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      Lightbulb Hi everybody! Iīm a newby, had my 1st VD tonight and wanted to share my experience! Itīs long!

      Well, hello everybody! About a month ago I started taking some supplements for joints and tendons, some proteins and vitamins, including B12, and then I had a couple of strange dreams that I had never experienced before. Dreams that seemed to last all night long and that I could go back to as soon as I closed my eyes again after waking in the middle of the night. Also, I could remember these dreams by morning, which is something I could rarely do. Iīd never paid much attention to my dreams until then.
      Well, I did some research on dreaming on the Net then, for I thought it could be a side effect of the supplements, and indeed I found that B12 is related to more vivid dreams. I read up some more, bought B6 also, downloaded and app to wake me up at certain intervals during the night and started my dream journal as well as a personal journal to go with it. Itīs already more than 50 pages long!
      I have to say that I wasnīt interested in having lucid dreams by then, nor did I really know what it was all about although I had read a thing or two on it in the past. It just seemed too far fetched! Well, it still does or did, until tonight! I was really interested in remembering my dreams, and when I realized the fact that we usually have many of them during the night it was enough to woe me and keep me going. My first impulse was to try to analyse them. I read Freudīs book on dreams, sort of a drag, but with some good info here and there specially about what our dreams are related to, but I found interpreting our normal dreams really kinda frustrating for there can be so many interpretations, and most things we dream about are just a mixed bunch of crap we experience on the days before (specially these days, with the internet and so much information going into our heads all the time). I did remember somethings from my early childhood though, things I could never remember in my waking life and that I was only able to confirm by asking my mother. Pretty interesting, but not enough. Freudīs theory about our dreams being a fulfillment of our desires works well some times, but not at all in others. I thought about buying some other books about dream interpretation, those that include sort of a dictionary of dream images and what they ought to be related to, downloaded some samples and all, but they just sounded like a lot of psychic mumbo jumbo from unprofessional people (I may review my position on this subject later, but so far...). I then turned to lucid dreams, bought a book called Lucid Dreaming: Master the Ability of Lucid Dreaming - Experience the Power of Lucid Dreams and Explore Your Inner World, by a Glen Bryant, which had some basic info on what they really were and how to have one, plus some stuff you could take to enhance your chances. On my first night I tried visualizing a scene before falling asleep and also repeating the mantra "Iīll remember that Iīm dreaming" and when I woke up I had the slight feeling I was getting somewhere. I did dream about the scene I tried to visualize and kinda experienced a difference sensation while having my dream about it, but that was all.
      I decided to take it up a notch then, I on the next day I ordered every legal substance I could find that was said to help you have a lucid dream: calea zacatechichi (the dream herb), silene undulata (the dream root), tryptophan and choline. I spent some 100 bucks on them and they are still to be delivered. I was really enthusiastic about it! I usually am about new things I try! One can even say Iīm prone to fads and I like to dive in head first, if you know what I mean!
      Well, that was all yesterday. Last night before going to sleep I took my supplements did the 61 point relaxation technique mentioned in Glenīs book and fell asleep repeating my mantra again. I HAD ONE OF THE MOST (IF NOT THE MOST) INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES IN MY LIFE! And donīt get me wrong, Iīve had my share of acid trips! Iīve also had panic attacks, Iīve been dealing with anxiety for years now, I take prescription medicine for that, so Iīm not new or do not doubt the power that our minds have in our feelings and experiences, but never had I realized it to such this extent. I donīt remember what triggered the notion that I was dreaming, but when I felt it, it was like I was almost awake. I tried a couple of things that Glen suggested like looking at my hands, spinning around. I took it easy in the beginning. I hadnīt pre visualized the scene I was in, it was just a colorful scene with lots of people, a scene from a normal dream derived from the what I had seen, thought or done recently, and I decided to just walk around the place. I could look at the things, decide where I wanted to go and so on, then I decided I could take it to a new level and try something similar to flying; floating! So I jumped and instead of falling right down I would float for a while and as I kept high up the air I could see the faces of the mesmerized people down on the ground, staring at me, I did it a couple of times and it made me feel so powerful, like super man on Earth. In his book, Glen also said to go slowly, he even used the metaphore, “if you want to climb the Everest, try a small hill first”, he also said “donīt go trying to make sex with a top model right away, youīll just get too excited and wake up”. Well easier said than done! I got to this big house, more like a mansion with glass doors, with lots of people dancing “cheek to cheek” inside. I remembered the “reality checks he mentioned”, trying to go through walls and such, so I just did it, I went through the glass, saw this gorgeous girl dressed in tight green dress dancing to this hulking guy and I didnīt think twice. I approached them and just told the guy I wanted to dance with her, he immediately left and we started to dance and that was when I woke up!
      I donīt know for how long I dreamt, a couple of minutes at the most, but as I said earlier it was the most amazing thing Iīve ever felt! I was so excited for having achieved my first lucid dream. I recorded it right away (I keep a digital recorder by my pillow) and afterwards I woke my wife up to tell her about it. Well, I couldnīt stop thinking about it in bed. I wanted desperately to continue it or to have another one, I tried the mantra, the 61 point thing again to try and calm me down but I couldnīt even fall back asleep! My heart was in my throat, so I decided to give it up and just try sleeping again, it was still 2 a.m., but I couldnīt fall sleep again before early morning. I did dream again, but it was a normal dream in which I was telling a friend about the vivid dream I just had. While I was tossing and turning some thoughts went through my head though. Iīm the kinda guy who tries to rationalize things, itīs a way for anxious people to cope with surprises and new things. Firstly I felt anxious and afraid. I really wanted to have another one and just the thought that it might not happen again was enough to make me scared. Then I thought how lucky I was to have had such an experience and I kinda looked down on everybody else I knew, cause I donīt think any of them have gone through such a thing and probably never will. I laughed at all the people that keep posting pictures of trips on Facebook where they visit Alaska or see the Grand Canyon and such, and that I could swim in the cold waters of Alaska with the whales or fly over the Grand Canyon whenever I wanted now. I know that deep inside I resent these people for being able to take such incredible trips while Iīm not, but they suddenly seemed ridiculous to me for what they could only see, I could now touch and feel or even destroy, who knows. I donīt think it is the kinda thought I should be thinking and that it was very selfish of me, most of all cause I didnīt want to share it with anyone else, but I just couldnīt help it. Anyway, most of them wouldnīt even believe in me. Then some ethical questions went through my head as well. Man, it was such a God like experience! Iīm not the religious guy, but I do believe in God, and now I had just been one. I donīt know if God really walked on the water, but I could definitely do it now! Are those things, this infinite power, really meant for us mere humans? What if I got addicted to it? Now I can think about a reason for Schumacherīs not waking up! Excuse me for the mean joke, though, but wow some food for thought there.
      Anyway, that was it. I donīt now if this is the right place for such a post as it is a place for introductions. If not, please forgive my enthusiasm and will someone please redirect me to some other trend. Iīve decided to share my experience on the Net and Dream View seemed the right place for it. Iīve also shared it with my wife and parents and Iīm sending this testimony to my best friend whom I know wonīt doubt it.
      I just hope I can have more lucid dreams in the future, why not tonight? And Iīll let you know what happens when all the stuff I ordered is delivered. Thanks for listening!

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      Welcome to DV Travesso! Those books are cool and sounds like a cool dream.

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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      Welcome to the forum. That really is a vivid dream.
      " Hope is a waking Dream" - Aristotle

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      Your whole mind is made in a special way,
      We share the same glow.

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