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      Heavy Sleeper Finds it Hard to WILD.

      To start off this topic I'll tell you the obvious reason that I'm posting: I had my first Lucid Dream last night . Everyone is right, it is truly an amazing experience to have. The only thing i remember was that I was in a Grocery store, fully clothed. I knew it was a dream because the last time I was conscience, i was in my bed. But i was very confused when I woke up though, I was not sure If i experienced a DILD or a WILD.

      The night before I had set my alarm for 2 A.M so i could attempt a WILD the following morning. As I was looking at my alarm clock after the dream...it was 12:30 PM, the following afternoon. That is quite interesting because my alarm clock is loud and i would have remembered if i shut it off. As a kid i had to learn to be a very heavy sleeper. My dad would wake up at 5 AM. to go to work. My mom would wake up with my dad to make him breakfast and help my sister get ready that morning for Elementary School. My brother was in middle school. I was the cool kid in PM. Kindergarten, so i had to train myself to sleep with the noise of 4 people coming from above my room.

      Now since im older, my habits of heavy sleeping have not left me . I can sleep through vacuums, loud music and even sleep comfortably at a Major League Baseball game [which im sure anyone can.] But this habit makes it incredible difficult to WILD. I only can seem to wake up If i have school or work the following morning. I need to train myself to wake up in the middle of the Night to WILD.

      Is there anything i can do to overcome my heavy sleeping and attempt a WILD?
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      Try sleeping for even longer before attempting to WILD. 1 hour before you usually are rested can be a good time to try at first. You will probably have to do some trial and error before you can find your "sweet spot" for when you have had enough rest to be able to keep your consciousness as you enter the dream state, but still sleepy enough to actually fall asleep. As a comparison, my WILDs happen after 7-9 hours of sleep, equaling one hour before I will feel rested. You can try to leave a little light on when you try to WILD, because it might help you sleep a little lighter. Don't do it on a regular basis though, as just a little light can decrease your quality of sleep.

      Also, welcome to DV, and congrats on your first lucid! Feel free to ask if you have more questions.


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