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      I need a dream friend to help me with LD and dream recall and dream induction

      Hi I'm Rebecca. Things about me: I'm Christian and I play guitar and violin and I sing. I am a gymnast I do gymnastics in my basement and I am a martial artist (I don't remember my forms but I know the kicks and punches and stances, mostly) and I want to try figure skating. I dance and fly all the time. I love dreaming interested in hearing your theories about dreams. I used to think the pineal gland produces DMT when you sleep and that it causes dreams, and I KNOW God gives us Divine Visions sometimes that comes only from Him. I used to lucid dream all the time I would love to have a friend to discuss what works for them and what will work for me and to share dreams with, to interpret each others' dreams, remembering that the dream belongs to the dreamer. Just friend me and we can share email addresses.

      Much ado,

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