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    Thread: KalicoCatz In The House

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      KalicoCatz In The House

      Hi im KalicoCatz I have been trying to lucid dream for 1 week and I am currently losing motivation to keep doing it As a reward I told myself that if I could Lucid dream I would let myself sign up for this forum. But since I am losing motivation I thought that should probably sign up now I have tried the WILD technique but felt like it wasn't for me and I am currently doing WBTB because it has better results. I am also taking 80mg of vitamin B6 but have gotten no results (I've been doing it for three days) Does anyone else take vitamin B6? and if so what effect does it have on you? I feel like my dreams have become more vivid but I'm not sure because I forgot my dream last night. Also I feel like I might not be able to Lucid dream or that everyone is lying when they say they can do it... I know that this is totally wrong but the thought keeps nagging me.. But besides that I am very determined and positive

      1. To LD by the end of June
      2. To remember at least 6 dreams a week

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      Hello and welcome to Dreamviews! Don't worry, this is not a race. You will do best if you let your dreams nurture and grow at their own pace. Goals are good but not as restrictions or rules, just as idea of what you would like to do. Don't be discouraged because you are doing great already! It might be to early to focus on WILD or b6 supplaments at the moment. You might want to just focus on getting to know your own dreams for what they are. Only after you have been dreaming for a while will you be able to say if they are right for you.

      It seems you might need to just relax and enjoy the journey. Dreaming should never be a source of stress. If you don't get a lucid tomorrow its okay. Enjoy the dream you do have for what it is. If you keep up your RCs and WBTB you will have a lucid without even trying and then you can celebrate! We all work best under possitive reinforcement after all. Give yourself a dream cookie once you become Lucid they taste AMAZING
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      Welcome to the forum!

      I take B6 on occasion, but it doesn't induce lucidity, it just makes your dreams more vivid and easier to remember. Hence, I'll sometimes take it when my recall takes a dive, just to jumpstart me back up.

      But like MadMonkey said, you shouldn't get stressed over not having lucids, as the stress actually works against you and makes you less likely to have lucids. Just be confident that you can become lucid. It can just take a while - it's rarely every an instantaneous thing. Heck, it took me 6 months before I had my first lucid (though it typically doesn't take that long), but trust me, it is 100% worth it.

      Anyway, let us know if you have any more questions, and come check us out in the IRC chat.
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