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    Thread: Bonjour, Dream Views!

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      Bonjour, Dream Views!

      Hello, Dream Views! My name is Evangeline and, because I turned thirteen last February, I asked my parents if I could create a forum account; they said yes! I'm very excited to finally be a part of your wonderful community. I have visited it as a guest before, and I even told some of my friends about it; they've enjoyed it as well.
      I discovered Lucid Dreaming a couple of years ago when I wanted to learn how to "control my dreams". I have only had about five lucid dream since then, but I actually haven't been very diligent to write in my dream journal.
      Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, playing the piano, ballet, food decorating, horse riding, photography, writing, flower arranging, painting, knitting, playing with my dolls, and trying to learn French and Spanish. (Since I'm home schooled, I have lots of time for hobbies .) My mother owns an edible arrangements shop & I love helping to prepare bouquets for our customers. I have a pet Netherland Dwarf named Cottontail (he's such a sweetie!).
      I hope to learn lots of new & interesting things here at Dream Views & am so happy to be here. If you could point me to a Lucid Dreaming Guide of some sort, I would appreciate it.
      Until next time,
      P.S. I would love to hear your hobbies, too!
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      Hi and welcome to the forum!
      I'm glad to hear your parents finally let you join
      You may wanna take a look at these tutorials to start out with: Induction Methods and Techniques
      These are also worth looking at: Tutorials
      But else just ask if there's anything that you're confused about!

      You really have a lot of cool hobbies.
      I myself enjoy being outside doing parkour and free running, programming games in Java and lucid dreaming of course!
      You're really lucky that you have friends whom's also interested in lucid dreaming. Most of us is having a hard time finding such friends. I'm sure you'll fit in well here, and I hope to see you stick around. I wish you luck on your lucid dreaming journey.
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      Hello! Nice to meet you Evangeline. Welcome to the community!

      You like to horse ride? That is so cool! What is your horses name?

      My hobby is kind of a crazy one. I am really into severe storms and tornadoes especially. I want to go and collect scientific data and warn people about severe weather events. I can't be a weather man since where I live there is no school for it. I also like to paint sometimes. What do you like to paint? Do you use water colors? Draw on the computer? Use oils?

      Hans gave a great link that I believe you will enjoy.
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      Lucid dreaming takes three things: Patience, practice, and perseverance.

      **Induction Techniques**

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      Welcome Evangeline!

      You sound very interesting, that's awesome that you've started lucid dreaming when you're so young still. A lot of people don't start until they're all old. You're going to be an amazing lucid dreamer someday!

      I love playing piano, how long have you been playing for? I've also been playing the ukulele a lot lately, that's a lot of fun and they're pretty cheap to buy. I've never painted but I've always wanted to, I started drawing about a year ago and painting is my next step. I'm really excited for that.

      I hope to see you around more!

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