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      What's up? I like to hang with my friends, watch good TV, listen to music and I like to read. I've always been interested in dreams and the various meanings that they might have. Back in the fall of '98 1 month after moving into a new house I had this strange dream that I'm still try to figure out. I was walking around in an empty white landscape, it was snowing and, it seemed to be night. When I come to a set of stairs(which looked nice and safe), then I notice a second set(they looked dark and creepy). For some reason I go up the dark set of stairs and, I come to this door. I open the door and this blinding light envelopes everything and, I seemingly wake up with 3 dudes in suits around me(I see this through my eyes) saying something like "The drug didn't work!" and they say this to each other and other stuff that I couldn't make out. Then I wake up in my room. I told my friends about my dream and one of them is like "Dude, you could be a spy!". I was like "you're nuts." Anyways it was a wierd experience. Thanks for taking the time to check this out.
      To be continued . . . . .

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      Hi Blindfold, you've come to thr right place to learn about dreaming

      I'm not that good at interpreting dreams but there is a Dream Interpretation forum right here, thats full of people that are willing to work out the secrets behind your dreams.

      Well I hope this helps
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