Dreams open in a movie like story line where I’m at the scene of the crime with my sister and we’re trying to figure out what happened. I discover one crime and then walk over towards the balcony and see that the crime was committed from the porch.

I tell my sister “this is the way he came in, jumped the fence, climbed up these set of stairs and jumped the ledge to break in” (I can see the fence in the backyard, the stairs next door and where he climbed.).

I suddenly am at the airport; only the end is first – how the criminal got away. I’m saying thank you to the stewardess that let me on the flight. Then suddenly I re-live the escape of the murderer.

I’m running through the airport and bump into a stewardess and its very busy. She tells me, “I’m trying to catch my flight too” what she doesn’t know is that I’m being chased by the police. I end up a few people behind her and watch her moves at she gets through the front of the line. Then I realize I’m on a line. The stewardess turns back and winks at me and whispers something to person in line that leads me down a second line avoiding everyone.

As I’m walking I see my passport and it has pictures and says “Mission Accomplished” on a few pages, meaning, this isn’t my only murder, I’ve done this before.

I get to the front of the line, but have to wait for the second line to go first – this line is only filled with black people, and then I finally get to go. As I’m loading the airplane I re-live the beginning of being at the airport.

Then I’m at a gift shop. Apparently I work there and they realized who didn’t show up to work is the person that committed the crimes. In panic, we’re running downstairs and I see a couple, in love. As we keep running down stairs, that couple start fighting with swords and stab each other, they meant to kill each other as a symbol of romance. One of them stabs me in the abdomen and stabs another worker.

I lay there for a bit and go about like it doesn’t bother me. A while passed, I was waiting for help/Ambulance, or something, but nothing. Now I’m trying to walk to get help. As I’m walking I’m getting weaker and a friend of mine – can’t remember him, but is more of an acquaintance is walking and sees me. I utter “Help me get help” and he helps me walk.

We make it down to a school and I’m walking through the cafeteria. They tell me that the principal is here – it was a meeting for incoming freshman, an orientation. (The principal is my former boss that let me go from my job) she says I can come in and orders someone to call 911.

And I lay there. Right in front of a desk, sideways, waiting. New students ask me questions, but I can barely understand and I’m getting weaker. I can see that I’m being mean to them, but I don’t want to be, I’m just hurting. I hear the ambulance and the paramedics are walking to me. I got up for a second to see if they were coming. I make a joke to my cousin (who was just visiting me for a month) “this is going to cost me a lot of money, I don’t have any insurance” and I also thought of the amount in my bank account. The paramedics get to me and ask me to write down my address and an emergency contact. I tell them my address is on my ID and she says just write it down. I’m mumbling now. I try to write the emergency contact, I start writing my ex-girlfriends name (we still talk), but I mess up. I try again on another line, but I mess up because I’m so weak. I say “someone write this for me”. I start to pass out. A young student starts to film me and I get some strength and grab the camera and say “don’t fucking film this, I’m dying!” “Turn it off, Turn it off, Turn it off!” Then a person on the board with the principal says, “you could’ve been nicer” and I yell, “I’m dying!” Then a person starts talking in the back and I say, “Shut up bitch!” and that same woman says, “You don’t have to be so mean”. Then I just start passing out, I’m lying sideways on my arm. The principal walks over to me and gives me a popcorn kernel and a pill and says, “This will help with the pain”. I chew the kernel and swallow the pill, and I start falling asleep, I fight to keep my eyes open, then I close them and wake up.