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      Riseofashes' Workbook

      Hey all, welcome to my workbook

      Reality Checks:
      - Plug and breathe through nose
      - Check hands and poke palm
      - "How did I get here?"
      - "What was I doing 1 hour ago?"

      Dream Signs:
      - Teaching
      - Arnold schwarzenegger (no idea why)
      - Travelling in a variety of vehicles

      Short-Term Goals:
      - To become lucid for a period of time
      - To explore the details of a dream scene
      - Simply to feel a vivid dream

      Long-Term Goals:
      - To gain the ability to Lucid dream at relative ease
      - To explore and experiment with DC's
      - To have fun with exciting scenarios.

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      - I had one moment one month ago where I did an RC but woke up immediately.
      - Besides that, I've been reading about Lucid dreaming for just over one month.
      - Got a pretty good habit of doing RCs (at least once an hour).

      Current Technique:
      - FILD (without WBTB) started 29/04 - will try this for two weeks.

      Wish me luck I'm gonna get it!
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      Slept at: 12:55AM Woke at:10AM - Woke up twice during the night.

      So a few things to note today.
      1) I didn't WBTB last night, which means I didn't perform FILD with any real....gusto?
      2) Last night I purchased a proper notepad for my dream journal. It's next to my bed.
      I've noticed that my Recall is getting better, the last two nights I've been able to note down a fair amount and I can still remember parts (3 hours later).
      3) A lot of my dreams seem to involve being in houses of varying degrees of strangeness. I had two last night, both of which happened in two different houses. A possible dream sign.

      I think tonight I'll try to drink a lot of water before bed, to encourage me to actually get up for my WBTB.
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      Slept at: 1:15AM Woke at:10:30AM - Woke up twice during the night.

      I once again failed to get up for the WBTB, considering focusing on MILD/DILD first. Will try one more night.
      Perhaps I should try and wake up a little later for my WBTB.
      Recall was good again, my dream sign of teaching appeared majorly in two dreams.
      Tonight I'm going to try and push that. "If I dream of teaching, do a reality check".

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      Trying for natural WBTB can be very difficult, especially since modern society's sleep schedule is normally monophasic. If you have a smart phone, look up sleep timer or sleep alarm on the app store. There are alarms that use your phone to find you when you are at a light sleep, or more specifically at the end of a REM cycle. Very good for WBTB.

      One of the things you must understand while exploring the many induction techniques is that you must dedicate a certain length of time to a method before ruling it out. It is very common for people to take 2 weeks up to multiple months to fully grasp a method. I would recommend either working on FILD for a bit longer or trying another technique and sticking with it for a while.

      Look around at some ADA (all day awareness). ADA, in its simplest form, is gaining constant self awareness during waking life so that it will carry over into your dreams. ADA will vastly improve recall and awareness in dreams. If you are considering being serious about LDing, definitely look into ADA.

      Best of luck!

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      Thanks for the advice Brizzl!
      I think for now I'm going to leave WBTB and focus just on FILD. I'm also practicing lots of RCs too.

      As an update.

      The last two days I've dreamed a decent amount and been able to write them all in my journal. When I get to bed I can still visualize parts of the dreams, which is a big improvement from before. I'm going to continue practicing FILD when I wake during the night, but also keep up my RCs with some positive mantras before sleeping. I'm also going to keep improving my recall.

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