean
      [20:28:42] <@OpheliaBlue> hey fennecgirl!
      [20:28:42] <DaveTheJoker> kraom and I were discussing
      [20:28:44] <Mindraker> Hiya fennecgirl
      [20:28:46] <DaveTheJoker> and Caenis
      [20:28:48] <fennecgirl> hi everyone
      [20:28:49] <DaveTheJoker> last night
      [20:29:08] <theCambino^> is having so many "the girl in the red dress" moments right now.... it's unbelieveable!
      [20:29:09] <DaveTheJoker> lol
      [20:29:09] <eMCLucid> Its really only been happening over the last week so I feel like its helping me. and I will have to remember to read my DJ before bed tonight, its been a while
      [20:29:09] <%RareCola> Yess, I definitely agree with recalling the feelings and re-reading over your journal. Great way to boost lucidity chances
      [20:29:14] <DaveTheJoker> are they actually girls in red dresses
      [20:29:25] <theCambino^> red heels count?
      [20:29:32] <kraom> wait so dave she showed up in your dreams?!
      [20:29:34] <Mindraker> Is that all she's wearing?
      [20:29:36] <DaveTheJoker> lol hot girls at your parks?
      [20:29:37] <%paigeyemps> yup! rereading is awesome
      [20:29:43] <%paigeyemps> helps with my dry spells a lot
      [20:29:44] <DaveTheJoker> where do you live
      [20:29:52] <DaveTheJoker> our parks there are just stoners
      [20:29:55] <theCambino^> DaveTheJoker: here... yeah!
      [20:29:57] <DaveTheJoker> and old guys
      [20:30:06] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino^: dude cool
      [20:30:07] <%paigeyemps> lol
      [20:30:14] <%Oreoboy1996> i only look through my dream journal to find similarities between dreams
      [20:30:15] <theCambino^> this is a university city.
      [20:30:17] <DaveTheJoker> ohhh
      [20:30:30] <%Caenis> DaveTheJoker: You were telling us about your dream! We gotta read it.
      [20:30:39] <DaveTheJoker> oh Im ADD
      [20:30:42] <kraom> i know me and caenis are wondering
      [20:30:47] <DaveTheJoker> oh so it didnt work
      [20:30:55] <kraom> awwww
      [20:30:57] <DaveTheJoker> BUT
      [20:31:09] <%RareCola> Haha Caenis
      [20:31:28] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: me too. I need to read mine mroe often. It's amazing how many dreams I have forgotten over the years until I reread them in my journal. And it realy sets my mind up for better recall if not a lucid.
      [20:31:32] <DaveTheJoker> I dreamed about the girl from my US history class way back when
      [20:31:43] <theCambino^> oh whoa... a giant hawk above the city. reality check reality check reality check!
      [20:31:47] <kraom> mmmhmmm
      [20:31:49] <DaveTheJoker> !brb company over at the house
      [20:31:51] DaveTheJoker [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker|BRB
      [20:31:58] <%RareCola> so much ADD
      [20:31:59] <%Caenis> Damnit Dave.
      [20:32:11] OpheliaBlue slaps Dave
      [20:32:13] <theCambino^> luls
      [20:32:14] <theCambino^> seriously.
      [20:32:18] <theCambino^> ^
      [20:32:20] <kraom> hes question dodging!
      [20:32:31] <%paigeyemps> lmao rare
      [20:32:32] <theCambino^> kraom: does it often
      [20:32:36] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: That's true, it helps me not only remember my dreams but remember to write them down, lucid or not!
      [20:33:08] <%Oreoboy1996> i take pride in my ADD >.>
      [20:33:18] <%paigeyemps>
      [20:33:39] <theCambino^> whoa it's so hard not to RC when people watching. RC RC RC RC
      [20:33:48] <@OpheliaBlue> MENTALLY rc then
      [20:33:50] <%paigeyemps> O_O
      [20:33:53] <%paigeyemps> yea
      [20:33:58] <%Caenis> Just RC in front of folks, look ridiculous!
      [20:34:01] <theCambino^> feeling ADD with my RCs
      [20:34:04] <theCambino^> poodle
      [20:34:08] <mattyd> I hate it when you go to RC then there's people looking at you...
      [20:34:20] <%paigeyemps> do the less obvious ones like stare at an object and try to change the color, or try to make it float
      [20:34:22] <kraom> pshhhh who cares
      [20:34:27] <%Caenis> Haha, I can't say that's actually happened to me. I'm surprised, I nose plug in front of people all the time.
      [20:34:35] <%paigeyemps> so people wont notice lol
      [20:34:39] <mattyd> just make the weirdest one to be different
      [20:34:41] <theCambino^> Caenis: I can't wait to come across someone else doing a RC
      [20:34:43] <%Oreoboy1996> i like reality checks that don't require you to move your body around or anything
      [20:34:45] <SUP3RNOVA25> .-.
      [20:35:06] <%paigeyemps> yea i noseplug around people a lot too
      [20:35:07] <theCambino^> SUP3RNOVA25: contributez
      [20:35:11] <%paigeyemps> they dont seem to mind
      [20:35:13] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: Caenis Oreoboy1996 and paigeyemps , I realize this is highly unorthodox, but I have to go for about 20 minutes. But I'm coming back, for a particular student and for anyone else who is still hanging around.
      [20:35:28] <mattyd> would be cool to see someone do a RC in front of you
      [20:35:31] <%Oreoboy1996> sounds good
      [20:35:37] <%Caenis> All righty, we'll be fine OpheliaBlue.
      [20:35:39] <%paigeyemps> ah alrighty ohpie
      [20:35:41] <%paigeyemps> *ophie
      [20:35:42] <%paigeyemps>
      [20:35:44] <@OpheliaBlue> !away for 20 min or so
      [20:35:46] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [20:35:49] <kraom> its chaos ophelia is leaving!
      [20:35:51] <kraom> chaos
      [20:35:53] <%RareCola> Alright, thank god everyone else is here because I'm hopping between work and chat at the moment xD
      [20:35:53] <theCambino^> sure... even though I -wasn't- pinged
      [20:35:56] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> ok thanks you guys are great!
      [20:35:59] <%paigeyemps> FOOODFIGHT
      [20:36:02] <%paigeyemps> just kidding
      [20:36:03] <%paigeyemps> go on
      [20:36:12] fennecgirl [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:36:13] <eMCLucid> paigeyemps: Lmao
      [20:36:34] <Mindraker> If I need something to be very subtle I will mentally check the room, like "what can I sense now that I can't sense in a dream?" And I usually come up with answers like "smell... the environment is one I experience every day... wind..." and so forth.
      [20:36:46] <%Caenis> Hmmm. I've not seen anyone else RC. But then again, most people that have LDs that I know have them naturally.
      [20:36:54] <theCambino^> fennecgirl: that was quick.
      [20:36:54] <mattyd> SAT? (sporatic awareness
      [20:36:56] <theCambino^> xD
      [20:37:00] <%paigeyemps> but you can smell in the dream! D:
      [20:37:04] <%Oreoboy1996> something you can't sense in a dream?
      [20:37:07] <%Oreoboy1996> ^
      [20:37:12] <Mindraker> I haven't experienced smell in a dream yet.
      [20:37:15] <%paigeyemps> i smell apples all the time :3
      [20:37:17] <%paigeyemps> ahh
      [20:37:23] <%paigeyemps> alrighty then
      [20:37:28] <%Oreoboy1996> Mindraker: there's a chance it could happen though
      [20:37:30] <Mindraker> That may change, though!
      [20:37:34] <Mindraker> DD Oreoboy1996
      [20:37:35] <%Oreoboy1996> and it could ruin the reality check :/
      [20:37:39] <Mindraker> True
      [20:37:41] <theCambino^> I have,yet to smell something in a dream.
      [20:37:57] <%paigeyemps> it's quite nice
      [20:37:58] <%Caenis> Mindraker: I bet you will soon if you keep paying attention to it! If I start RCing with something like appearances or smells, then I'll notice that stuff more in my dreams.
      [20:37:58] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't like reality checks that depend on something that won't happen in a dream
      [20:38:06] <%paigeyemps> unless you're smelling something awful
      [20:38:07] <%Oreoboy1996> since anything can happen in a dream
      [20:38:07] <%paigeyemps> like dead body stench
      [20:38:08] <%paigeyemps>
      [20:38:13] <Mindraker> Hm... I guess that's something I need to try to experiment with!
      [20:38:15] WDr [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:38:15] <kraom> i cant recall ever smelling in a dream..
      [20:38:17] <%paigeyemps> which has happened to me more times than i'd like
      [20:38:20] <%Oreoboy1996> hello WDr
      [20:38:21] <theCambino^> paigeyemps: -_-
      [20:38:29] <Mindraker> I mean, gosh, I had a dead animal in my apartment wall, and that didn't affect my dream...
      [20:38:48] <%Caenis> And it certainly wouldn't be bad if you DID start smelling things in your dream, Mindraker.
      [20:38:57] <WDr> Hello! Sorry I'm late!
      [20:39:03] <%paigeyemps> hey WDr!
      [20:39:04] <%Caenis> Except the animal. Don't smell the dead animal.
      [20:39:05] <mattyd> i should go to sleep
      [20:39:09] <%paigeyemps> lmao Caenis
      [20:39:11] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> WDR you're early!
      [20:39:13] <%Caenis> Hello WDr, welcome to the chat!
      [20:39:16] <%paigeyemps> goodnight mattyd
      [20:39:19] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> I wasn't expecting you until later
      [20:39:23] <Mindraker> Yeah... I'm certainly going to start paying attention... lol the animal is long rotten, eaten by flies, and forgotten.
      [20:39:25] <Mindraker> hiya WDr
      [20:39:36] <%Oreoboy1996> ophelia is always watching >.>
      [20:39:38] mattyd [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:39:38] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> ok I'm making heaps of burritos but I'll try to finish in 10 min rather than 20
      [20:39:48] <%paigeyemps> take your time
      [20:39:55] <%paigeyemps> and make us some
      [20:39:58] <%paigeyemps> x)
      [20:40:06] <%Caenis> Well, that's good Mindraker. Or should I send my condolances for your lost friend?
      [20:40:16] <%Caenis> Dead animals always make good friends.
      [20:40:21] <SUP3RNOVA25> ._____.
      [20:40:32] <theCambino^> moving to a new location.
      [20:40:35] <theCambino^> !brb
      [20:40:36] theCambino^ [[email protected]] is now known as theCambino^|BRB
      [20:40:42] <%Caenis> Sorry, I've made us go off-topic.
      [20:40:47] <%paigeyemps> theCambino^|BRB is like a ..spy
      [20:40:57] <%paigeyemps> tizarget acquizired
      [20:41:07] <%Oreoboy1996> tizarget?
      [20:41:16] <%paigeyemps> target acquired
      [20:41:25] <%paigeyemps> with a zinging effect
      [20:41:28] <Mindraker> hahah Caenis Not sure what exactly it was... I think it was a bat or a rat.
      [20:41:36] <%paigeyemps> it was a brat
      [20:41:39] <%paigeyemps> haha
      [20:41:41] <%Oreoboy1996> anyways
      [20:41:49] <Mindraker> ah yeah topic...
      [20:41:51] Oreoboy1996 hits everyone with an on-topic stick
      [20:41:51] <kraom> brats always getting in my walls too
      [20:41:59] <kraom> ouch.
      [20:42:02] <kraom> that hurt
      [20:42:10] <%Caenis> I had a Batman dream once. Everything was hot pink.
      [20:42:18] <kraom> lol\
      [20:42:18] <Exotiraan^> Oreoboy1996: I still have yet to fail a handcheck because the expected result of the handcheck failed, but I have have had seveal times when I just could not reason properly or come to the conclusion needed.
      [20:42:20] <%paigeyemps> O_o
      [20:42:22] <%paigeyemps> lool
      [20:42:37] <kraom> everything?
      [20:42:40] <kraom> like the sky
      [20:42:44] <kraom> the grond
      [20:42:46] <kraom> ground*
      [20:42:49] <theCambino^|BRB> damn it paige you weren't supposed to announce it!
      [20:42:51] <%Caenis> I don't know, I was in the Batcave. It was pink.
      [20:42:56] <kraom> lol
      [20:42:58] <theCambino^|BRB> !back
      [20:42:58] theCambino^|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as theCambino^
      [20:43:06] <%paigeyemps> wb and sorry
      [20:43:08] <theCambino^> spot located!
      [20:43:28] <Mindraker> In my dreams, for some reason, *immediately* after I wake up, or if I'm kind of awake in the dream, I don't know where I am. It's more disorienting if I'm in a different bed.
      [20:43:30] <%Oreoboy1996> Exotiraan^: unfortunately i'm not sure how to get around those moments
      [20:43:32] <theCambino^> it's alright
      [20:43:36] <%Oreoboy1996> they don't happen to me often
      [20:43:43] <Mindraker> For example, if I go visit my parents.
      [20:43:45] <theCambino^> I'm just now compromised
      [20:43:55] <%Oreoboy1996> my subconscious isn't very good at tricking me
      [20:43:57] <theCambino^> <_<
      [20:44:02] <%Oreoboy1996> not anymore at least
      [20:44:04] <theCambino^> >_>
      [20:44:11] <kraom> >_>
      [20:44:19] <%paigeyemps> v_v
      [20:44:34] <theCambino^> luls
      [20:44:42] <theCambino^> ^_^
      [20:44:43] <%paigeyemps> anyone here still use the re-reading RC?
      [20:44:51] <theCambino^> yep
      [20:44:54] <kraom> i dont even use RCs
      [20:44:56] <Mindraker> Yeah, because of my goofy broken clock
      [20:44:59] <%Oreoboy1996> i don't care for that reality check
      [20:45:01] <kraom> cough cough.. too cool..
      [20:45:01] <%Caenis> Mindraker: that happens to me occasionally. Not too much. My brain doesn't function well when I wake up.
      [20:45:15] <theCambino^> a lot actually
      [20:45:23] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> WDr: why aren't you talking boy?
      [20:45:25] <%Caenis> I use that, paigeyemps. Sometimes, since I'm on the computer a lot.
      [20:45:45] <%paigeyemps> i was thinking
      [20:45:47] <Exotiraan^> Caenis: I'm still missing a keyboard from the last time my brain didn't function well after I 'woke up.'
      [20:45:47] <theCambino^> I use it more for an affirmation
      [20:45:50] Caenis gives WDr a cookie in hopes of coaxing him into talking.
      [20:45:50] <WDr> Oh! Sorry! Didn't know what to say...
      [20:45:52] <theCambino^> affirmative!
      [20:45:56] <%paigeyemps> not sure if everyone else does this too but..
      [20:46:10] <theCambino^> ...?
      [20:46:11] <%Caenis> Hahaha, oh shoot. Exotiraan^ that's ridiculous. I'm fortunately not that bad in the mornings.
      [20:46:12] <%paigeyemps> you read a certain text, look away then look back right
      [20:46:14] <Mindraker> I think we almost do it subconsciously. Our eyes don't smoothly travel along the text, but "jump about" along the page.
      [20:46:24] <%Oreoboy1996> i feel bad that i haven't finished that tutorial yet
      [20:46:41] theCambino^ is questioning reality around him.
      [20:46:47] <theCambino^> <_<
      [20:46:49] <%paigeyemps> but when i do that RC, when i look away, i try to imagine the text changing into something else
      [20:46:50] <theCambino^> >_>
      [20:46:52] <%Oreoboy1996> WDr: if you have any questions just ask
      [20:46:54] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> WDr: tell us what it is lately that's been hindering your LD motivation, and what you think could be a proper solution
      [20:46:59] <%paigeyemps> rather than just looking away then back
      [20:47:07] <%paigeyemps> it's actually helped me get lucid
      [20:47:08] <%Caenis> WDr: You joined DV about a month ago, right? Maybe? I think I remember your intro post.
      [20:47:09] <Mindraker> Since we are native speakers of English, we don't need to read word for word, and can "bop around" the whole page to get the gist of what is on the page.
      [20:47:10] <%RareCola> !away So much work, so little time. Might be back in a little bit if everyone's still chatting.
      [20:47:10] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|Away
      [20:47:13] <%paigeyemps> a few times
      [20:47:23] <%paigeyemps> well not lucid
      [20:47:25] <theCambino^> same here paige
      [20:47:26] <SUP3RNOVA25> oh fuhk...
      [20:47:31] <SUP3RNOVA25> !Away
      [20:47:32] SUP3RNOVA25 [[email protected]] is now known as SUP3RNOVA25|Away
      [20:47:32] <%paigeyemps> but like, prove the lucidity
      [20:47:59] <%paigeyemps> because before, when I'd RC after noticing something weird in the dream, i would re-read and the text would remain the same
      [20:48:01] <WDr> Noo, caenis... Been here since April. I never did introduce myself
      [20:48:05] <%paigeyemps> and i would dismiss it
      [20:48:14] <%paigeyemps> and forget to do another RC
      [20:48:16] <kraom> too cool for introductions
      [20:48:38] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> WDr: I know I'm putting you on the spot, I just want you to get the most out of this class, and the valuable resources currently at your fingertips!
      [20:48:41] <theCambino^> that's a good point paigeyemps
      [20:48:46] <%paigeyemps>
      [20:48:50] <%Caenis> Whoops, must have been someone else with a different username. Well in any case, how about you tell us which RCs you use?
      [20:48:54] <%Oreoboy1996> Mindraker: bop?
      [20:49:09] <theCambino^> I will keep that in mind next time I do a RC
      [20:49:25] <theCambino^> whhich is un like 20 seconds
      [20:49:30] <%paigeyemps> hahaha
      [20:49:45] <%Oreoboy1996> theCambino^: try to remember the quantity isn't important...
      [20:49:46] <%paigeyemps> i usually just imagine the text changing to "paigeyemps"
      [20:49:49] <%paigeyemps> when i look back
      [20:49:58] <theCambino^> I sometimes feel as though I do too mant
      [20:50:03] <%paigeyemps> i was so shocked when I RCed one time and it turned into my username!
      [20:50:04] <%paigeyemps> lol
      [20:50:06] <WDr> Ok, I don't really know what's hindering me becoming lucid. That's a part of the problem... I just never get in that habit that makes me lucid like every week or at least every month
      [20:50:13] <theCambino^> many*
      [20:50:19] <Mindraker> bop?
      [20:50:23] <Exotiraan^> I don't notice text-changes too much unless I'm already lucid.
      [20:50:32] <%Oreoboy1996> bop
      [20:50:34] <theCambino^> Oreoboy1996: I know
      [20:50:35] <DaveTheJoker|BRB> !back ish
      [20:50:36] DaveTheJoker|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as DaveTheJoker
      [20:50:39] <%Caenis> Have you been lucid before, WDr?
      [20:50:46] <kraom> oh daves back
      [20:50:53] <kraom> ish
      [20:50:55] <WDr> Yeah, lots of times
      [20:50:55] <%paigeyemps> Exotiraan^: me neither, it was more for the reality checking part
      [20:50:57] <DaveTheJoker> I have my Graduation Open house tomorrow
      [20:51:02] <DaveTheJoker> so its kinda iffy right now
      [20:51:04] <%paigeyemps> oh cool
      [20:51:05] <theCambino^> Oreoboy1996: it's so hard not to do qauntity
      [20:51:20] <%Oreoboy1996> WDr: maybe you just need more time and persistence
      [20:51:31] <Mindraker> Oh, "bop" == "jump".
      [20:51:33] <Mindraker> lol.
      [20:51:41] <Mindraker> skip, jump, bop.
      [20:51:52] <%Caenis> WDr: Hm, so you can get lucid, but you're having difficulty with frequency/consistency? Or are you having a dry spell currently?
      [20:51:57] <%Oreoboy1996> it typically takes more than a few months to have lucids weekly
      [20:52:14] <WDr> YES caenis p! Exactly!
      [20:52:23] <Exotiraan^> Maybe I might go over these language lessons in my head in my dreams, then wake up and the next set of lessons will get easier.
      [20:52:27] <%Oreoboy1996> exactly to which one?
      [20:52:42] <WDr> Caenis
      [20:52:44] <theCambino^> in dreams... text does not change... well it does, but initially the text is unreadable
      [20:52:53] <%Caenis> Just because WDr joined in April doesn't mean he has been LDing since April. When did you start, WDr?
      [20:53:04] <%Caenis> And even so, the first few months can be the most frustrating.
      [20:53:06] <Mindraker> I've found text to be fairly consistent in my dreams.
      [20:53:09] <theCambino^> Caenis: agreed
      [20:53:17] <Mindraker> Maybe because I'm almost always reading in real life.
      [20:53:21] <%Oreoboy1996> i like to assume things >.>
      [20:53:35] <WDr> I actually don't know, but at my best I almost had at least one lucid per week, and often I got semi lucid
      [20:53:39] <WDr> Too
      [20:53:53] <Mindraker> Now... that doesn't always mean that the text is consistent with what it is in real life... but it is readable.
      [20:53:56] <theCambino^> text in my dreams look foreign
      [20:54:11] <theCambino^> alien
      [20:54:19] <%Caenis> That was pretty good! Has your sleep schedule changed in the past few months, WDr? Have you been stressed? How's your dream recall been?
      [20:54:28] <%paigeyemps> there are many times when i know it's text, and i know what it says but for some reason i cant read it
      [20:54:33] <%paigeyemps> like, gaaaaa i cant explain it
      [20:54:41] <%paigeyemps> i cant read it, but i know what is says
      [20:54:42] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> !back
      [20:54:43] OpheliaBlue|Away [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:54:58] <%paigeyemps> i just totally reversed my sentence lol
      [20:55:01] <%paigeyemps> wb ophie
      [20:55:12] <kraom> the foodfight.... is over..?
      [20:55:19] <%paigeyemps> shhh
      [20:55:23] <kraom> i mean
      [20:55:24] <@OpheliaBlue> hey! and yes, I seen that foodfight chaos
      [20:55:25] <%Oreoboy1996> WDr: i think you just need to remain persistent or try to improve upon your current techniques
      [20:55:26] <kraom> lucid dreaming...
      [20:55:29] <%paigeyemps> ;D
      [20:55:31] <%Caenis> No kraom, this is when Ophelia shoots loaves of bread at us.
      [20:55:36] <theCambino^> guy next to me is playing a uklele >_>
      [20:55:41] <WDr> Nah, it hasn't changed much... My dream recall has been horrible, beacausw the lack of motivation has gone over to my DJing, so I don't write in it that often. Caenis
      [20:55:51] <theCambino^> so awesome!
      [20:56:13] <%Oreoboy1996> WDr: you could be having lucids but not recalling them >.>
      [20:56:17] <theCambino^> hmmm
      [20:56:19] <%paigeyemps> ^^
      [20:56:19] <WDr> The problem with thecniques is that they work for a while for me, and then they like cease to give me effect...
      [20:56:23] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that's happened to me Oreoboy1996
      [20:56:25] <kraom> i always wake up from my lucids
      [20:56:37] <theCambino^> am I still here?
      [20:56:38] <kraom> except for once!
      [20:56:48] <%paigeyemps> im hoping for an influx of lucids
      [20:56:51] <kraom> i had one
      [20:56:53] <%paigeyemps> if you know what i mean, ophie
      [20:56:55] <kraom>
      [20:56:58] <%Oreoboy1996> kraom: i think that means you need to learn some stabilization techniques or you need to adapt to the feeling of lucidity
      [20:56:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I sometimes wake up from a lucid, but sometimes I lose lucidity.. the latter are the ones I may forget if I have bad recall
      [20:57:00] <%Caenis> WDr: That sucks. =/ Keep in mind that sometimes, trying too hard is even more detrimental than not trying at all. Ophelia and I were chatting about that earlier. Stay motivated, but try not to stress about LDs and dream recall.
      [20:57:08] <kraom> yea youre right oreoboy
      [20:57:10] <WDr> I know, but if I randomly GET lucid sometimes, I always remember them
      [20:57:16] <kraom> my stabilization is bad right now
      [20:57:41] <theCambino^> whoa... mi telefono just went haywire
      [20:57:59] <kraom> too popular..
      [20:58:20] <kraom> tu telefono esta loco!
      [20:58:26] <eMCLucid> WDr: Have you heard of ADA? The more I use this during a day, the better rate I have of getting lucid that night.
      [20:58:27] <Mindraker> OK fellas... I need to get back to bed... trying to stabilize myself after my petit mal seizure episode. That's always a pain. So... sleep tight.
      [20:58:29] <WDr> What did you mean, Ophelia with changing routine?
      [20:58:37] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: oh shit
      [20:58:40] <theCambino^> me speak no spanish
      [20:58:46] <theCambino^> ....I just try.
      [20:58:50] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: sorry to hear it man, sleep well
      [20:58:55] <%Oreoboy1996> WDr: how do you know if you always remember your lucids with out remembering every single dream?
      [20:58:57] <%Caenis> That's interesting that the techniques stop working for you WDr. I know some people, if they read a technique works well, they'll have confidence in the technique, and it'll work well for them! The power of positive thinking, basically.
      [20:58:59] <WDr> Yeah, heard about it, have tried it a little MCLucid
      [20:59:06] <Mindraker> Ah, it's nothing to worry about, it's just a small nuisance. But it interferes with sleep.
      [20:59:12] <%paigeyemps> goodnight Mindraker
      [20:59:16] <@OpheliaBlue> WDr: that can mean a ton of things.. mostly for me, a change in sleep hours, or sleep location
      [20:59:16] <Mindraker> So... sleep tight all! *hugs*
      [20:59:20] <%Caenis> Night Mindraker.
      [20:59:24] <kraom> night night
      [20:59:25] <theCambino^> later Mindraker
      [20:59:26] <eMCLucid> WDr: Its difficult to keep up on a constant basis but when I remember to do it, it helps.
      [20:59:31] <@OpheliaBlue> <3 Mindraker
      [20:59:32] <eMCLucid> Bye Mindraker!
      [20:59:37] <Mindraker> <3
      [20:59:38] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:59:53] <theCambino^> nearly 7pm here... XD
      [20:59:54] <WDr> Orebody, of course I can't know for sure, it's just that I often remember dreams in the morning, but I don't write them down
      [21:00:09] <%Oreoboy1996> you should write them down
      [21:00:11] <%Oreoboy1996> very helpful
      [21:00:19] dreamerjon23 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:00:21] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v dreamerjon23
      [21:00:22] <theCambino^> ^
      [21:00:24] <@OpheliaBlue> I know I forget the occasional lucid, because I'll remember it waaay later in the day
      [21:00:26] <+dreamerjon23> hey guys
      [21:00:27] <%paigeyemps> hey jon!
      [21:00:28] <@OpheliaBlue> hey dreamerjon23
      [21:00:31] <%Caenis> Hello dreamerjon.
      [21:00:33] <theCambino^> bonsour dreamerjon23
      [21:00:38] <%Oreoboy1996> i like to write them to aid in finding dream signs
      [21:00:43] <theCambino^> bonsoir*
      [21:00:44] <+dreamerjon23> hello paigey, ophie and everyone
      [21:00:45] <%Oreoboy1996> hello dreamerjon23
      [21:00:53] <+dreamerjon23> hi oreo
      [21:01:14] <theCambino^> I agree with oreo
      [21:01:15] <+dreamerjon23> did I miss class or we still going?
      [21:01:20] <%paigeyemps> going good
      [21:01:22] <+dreamerjon23> kk
      [21:01:29] <%Caenis> It did start an hour ago though.
      [21:01:35] <+dreamerjon23> : /
      [21:01:36] <%Oreoboy1996> technically class ended a minute ago
      [21:01:39] <WDr> Oreoboy, I have tried finding dream signs, I actually have a list of the most usual ones, but I can't seem to find them more...
      [21:01:49] <kraom> so caenis, how is my title coming?
      [21:01:53] <eMCLucid> Ah yes, to follow up my early question, does anyone have tips on successful WILDs?
      [21:01:53] <@OpheliaBlue> WDr: granted, it's quite rare if ever to forget or partially forget a lucid, but at least writing stuff down first thing in the morning is helpful in one way or another
      [21:01:55] <+dreamerjon23> my bad Oreo
      [21:02:06] <theCambino^> ...it's been open discussion since 6pm
      [21:02:06] <@OpheliaBlue> yuo might start writing and be like DOH I had a semi lucid
      [21:02:09] <%paigeyemps> so guys
      [21:02:12] <theCambino^> err 8pm
      [21:02:16] <%paigeyemps> random
      [21:02:19] <+dreamerjon23> can someone share a mantra to focus on LDing?
      [21:02:20] <WDr> Maybe...
      [21:02:23] <%Caenis> kraom: You're a matchmaker. =p I'll figure out another part of your title later, it's a work in progress.
      [21:02:25] <theCambino^> so paigge..
      [21:02:34] <DaveTheJoker> !back
      [21:02:37] <%paigeyemps> what do you think are the uses of the dream journal, aside from the obvious ones like recall and dream signs
      [21:02:38] <%Oreoboy1996> dreamerjon23: "I am dreaming"
      [21:02:38] <theCambino^> damn phone
      [21:02:39] <kraom> ok ok keep me up to date
      [21:02:46] <+dreamerjon23> ty Oreoboy1996
      [21:02:49] <WDr> It's just sooo hard to write in the morning with no lucid or anything to write about...
      [21:02:58] <DaveTheJoker> theCambino^: are you still at the park
      [21:03:05] <@OpheliaBlue> WDr: even if not that, recalling as much dream information you had as possible keeps dreaming at the forefront of your mind, an excellent trigger for lucidity
      [21:03:17] <theCambino^> paigeyemps: they're a lot like photo albums
      [21:03:21] <+dreamerjon23> !brb
      [21:03:21] dreamerjon23 [[email protected]] is now known as dreamerjon23|BRB
      [21:03:22] <@OpheliaBlue> I know it, I'm guilty of the same thing
      [21:03:35] <@OpheliaBlue> most of us probably are, journals...
      [21:03:53] <%paigeyemps> haha yea, mine are actually filled with drawing and sketches of weird objects and places i see in my dreams
      [21:04:02] <WDr> So, maybe if I start writing in my DJ more, my LDing improves?
      [21:04:05] <theCambino^> DaveTheJoker: yep... next to a,guy playingg a uklele
      [21:04:06] <@OpheliaBlue> but the more I write, the more frequent are ly LDs, I can look back on my DJ and see that quite plainly
      [21:04:08] <%Oreoboy1996> yeah i stopped writing my non lucids a long time ago
      [21:04:21] <@OpheliaBlue> WDr: absolutely!
      [21:04:25] <kraom> i probably should write my non lucids
      [21:04:26] <kraom> but
      [21:04:27] <kraom> im lazy
      [21:04:29] <@OpheliaBlue> unless you're oreoboy
      [21:04:29] <%Oreoboy1996> WDr: yes
      [21:04:36] <%Oreoboy1996>
      [21:04:38] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [21:04:42] Exotiraan^ is trying to be less lazy and write down at least small outline about his dreams.
      [21:04:55] <theCambino^> paigeyemps: I was actually considering getting a sketch book onthe side to sketch scenes from dreams
      [21:04:57] <Exotiraan^> But English is still a thing I hate dealing with when I just wake up.
      [21:05:05] <WDr> Okay, ill write more. From now on! Oh, and BTW, HOW do you wake up between REMs naturally?
      [21:05:06] <%Oreoboy1996> actually, a long time ago i had to rely on journaling those non lucids in order to lucid dream frequently >.>
      [21:05:13] <Exotiraan^> (Maybe this language I'm learning will help. )
      [21:05:14] <%Caenis> Good Exotiraan^! Don't be lazy!
      [21:05:16] <eMCLucid> Exotiraan: Same, I havnt been keeping up with my journal like I used to
      [21:05:17] <kraom> long long ago
      [21:05:24] <@OpheliaBlue> a word, a phrase... anything to trigger the memory of the rest of the dream... it's a way in to a whole other world, that belings just to you
      [21:05:30] <kraom> what language are you learning?
      [21:05:34] <Exotiraan^> I could start writing my dream journal in Esperanto, in the future.
      [21:05:34] <@OpheliaBlue> belongs*
      [21:05:38] <%paigeyemps> there is this ..place that always pops up in my dream. well it's not really a place per se, but in my dreams, i am always at this certain vantage point
      [21:05:41] <WDr> Because the few Times I have, I've almost always done a DEILD ))
      [21:05:42] <%paigeyemps> if that makes sense
      [21:05:47] <@OpheliaBlue> I'll write mine in Bork bork for kicks
      [21:05:51] <Exotiraan^> kraom: [Points up.]
      [21:05:54] <theCambino^> forget being on the computer... hanging downtown while being on chat is the best
      [21:05:55] <kraom> yea
      [21:05:57] <kraom> i saw
      [21:06:07] <@OpheliaBlue> WDr: oh cool, me too. Big DEILDer here

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      Saturday, July 14th, 8pm CST Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [21:00] <Mindraker> Hello!
      [21:00] <+paigeyemps> what's up
      [21:00] <Mindraker> Is there a pow-wow tonight ?
      [21:00] <+Caenis> Yessir!
      [21:00] <Mindraker> Alright, good timing.
      [21:01] <+paigeyemps> awyea
      [21:01] <Mindraker> I'm hearing leftover fireworks in my neighborhood from July 4th... it's July 14th, obviously, but the rednecks use Bastille day as an excuse to fire off any leftover fireworks they have from July 4th.
      [21:02] <+paigeyemps> hahaha
      [21:03] == acelegion [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:03] == Superdub49 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:04] <+paigeyemps> welcome, children :{
      [21:04] <+Caenis> All righty then, I shall tear away myself from the wonderful bacon discussion.
      [21:04] == RearCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:04] <+paigeyemps> hey RC!
      [21:04] <RearCola> We're having a discussion today too? :O
      [21:04] <+Caenis> So how's everyone tonight? Any interesting dreams last night?
      [21:04] <+paigeyemps> nice name
      [21:04] <+Caenis> Yeah, I like the new name.
      [21:05] <RearCola> :l
      [21:05] <+paigeyemps> i had one
      [21:05] == RearCola [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Farewell.]
      [21:05] <+paigeyemps> my old dead neighbor was with me
      [21:05] <acelegion> I drunk atm. But yeh, i had four wierd dreams
      [21:05] <Mindraker> Last night my dreams were pretty good... this afternoon was blank.
      [21:05] == RareCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:05] == mode/#DVA [+v RareCola] by DreamBot
      [21:05] <+RareCola> All fixed :3
      [21:05] <+paigeyemps> and he was helping me prep for sugery
      [21:05] <+paigeyemps> we were apparently gonna operate on a frog
      [21:05] <+Caenis> !brb Sorry
      [21:05] == Caenis has changed nick to Caenis|BRB
      [21:05] <+paigeyemps>
      [21:05] <+RareCola> LOL
      [21:06] <Mindraker> Frog dissection, maybe?
      [21:06] <+paigeyemps> no, i think the frog has kidney stones
      [21:06] <+paigeyemps> or something
      [21:06] <Mindraker> Oh!
      [21:06] <+paigeyemps> i remember worrying how i can get them out because my forceps were too big lol
      [21:06] == Evolventity [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: http://goo.gl/XJV5y]
      [21:06] <+RareCola> I need to buy some more apple juice tomorrow. I decided to opt for orange juice last time I went shopping instead and since then I've not had any really vivid dreams.. not sure if there's a connection but it's a really strange coincidence
      [21:06] <+Caenis|BRB> !back
      [21:06] == Caenis|BRB has changed nick to Caenis
      [21:07] <+paigeyemps> lol awesome Rare
      [21:07] <+paigeyemps> appel jiuce :3
      [21:07] == Oreoboy1996 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:07] <Superdub49> not fair
      [21:07] <Superdub49> I drank like
      [21:07] <+paigeyemps> hey oreo
      [21:07] == mode/#DVA [+h Oreoboy1996] by DreamBot
      [21:07] <Superdub49> 3 cups of apple juice yesterday
      [21:07] == mode/#DVA [+v Oreoboy1996] by DreamBot
      [21:07] <Superdub49> and no recall
      [21:07] <Superdub49> whatsoever
      [21:07] <%Oreoboy1996> hello
      [21:07] <Mindraker> It could just be the quantity of liquid you drank
      [21:08] <+Caenis> I think you're supposed to drink certain apple juice, not from concentrate or something.
      [21:08] <+paigeyemps> dub you gotta do something about your sleep sched
      [21:08] <Superdub49> sleep is for the weak
      [21:08] <+Caenis> Also, you can't base a technique/aid based on the results of one night!
      [21:08] <+paigeyemps> ^^
      [21:08] <Superdub49> Caenis:
      [21:08] <Superdub49> I drink apple juice
      [21:08] <Superdub49> all the time
      [21:08] <Superdub49> xD
      [21:09] <Mindraker> I have much better dreams when I go into this chat room with you guys right before I sleep. It's like I'm all mentally geared up about dreaming.
      [21:09] <+paigeyemps> oh nice
      [21:09] <+Caenis> All the time before bed? Try doing without for a few days and see how that is.
      [21:09] <+Caenis> THat's good Mindraker. I'm glad DVA is helping you!
      [21:09] <Superdub49> well good
      [21:09] <acelegion> does getting drunk affect dreams?
      [21:09] <Superdub49> im out now
      [21:09] <Superdub49> it just started raining xD
      [21:09] <Mindraker> Oh yeah, it's pretty consistent... the chat room is right before I go to sleep.
      [21:10] <+Caenis> Yes acelegion. Usually it will decrease recall, but as always, depends on the person.
      [21:10] <+paigeyemps> yes it does
      [21:10] <acelegion> sucks to be me >.<
      [21:10] <+RareCola> I feel like my recall is going to suck tonight. I haven't focused on dreaming at all today, so much work
      [21:10] <+RareCola> But we shall see
      [21:10] <+Caenis> Haha, one night won't kill you ace.
      [21:10] == Marciano999 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:11] <%Oreoboy1996> !away
      [21:11] == Oreoboy1996 has changed nick to Oreoboy1996|Away
      [21:11] <acelegion> pssh its 2 am, im gonna hit the hay!
      [21:11] <Marciano999> hello
      [21:11] <Mindraker> sleep tight ace
      [21:11] <+Caenis> See you ace, thanks for joining.
      [21:11] <+paigeyemps> night ace
      [21:11] <acelegion> C ya guys
      [21:11] == acelegion [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      [21:11] <+paigeyemps> hey Marciano999
      [21:11] <Marciano999> hey paigeyemps
      [21:12] <+Caenis> Hello Marciano999.
      [21:12] <+paigeyemps> ohey guys
      [21:12] <+paigeyemps> check out the dream snippets thread when you have time
      [21:12] <Marciano999> sup Caenis
      [21:13] <Marciano999> apple juice is awesome :p
      [21:13] <+paigeyemps> http://www.dreamviews.com/f151/intro...ippets-133988/
      [21:13] <+Caenis> Not much, yourself Marciano? How goes dreaming?
      [21:13] <+paigeyemps> YES IT IS!
      [21:13] <Mindraker> I'm almost expecting my mom to be in my dreams tonight (again).
      [21:13] <Mindraker> Two things happen a lot in my dreams: current events, and my mom.
      [21:13] <Marciano999> So so... LDs been slow lately
      [21:13] <+Caenis> I misread that. I read that you were going to be your mom.
      [21:13] <Mindraker> And my mom ticked me off today... so... yup...
      [21:13] <Marciano999> I tried apple juice about a month ago... i had good results
      [21:14] <+paigeyemps> lol Caenis
      [21:14] <+Caenis> Well that's good Marciano. Have you tried milk?
      [21:14] <+RareCola> Got Milk?
      [21:14] <+paigeyemps> haha
      [21:14] <+Caenis> Mindraker: Put her in your place tonight in your dreams! Tell her to make you a sandwich.
      [21:15] == Burke [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:15] <Mindraker> hahah Caenis
      [21:15] <+paigeyemps> hey Burke
      [21:15] <+Caenis> Hello Burke.
      [21:15] <Burke> hola
      [21:15] <+paigeyemps> so..
      [21:15] <Mindraker> Well, she
      [21:15] <+paigeyemps> what's everyone's current technique
      [21:16] <Burke> wbtb+mild
      [21:16] <Mindraker> she's starting to get older, and in her mind she is starting to see the world as it was when she was much younger...
      [21:16] <+paigeyemps> oh nice
      [21:16] <+paigeyemps> Mindraker: she has alzheimer's?
      [21:16] <+Caenis> Ooooooooooh.
      [21:16] <Mindraker> She's starting to have the beginning signs.
      [21:16] <+Caenis> That's a tough place for you to be. =/
      [21:16] == Marciano999 [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:16] <+paigeyemps> aww
      [21:17] <Mindraker> But me, being the more observant one... it's hard to make others see what I see.
      [21:17] <+paigeyemps> it makes me realize how amazing our mind is
      [21:17] <+paigeyemps> it can remember all those details from way back when
      [21:18] <+Caenis> Well, sometimes families don't want to acknowledge the issue either. My mom worked with alzheimers a lot for a few years, and my grandmom had it.
      [21:18] <Mindraker> That's part of the issue here -- Mom was adopted as a child, so we don't know family history.
      [21:18] <+paigeyemps> ahh
      [21:19] == Marciano999 [Marc[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:19] <Mindraker> Yeah, we don't know any medical history on Mom's side.
      [21:19] <+paigeyemps> wb Marciano999
      [21:20] <+Caenis> Well, I also know a lot of people didn't live long enough to get alzheimers back in the day. People are living longer now. That's one of the risks of living longer, it seems.
      [21:20] <+Caenis> So family history helps, but it doesn't tell you everything either.
      [21:21] <Mindraker> Yes, as people are living older, these are newer health issues... more and more people are having to cope with these health issues for longer and longer.
      [21:21] <+RareCola> It's always weird how people strive to live longer and longer, but don't realise the repercussions of doing so
      [21:21] <+paigeyemps> quality, not quantity of years for sure
      [21:21] <+RareCola> Personally I don't want to be old and having no life because I'm so deathly ill
      [21:21] == Superdub49 [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:22] <Mindraker> Right, I don't necessarily want to be living a life of suffering and misery.
      [21:22] <+RareCola> Plus it's unfair on your family who is somewhat forced to take care of you, destroying their lives too
      [21:22] <+paigeyemps> do we dream less when we're older?
      [21:22] <+Caenis> I'm the same RareCola. I've seen what happened to two of my grandparents. One lived to 92 and was in perfect health, but the other two had a lot of trouble. It was tough for them.
      [21:22] <+RareCola> I don't believe we dream less, but less sleep is required so in general there's less time for dreaming.
      [21:22] <+Caenis> paigeyemps: That's an interesting question.
      [21:23] <+Caenis> Hukif told me that REM periods were shorter and more frequent as people age. So older people actually have more dreams than young people do, but they're less long.
      [21:23] <+RareCola> But then, just because less sleep is required doesn't mean you can't sleep a longer time to achieve more dreams
      [21:23] <+paigeyemps> i wonder how hard it would be to get lucid once we're older
      [21:23] <+paigeyemps> x)
      [21:23] <Mindraker> That depends paigeyemps; we certainly live busier and more demanding lives...?
      [21:23] == Marciano999 [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:24] <+paigeyemps> lol at the ...?
      [21:24] <Mindraker> I mean, it would certainly be more difficult to be lucid if you're living a constantly changing work schedule than if you have a fixed school schedule.
      [21:24] <Mindraker> lol
      [21:25] * Exotiraan^ thinks after a certain age, it is like a lot of our 'mental drives' get remounted 'ro.'
      [21:25] <+paigeyemps> ahh well what about when we're old old
      [21:25] <+Caenis> That's quite true Mindraker.
      [21:25] <Exotiraan^> (read: read-only)
      [21:25] <+paigeyemps> hmm
      [21:26] <Mindraker> True, I think as we get older, we tend to think that we've "seen it all, done it all", and there's "nothing else to learn".
      [21:26] <+Caenis> Haha, thanks for that explanation Exo, I had no idea what you meant by that. And that's kind of true!
      [21:26] <+RareCola> Quite sad really, Mindraker. I experience that a lot. Older people don't seem to realise there's still a lot they can learn.
      [21:26] <+Caenis> And then some of the recent mental drives as you put them become corrupted.
      [21:26] <+paigeyemps> a 92 year old woman just started in 2nd grade in my cityi
      [21:26] <+paigeyemps> *city
      [21:27] <Mindraker> And there is *some* truth to that... I mean, I often rely on past experience now rather than "burn my hand to learn that the stove is hot"-technique.
      [21:27] <+paigeyemps> it was on the news lol
      [21:27] == Evolventity [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:27] <Mindraker> The universe is still a vast place, people kind of shut themselves into a tiny enclosed space.
      [21:28] <+RareCola> And that's an issue, really. People are so stuck on schemas that they're not open to the endless possibilities
      [21:28] <Exotiraan^> $DEITY forbid you have the organic equivalent of a Western Digital array in your head.
      [21:28] <+paigeyemps> O.o
      [21:28] <+paigeyemps> i see what you did there
      [21:29] * paigeyemps farts
      [21:29] * paigeyemps wafts farts across silent room
      [21:30] <Mindraker> Got quiet all of a sudden
      [21:30] <+Caenis> So do you all imagine you'll keep LDing throughout your lives?
      [21:30] <+paigeyemps> contemplating my life
      [21:30] <+paigeyemps> i hope so
      [21:30] <+paigeyemps> that's my plan anyway
      [21:30] <Mindraker> Hey, let's at least get to the point where I _am_ LDing.
      [21:30] <+paigeyemps> x)
      [21:30] <+paigeyemps> i'm sure you'll get there!
      [21:30] <Mindraker> Then we'll worry about whether or not I'll _stop_ LDing.
      [21:31] <+paigeyemps> i always think that i want to LD forever
      [21:31] <+RareCola> I want to, but I feel I'll have issues. I want to backpack around the world, not exactly the best environment for lucid dreaming.
      [21:31] <+Caenis> Haha, fair point Mindraker.
      [21:31] <+paigeyemps> i mean you can LD anytime you sleep, and you ALWAYS sleep
      [21:31] <+paigeyemps> so why not
      [21:32] <+Caenis> Once I have a job, I won't have much time to commit to LDing. I hope I keep at it, but I can't say for sure. Resting enough is much more important to me than LDing.
      [21:32] <+paigeyemps> hooray for DILDs
      [21:32] <Mindraker> I probably have my goofy neighbor downstairs who wakes me up in the middle of the night to thank for all my dream journal entries this year.
      [21:32] <+paigeyemps> hahaha
      [21:32] <+Caenis> Hahaha, you should send him/her a thank you letter.
      [21:32] <Mindraker> I keep feeling a THUD... THUD... THUD... THUD... reverberating through my bed.
      [21:33] <Mindraker> It's not music. I think he's just walking or slamming the door.
      [21:33] <Mindraker> And I'm like "oh yeah! Dream journal. F'ing neighbor."
      [21:33] <+paigeyemps> gonna try WILD after class :3
      [21:33] <+Caenis> Does that stuff ever translate to your dreams?
      [21:33] == SUP3RNOVA25 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:33] <+RareCola> At least you don't have a brother who plays guitar (badly) at ridiculous hours of the morning.
      [21:34] <Exotiraan^> I do.
      [21:34] <+paigeyemps> AHAHAHAHA
      [21:34] <Exotiraan^> Except not a brother.
      [21:34] <SUP3RNOVA25> ._.
      [21:34] <Exotiraan^> And except not badly.
      [21:34] <Mindraker> Once I became kind of conscious but didn't wake up completely and I just kind of told myself "oh, it's just my goofy neighbor." and fell back asleep. I didn't become lucid, ha ha ha
      [21:34] <Exotiraan^> He's usually up around zero- to second-hour, playing outside, downstairs.
      [21:34] <+Caenis> You were half asleep, or still dreaming Mindraker?
      [21:35] <+paigeyemps> using a fan for white noise
      [21:35] <+paigeyemps> best idea evar
      [21:35] <Mindraker> I didn't open my eyes... I really couldn't tell you how awake I was.
      [21:35] <+RareCola> I love my fan so much now
      [21:35] <+RareCola> Idk why I didn't use one earlier
      [21:35] <Mindraker> I guess half asleep is a good description
      [21:36] <SUP3RNOVA25> im gonna go to bed soon... i dont like staying up anymore, it makes my dreams weirder and weirder Q _ Q
      [21:36] <+paigeyemps> lol
      [21:36] <+Caenis> You should definitely send him a thank you note. Maybe some flowers. And explain to him all the wonderful stuff you've seen because of him!
      [21:36] <+paigeyemps> yea you should get a better sleep schedule
      [21:36] <+paigeyemps> you've been sleeping at odd hours
      [21:36] * Exotiraan^ uses to have an «awk» script that made brown noise and fed it to «aplay».
      [21:36] <Exotiraan^> s/es/ed/
      [21:36] <Exotiraan^> Now I use an actual rain sample.
      [21:36] <SUP3RNOVA25> ._______.
      [21:37] <Mindraker> ha ha Well I don't know... I'm just happy I'm not calling the cops on him... I've had to do that to *some* of my neighbors in the middle of the night.
      [21:37] <+Caenis> While you fall asleep, Exo? Rain sounds much more calming than brown noise. =p
      [21:37] <Exotiraan^> Sí. It plays against my night playlist.
      [21:37] <+paigeyemps> oh nice
      [21:37] <+paigeyemps> rain
      [21:38] <Mindraker> I think the rain is a natural noise that we recognize as animals.
      [21:38] == theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:38] <+paigeyemps> inb4 cam
      [21:38] <+paigeyemps> damn tuslo
      [21:38] <Mindraker> It's a soothing sound... it also cleans the air out of pollutants and allergens
      [21:38] <+paigeyemps> hey cam
      [21:38] <+RareCola> RainyMood.com: Rain makes everything better. ftw
      [21:38] <+Caenis> Hello theCambino.
      [21:38] <Exotiraan^> It does a good job of leveling out the quiet parts of songs and the transition between songs.
      [21:38] <+paigeyemps> ^^
      [21:38] <theCambino> bonsoir paige
      [21:38] <+paigeyemps> YES
      [21:38] <SUP3RNOVA25> binaural beats (lol so damn weird)
      [21:38] <+paigeyemps> rainymood pls
      [21:38] <theCambino> bonsoir bonsoir
      [21:38] <Mindraker> bsr
      [21:39] <+paigeyemps> bonsoir monsieur
      [21:39] <theCambino> bonsoir mademoiselle
      [21:39] <+paigeyemps> that's all the french i know
      [21:39] <+paigeyemps> x)
      [21:39] <theCambino> luls
      [21:39] <+Caenis> That's an interesting idea Exotiraan^. Keeps the noise level a little more constant, definitely a good idea to use at night.
      [21:39] <theCambino> comment allezvous?
      [21:39] <+RareCola> oh god and this video was on the rainymood page: The Mountain - YouTube -- such a great dream inspiration video
      [21:40] <Mindraker> I'll watch it after I watch "Summer of '69"
      [21:40] <+Caenis> I generally prefer it pitch black and silent while I sleep.
      [21:40] <SUP3RNOVA25> bonjour... comment ca va? je suis DERP.
      [21:40] <+paigeyemps> gaaaa stupid computer cant play flash
      [21:40] == OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:40] == mode/#DVA [+o OpheliaBlue] by DreamBot
      [21:40] == mode/#DVA [+h Caenis] by OpheliaBlue
      [21:40] <+paigeyemps> Caenis: my room is really pitch black and silent
      [21:40] == mode/#DVA [+h paigeyemps] by OpheliaBlue
      [21:40] <+RareCola> elo Lisa
      [21:40] <Mindraker> Yeah I like it awfully quiet, too. I have earplugs
      [21:40] == mode/#DVA [+h RareCola] by OpheliaBlue
      [21:40] <Mindraker> and a facemask
      [21:40] <%Caenis> Hello Ophelia!
      [21:40] <%paigeyemps> like, when the lights are off and the door is closed, i can't see 2 inches in front of my face
      [21:40] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys!
      [21:40] <theCambino> RareCola: that's a good vid
      [21:40] <@OpheliaBlue> impromptu class?
      [21:40] <%paigeyemps> hey lisa!
      [21:41] <%paigeyemps> oh thanks
      [21:41] <%RareCola> Just random discussion really
      [21:41] <%RareCola> We were all around so we kind of lingered in here
      [21:41] <%Caenis> I tried a mask and earplugs before. But I like as little clothing on me as possible, so that didn't work too well for me.
      [21:41] <@OpheliaBlue> ok cool
      [21:41] <theCambino> I need to buy more apple juice
      [21:41] <SUP3RNOVA25> gah.... i hate how canada has a second language... like wth i dont wanna see french crap on my bag of skittles D:<
      [21:41] <theCambino> not from concentrate is so expensive
      [21:41] <%RareCola> We were just talking about rainymood and this awesome video: The Mountain - YouTube
      [21:41] * Mindraker watching the mountain
      [21:41] <%paigeyemps> yep, i like to sleep on my side so wearing earplugs is painful later on in the night
      [21:41] * theCambino is watching the mountain... too.
      [21:42] <theCambino> paigeyemps: same
      [21:42] <%Caenis> Same!
      [21:42] <SUP3RNOVA25> .-.
      [21:42] <%paigeyemps> hooray for fetal position!
      [21:42] <%paigeyemps> lol
      [21:42] <Mindraker> OH! That reminds me. There's a huge ass solar flare coming out tonight.
      [21:42] <Exotiraan^> «Mi malscias la franca lingvo.»
      [21:42] <%paigeyemps> WHAAA
      [21:42] <Mindraker> If you're out north, check out the northern lights.
      [21:42] <%paigeyemps> awww
      [21:42] * Exotiraan^ hears the grammer is a pain in the ass.
      [21:42] <SUP3RNOVA25> we're all gonna die
      [21:42] <Mindraker> It was on the news.
      [21:42] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: oh yeah, Ken was talking about auroras
      [21:42] <Exotiraan^> "grammar," even.
      [21:42] <%paigeyemps> we never get anything nice here in the equator
      [21:43] <%Caenis> I'm in PA, I wouldn't be able to see that. =/
      [21:43] <theCambino> Mindraker: north where?
      [21:43] <@OpheliaBlue> hehe neither in texas
      [21:43] <Mindraker> Yeah, I'm in NC, and can't see it. But maybe some of you folks can...
      [21:43] * theCambino is in the NW.
      [21:43] <Exotiraan^> Texas getting interesting things? Never!
      [21:43] <%paigeyemps> loool
      [21:43] <%Caenis> I saw the northern lights while in an airplane to China in March. That was amazing.
      [21:43] <%paigeyemps> awww
      [21:43] <SUP3RNOVA25> what if it starts raining justin biebers were screwed D:
      [21:43] <Mindraker> Sweet... I've never seen it
      [21:43] <%paigeyemps> i should add aurora borealis to my dream goals
      [21:43] <theCambino> Mindraker! ...where?!
      [21:44] <%paigeyemps> or just everything i wanna see
      [21:44] <%paigeyemps> irl
      [21:44] <Exotiraan^> SUP3RNOVA25: Reality check.
      [21:44] <Exotiraan^> Then flamethrower.
      [21:44] <%Caenis> :O That's a good idea paige, I might borrow that for my own goals list.
      [21:44] <SUP3RNOVA25> ...yup its real
      [21:44] <%paigeyemps>
      [21:44] <theCambino> -_-
      [21:44] <%RareCola> Speaking of auroras, TESO Photography has a video for them too: The Aurora - YouTube
      [21:44] <Exotiraan^> sudo modprobe v4l2loopack
      [21:45] <Mindraker> SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids
      [21:45] <Mindraker> July 15th
      [21:45] <SUP3RNOVA25> agh theres a squirrel on my head
      [21:45] <%paigeyemps> o-o
      [21:45] <SUP3RNOVA25> *drop kick*
      [21:45] <%Caenis> This video is magical RareCola.
      [21:46] * paigeyemps bookmarks because she can't see it
      [21:46] <SUP3RNOVA25> my computer wont play Java... ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
      [21:46] <%RareCola> Yea, I'm a huge fan of TESO Photography. Glad rainymood reminded me of his videos.
      [21:46] <theCambino> -_- the north...like CANADA!
      [21:46] <SUP3RNOVA25> i live in canada
      [21:46] <theCambino> I don't.
      [21:47] <SUP3RNOVA25> o-o
      [21:47] <theCambino> so no aurora shows for me
      [21:47] <SUP3RNOVA25> my town is a shithole
      [21:47] <%Caenis> Maybe we should all incubate auroras so we can see them in our dreams tonight.
      [21:47] <%paigeyemps> yes
      [21:47] <%paigeyemps>
      [21:48] <%paigeyemps> i still got some bungee jumping to do as well
      [21:48] <%Caenis> At least we'd still be seeing them at night.
      [21:48] <SUP3RNOVA25> i killed justin bieber
      [21:48] <%paigeyemps>
      [21:48] * paigeyemps hands nova a gold medal
      [21:48] <%Caenis> Haha, that sounds exciting paige. Bungee jump while passing through the lights.
      [21:48] <SUP3RNOVA25>
      [21:48] <Mindraker> It's cloudy here, so even ideally, I wouldn't see them here. Thanks for posting "The Mountain" video -- that reminded me of them.
      [21:48] <%paigeyemps> hahaha
      [21:48] <SUP3RNOVA25> well it was a dream... but it rly was still awesome xD
      [21:49] <%Caenis> You killed a little girl? For shame, SUP3RNOVA25.
      [21:49] <%paigeyemps> lmao
      [21:49] <SUP3RNOVA25> lol
      [21:49] <%RareCola> !brb
      [21:49] == RareCola has changed nick to RareCola|BRB
      [21:49] <SUP3RNOVA25> baby baby baby ooh- SHUT... THE FUCK... UP. xD
      [21:50] <%paigeyemps> i've killed more people in my dreams than i'd like to admit
      [21:50] <%paigeyemps> just for fun, nothing personal
      [21:50] <theCambino> well gotta go
      [21:50] <SUP3RNOVA25> :I
      [21:50] <%Caenis> I don't think I kill people in non-lucids.
      [21:50] <theCambino> au revoir
      [21:50] <%Caenis> See you later theCambino.
      [21:50] == theCambino [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      [21:50] <SUP3RNOVA25> i wanna have another lucid dream D:
      [21:50] <%paigeyemps> odd though, i save people a lot in non lucids
      [21:50] <%paigeyemps> and i kill people in lucids
      [21:50] <%paigeyemps> >.>
      [21:51] <%Caenis> D: paigeyemps is going to kill us all.
      [21:51] <Mindraker> *chuckle*
      [21:51] <SUP3RNOVA25> i wanna see Twinkie again xD
      [21:51] <%paigeyemps> what! no!
      [21:51] <%paigeyemps> okay maybe
      [21:51] <%paigeyemps> OKAY YES OKAY PLEASE STOP JUDGING MEH
      [21:52] == paigeyemps [[email protected]] has left #DVA ["Stop pissing me off, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies."]
      [21:52] == paigeyemps [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:52] == mode/#DVA [+v paigeyemps] by DreamBot
      [21:52] <SUP3RNOVA25> o-o
      [21:52] <%Caenis> That was fitting.
      [21:52] <+paigeyemps> ahaha
      [21:52] <+paigeyemps> so
      [21:52] <+paigeyemps> fennecgirl has some nice ideas
      [21:53] <+paigeyemps> any thoughts on logic games before bed?
      [21:53] <Mindraker> Speaking of bed...
      [21:53] <%Caenis> I think that's a great idea. I was going to try it, but then my DS battery started going.
      [21:53] <SUP3RNOVA25> pizza pizza momizza banana fanna fo- CANNIBALISM.
      [21:53] <Mindraker> I should probably be going to bed.
      [21:53] <%Caenis> I can't find the charger, so maybe I can find an online thing to play.
      [21:53] <+paigeyemps> haha banana actually pings me
      [21:53] <SUP3RNOVA25> my dsi is old .-.
      [21:53] <Mindraker> Sleep tight everyone
      [21:53] <+paigeyemps> and apple juice
      [21:53] <+paigeyemps> goodnight Mindraker
      [21:53] <%Caenis> See you Mindraker hope you have some nice dreams tonight.
      [21:54] == fennecgirl [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:54] <%Caenis> Dream of the northern lights!
      [21:54] <@OpheliaBlue> banana
      [21:54] <Mindraker> You too!
      [21:54] <Mindraker> Sleep tight!
      [21:54] <+paigeyemps>
      [21:54] <Mindraker> And may you all dream of twinkies!
      [21:54] <@OpheliaBlue> night Mindraker
      [21:54] <%Caenis> Hello fennecgirl. We were just discussing your idea of playing logic games before bed.
      [21:54] == Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA [""]
      [21:54] <+paigeyemps> hey fennecgirl
      [21:54] <SUP3RNOVA25> i have a DSi, PSP, and 3DS... i feel like such a nerd lololol
      [21:54] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that sounded pretty cool
      [21:54] <SUP3RNOVA25> well more, but....
      [21:54] <fennecgirl> Hey! I probably can't stay long; I have a friend over.
      [21:55] <+paigeyemps> ah alrighty
      [21:55] <@OpheliaBlue> that's ok
      [21:55] == Evolventity [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:55] == mode/#DVA [+h paigeyemps] by OpheliaBlue
      [21:55] <%paigeyemps> thanks :3
      [21:55] <%Caenis> Hope you have a good time with your friend then.
      [21:55] == paigeyemps changed the topic of #DVA to: Logic games before bed
      [21:55] <SUP3RNOVA25>
      [21:56] <@OpheliaBlue> logic games or memory games or what wors best for you fennecgirl?
      [21:56] <@OpheliaBlue> works*
      [21:56] <fennecgirl> I don't know which is better. I've been using both.
      [21:56] <SUP3RNOVA25> (also, apple juice is awesome)
      [21:56] <%paigeyemps>
      [21:56] <fennecgirl> My theory is that memory games should help with dream recall, while logic games should increase the chances of lucidity.
      [21:57] <%Caenis> I think I'll be taking multiple naps each day instead of sleeping properly, so I'll experiment with some logic/memory games before napping and see what happens.
      [21:57] <%Caenis> I'll go for logic games then.
      [21:57] <fennecgirl> So far, I've noticed I have better dream recall on nights when I try it.
      [21:57] <%paigeyemps> so would it be correct to say that playing logic/memory games before bed retains the activity of the logic area of your brain, thereby helping you achieve lucidity easier?
      [21:57] <fennecgirl> Exactly.
      [21:58] <%Caenis> I'm glad you've seen some good results already, fennecgirl.
      [21:58] <SUP3RNOVA25> o-o
      [21:59] <fennecgirl> Thanks! I'm hoping it'll also help me have my first LD soon.
      [21:59] <%Caenis> Hopefully! It's a great idea, so I'm sure it'll help.
      [22:00] <%paigeyemps> yep
      [22:00] <%paigeyemps> have you found any dream signs yet?
      [22:00] <%paigeyemps>
      [22:00] <SUP3RNOVA25> .___.
      [22:00] <fennecgirl> I don't think so.
      [22:01] <%Caenis> How about you, SUP3RNOVA25
      [22:01] <SUP3RNOVA25> .____. ?
      [22:01] <%paigeyemps> SUP3RNOVA25: you've had lots of lucids before right?
      [22:01] <SUP3RNOVA25> only 17 on count...
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      • Monday, July 16th, at 8pm CST
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      Sunday, July 15th, 8pm CST Chat

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [21:06] <+RareCola> Woah tab in and suddenly loads of people
      [21:06] <+Caenis> Hello all, sorry I'm late.
      [21:06] <+RareCola> Haha
      [21:06] <+RareCola> Don't worry, looks like everyone else just got here too
      [21:06] <+Caenis> Excellent.
      [21:06] <+RareCola> Hey eMCLucid, Traumerei, Mindraker, fennecgirl
      [21:07] <Mindraker> Hello!
      [21:07] <fennecgirl> Hi!
      [21:07] <Traumerei> Finally someone talks!
      [21:07] <+Caenis> So Mindraker did the chat help you have vivid dreams last night?
      [21:07] <Mindraker> I didn't know if we'd have a talk tonight
      [21:07] == theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:07] <Mindraker> Actually I did have an interesting dream last night
      [21:07] <Mindraker> I had my first experience of vertigo
      [21:07] <Mindraker> It was pretty sharp
      [21:08] <+RareCola> Oh really?
      [21:08] <+Caenis> Huh. Vertigo in a dream. Fascinating.
      [21:08] <+RareCola> that sounds interesting
      [21:08] <+RareCola> can't say I've ever had vertigo in a dream
      [21:08] <Mindraker> Yeah... I mean, I could actually *feel* the sensation.
      [21:09] <Mindraker> There was a glass square on the ground, and I could see the sky through it... and when I stepped up to it, I just reeled back with a feeling of vertigo.
      [21:09] <theCambino> my dreams last night were incredibly chaotic
      [21:09] <+Caenis> That's pretty cool. I guess it makes sense that balance could be affected in dreams, since just about everything else can too.
      [21:09] <+Caenis> Oh? Care to share theCambino?
      [21:09] <theCambino> too much happening o_o so much information
      [21:10] == Traumerei [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:10] <Mindraker> Sometimes my brain skips around too quickly to make a smooth storyline, too...
      [21:10] <+RareCola> Yea definitely, I've been dizzy in a dream before
      [21:10] == Traumerei [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:11] <theCambino> Caenis: not much to share... just a lot to focus on in the dream
      [21:11] <+Caenis> Well that's good. So it was vivid?
      [21:11] <+RareCola> I seem to suffer from the brain-skipping a lot too, lots of sporadic scene changing and such.
      [21:11] <+Caenis> Same, I think that's pretty normal.
      [21:11] <fennecgirl> Yep, same happens to me.
      [21:12] <theCambino> Caenis: if you were referring to my dreams... it's actually bad
      [21:12] <+Caenis> Oh. I thought it would have meant a very vivid dream. It was dream overload instead?
      [21:13] <+Caenis> That's never happened to me. Sounds like it'd be a unique experience, at least.
      [21:13] <Mindraker> I'm finding my reality checks to be less effective...
      [21:14] <theCambino> I have a feeling it's due to the puzzles I've been working on at work.... piecess of the dreams just everywhere in a mayham manner
      [21:14] <Mindraker> It's like they're becoming incorporated into my dreams almost like a second thought -- like biting my fingernails... a nervous habit, rather than some kind of "thought out process."
      [21:14] <theCambino> Caenis: dream overload is a good way to put it
      [21:15] <Mindraker> I find the more complicated and thought-out and varied they are, the more effective they are.
      [21:15] <+Caenis> Haha, that sounds like a fascinating dream, theCambino. I can see how that'd be overwhelming though.
      [21:15] <+RareCola> This is why I don't reality check much these days
      [21:15] <+RareCola> My reality checking is kept down to when I see something weird, and not just spontaneously doing it
      [21:15] <theCambino> it's happened last night and the night before... but the night beforr I didn't get to bed until way late
      [21:15] <+Caenis> Mindraker: Which RCs do you use? Sometimes I'll try to do math in my head, and see if I can successfully multiply or subtract numbers.
      [21:16] <Mindraker> I mean, the whole "sky on the ground" thing was as a result of me checking for the sun or the moon in the morning when I go bicycle riding...
      [21:16] <Mindraker> It's just become a subconscious thing of me checking my environment to see if things are abnormal.
      [21:17] <fennecgirl> I always forget to RC. I just seem to have trouble remembering to do it.
      [21:17] <Mindraker> Hm, the math RC might be a good idea.
      [21:17] <Mindraker> It's different, I'll try it.
      [21:18] <+Caenis> Mindraker: Well, at least you're observing your environment. But it might be good to do the noseplug RC when you observe your environment too. I always catch nose plugs.
      [21:18] <+Caenis> Just keep experimenting! You'll find something that works for you.
      [21:18] <Traumerei> So it's abnormally difficult to do math in your head during LDs?
      [21:19] <Mindraker> I've been trying the noseplug RC in real life... I haven't managed to catch myself doing the noseplug in my dream, yet.
      [21:19] <theCambino> no...?
      [21:19] <theCambino> Traumerei: only if you thhinkk it's difficullt
      [21:19] <theCambino> facking phone -_-
      [21:19] <+RareCola> I don't think you should be looking for the reality checks to make you lucid, Mindraker
      [21:19] <+RareCola> Because 90% of the time, they don't
      [21:20] <+RareCola> Reality checks are just to back up suspicions
      [21:20] <theCambino> ^
      [21:20] <+RareCola> Traumerei: Math is quite hard to do in a lucid, yes. Math is performed in your left brain, which, unlike in real life, is your least prominent part of your brain in a dream.
      [21:21] <Mindraker> Well, part of the problem is that I'm in a rather deep sleep because of my medications, and if I can work in some kind of "flag" that I'm in a sleep -- it helps.
      [21:21] <+Caenis> That's true, but if he winds up using them in his dreams naturally, then they're a good option for Mindraker.
      [21:21] <Mindraker> Another problem is that I often dream about very real things and real circumstances. It's rare that I dream about fantastical things. When I do, it's obvious that I'm dreaming.
      [21:21] <Traumerei> Rarecola: Wow, that's interesting.
      [21:22] <+RareCola> Hmm, then maybe you're just missing out on the awareness portion when you reality check
      [21:23] <+Caenis> I think that could be part of the problem, yes
      [21:23] <Mindraker> Perhaps -- I have found that just even doing some reality checks has improved my awareness a lot.
      [21:24] <Mindraker> I think you are right... I need to work more on awareness.
      [21:24] <Mindraker> Just "jabbing my hand with my fingers" isn't enough.
      [21:24] <+RareCola> You need to be aware of awareness too, another thing a lot of people seem to skip over
      [21:24] == Traumerei [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      [21:25] == OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:25] == mode/#DVA [+o OpheliaBlue] by DreamBot
      [21:25] <+Caenis> Hello OpheliaBlue.
      [21:25] == mode/#DVA [+h Caenis] by OpheliaBlue
      [21:25] <+RareCola> Welcome Lisa
      [21:25] == mode/#DVA [+h RareCola] by OpheliaBlue
      [21:25] <@OpheliaBlue> hey guys, sorry I'm late, rain and traffic
      [21:25] <Mindraker> It's creepy watching television while aware of reality checks. One thing I've been creeped out of is that everyone smiles on commercials. Try doing a reality check every time a person smiles on a commercial, and your hands will be RAW.
      [21:25] <%Caenis> No worries, I was a little late too.
      [21:26] <Mindraker> Hi OpheliaBlue
      [21:26] <%Caenis> Haha, that's a good idea Mindraker.
      [21:26] <%RareCola> Haha Mindraker -- I quite like performing Sivason's Dream Yoga techniques while watching TV. Try to be aware of and enjoy a TV show while also watching things from the corners of your eyes and being aware of the room you're in
      [21:26] <%RareCola> It's surprisingly difficult
      [21:27] <%Caenis> fennecgirl: By the way, sometimes making a little note to yourself to RC is a good way to start remembering to do it. Put it as your phone background, or put a post-it note somewhere to RC. Then as time goes on, try to rely less on the reminder and eventually take it down.
      [21:27] <Mindraker> Haha yeah. And people move their hands around trying to sell things... and the world is picture-perfect... the leaves are blowing, aarrgh... reality check funfest
      [21:27] <%Caenis> RareCola: I've tried to do that while gaming. I find it EXTREMELY difficult.
      [21:28] <%RareCola> Oh yea while on the computer or gaming it's even more difficult because you're paying increased attention
      [21:28] <fennecgirl> Caenis: That's a good idea... my desktop background does remind me to, but I don't often see it because I usually have an internet window or something up
      [21:29] <%Caenis> Oh yeah, that makes sense. That was a good idea though.
      [21:29] <%RareCola> I think the best thing to do is start purposely looking out for things that could be slightly weird that you don't normally really question
      [21:29] == Erii [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:29] == mode/#DVA [+o Erii] by DreamBot
      [21:30] <%RareCola> For example, earlier I looked out my window and saw 5 birds all lined up on my lawn. Something seemingly normal, but also slightly weird. Enough for me to do a reality check.
      [21:30] <%RareCola> Small things like that help me a lot I think
      [21:30] <%RareCola> Hey Erii
      [21:30] * OpheliaBlue is still settling down and almost really present
      [21:30] <fennecgirl> I'll keep that in mind!
      [21:30] <@Erii> WHatup
      [21:30] <@OpheliaBlue> yay Erii!
      [21:30] <@Erii>
      [21:30] <Mindraker> What could be normal for one person could be abnormal for another
      [21:30] <@OpheliaBlue> our cameo appearence for tonight
      [21:30] <@Erii> xD hahaha
      [21:31] <%Caenis> That's quite true Mindraker.
      [21:32] <%RareCola> Oh yea of course, but that's why you have to develop these things for yourself
      [21:32] <%RareCola> Tutorials and advice can only take you so far
      [21:33] <@OpheliaBlue> my dogs won't leave me alone!!
      [21:33] <%Caenis> By the way Mindraker, if you've done the finger through palm RC in your dream, what usually happens?
      [21:33] <%Caenis> Aww, they just love you OpheliaBlue. They missed you.
      [21:33] <Mindraker> Well the biggest problem is even seeing my hands
      [21:33] <@OpheliaBlue> haha I see that
      [21:33] <Mindraker> And my sense of logic starts fighting what should be and what really is.
      [21:34] <@OpheliaBlue> oh Mindraker do you mean during HI/
      [21:34] <@OpheliaBlue> ?
      [21:34] <%RareCola> Logic is far from prominent in dreams
      [21:35] <Mindraker> I think the best that ever worked in a dream was that my hands switched so that I had my left hand on my right arm and my right hand on my left arm, and they were pretty clear. But then my sense of logic said, "this isn't right!" and the dream collapsed.
      [21:35] <%RareCola> Going back to the whole right brain being the most active side to your brain in a dream, as apposed to waking life.
      [21:35] * OpheliaBlue admits to being lost, and is going to post next week's chat times
      [21:36] <%RareCola> And yea, that's also why I believe dreams can easily collapse. Bringing too much of the left brain processes into the dream world.
      [21:36] <%RareCola> haha sorry Lisa, we're talking about inside of dreams, not HI
      [21:36] <%Caenis> Oh geez, so you become somewhat aware, but that logic center just isn't working. =/
      [21:36] <Mindraker> I don't know why people think that logic and reasoning is absent in dreams? I seem to have some rationale, and a strong sense of morality in my dreams.
      [21:37] <%RareCola> It's not absent at all
      [21:37] <%RareCola> But it's also not as active as waking life
      [21:37] <%Caenis> I'm...moral, but my rational side is very lacking.
      [21:37] <fennecgirl> Yeah, in one of my dreams last night, there was this road going through a building.
      [21:38] <fennecgirl> I didn't even think to question it.
      [21:38] <%RareCola> It's somewhat reversed. In waking life most of the time (unless you specifically change it), your left brain is the most active. In dreams, it's opposite.
      [21:38] == OpheliaBlue has changed nick to DrDrDrBlue
      [21:38] <%RareCola> But in dreams if you change it too much and become too logical, you can wake yourself up easily
      [21:38] <%Caenis> Haha, that happens to me pretty regularly fennecgirl. Not the road in the building, but missing big hints like that.
      [21:38] <Mindraker> Yes, I find myself definitely more artistic than I am in the waking world.
      [21:39] <theCambino> !back ...?
      [21:39] <fennecgirl> I miss obvious hints fairly often.
      [21:39] <theCambino> guess not
      [21:39] <Mindraker> I can't even draw a cat in the waking world; but I was dreaming of famous paintings the other night.
      [21:39] * Exotiraan also has (sometimes too much) rationality in dreams.
      [21:39] <theCambino> XD Mindraker
      [21:39] <%RareCola> Of course, the right brain sees the bigger picture and is more artistic because of that. That's why artists specifically learn to adapt to using their right brain
      [21:40] * Exotiraan has the opposite problem of what RareCola mentioned about waking up.
      [21:41] <%RareCola> Hmm, like becoming too illogical and waking yourself up? Is that possible? O_o
      [21:41] <%Caenis> Exotiraan and Mindraker, you two just seem blessed to have relatively rational minds while dreaming. =p
      [21:41] <Mindraker> Ha ha ha blame my father for that. He teaches logic at the local university.
      [21:42] <%RareCola> I wouldn't necessarily call it a blessing
      [21:42] <%RareCola> I think it makes it harder to become lucid
      [21:42] <Mindraker> The harder path is the more interesting one.
      [21:42] <Exotiraan> I've learned that things don't have to be so logical and whatnot in spectator-mode dreams, however, and that I can use them as portals... the only problem is I have to get lucid.
      [21:43] <%RareCola> True, I'd imagine once you actually become lucid you'd have a much easier time sustaining the lucidity
      [21:43] <%RareCola> I wouldn't say MILD/DILD are the best techniques if you have much more rational dreams
      [21:44] <%RareCola> Because you have nothing for awareness to really pick up on
      [21:44] <%RareCola> Unless you start doing something like the gravity check RC
      [21:44] <%RareCola> I'd assume that'd work quite well
      [21:44] <Exotiraan> I do if something prompted me to do a hand-check and I came to the correct conclusion.
      [21:44] <Mindraker> When I was a child, I had this imaginary 'defense system' that I had set up in my mind... this incredible network of tunnels, laser-shooting cameras, walls, impenetrable doors... somehow this was a defense system to protect the inner core that was my mind.
      [21:45] <fennecgirl> That's epic.
      [21:45] <Mindraker> I never really knew why I set up this imaginary defense system... it was some kind of paranoia, maybe.
      [21:45] <Exotiraan> Mindraker: That sounds Skorbut's "Firewall."
      [21:45] <%Caenis> Exotiraan: How do you find the hand check to be? Has it always worked for you? Or do you have a back-up RC?
      [21:46] <Mindraker> It had some elements from movies, even the middle was part of the Death Star... and Indiana Jones Temple of Doom.
      [21:46] <Mindraker> And the computer running the whole thing (my subconscious) was an Apple //c (lol)
      [21:46] <%RareCola> Haha
      [21:46] <%Caenis> I'll just note now, if I happen to leave before class ends, my power went out.
      [21:47] <%RareCola> that's very imaginative
      [21:47] <Mindraker> The problem is... now that I'm an adult, all this security stuff is still here in my head.
      [21:47] <Exotiraan> Caenis: Hand-check == 95% chance of rendering fail, so, if I am competent enough to be able to think I'm dreaming, then it works.
      [21:47] <%RareCola> What is with everyone's power lately
      [21:47] <%RareCola> Makes sense Mindraker, you built that association as a child
      [21:47] <Mindraker> It's never "gone"... and I'm trying to get back through to my subconscious! But I've never gotten rid of all of this!
      [21:47] <%Caenis> All right, I was never sure how effective the hand check was, I heard mixed comments about it.
      [21:47] <Exotiraan> Sometimes, it slips and I think I'm hallucinating, instead of dreaming.
      [21:48] <Exotiraan> Which ends up turning into a 90% chance of a panic attack.
      [21:48] <%Caenis> Aww, that's a pain. =/ Though that happened to me once, I thought I was daydreaming instead of having a real dream.
      [21:48] <%RareCola> Again, with a more rational dreaming mind, hand-checks probably aren't as good. That's why I suggested the gravity check
      [21:49] <Mindraker> I mean... if anyone watched the movie "Wargames" you'll know how my inner subconscious sounds when it talks to you.
      [21:49] <%RareCola> Gravity check automatically employs much more awareness
      [21:49] <Exotiraan> It's odd how you're pretty much hallucinating while dreaming to, but the only in my head about it is the association.
      [21:49] <Exotiraan> ('hallucination' is the negative; 'dreaming' is the positive.)
      [21:49] <Mindraker> Well, at least, the security program that I have set up for it.
      [21:50] * Exotiraan changes that 'you' to an 'I' to avoid making an accidental absolutism.
      [21:50] <Mindraker> I've tried for years to get rid of all this junk...
      [21:50] <%RareCola> Hallucination in dreams sounds trippy
      [21:51] <theCambino> lol
      [21:51] <Mindraker> I even have this little "chute" next to the computer that supposedly I could 'get rid of bad memories'.
      [21:51] <theCambino> I just want my dreams to not be so immensely cluttered. :/
      [21:52] <%Caenis> Interesting, you'd think you'd have enough LDs by now to realize it's not a hallucination, Exotiraan. Though I can easily see why the mind would get confused about that, you're right, they are rather similar.
      [21:52] <Mindraker> The idea was, I could just take a bad memory, and toss it down the chute, and it would be forgotten... (wtf?) just like data on a computer disk... how easy is that?
      [21:52] <%RareCola> You should take your dreams as they come really. if they're cluttered, maybe you should consider why that's so. Understanding dreams is just as important as logging them, I think
      [21:52] <%Caenis> Haha, that's really convenient Mindraker.
      [21:53] <Exotiraan> The whole 'hallucination' brouhaha was only ever a problem when the panic attacks started.
      [21:54] <Exotiraan> So, I guess that does make it a bit difficult.
      [21:54] <%RareCola> Anyway I'm gnna head off a bit earlier -- may be back if people are still chatting after class.
      [21:54] <%RareCola> !brb
      [21:54] == RareCola has changed nick to RareCola|BRB
      [21:54] <@DrDrDrBlue> see ya RareCola|BRB
      [21:54] == theCambino [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:54] <%Caenis> Yeah, I could see why that'd be a problem. Dreams causing panic attacks. o.O Not good.
      [21:55] <%Caenis> See you RareCola|BRB.
      [21:55] == eMCLucid [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 90 seconds]
      [21:55] <Mindraker> OK folks it's about time for me to close up, too.
      [21:55] <Mindraker> Sleep tight everyone.
      [21:55] <%Caenis> Night Mindraker have more interesting dreams!
      [21:55] <Mindraker> You too!
      [21:55] <Mindraker> *hugs*
      [21:56] <%Caenis> I'll try my darndest.
      [21:56] == Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA [""]
      [21:56] * Exotiraan looks at the time and sees he's a bit late.
      [21:56] <%Caenis> Late for what?
      [21:56] == eMCLucid [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:56] * Exotiraan points up.
      [21:57] <%Caenis> Hello again eMCLucid.
      [21:57] <%Caenis> I thought eMCLucid was part of this chat earlier too? No? >.>
      [21:57] <eMCLucid> Sorry guys, my connection is quite faulty. Hello Caenis!
      [21:57] <Exotiraan> I need to set all my clocks up an hour.
      [21:57] <Exotiraan> That way, I will think it is an hour later when it's really not, so I won't be tempted to stay up so late..
      [21:58] <%Caenis> No worries eMCLucid. THough you did unfortunately miss most of the chat. How've you been?
      [21:58] * Exotiraan pulled an 0600'er when he meant to go to bed at 0200.
      [21:58] <%Caenis> Haha, my mom does some similar stuff with clocks. Usually she changes them in hopes of not being late to all of her appointments.
      [21:58] <eMCLucid> I've been alright, have not had a lucid in about a week or so now. hoping for one tonight!
      [21:58] <Exotiraan> I can't change my machine clocks, though because NTP.
      [21:59] <Exotiraan> (And I don't want to cause conflicts between my clients and server.)
      [21:59] <%Caenis> So what'll you be trying tonight? Mantras, incubation, WILD, WBTB?
      [21:59] <eMCLucid> I'm gonna try mantras as well as a couple FILD attempts, and possibly a DEILD if I can remember waking up from a dream
      [21:59] <%Caenis> Ahhhh yes, that makes sense Exotiraan. So you'll probably always know the real time anyway. =p
      [22:00] <Exotiraan> Actually...
      [22:00] * Exotiraan edits the program that displays his clock.
      [22:00] <Exotiraan> Forgot I could do that.
      [22:00] <%Caenis> That's clever. You're a very clever guy Exotiraan.
      [22:00] <%Caenis> eMCLucid: So will you do a WBTB for the FILD too?
      [22:01] <eMCLucid> Caenis: I usually just wake up and immediately try it, since being really tired is a requirement. Ive never coupled it with WBTB
      [22:02] <%Caenis> All right, so long as you do it when you're tired, that's good. And obviously entering REM faster, that's definitely preferable.
      [22:03] <%Caenis> You just want to try to avoid SP for 60-90 minutes. =p
      [22:04] <eMCLucid> Yeah REM is key as well. I also am eager to have my next lucid because it's very easy for me to tell when I'm waking up, so I can try DEILD dream chains
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      Made by kraom

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      Monday, July 16th, 8pm CST Chat:

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [19:57:51] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "OPEN DISCUSSION"
      [19:58:11] <@OpheliaBlue> hey kraom, congrats on another SSILD
      [19:58:18] <kraom> thank you thank you
      [19:58:49] <Dv8Ranger> hello all
      [19:59:48] <%RareCola> I'm hoping for lucidity tonight, after so much partial lucidity last night I should be able to have a lucid
      [19:59:52] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Dv8Ranger
      [19:59:59] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:00:03] <Dv8Ranger>
      [20:00:04] <@OpheliaBlue> wb Superdub49
      [20:00:08] <Superdub49> hi
      [20:00:08] <Superdub49>
      [20:00:23] <eMCLucid> I had partial lucidity as well last night, I taught a dream girl about lucid dreaming while not being lucid myself
      [20:00:27] Mindraker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:00:28] <@OpheliaBlue> so what happened in your lucids or partial lucids, kraom and RareCola
      [20:00:31] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Mindraker
      [20:00:32] <Mindraker> Hello all
      [20:00:51] <kraom> hmm well i was a comedy show, starring the mad hatter from alice in wonderland
      [20:01:00] <@OpheliaBlue> haha the Jonny Depp one?
      [20:01:02] <kraom> i just worked on better stabilization
      [20:01:04] <kraom> yea
      [20:01:04] <kraom> lol
      [20:01:08] <@OpheliaBlue> niceeee
      [20:01:13] <Dv8Ranger> Let's start with a quote
      [20:01:24] <Dv8Ranger> The sailor does not control the sea, nor does the lucid dreamer control the dream. Like a sailor, lucid dreamers manipulate or direct themselves in the larger expanse of dreaming; however, they do not control it. Lucid dreaming appears to be a co-created experience. -Robert Waggoner
      [20:01:36] <%RareCola> First partial lucid I had this small kitten-like animal, but it had a more hunched back and a really long tail. It was jumping around my room and eventually I befriended it and started talking to it. It told me it wanted a bath or something so I'm washing its fur and I'm thinking to myself "Hmm, this is a dream" but not really sure of the matter and just faded back into non-lucidity
      [20:01:45] <Superdub49> Fuck that
      [20:01:48] <Superdub49> I'm not a sailor Dv8Ranger
      [20:01:49] <Superdub49> I AM GOD!
      [20:01:50] xanous [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:01:58] <kraom> lol thats how i feel too
      [20:02:02] <@OpheliaBlue> hey xanous!
      [20:02:09] <xanous> Hello!
      [20:02:15] <Dv8Ranger> welcome xanous
      [20:02:27] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's annoying RareCola, I know what yo umean though. I've had similar
      [20:02:28] <Mindraker> awww I want a kitty too
      [20:02:48] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: you here?
      [20:02:49] <kraom> i had a few realized i was dreaming woke up when i was sleeping well the three days before this morning.
      [20:03:03] <kraom> was not sleeping well*
      [20:03:07] <%RareCola> Second one I was with this guy and his children and he started "floating" with his kids on his shoulders... I thought I'd join in, flew, somewhat realised it was a dream and woke up
      [20:03:20] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: Yes sorry, I'm getting distracted by this baseball game.
      [20:03:21] <%RareCola> So yea, lots of close calls
      [20:03:35] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: no worries, just didn't want you to miss out
      [20:04:06] <%RareCola> I really need to get in the mindset for DEILDs again, I keep forgetting not to move when I wake up. Probably going to change up my mantra tonight
      [20:04:12] <eMCLucid> I've been following along, kraom: do you have any tips on SSILDs? You seem to be very proficient at them
      [20:04:13] <@OpheliaBlue> so what's with the apple juice RareCola, drinking it in the day? or before bed? or just before you DEILD/WILD or what?
      [20:04:28] <%RareCola> I drink a glass before bed
      [20:04:34] <xanous> DIELDs have been my thing this week
      [20:04:34] <@OpheliaBlue> kraom: yeah I was gonna ask too, how do you go about your SSILDs
      [20:04:49] <Mindraker> I have the habit of jumping out of bed to run to the bathroom... I've got to break that habit, too
      [20:04:54] <kraom> alright lets see.
      [20:05:02] <kraom> first you have to be able to naturally wake up
      [20:05:13] <kraom> like i always wake up at 4:00 AM
      [20:05:14] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: you jump and run to the bathroom?
      [20:05:16] <%RareCola> Bathroom isn't an issue for me. I tend to wake up "dazed" and don't really think about anything at all for a little while
      [20:05:21] <xanous> I have got to do RCs when I wake up. Stupid FAs...
      [20:05:23] <kraom> so that around 5 hours after falling asleep for me.
      [20:05:33] thedanknight [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:38] <@OpheliaBlue> hey thedanknight
      [20:05:39] <kraom> and then when i wake up i check my phones clock
      [20:05:40] <Mindraker> Well I instantly get up and go to the bathroom; I don't just "lie there"
      [20:05:53] <kraom> and then you have to not fall back asleep.
      [20:05:58] <kraom> and i do four "reps"
      [20:06:10] <Mindraker> So I have to break the habit... and make myself just lie there with my eyes closed
      [20:06:11] <kraom> "reps" being looking at my eyes then listening then feeling sense
      [20:06:12] <xanous> You can get away with moving slightly I think
      [20:06:30] <kraom> and then after that i go back to sleep. and its supposed to influence lucid dreams.
      [20:06:38] <kraom> which i mean seems like it does..
      [20:06:54] <@OpheliaBlue> interesting
      [20:07:12] <@OpheliaBlue> I remember reading about someone else doing this recently, can't recall who exactly
      [20:07:13] <kraom> everytime so far that ive done it without falling back asleep ive had a lucid..
      [20:07:14] <eMCLucid> I'm definitely going to try that tonight.
      [20:07:20] <@OpheliaBlue> I remember the reps you're talking about though
      [20:07:25] theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:07:27] <kraom> mhmm
      [20:07:29] <@OpheliaBlue> hey theCambino
      [20:07:38] <xanous> What does SSILD stand for
      [20:07:45] <kraom> senses initiated lucid dream
      [20:07:47] <@OpheliaBlue> kraom: how long do you suppose the 4 reps take?
      [20:07:49] <Superdub49> Sex Slave initiated lucid dream
      [20:07:51] <xanous> ah
      [20:07:55] <xanous> lol
      [20:07:57] <kraom> oh i forgot to say
      [20:07:58] <Dv8Ranger> Is that real?
      [20:08:01] <%RareCola> I'm really not a fan of SSILD, or at least it's principles. It's DILDs you're having, you're just getting into the mindset for lucid dreaming.
      [20:08:02] <kraom> you do each for 15 seconds
      [20:08:08] <theCambino> bonsoir OpheliaBlue
      [20:08:20] <xanous> whatever works
      [20:08:24] <kraom> well youre right i use SSILD as an aid
      [20:08:28] <kraom> not the method itself
      [20:08:30] <Mindraker> whatever floats your boat, heh
      [20:08:34] <@OpheliaBlue> kraom: when you say "looking at your eyes" do you mean looking at your eyelids? or looking through your eyes?
      [20:08:47] <kraom> alright ill explain more in depth i guess
      [20:08:53] <eMCLucid> kraom: Have you ever combined it with FILD? I had a semi successful FILD last night so maybe do the reps before then try FILD?
      [20:09:03] <kraom> so you look at your eyelids for fifteen seconds and let whatever images manifest
      [20:09:09] <@OpheliaBlue> ah gotcha
      [20:09:12] fennecgirl [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:09:15] <@OpheliaBlue> hey fennecgirl
      [20:09:15] <kraom> dont focus on your eyelids just lay there with your eyes shit
      [20:09:20] <fennecgirl> hi
      [20:09:28] <kraom> your supposed to do all this in a sleepy style
      [20:09:38] <kraom> and then just listen to everything for fifteen seconds
      [20:09:39] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I know what you mean
      [20:09:40] <Mindraker> Yeah, I've been experimenting with the "trying to open my dream eyes" and I've just ended opening my real eyes... I'm getting nowhere with that.
      [20:09:57] <kraom> then just feel any bodily feelings such as an asleep leg etc
      [20:10:00] <kraom> for fifteen seconds
      [20:10:02] <%RareCola> Opening your eyes in a dream is pretty tricky, I've done it once. Quite surreal.
      [20:10:04] <@OpheliaBlue> my DEILDs are most successful when I'm not tossing and turning and full of thought.. just relaxed and comfy and ready to fall back to sleep
      [20:10:21] <@OpheliaBlue> I was SOOOO close this morning, then the fucking roofers came and started roofing
      [20:10:24] <@OpheliaBlue> at 7am
      [20:10:24] <kraom> yea i was going to start trying DEILDs since i wake up often
      [20:10:45] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: was that during a DEILD, or at the onset of one?
      [20:10:48] <xanous> I go straight to SP most of the time
      [20:10:56] <@OpheliaBlue> I do that during FAs sometimes
      [20:11:00] <%RareCola> DEILD
      [20:11:08] <kraom> i had a FA this morning before my lucid
      [20:11:14] <@OpheliaBlue> not FAs, rather,
      [20:11:18] <%RareCola> I haven't had a FA in a long time, strange
      [20:11:21] <eMCLucid> I haven't had a DEILD yet, mostly because I often don't remember waking up directly from a dream unless I was lucid or disturbed by someone or a noise.
      [20:11:25] <@OpheliaBlue> kraom: really? what happened
      [20:11:27] Traumerei [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:38] <%RareCola> Probably for the best, I've been forgetting to RC when I wake up recently. Probably because I've not had an FA in so long to really motivate me to do so
      [20:11:38] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Traumerei
      [20:11:47] <kraom> well i woke up with my head laying directly on the rim of a toilet and then threw up into
      [20:11:55] <Traumerei> Hello Ophelia.
      [20:11:56] <@OpheliaBlue> oh god
      [20:11:56] <kraom> and i just thought i dont remember falling asleep here
      [20:11:59] <kraom> then i woke up
      [20:12:01] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaaaa
      [20:12:07] <kraom> yea
      [20:12:08] <%RareCola>
      [20:12:19] <@OpheliaBlue> hot chic holding your hair for you at least?
      [20:12:24] <kraom> haha nope D:
      [20:12:28] <@OpheliaBlue> bummer
      [20:12:31] <xanous> I hate those
      [20:12:43] <%RareCola> Bummer... head on toilet seat.
      [20:12:52] <kraom> nope the toilet seat was up
      [20:13:11] <xanous> ew the rim? LOL
      [20:13:14] <%RareCola> You didn't get my bad joke
      [20:13:15] <Traumerei> The more you learn the worse it sounds.
      [20:13:17] <Mindraker> Going to the bank this afternoon was reality check fapfest... I accidentally went to my former bank, which is just up the road, and on the way back, I almost got run over by a car that wasn't paying attention to which direction he was going.
      [20:13:21] <kraom> i didnt i guess
      [20:13:25] <kraom> and yea i did say the rim lol
      [20:13:31] <@OpheliaBlue> oh because a bum is a butt?
      [20:13:47] <xanous> ^
      [20:13:48] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's worse kraom, the rim
      [20:13:53] <kraom> yea lol
      [20:14:10] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: this was a dream?
      [20:14:15] <kraom> what threw me off was it looked like my toilet
      [20:14:19] <Mindraker> This was reality, OpheliaBlue lol
      [20:14:25] <kraom> so i was like maybe, i was drinking.. lol
      [20:14:40] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah drinking blurrs the lines alot
      [20:14:44] <@OpheliaBlue> I've experiences
      [20:14:49] <@OpheliaBlue> -s +d
      [20:15:05] <eMCLucid> kraom: Don't you hate your "dream mind" making up excuses like that? Happens way too often to me
      [20:15:14] <kraom> does
      [20:15:18] <kraom> and yes
      [20:15:20] <xanous> I had an FA lastnight and I swear every was as it should have been
      [20:15:36] <kraom> yea xanous thats how all mine are.
      [20:15:40] <kraom> i can never catch them
      [20:15:45] <kraom> i just need to RC when i wake up
      [20:15:49] <%RareCola> I tend to find FAs to be infinitely more realistic, to the point of multiple RCs failing
      [20:16:02] <xanous> Whats worse is I really ment to get up but I never moved
      [20:16:04] Superdub49 [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:16:06] <kraom> yea because you actually think youre awake
      [20:16:08] <kraom> so they fail
      [20:16:30] <%RareCola> Yep, that's the main issue
      [20:16:32] <kraom> I had three FAs in one night once o_o
      [20:16:43] <Traumerei> Lucky chump.
      [20:16:44] <xanous> RareCola: I thought RCs would remedy this.
      [20:16:52] <%RareCola> Not necessarily
      [20:16:57] <xanous> Damn
      [20:16:58] <%RareCola> Awareness does
      [20:17:03] <fennecgirl> I always forget to RC after waking up in an FA anyway, even though I almost always remember to RC when I wake up in reality.
      [20:17:07] <@OpheliaBlue> I used to have tons of FAs in a row, but once I got better at DILEDing, they went away. Rather, replaced by lucid dream chains
      [20:17:10] <xanous> ah big difference there
      [20:17:12] <kraom> im certain ive looked at a digital clock and it was normal in my FAs
      [20:17:14] Evolventity [[email protected]] is now known as Evolventity|Away
      [20:17:31] <%RareCola> Yea I haven't had an FA in... 2-3 weeks? I used to have them multiple times per week.
      [20:17:50] <Mindraker> LOL, just read on msn.com: want to ward off cancer? Sleep more.
      [20:17:54] <kraom> ive had quite a few.
      [20:18:13] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: then we're doing good I'd say
      [20:18:24] <Mindraker> Here, here.
      [20:18:36] <%RareCola> Hear, hear
      [20:18:44] <kraom> hmm well i actually started sleeping less once i picked up LDing.. only 8 hours
      [20:18:50] <kraom> before i slept 14 a day lol
      [20:18:55] <%RareCola> o_O 14?
      [20:18:57] <kraom> yea..
      [20:19:12] <xanous> True ld methods can disprupt sleep
      [20:19:23] <@OpheliaBlue> 14 that's craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy
      [20:19:25] <kraom> i didnt like being awake because i got bored
      [20:19:32] <%RareCola> I sleep more since LDing, used to sleep 7 hours per night, up to 8 - 81/2 now
      [20:19:39] Exotiraan only gets an average of four to six hours of sleep, so he's boned.
      [20:19:41] <kraom> so i just went to sleep earlier and woke up later
      [20:19:47] <Mindraker> Indeed, "hear, hear". My bad.
      [20:19:51] <xanous> Well theres WBTB. I lose sleep.
      [20:19:57] <eMCLucid> I actually had an awful sleep schedule / no schedule at all when I came home for the summer from college. The only reason I started sleeping earlier and longer recently was to increase my recall/lucid dreams
      [20:20:03] <kraom> i felt sickly all the time with that much sleep though
      [20:20:05] <Exotiraan> And that's only when I don't stay up to 0500 and 0600.
      [20:20:08] <kraom> like waking up with headaches
      [20:20:13] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah WBTB shouldn't deprive you of sleep if done as efficiently as possible
      [20:20:18] <@OpheliaBlue> but I understand
      [20:20:29] <kraom> i cant WBTB well i wake up too much
      [20:20:32] <Traumerei> When I get 8-9 hours each night, I have a harder time going to bed the next night.
      [20:20:34] <kraom> and cant go back to sleep
      [20:20:39] <xanous> Yeah i know but theres work in the morning lol
      [20:20:41] <@OpheliaBlue> I get back-aches after 12 hours
      [20:20:47] <%RareCola> WBTB isn't the issue for me, it's the laying awake attempting to WILD for an hour... decided to take a break from it to catch up on sleep
      [20:21:00] <xanous> done that too lol
      [20:21:03] <@OpheliaBlue> what about your off days xanous? I admit I don't bother on my work days
      [20:21:12] <kraom> i kinda gave up on WILDs after multiple hour attempts..
      [20:21:23] <%RareCola> Can't be giving up!
      [20:21:27] <xanous> well I like to drink on the weekends so that kinda makes it hard
      [20:21:30] <Mindraker> Yeah, waiting for SP to happen on the warm summer days is kind of a bummer.
      [20:21:31] <kraom> ahh DILDs are better for me
      [20:21:37] <@OpheliaBlue> yes, no giving up allowed in this class
      [20:21:45] <@OpheliaBlue> you'll catch a fungus
      [20:21:46] <kraom> this isnt a WILD class!
      [20:21:48] <kraom> i still LD
      [20:22:01] Traumerei [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:22:07] <@OpheliaBlue> oh I didn't mean giving up on WILDs lol, sorry
      [20:22:10] <@OpheliaBlue> I meant in general
      [20:22:15] <@OpheliaBlue> LDs in general
      [20:22:26] <@OpheliaBlue> then you'll catch fungii
      [20:22:39] <kraom> i like the idea of a WILD though.. lucid dream when i want..
      [20:22:56] <xanous> Its not that simple
      [20:23:02] <kraom> yea yea i know
      [20:23:04] theCambino [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:23:05] <%RareCola> That's why I'm dedicated to learning it, but it's definitely much harder to learn and perform
      [20:23:10] Caenis [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:23:12] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v Caenis
      [20:23:14] <%RareCola> Hey Caenis
      [20:23:17] <kraom> hi caenis
      [20:23:19] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h Caenis
      [20:23:21] <%Caenis> Good evening everyone.
      [20:23:24] <@OpheliaBlue> YAY Caenis!
      [20:23:28] <xanous> Hello caenis
      [20:23:51] <kraom> i was dedicated to WILDing until i wasnt
      [20:23:53] <kraom> D:
      [20:23:59] Evolventity|Away [[email protected]] is now known as Evolventity
      [20:23:59] <eMCLucid> Ello Caenis!
      [20:24:01] <%RareCola> haha
      [20:24:03] <%Caenis> Hello, hello.
      [20:24:11] <@OpheliaBlue> also, wb Evolventity
      [20:24:21] <@OpheliaBlue> our little observer
      [20:24:21] <Evolventity> Danke!
      [20:24:26] <Evolventity> :3
      [20:24:38] RareCola prods Evolventity with a stick
      [20:24:40] <xanous> kraom: I could say that about a lot of things
      [20:25:00] <kraom> me too me too i once could speak conversational german..
      [20:25:02] <kraom> lol
      [20:25:19] <Evolventity> Ow. Please apologize RareCola.
      [20:25:22] <xanous> Its Japanese for me
      [20:25:32] <Evolventity> If you don't there will be consequnces.
      [20:25:38] <kraom> oh i actually started learning japanese recently..
      [20:25:43] <kraom> not that i can type it.
      [20:25:44] <kraom> lol
      [20:25:47] <%RareCola> Highfive on the Japanese, used to be on a fairly decent conversational level. Quite terrible at it again now.
      [20:25:48] <@OpheliaBlue> I thought RareCola's prodder was a compliment?
      [20:25:49] <xanous> Nice
      [20:25:59] <Evolventity> Where did he prod me?
      [20:26:05] <xanous> hhhmmm
      [20:26:14] <%RareCola> I prodded your left buttcheek.
      [20:26:18] <@OpheliaBlue> cheek.
      [20:26:20] <Evolventity> Why
      [20:26:20] <@OpheliaBlue> HAH
      [20:26:29] <Mindraker> About all I know in Japanese was some poem ... no idea what it actually meant. Iro hani ho he to; chi ri nu ro wo.
      [20:26:33] <Evolventity> What kind of stick
      [20:26:34] <xanous> but he moved slightly right
      [20:26:37] <%RareCola>
      [20:26:38] Traumerei [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:26:40] <@OpheliaBlue> the light up kind
      [20:26:44] <@OpheliaBlue> wb Traumerei
      [20:26:46] <Evolventity> Uhmmm
      [20:26:52] <@OpheliaBlue> lmfao xanous
      [20:26:55] <%RareCola> It was a Sparkler.
      [20:27:37] <kraom> that might hurt
      [20:27:43] <kraom> those are on fire
      [20:27:47] Evolventity rams a bottle rocket up RareCola's anus
      [20:27:52] <xanous> Mindraker: do you know the translation
      [20:27:53] <kraom> :O
      [20:27:53] <@OpheliaBlue> sparks and fire are different
      [20:27:55] <Evolventity>
      [20:27:58] <%Caenis> Yes, but at least Evolventity's butt would be beautiful colors before the pain began.
      [20:28:02] <@OpheliaBlue> the former is more effervescent
      [20:28:05] <kraom> well you initially light it
      [20:28:09] <@OpheliaBlue> haha
      [20:28:14] <Evolventity> Let's NOT alk about my butt.
      [20:28:21] <%RareCola> Why not
      [20:28:22] <@OpheliaBlue> butt it's so cute
      [20:28:26] <xanous> lol
      [20:28:33] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I have to pee
      [20:28:34] <eMCLucid> Talk about my butt, talk about my butt!
      [20:28:36] <%RareCola> Maybe we'll all incubate your butt into our dreams tonight
      [20:28:41] <xanous> Too hairy of a subject?
      [20:28:49] <Mindraker> xanous: I don't remember the meaning anymore; but I vaguely remember something about it having one of each of the letters of the alphabet or something like that.
      [20:28:58] <@OpheliaBlue> when I get back, hopefully Evolventity will volunteer a topic that will help the intro class, as I am all tapped out
      [20:29:04] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb
      [20:29:05] <Evolventity> xanous: What a coincidence of you to mention
      [20:29:06] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:29:16] <xanous> LOL
      [20:29:20] <kraom> lets see if my friend daichi is on he speask fluent japanese ill make him translate it
      [20:29:36] <Evolventity> Tis very hairy.
      [20:30:13] <xanous> This is getting out of hand lol
      [20:30:28] <Evolventity> I propose y'all talk about remaining calm when you become lucid?
      [20:30:32] <Evolventity> Or something?
      [20:30:47] <xanous> hhmmm could be helpful
      [20:30:48] <eMCLucid> Good choice Evolventity
      [20:30:56] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:30:57] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:30:59] <Evolventity> And not storming off to do something
      [20:31:01] <kraom> way to change the topic -_-
      [20:31:08] Traumerei [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:31:24] <%RareCola> I was going to suggest talking about your Anima and Animus, but remaining calm works too
      [20:31:39] <eMCLucid> I often have a problem when I have that "eureka" moment and I just think of 1000 things I have to do, instead of going with the flow for a bit.
      [20:31:47] <xanous> I get a little crazy sometimes. Like I know all restrictions are off. Yes need to be more calm and rational in LDs
      [20:31:49] <Mindraker> Iroha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia here we go
      [20:31:56] <kraom> i got past that phase
      [20:31:58] <Mindraker> (kind of off topic)
      [20:31:59] <kraom> of ZOMG
      [20:32:03] <Evolventity> Stabilize mannn
      [20:32:05] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "OPEN DISCUSSION (with respect to Lucid Dreaming)"
      [20:32:27] <Evolventity> I want bread
      [20:32:35] <Evolventity> bread sticks.
      [20:32:45] <@OpheliaBlue> what a shitty mess
      [20:32:45] <Evolventity> garlic bread sticks with marinara suace
      [20:32:58] <xanous> LOL^
      [20:33:00] Traumerei [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:33:03] <@OpheliaBlue> so question folks:
      [20:33:07] <@OpheliaBlue> and wb Traumerei
      [20:33:10] <Mindraker> Oh speaking of bread sticks... I had serious indigestion the other night after pepperoni & garlic pizza, and had an awesome dream
      [20:33:17] <Traumerei> Lol thanks again.
      [20:33:27] <Mindraker> I was dreaming I was eating fried scallops and oysters
      [20:33:48] <@OpheliaBlue> Anyone ever experience HI, as if it were a film playing on the back of you eyelids? Then it suddenly became more 3-D and you could simply waltz right into it?
      [20:34:21] <Mindraker> I think my little mouth guard I wear at night for my teeth feels like an oyster shell
      [20:34:28] <%RareCola> I always have the film-type thing, I get HI so vividly it's ridiculous. When I snap out of it I can't remember if it was real or not.
      [20:34:29] <eMCLucid> I have but I was under the influence of certain opiates at the time
      [20:34:31] <xanous> Like in the beginging of the night?
      [20:34:32] <%RareCola> Never had it becoming 3D though
      [20:34:51] <Mindraker> I haven't had the film effect... I want it, though
      [20:34:59] <fennecgirl> Yeah, but not that I've been able to walk into. I tend to let things play out in my mind like that (always have, to keep myself from getting bored at night), and it sometimes just develops into HI.
      [20:35:11] <@OpheliaBlue> when I say 3-D, it's not so much visually apparent, as it is just something I can suddenly be a part of, without losing consciousness
      [20:35:12] <kraom> my HI are usually not very vivid
      [20:35:34] <Mindraker> I mean, I can imagine pictures, and ideas.... but not that vividly as you portray
      [20:35:36] iBot [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:35:37] <@OpheliaBlue> I remember when I used to get mad at HI.. I would try to have a fantasy of some kind before bed, and crazy HI would take over
      [20:35:52] <fennecgirl> That's EXACTLY what I used to/still do!
      [20:35:57] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [20:36:04] <kraom> that logic center shutting down D:
      [20:36:06] ShockWave|Away [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:36:08] <xanous> I get really vivid visions sometime but nothing like that
      [20:36:10] <fennecgirl> I usually just open my eyes when that happens to make the HI go away.
      [20:36:10] <%RareCola> !brb a minute
      [20:36:10] RareCola [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola|BRB
      [20:36:14] <@OpheliaBlue> I never knew i could use that as a tool to make the fantasies even better!
      [20:36:28] <fennecgirl> No, I find it annoying when it takes over, too.
      [20:36:28] <@OpheliaBlue> by LDing about them instead
      [20:36:38] <xanous> Ah I gotta go. Bye everyone.
      [20:36:41] <fennecgirl> Oh, true, like VILD, or using it with WILD?
      [20:36:43] <kraom> bye bye
      [20:36:44] <@OpheliaBlue> aww bye xanous
      [20:36:44] <Mindraker> c ya xanous
      [20:36:48] <fennecgirl> by xanous
      [20:36:50] <fennecgirl> *bye
      [20:36:51] xanous [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:36:53] <@OpheliaBlue> and congrats at moving to the next grade
      [20:36:56] <@OpheliaBlue> ballsypoop
      [20:37:14] <@OpheliaBlue> anyway, fennecgirl, every try to just let the HI take over for you?
      [20:37:29] <@OpheliaBlue> not 100% take over
      [20:37:41] <fennecgirl> Not intentionally; it just makes things get weird.
      [20:38:05] <@OpheliaBlue> just let it take over your desire to completely control the fantasy, like, let go of the fantasy, let it get weird
      [20:38:13] <@OpheliaBlue> but without losing your complete awareness
      [20:38:32] <kraom> i always end up falling asleep >.>
      [20:38:47] <@OpheliaBlue> then you can gradually transition into it as a lucid dream
      [20:39:04] <@OpheliaBlue> kraom: I do that sometimes too, you gotta be in the right state, and not toooooooo incredibly tired
      [20:39:18] <fennecgirl> I like to let my subconscious have some control, like letting other characters be autonomous, but it's different from HI. When HI takes over, it just gets weird and makes me fall asleep.
      [20:39:18] <@OpheliaBlue> also, it happens better for me when it's the early morning
      [20:39:19] <kraom> so seems like MILD but with your HI?
      [20:39:36] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:39:46] <kraom> early morning is when i have all my LDs.
      [20:39:48] <@OpheliaBlue> see, I'm not talking about just before bed, I mean when you're sleeping in, or even napping
      [20:39:52] <@OpheliaBlue> wb theCambino^
      [20:39:59] <fennecgirl> Oh, in the morning, I sometimes get HI so vivid that I have trouble differentiating between HI and dreams when I wake up again.
      [20:40:02] <theCambino^> thanks...
      [20:40:04] <fennecgirl> They just blur together.
      [20:40:17] <theCambino^> had business to take care of.
      [20:40:58] ShockWave [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:41:13] <@OpheliaBlue> SHOCKWAVE
      [20:41:19] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [20:41:21] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +a ShockWave
      [20:41:22] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks fucking god
      [20:41:25] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o ShockWave
      [20:41:28] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v ShockWave
      [20:42:07] <@OpheliaBlue> speak, speak lovely angel of mercy
      [20:42:09] <@OpheliaBlue> SPEAK!!!
      [20:42:23] <Mindraker> The silence is deafening
      [20:42:26] <%Caenis> fennecgirl: I think RareCola|BRB had a similar issue. I remember that his RCs didn't seem to work, because it was HI and not a dream.
      [20:42:34] <%Caenis> I can't remember what his solution to that was though.
      [20:42:46] <@OpheliaBlue> I think they just stopped happening
      [20:42:46] <theCambino^> OpheliaBlue: is it possible, when drinking a lot of apple juice for a week or so, to have the compounds of the apple juice that make the dreams more vivid, to be stored in your fat cells to use upon a later time?
      [20:42:55] <%Caenis> Oh. Well that's convenient.
      [20:43:06] <@OpheliaBlue> theCambino^: oh like LSD?
      [20:43:09] <Mindraker> It certainly helps to know the difference between HI and dreaming, now...
      [20:43:16] <theCambino^> Caenis: and RareCola|BRB: feel free to answer as well
      [20:43:17] <@OpheliaBlue> yes it really does
      [20:43:26] <theCambino^> OpheliaBlue: more like THC
      [20:44:01] <theCambino^> OpheliaBlue: the compounds in apple juice, though
      [20:44:13] <%Caenis> I don't know if that'd happen theCambino^ though it's an interesting idea. I presume that the body would either use the nutrients or just dump them.
      [20:44:55] <theCambino^> Caenis: but nutrients are stored in fat cells as well are they not?
      [20:44:59] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm intrigued by this HI vs FA thing
      [20:45:25] <@OpheliaBlue> how to successfully turn the HI that seems like yo in your room/bed, into an LD
      [20:45:29] <%Caenis> But perhaps. I know some people who use supplements/vitamins stated that if they stopped taking the pill(s) for a few days, and their dreams weren't negatively affected too much. I guess it's possible!
      [20:45:38] <theCambino^> I don't mean to derail the HI topiv
      [20:45:41] <theCambino^> topic*
      [20:46:03] <@OpheliaBlue> no it's ok, as long as we're not talking about Evolv's ass again
      [20:46:06] <Mindraker> Well, I don't take vitamin supplements anymore (because of kidney stones) and I don't seem to notice any difference in my dreams.
      [20:46:08] <%RareCola|BRB> !back
      [20:46:08] RareCola|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as RareCola
      [20:46:10] <@OpheliaBlue> wb man
      [20:46:32] <%RareCola> theCambino^: Yes I definitely think it is possible to have apple juice "stored up" in your body.
      [20:46:46] <%RareCola> I tend to find I can drink apple juice every other day and get the benefits still
      [20:46:47] <Mindraker> But... I'm just one specific instance... you should do what is right for you, your health, your diet...
      [20:47:06] <@OpheliaBlue> ^^
      [20:47:42] <%RareCola> Remember your body only use nutrients as it needs them
      [20:47:50] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah
      [20:47:51] <Mindraker> True
      [20:47:57] <%Caenis> Mindraker: I don't notice much of a difference in dreams when I stop taking my vitamins/supplements too. I suspect that's just because my body doesn't absorb artificial nutrients very well though, and maybe eating more foods with the vitamins I need would make a larger impact.
      [20:48:00] <@OpheliaBlue> apparently I don't need gobs of 5-htp every night
      [20:48:19] <%RareCola> I mean, if you're doing very mind-intensive stuff every single day, then I would assume it wouldn't have such a long-lasting effect
      [20:48:21] <Mindraker> I agree... after all, water-soluble vitamins just get flushed out anyways.
      [20:48:34] <%RareCola> but if you have a really mind-dulling day, I think the effects could last multiple days
      [20:48:46] <thedanknight> has aneyone tried holding your breath underwater did it work?
      [20:48:58] <theCambino^> Caenis: reason I ask is because... and RareCola... a week of drinking aj, I had vivid dreams, but then the few days after I had some even more incredibly vivid dreams and I am out of aj. now it's been a week or so without aj and I
      [20:48:59] <@OpheliaBlue> in a dream?
      [20:49:00] <theCambino^> on my phone typing so bear with me. derp.
      [20:49:08] <@OpheliaBlue> thedanknight: in a dream?
      [20:49:34] Dv8Ranger [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:50:09] <%RareCola> Anyway going back to my topic earlier... does anyone have an Anima or Animus?
      [20:50:16] <kraom> what is that
      [20:50:18] <theCambino^> Caenis: RareCola: and I have noticed that my dreams are not as vivid, and kind of dull like or boring.
      [20:50:48] <theCambino^> it's a male or female entity
      [20:50:53] <%RareCola> "In your dreams, you may often meet a certain member of the opposite sex. If you are a man, this entity is referred to as your Anima; if you are a woman, your Animus. Your Anima/Animus is often the representation of your masculine or feminine self."
      [20:50:55] <theCambino^> is it not...?
      [20:51:11] <theCambino^> nvm
      [20:51:26] <kraom> i see
      [20:51:27] <%RareCola> Yea, not just any male or female entity, more of a certain one
      [20:51:36] <kraom> so kind of like a dream guide
      [20:51:38] <kraom> ?
      [20:51:38] <theCambino^> it is an entity!
      [20:51:49] <Mindraker> Fascinating theory.
      [20:51:54] <Mindraker> I'm reading about it on wikipedia.
      [20:51:57] <%RareCola> Yea, somewhat like a dream guide I guess
      [20:52:04] <%Caenis> theCambino^: I guess that makes sense that the nutrients would be stored in your body. I never thought of it, but looks like your experiment tentatively proves that the nutrients helped your dreams, even after not consuming AJ for a few days.
      [20:52:09] <eMCLucid> My weekly goal is to speak to my Animus
      [20:52:12] <Mindraker> I guess it's sort of like Yin/Yang... only applicable to yourself.
      [20:52:17] <@OpheliaBlue> RareCola: does it count if I turn INTO a man
      [20:52:22] <fennecgirl> I don't have one; at least, not that I know of. Maybe I should try to find my Animus when I have an LD. I think it'd be pretty interesting to meet him.
      [20:52:23] <kraom> hmm, this seems interesting
      [20:52:25] <%RareCola> Yep precisely Mindraker
      [20:52:29] <@OpheliaBlue> also, one time I turned into a male werewolf
      [20:52:41] <%RareCola> I wouldn't think so, Lisa. But I guess your demons could be your Animus
      [20:52:44] <kraom> ive never turned into the opposite sex. thatd be weird
      [20:53:00] <kraom> should do it for fun sometime.
      [20:53:21] <%Caenis> You should kraom it's a fun time.
      [20:53:43] <kraom> alright next lucid i have, im going for it.. hopefully tomorrow morning
      [20:53:53] <Mindraker> I have found my "dream guide" to be primarily my Mom... I have encountered /myself/ in my dreams, but I'm still male.
      [20:54:07] <%Caenis> I don't think I've ever encountered an anima. So it's like a recurring DC representing your gender?
      [20:54:10] <thedanknight> OpheliaBlue i ment in real life to get luicd
      [20:54:35] <%RareCola> Basically a recurring opposite-gender DC, Caenis.
      [20:54:37] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:54:45] <@OpheliaBlue> thedanknight: I won't lie, I think you're awesome, but I'm really confused about your question
      [20:54:45] <%RareCola> Representing your masculine or feminine self
      [20:55:19] <%Caenis> thedanknight: Oh, as a RC in waking life? I've done it.
      [20:55:24] <%RareCola> I think I know what he's talking about
      [20:55:32] <%RareCola> there was a thread on DV the other day about holding your breath underwater
      [20:55:34] <%Caenis> RareCola: Definitely haven't encountered it. Sounds fascinating though.
      [20:55:38] <%RareCola> apparently it oxygenises the brain
      [20:55:46] <%RareCola> and therefore makes you more aware in dreams
      [20:56:15] theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:56:27] <Mindraker> I think Freud would dig into this theory all the way; the whole sexual polarity thing is up his alley.
      [20:56:42] <theCambino> v_v damn phone
      [20:57:00] <@OpheliaBlue> so yo hold your breath in real life to oxygenate the brain? helping dreams at night?
      [20:57:05] <@OpheliaBlue> just to clarify
      [20:57:17] <theCambino> ^ yep
      [20:57:25] <theCambino> that would be the idea
      [20:57:33] <%RareCola> Yep, people on DV were suggesting to have a bath before bed and holding your breath underwater
      [20:57:41] <%RareCola> I'm not sure why being underwater is significant, but apparently it is
      [20:57:56] <theCambino> RareCola: water in general... pool
      [20:58:12] <theCambino> I read that thread
      [20:58:12] <%Caenis> Mindraker: Yeah, I was just wondering how a gender confused person would have an animus/anima, since they would presumably have qualities of both genders, and would not need (or want?) to have such a duality.
      [20:58:13] <@OpheliaBlue> huh... interesting
      [20:58:14] <%RareCola> Well yes but how often are you at a pool before bed?
      [20:58:15] <Traumerei> Pool, pond, lake, river, ocean.
      [20:58:28] <eMCLucid> You technically don't need to be underwater to hold your breath, do you
      [20:58:32] <theCambino> RareCola: if you own a pool?
      [20:58:36] <Traumerei> Good point.
      [20:58:39] <%RareCola> That's an interesting point, Caenis
      [20:58:40] <%Caenis> Well, maybe not gender confused, but someone outside the binary gender scale.
      [20:58:57] <%RareCola> Maybe they'd have both an Anima and an Animus
      [20:59:04] <@OpheliaBlue> lol am I outside of it?
      [20:59:17] <fennecgirl> Caenis: That's an interesting point, especially if said person was agender/bigender
      [20:59:33] <theCambino> Caenis: you read above...? my phone decided to disconnect.
      [20:59:42] <Mindraker> Ah... if anything that might even make it more of a breeding ground for an Anima/Animus/Animum, IMHO?
      [20:59:57] <%RareCola> Yea, that's what I was assuming
      [21:00:13] <%RareCola> More in-tune with your feminine/masculine side
      [21:00:47] <Traumerei> What if your Anima/us was your mom/dad?...
      [21:00:50] <@OpheliaBlue> makes sense why this in-tuneness would be manifested in my dreams
      [21:00:55] <%RareCola> It's possible, Traumerei
      [21:00:57] <theCambino> !brb
      [21:00:58] theCambino [[email protected]] is now known as theCambino|BRB
      [21:01:43] <%RareCola> In fact I'd say your mother/father is quite likely to be an anima/us
      [21:01:56] <Mindraker> Imagine someone with a genital developmental abnormality, or who is transsexual / transvestite. The person's outside body is one gender, but psychologically is another gender. That would seem much more easy for the person to "step out" of one gender role in a dream than, say, me... who has always played the role of "a guy".
      [21:02:23] <@OpheliaBlue> yes I know one personally haha!
      [21:02:34] <@OpheliaBlue> born as a he, going through the surgeries
      [21:02:37] <%Caenis> I thought most people had gender switched dreams at some point. No?
      [21:02:41] <Mindraker> I mean, it's socially unacceptable for me to put on a dress and go waltzing down the street... so it is also unacceptable in my mind to do so in my dream...
      [21:02:50] <kraom> ive never had one caenis.
      [21:02:52] <@OpheliaBlue> has lucid dreams as a woman all the time, always soft, sleek and feminine
      [21:03:02] <@OpheliaBlue> must be torture to wake up from that
      [21:03:05] thedanknight [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:03:26] <Traumerei> I've been a man in few of my dreams before.
      [21:03:51] eMCLucid [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:03:54] <%Caenis> Hm. Interesting.
      [21:03:56] <Mindraker> Interesting
      [21:03:59] <Mindraker> lol jin
      [21:04:01] <Mindraker> x
      [21:04:34] <%RareCola> Turning into a woman was one of my dream signs for a while, but I haven't for a while
      [21:04:55] <kraom> i dont have any dream signs D:
      [21:05:19] <%RareCola> You probably do but haven't spent the significant time discovering what they are
      [21:05:23] <%RareCola> They're not always obvious
      [21:05:30] theCambino|BRB [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:05:35] <%Caenis> It's not common for me to be the opposite genders and be myself, but it's pretty common for me to see the perspectives of both men and women, but have those DCs not be me.
      [21:05:49] <kraom> well my dreams seemingly take place in places ive never been.
      [21:05:57] <Mindraker> That would be a pretty clear dream sign
      [21:06:01] <kraom> and the events are always.. different
      [21:06:27] <%RareCola> Oh yea I had that a lot too, Caenis
      [21:06:37] <%RareCola> But I also had female disguises, for example
      [21:06:40] <@OpheliaBlue> Jason?!
      [21:06:46] <%Caenis> Female disguises?
      [21:06:51] <Mindraker> Well, look around yourself right now. What is typical about your room right now that you take for granted that both is and is not in your dream?
      [21:06:52] <@OpheliaBlue> I didn't know you turned into a woman!
      [21:07:22] <%RareCola> Like... still being male but appearing as a woman through a spell or something similar, if that makes sense?
      [21:07:24] <kraom> well im not in my room but not much I dont really ever appear in my room except for Fas
      [21:07:29] <%RareCola> &Yea Lisa, haha
      [21:07:33] <Mindraker> It's the little stuff that you ignore all the time that your brain filters out that is the difference between reality and a dream.
      [21:07:45] <%Caenis> Ahhh, that's pretty interesting RareCola.
      [21:07:51] <@OpheliaBlue> damn.. I think you're my brother from another mother sometimes
      [21:08:08] Dv8Ranger [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [21:08:10] <%RareCola> oh really?
      [21:08:20] <@OpheliaBlue> ok I gotta log chat and do laundry
      [21:08:24] <%RareCola> highfive
      [21:08:24] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah really!
      [21:08:26] <Mindraker> For me, I'm starting to realize it's the beautiful things like the birds singing, the wind blowing on my face, the crickets chirping...
      [21:08:28] <@OpheliaBlue> high FIVE!
      [21:08:29] <%RareCola> Oh god it's that time already?
      [21:08:33] <%RareCola> Didn't realise
      [21:08:36] <Mindraker> LOL!
      [21:08:37] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah past time haha
      [21:08:41] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:08:42] <kraom> well then thats just ADA mindraker
      [21:08:42] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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      Tuesday, July 17th, 8pm Chat:

      Spoiler for #DVA:
      [19:47:43] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Ophelia May Be Late Due to Last Minute Family Issue."
      [19:47:54] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away
      [20:00:38] <eMCLucid> Anyone here?
      [20:02:55] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:03:03] <TylerRoberts> Class tonight?
      [20:03:52] <eMCLucid> Yes, I think Ophelia may be running late but attendance looks low..
      [20:04:15] <TylerRoberts> Indeed it does, I didnt get a PM on the forums.
      [20:04:27] <TylerRoberts> I will hang around anyways.
      [20:04:48] <eMCLucid> It says there is class on the chat times forums. Anyways, any luck on lucids last night?
      [20:04:53] Traumerei [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:05:11] <eMCLucid> Hey Traumerei!
      [20:05:12] <TylerRoberts> Well, I have been extremely lazy the last week or so and havent even attempted
      [20:05:19] <TylerRoberts> I wanted to sleep and thats all.
      [20:05:24] <TylerRoberts> I regret it now though.
      [20:05:26] <Traumerei> Hello!
      [20:05:31] <TylerRoberts> Dreams are the highlight of my night.
      [20:05:32] <TylerRoberts> Hey!
      [20:05:48] <eMCLucid> I know what you mean. I just broke a week dry spell last night, two lucids and my first SSILD and DEILD!
      [20:06:14] <eMCLucid> If you haven't tried SSILD, I'd recommend it, it was my first try and it made my dreams so vivid that I became lucid naturally
      [20:06:14] <Traumerei> Gee, that sounds fun.. Grats on that.
      [20:06:22] <TylerRoberts> SSILD?
      [20:06:26] <TylerRoberts> ?? SSILD
      [20:06:29] <TylerRoberts> Damn!
      [20:06:31] <Traumerei> I'm thinking about trying DEILD for the first time tonight.
      [20:06:32] <TylerRoberts> Never workds...
      [20:06:35] <TylerRoberts> *Works
      [20:06:47] <TylerRoberts> I really wanna try DEILD, it seems very easy
      [20:06:57] <TylerRoberts> I always move around when I wake up though!
      [20:07:17] <Traumerei> In forums, everyone who talks about DEILD always make it sound awesome and easy.
      [20:07:48] <Traumerei> I'm not sure how I'll wake up naturally though.
      [20:07:50] <TylerRoberts> I know, "I had a dream and I woke up so I just stayed still and walah! DEILD"
      [20:08:19] <TylerRoberts> From what I heard, you naturally wake up after every dream, we just do not remember it often.
      [20:08:22] <Traumerei> "Hey, I just had a dream! I'll just keep my eyes shut somehow!"
      [20:08:23] <@OpheliaBlue|Away> !back
      [20:08:24] OpheliaBlue|Away [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:08:27] <@OpheliaBlue> sorry I'm late
      [20:08:36] <Traumerei> Welcome back Ophelia.
      [20:08:49] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has changed topic to "Open Discussion."
      [20:08:58] <TylerRoberts> Welcome back indeed.
      [20:09:11] <@OpheliaBlue> I had another DILD this morning, was really fun
      [20:09:13] eMCLucid [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:09:17] <TylerRoberts> Congrats!
      [20:09:20] <@OpheliaBlue> thanks
      [20:09:28] <@OpheliaBlue> I'm gonna send a PM
      [20:09:33] <@OpheliaBlue> mass chat invite
      [20:10:34] eMCLucid [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:10:52] <eMCLucid> Sorry bout that, this damn chat won't let you log back on if your connection dies.
      [20:11:01] <eMCLucid> Here's a tutorial for SSILD http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/senses...-ssild-129734/
      [20:11:12] <Traumerei> Sweet thanks.
      [20:11:24] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:11:26] <eMCLucid> It's quite easy to do compared to WILD
      [20:11:30] <@OpheliaBlue> wb eMCLucid
      [20:11:39] <eMCLucid> Hey OpheliaBlue!
      [20:11:51] <@OpheliaBlue> congrats on the SSILD success
      [20:11:55] <Traumerei> That's a relief, I don't think I'm quite cut out for WILDs.
      [20:12:36] <eMCLucid> Thanks! I really like the technique, if nothing else it made the dreams following it quite vivid, and it wasn't like "shocking" if you will when I became lucid
      [20:12:48] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah WILDs are tricky, when I've had them, it's like I had to be in the perfect mindset, state of tiredness, enough sleep, comfortable etc
      [20:13:43] <eMCLucid> I've never been great at wild but I might start trying at them in a week or two.
      [20:13:51] <Traumerei> I've tried looking at HI with my eyes closed, but they tend to slip open after a while, how do I keep them closed without having to keep them tight as clams?
      [20:14:00] <TylerRoberts> I havent tried WILD
      [20:14:08] Mindraker [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:14:12] <Mindraker> Hello
      [20:14:22] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Mindraker
      [20:14:22] <TylerRoberts> Well, I did when I tried LDing a long time ago but that completely fell through.
      [20:14:22] <theCambino^> bonsoir
      [20:14:23] <Traumerei> Hi Mindraker.
      [20:14:23] <TylerRoberts> Hey!
      [20:14:43] <Mindraker> Just got back from a belated birthday dinner with my parents...
      [20:14:46] <@OpheliaBlue> Traumerei: I know what you mean, I think a sleep mask would help with that.
      [20:14:54] <@OpheliaBlue> your birthday Mindraker?
      [20:15:04] <Mindraker> about a month ago
      [20:15:32] <@OpheliaBlue> oh haha
      [20:15:56] <Mindraker> We... kind of have to catch up on some holidays
      [20:17:23] <Mindraker> I was talking to my parents about dreaming
      [20:17:33] <@OpheliaBlue> Traumerei: sometimes light bothers me, so I sleep with a pillow over my face, that might also help with the opening eyelids thing
      [20:17:34] <Mindraker> Apparently my dad is a big dreamer
      [20:17:41] <@OpheliaBlue> really? lucid dreamer?
      [20:18:06] <Mindraker> He's got all kinds of recurring dream phenomena, apparently
      [20:18:13] <Mindraker> He just never really brings it up
      [20:18:26] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah my mom and brother can DEILD, though they have no idea what it's called
      [20:18:44] RareCola [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:18:45] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v RareCola
      [20:18:46] <Mindraker> He was bending my ear at dinner... drinking half a bottle of wine and an old-fashioned
      [20:18:54] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] has set mode +h RareCola
      [20:18:57] <@OpheliaBlue> hey RareCola
      [20:19:00] <Traumerei> Ophelia: That sounds like a good idea, I like the feeling of a pillow on me at times.
      [20:19:01] <%RareCola> heyhey, going to be half here and half not
      [20:19:08] <@OpheliaBlue> haha I'm always like that!
      [20:19:14] <eMCLucid> Hey RareCola!
      [20:19:22] <@OpheliaBlue> Mindraker: an old fashioned what?
      [20:19:35] <eMCLucid> and MindRaker that's sweet! My dad has tried lucid dreaming but never got far with it
      [20:19:36] <Mindraker> Oh, that's just the name of the drink, an "Old Fashioned".
      [20:19:40] <Traumerei> Mindraker: That's funny, after finding out about LDing, I learned that my dad used to be into the same thing.
      [20:19:48] <@OpheliaBlue> oh lol
      [20:20:10] <eMCLucid> Traumerei: Same! I've already surpassed him though, I don't think he's ever had one
      [20:20:11] <@OpheliaBlue> there could be a genetic predisposition for the ability
      [20:20:14] <Mindraker> My dad would talk how he would dream, wake up, go to the bathroom, and go back to sleep, and continue dreaming the same dream 0_o
      [20:20:16] <Traumerei> It's the counterpart to the other drink, "Old Fogey".
      [20:20:32] <Mindraker> Now that's impressive, Dad!
      [20:20:42] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that's what my mom and brother do.. if they liked the dream, they continued it after waking up, and with some control
      [20:21:07] <@OpheliaBlue> mmm Old Fogey Ale
      [20:21:35] hathor28 [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:21:54] <hathor28> class open?
      [20:22:12] <@OpheliaBlue> hey! sure is
      [20:22:13] <Traumerei> I think if I told my mom about LDing she'd think I went nuts and started doing witchcraft.
      [20:22:25] <hathor28> lol was quiet for a sec
      [20:22:42] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah I think we're all a bit distracted at the moment
      [20:22:47] <hathor28> lmao @ traum
      [20:23:06] <@OpheliaBlue> it really is surprising how many people think it's some kind of supernatural thing
      [20:23:10] <TylerRoberts> I was watching Reece Jones and my dad walked by. He simply looked at it and listened for a min or so. The proceeded to call it the craziest stuff he has ever heard and tried to forbid me from trying it.
      [20:23:25] <hathor28> i usually dont look up for my parents opinions, i keep them to myself
      [20:23:36] <eMCLucid> Reece Jones is god TylerRoberts !
      [20:23:47] <theCambino^> eMCLucid: agreed.
      [20:24:00] <TylerRoberts> I try not to listen to other opinions. I typically focus on my own thoughts and ambitions.
      [20:24:05] <@OpheliaBlue> yeah that sucks TylerRoberts
      [20:24:08] <hathor28> good
      [20:24:13] <TylerRoberts> I agree that he is certainly interesting!
      [20:24:19] <Traumerei> Then again, trying to explain something like lucid dreams to others is something that usually makes you sound off.
      [20:24:21] <Mindraker> Both my Dad can and late grandfather both could doze off easily... the older I get, the more I'm turning into my Dad. I'm not too surprised my Dad can dream a lot, too.
      [20:24:21] <@OpheliaBlue> Reece may look like a hippie weirdo, but he's really intelligent
      [20:24:32] <eMCLucid> Good, I've heard of religious parents trying to forbid their children from lucid dreaming/astral projection experiences
      [20:24:49] <hathor28> true
      [20:24:55] <@OpheliaBlue> well my son will never have that problem with me
      [20:25:05] <hathor28> now lol
      [20:25:12] <Traumerei> eMCLucid: I read that SSILD thread, and wow, it's really close to WILDing.
      [20:25:13] <@OpheliaBlue> I have several coworkers who claim to be able to lucid dream
      [20:25:15] <eMCLucid> Ophelia: Same /daughter
      [20:25:26] <Mindraker> I don't really want to bring up the whole idea of "lucid" dreaming to my parents, so I just leave it in the general notion of something which I know they will understand and accept, which is just "I had a cool dream..."
      [20:25:44] <hathor28> or come here
      [20:25:48] fOrceez [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:25:48] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +a fOrceez
      [20:25:50] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +o fOrceez
      [20:25:51] <eMCLucid> Traumerei: I know right! Only difference is you don't really directly enter, it's more about gaining lucidity during the dream, not from the onset of it
      [20:25:53] DreamBot [[email protected]] has set mode +v fOrceez
      [20:25:54] <@OpheliaBlue> what if you ask them if they can control certain aspects of the draem? leaving the word lucid out of it, Mindraker
      [20:25:59] <&fOrceez> Am i stepping into a class, or general discussion?
      [20:26:07] <hathor28> class
      [20:26:09] <@OpheliaBlue> it's a class haha
      [20:26:15] <&fOrceez> Oh, ok
      [20:26:35] <hathor28> the shared dreaming debate thread is going nuts now
      [20:26:50] <@OpheliaBlue> oh really?
      [20:26:56] <eMCLucid> hathor28: I saw that earlier.
      [20:27:20] <Mindraker> OpheliaBlue: well... my control level is pretty low, yet, so at this point it doesn't really matter too much. I do like just talking about the dream in general... about what it was... it brings back childhood memories, sometimes.
      [20:27:25] <@OpheliaBlue> hey fOrceez: look at the top 2 classes
      [20:27:33] <hathor28> yes skeptics but yet kind of believe in shared dreamin but still question it
      [20:27:34] <Traumerei> eMCLucid: So then it's like a DILD and a WILD. If I'm feeling lucky I'll try it.
      [20:27:39] <@OpheliaBlue> forceez started the Intro class with me by the way folks
      [20:27:50] <&fOrceez> Top 2 classes?
      [20:28:01] <@OpheliaBlue> in terms of number of posts and threads
      [20:28:17] <%RareCola> oh hey fOrceez
      [20:28:20] <Traumerei> Anyone here believe in shared dreaming? It sounds dubious to me..
      [20:28:23] <eMCLucid> Traumerei: Exactly. It's not too hard, just set an alarm even if you need to, then do the reps. It doesn't even matter if you fall asleep, it's sort of the point!
      [20:28:35] <%RareCola> I'm not really a believer in shared dreaming, but I'm open to be proven wrong
      [20:28:38] <Mindraker> hathor28: I've kind of backed away from the shared dreaming debate thread... too many bloody noses in that thread
      [20:28:46] <@OpheliaBlue> I don't believe in it personally, but I definitely condone people practicing it
      [20:29:01] <@OpheliaBlue> I've read alot of coincidences that might seem like a shared dream, so it's always interesting
      [20:29:12] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: I'll believe in it if I experience it
      [20:29:18] <@OpheliaBlue> haha fair enough!
      [20:29:19] <TylerRoberts> I am open to the idea of shared dreaming. I dont really think its possible but I can't count it as impossible.
      [20:29:22] <hathor28> but this jakob dude is flapping his gums too much lol
      [20:29:26] theCambino^ [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:29:34] <%RareCola> If nothing else, shared dreaming is a great motivator
      [20:29:54] <hathor28> true
      [20:29:57] <hathor28> hi camb
      [20:30:04] <hathor28> oops
      [20:30:50] <Traumerei> Nothing says progress like debating on dreams.
      [20:30:53] <&fOrceez> Whoop whoop, class time now..
      [20:30:55] <&fOrceez> Seeyas :/
      [20:30:58] fOrceez [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:31:10] <@OpheliaBlue> he gone
      [20:31:20] <hathor28> some people dont know how to debate it looks sad
      [20:31:37] <Traumerei> It should be a discussion, not a debate.
      [20:31:38] <hathor28> its one way or the other, not both
      [20:31:49] theCambino [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:31:53] <hathor28> wb
      [20:31:54] <@OpheliaBlue> wb theCambino
      [20:32:08] <theCambino> merci merci
      [20:32:54] <@OpheliaBlue> So i'm startign to use mirrors all the time in my lucids now
      [20:33:01] <@OpheliaBlue> they're a great way to scene change
      [20:33:03] <theCambino> curious on how to build awareness in videogames/movies....
      [20:33:12] <hathor28> lol
      [20:33:23] <hathor28> everyone has their own way
      [20:33:24] <theCambino> I am**
      [20:33:26] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's a toughie, since for me, a movie is somethign I use to escape, so it's harder for me to be aware in it
      [20:33:27] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: How so? I've never tried that, I always use doors
      [20:33:33] <@OpheliaBlue> just self discipline I geuss
      [20:33:46] <%RareCola> I'd still like to do the mirror scene change, I've had no luck though. Mirrors don't show up often
      [20:33:53] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: well I first used a mirror in a TOTM, now I'm addicted
      [20:34:29] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: I think I'll make it a task of mine to try that out!
      [20:34:42] <hathor28> i usually transport with nothing lol i just change scene
      [20:34:47] <theCambino> hathor28: I figured that... but that's why I brought it up here
      [20:34:50] <@OpheliaBlue> it's really fun.. I like reading about when others do it, because everyone has a different experience
      [20:35:34] <TylerRoberts> Oh!! I just realized im still one DJ entry away from 10!!
      [20:35:42] <hathor28> true ophelia
      [20:35:45] <TylerRoberts> #10 will be tonight!
      [20:36:04] <hathor28> i got 30 i think
      [20:36:21] <Traumerei> Argh, thanks for reminding me to fill out my DJ, I've been neglecting mine..
      [20:36:47] <Mindraker> Pfft... I don't know how many I have...
      [20:36:51] <@OpheliaBlue> awesome, so glad you guys are keeping up with your journals
      [20:37:01] <Mindraker> I'm just happy to have a dream to fill in my DJ
      [20:37:03] <theCambino> ugh mine is somewhat becoming a chore
      [20:37:16] <TylerRoberts> I have been too lazy to record dreams this past week
      [20:37:20] <TylerRoberts> Gonna fix that though
      [20:37:20] <eMCLucid> I only journal on here when it's interesting or lucid, a lot of my physical one is just notes or scribbled drawings
      [20:37:43] <hathor28> i get different dreams every night but sometimes with same person in it
      [20:38:26] <@OpheliaBlue> eMCLucid: I'm the same way.. sometimes I get about recording EVERYthing, then I get a bit lazy too
      [20:38:38] Exotiraan appears from a nap.
      [20:38:53] <@OpheliaBlue> rise and shine Exotiraan
      [20:39:07] <eMCLucid> OpheliaBlue: True, if I have to force myself to record every little thing, it can kill my motivation sometimes
      [20:39:13] Exotiraan remembers no interesting dreams except for bits and peices about «iptables».
      [20:39:20] Traumerei [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 90 seconds
      [20:39:46] Traumerei [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:39:52] <@OpheliaBlue> iptables Exotiraan? what are iptables
      [20:40:01] <@OpheliaBlue> wb Traumerei
      [20:40:11] <Traumerei> Thanks.
      [20:40:40] <@OpheliaBlue> I used to play a song called Traumerei, but Schumann, or Schubert, I forget which
      [20:40:51] <@OpheliaBlue> on the french horn lol
      [20:40:57] <Traumerei> That's exactly how I got this username.
      [20:41:07] <Traumerei> Bonus points for getting it right.
      [20:41:17] <Exotiraan> OpheliaBlue: 'Tis a Linux feature that lets you filter network packets. It's most commonly used for firewall purposes.
      [20:41:35] <@OpheliaBlue> I thought sooo....
      [20:41:38] <@OpheliaBlue>
      [20:41:46] <hathor28> i love writing dj, theres always something new in dreams everyday
      [20:42:01] <@OpheliaBlue> Traumerei: oh cool you play music?
      [20:42:05] <Traumerei> It actually means "daydream" in german, so it fits.
      [20:42:33] <Traumerei> OpheliaBlue: I used to play the piano for a few years.
      [20:42:35] <@OpheliaBlue> hathor28: this is true..
      [20:43:05] <hathor28> wish i play piano
      [20:43:09] <hathor28> lol
      [20:43:17] Wurlman [[email protected]] has joined #DVA
      [20:43:21] <@OpheliaBlue> hey Wurlman!
      [20:43:26] <@OpheliaBlue> now it's officially a party
      [20:43:36] <Wurlman> Lol hey
      [20:43:39] <hathor28> lol
      [20:43:56] <TylerRoberts> Well guys, Im going to hop off for the night. I think I am going to try an WILD tonight just for poops and giggles. Gnight!
      [20:44:05] <@OpheliaBlue> haha ok
      [20:44:09] <@OpheliaBlue> sweet LDs TylerRoberts
      [20:44:09] TylerRoberts [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Wub wub wub.
      [20:44:32] <@OpheliaBlue> poops and giggles
      [20:44:40] <Wurlman> I have a whole new mind set I started yesterday I have a good feeling about the next few weeks
      [20:44:45] <Traumerei> Now it's not a party?
      [20:45:32] <@OpheliaBlue> a whole new mindset? how do you mean?
      [20:46:23] <Traumerei> The world is happy, sparkle sparkle! Like that?
      [20:46:25] <Wurlman> I'm a lot more stern with myself about going to bed on time and not drinking on the weekends for better chances at recall and lucids
      [20:46:38] <hathor28> O_o
      [20:46:46] <Wurlman> Lol yea like that
      [20:47:37] <Wurlman> I need a pep talk once and awhile still.
      [20:47:53] <@OpheliaBlue> oh that's good
      [20:48:07] <@OpheliaBlue> go GET them lucids Wurlman!!!
      [20:48:25] <Wurlman> Lol thanks
      [20:49:35] <Wurlman> About how many lucids do u have a week ophelia and when u started how Lon did it take u to perfect???
      [20:50:00] <Wurlman> Long**
      [20:50:41] <@OpheliaBlue> when I'm doing really good, I can have several a week... when I dry spell, it's about 1 a week. And I'm by no means perfect at it hehe
      [20:51:00] <Traumerei> Ophelia, have you tried DEILDs before?
      [20:51:04] <@OpheliaBlue> bhut like you said about sleep and drinking, when I get enough sleep and abstain from alcohol, I do better
      [20:51:09] <hathor28> i get that too ophelia
      [20:51:16] <@OpheliaBlue> Traumerei: most of my LDs are DEILDs actually
      [20:51:24] <hathor28> then there is a break in between
      [20:51:36] <@OpheliaBlue> though the first lucid dream in a DEILD chain for me is most often a DILD
      [20:51:41] <hathor28> i had deilds
      [20:52:00] <Traumerei> Do you think they're easier than WILDs?
      [20:52:04] <hathor28> to have them u need good recalling
      [20:52:11] <Wurlman> My g/f had her first ld as a deild
      [20:52:28] <@OpheliaBlue> I think every induction technique is easier than a WILD hehe
      [20:52:38] <@OpheliaBlue> so much so, that most of my WILDs have been accidents
      [20:52:40] <@OpheliaBlue> sadly
      [20:52:49] <hathor28> sometimes i deild and cant recall
      [20:53:00] <@OpheliaBlue> that's why we got Sageous teachign that class, and me doing the intro. I do better with the easier stuff
      [20:53:03] <Wurlman> Hey what's ur mantra Ophelia
      [20:53:28] <@OpheliaBlue> hathor28: that's normal, so you have to link images to remember them, if you don't write them down as you have them
      [20:53:37] <hathor28> its like so much info all in once for your brain to handle ince recalling
      [20:53:41] <@OpheliaBlue> Wurlman: I don't have a mantra, I never MILD
      [20:53:44] <Traumerei> "Dream long, drink little"
      [20:53:48] <hathor28> once*
      [20:54:15] <@OpheliaBlue> !brb phone
      [20:54:16] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|BRB
      [20:54:22] <hathor28> ya i do that and sometimes get some images from the end of a dream
      [20:54:23] <Traumerei> Gotta run, bye guys.
      [20:54:38] <hathor28> cya
      [20:54:38] Traumerei [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [20:54:41] <Wurlman> Him what's the reason behind not using mild it's just a thought process not much effort invold? Just wondering
      [20:55:04] <hathor28> mild is using your mind
      [20:55:11] <hathor28> to focus
      [20:55:33] <hathor28> thats what i do usually
      [20:56:00] <Wurlman> Right I understand what it is just don't understand why anyone wouldn't use it from time to time before bed?
      [20:56:22] <hathor28> also during dreaming
      [20:56:40] <@OpheliaBlue|BRB> !back
      [20:56:41] OpheliaBlue|BRB [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue
      [20:57:00] <hathor28> its not about before bed it's actually knowing how to meditate period in real
      [20:57:21] <hathor28> thats when u can bring it into the dream world
      [20:57:22] <@OpheliaBlue> since most of my LDs are DEILDs, it's more of a feeling based thing. I just get in the right frame of mind from WBTB
      [20:57:34] <@OpheliaBlue> also rereading my past LDs in my journal. I do that ALOT
      [20:57:45] <Wurlman> Ah ok
      [20:58:01] <Mindraker> nighty-night folks... weird food tonight... god only knows what will happen tonight
      [20:58:09] <@OpheliaBlue> hahaa
      [20:58:17] <hathor28> meditation is based on subconscious not only in dreams
      [20:58:18] <@OpheliaBlue> ok see ya Mindraker
      [20:58:30] <hathor28> cya mind
      [20:58:32] <Wurlman> Well it's 10 eastern need to keep up on my goals thanks for chatting with me
      [20:58:36] <Mindraker> sleep tight. (Scallops and duck)
      [20:58:39] <@OpheliaBlue> np, thanks for joining
      [20:58:42] <@OpheliaBlue> see ya Wurlman
      [20:58:46] <@OpheliaBlue> Sweet LDs to All
      [20:58:49] <hathor28> cya wurl
      [20:58:50] <@OpheliaBlue> and to ALL a Good Night
      [20:58:51] Mindraker [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:59:03] <hathor28> ok
      [20:59:04] <%RareCola> sorry i haven't been here much guys, busy night!
      [20:59:07] <%RareCola> see you all next time
      [20:59:16] <hathor28> gn all
      [20:59:45] hathor28 [[email protected]] has left #DVA: ""
      [20:59:47] Wurlman [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [21:00:17] <@OpheliaBlue> np RareCola, I knew you were there if I got desperate
      [21:00:28] <@OpheliaBlue> ok gonna go log chat, see ya guys
      [21:00:32] <@OpheliaBlue> !away
      [21:00:33] OpheliaBlue [[email protected]] is now known as OpheliaBlue|Away

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