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    Thread: Hi! New Here and would love some advice.

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      Hi! New Here and would love some advice.

      I am looking to learn more about better sleep habits and lucid dreaming. Here is a bit about me:

      1) I have zero inability to visualize when awake. But I do dream when asleep. I think the problem with visualization is due to a medication.
      2) Had an OBE 3 years ago that I haven't really been able to share with many people. Asked my neurologist about it, but she said it was a hallucination. I wonder how a hallucination could make it possible to read the titles of books, in a bookshelf, all the way across a room? (but what do I know)
      3) Most of my dreams are sort of anxiety based, dealing with people from the past. I don't generally fly or solve problems or anything like that. But I would like to learn to do so.
      4) It's difficult for me to fall asleep...I think in part because I can't visualize...so I'm left literally staring into the dark whether my eyes are open or closed.

      More later.

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      1) Everyone has different abilities to visualize. Some are better than others. This isn't a big deal.

      2) I have had what could be classified as an OBE before. I thought it was something spiritual at the time but now I just assume I hallucinated.

      3) Once you become lucid you can do anything in the dream.

      4) How much do you exercise during the day? How long do you sleep on a typical night? These things effect how much you sleep.

      Welcome to DreamViews

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      Hi, purplegreen, welcome!

      I also had quite a lot of dreams dealing with people from the past (namely the middle school). Over a month or so, through affirmations, I turned that experience into an incredibly effective dreamsign - it brings lucidity over 95% of the time.

      Affirmations are as follows:
      "I've graduated middle school, I don't have to take any more Math or History classes ever again. Therefore if I ever find myself in a Math or History class, I would instantly recognize that I'm dreaming and become lucid" Repeated a few times before bed, with as specific details as possible, emphasizing the logical reason why this should make you lucid.

      It's pretty cool, because now, 7 years later if I have similar dreams, I instantly become lucid.
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      Welcome to DreamViews!

      For falling asleep, you should try out reverse blinking. Basically, you lay in bed with your eyes closed and gentle blink them open and closed again every few moments. Do this until your eyelids start to feel very heavy and then attempt to fall asleep.

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