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    Thread: So pleased to have found you all

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      So pleased to have found you all

      New today. Avid lucid dreamer for the past 10 years, but havenít had a LD for around 6 months and missing them! googled and found this site! I didnít realise so many people had lucid dreams and that techniques even existed to help induce them! Its fantastic!! Would love any feedback on how to fly again! My last few dreams I couldnít get off the floor. It was very frustrating having previously loved flying around! Looking forward to learning with you all
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      Hey Andriarna, welcome to Dreamviews! It is awesome to find a community of lucid dreamers. I'm fairly new at this so I've only been able to glide around a little bit. I'm sure there are experienced members who will be happy to give some advice on flying. From what I've read, there are different ways you can accomplish this. I've read that believing is a big factor. If you believe then that will make flying much easier. A fellow member, Caradon, gave me some advice I thought sounded like a great idea the other day which I will quote here.


      I'm convinced the best way to learn to fly is telekinesis. It's the best skill in a dream and can be used many ways. When I was first learning to lucid dream I was getting very good at telekinesis but struggling to fly. Doing stupid things like trying to flap my arms like a bird and all that. One day I was thinking about how dumb it was to flap ones arms in a dream since there really isn't any gravity, and even if there was gravity flapping your arms wouldn't do you any good. lol.

      I had a sudden epiphany. I'm really good with TK and can easily move any kind of object or people through the air with my mind. Why not use it on myself? So in my next lucid I tried it and it worked beautifully. I was suddenly a master of flying with perfect control. However, after a while. It becomes like walking. You don't even need to think about how you are doing it anymore you just do it." - Caradon
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      Well we are just running a little competition for lucid and non-lucid dreams, which can be very helpful to get back on track. Feel free to join

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