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    Thread: Hey, I'm 01

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      Cool Hey, I'm 01

      Ahh, my nickname is too short xP.

      So, I get into trance states really easily but then chicken and stop doing them :/. Due to this I'm having trouble with regular practice. I tried WILD years ago but I got into some sort of void (Delta/dreamless sleep, I guess) and got scared shitless. And I stopped LDing altogether. Vividness of the experience really got to me. So later no LD anymore, but I tried various meditation techniques and different stuff not related to LD. Like I said, I easily get into trance states so I had various experiences. I started dream journal about a year ago or so. At first only my dream recall got better, but now I started LDing. I just remember during dreaming that I went to sleep and sudden change of scenery just doesn't make sense xP. So far these LDs don't creep me out since they lack falling asleep sensations. WILDing and vibrations and vivid darkness is damn creepy. So since I got back into LDing I'd like to get some feedback... And I saw you have that lucid delta thread about the void.
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      Hi 001 Hope you enjoy the forums tutorials and multitudes of interesting threads and chat is good too

      See you around

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      Well since you've taken on the journey of LDing before I think it only makes sense to say welcome back man. I haven't experienced the void you're talking about, but I know quite a few WILDers around DV that have. Sageous, one of the master WILDers, might know quite a bit about that all that stuff.

      By the way, on the other side of fear is immense growth.

      See you around the forum,


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