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    Thread: Purp3L's Dream Journal

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      Purp3L's WorkBook

      Reality Checks:
      - Look at hands, and count fingers.
      - Push thumb through hand
      - Hold nose and breath

      Dream Signs:

      Short-Term Goals:
      - Succeed at my first lucid dream

      Long-Term Goals:
      - LD frequently
      - Master ADA

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:

      Current Technique:
      - FILD (Finger-Induced Lucid Dream)

      Dream Journal:

      I have to mention that I set an alarm clock to wake me up several times to try out the FILD method.

      Night One:

      Tonight I had a dream about walking in a skate park and some friends of my uncle followed me, threatening me. I ran into the nearest store, looking at people, instead of asking for help. Weird... I walked outside and took a car, and drove around town to soon find a farm with several cars. The police finally showed up and I stole one of the cars, and sped out of the area. I ended up on a tiny road next to an ocean, and continued on to a busy street where cops had set up their spikes to flatten my tires. I ran out of the car to find a new one, and after being shot as with a taser several times, I finally broke free and found a car that was similar to GTA V's Z-type. I drove off.

      My alarm clock woke me up here.

      In this second dream, I was riding in a car with my aunt, who was driving, and my cousin who was sitting next to me with some girl I didn't recognize. She was seated next to me and for some reason sat in my cousin's lap. I looked out of the window to avoid seeing that, and after a while of driving with them, the girl was off of his lap, and she said that she would sit wherever something he threw landed. I don't particularly remember what it was, but he threw it and she sat in his lap again. This led me to believe she was an idiot, and I continued to look out of the window. We finally made it to our destination and what do you know? The lap girl shows up, hopping on fences, and acting like a cat for some odd reason. I remember seeing a fountain in the distance that is not there usually. I think it was broken, someone fixed it. The person who fixed it was being thanked.

      Alarm woke my up for the third and last time.

      The last dream was of me in a store, browsing space suits for women and these particular suits were revealing. I looked at them in disgust, and when I did, a lady walked in with the same suit on. The space suit had straps going over each breast in an x, and the rest was normal.

      I did not successfully pull off the FILD method, since I was too sleepy and never moved my fingers while falling asleep.
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