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      ok, dream journal........ then what

      i understand the purpose of a dream journal, to help you remember dreams + help you recognise dream paterns.

      iv been doing it for a week now and i remember 1 or 2 dreams in the morning.
      what is the next step ?

      is it wake back to bed, if so when, because i dont wanna go through the trouble if im not going to remember a LD.

      how long did you do a DJ for when you first tried a WBTB, how many dreams were you remembering in the morning at this point.

      should i try somthing else.

      thanks for any advice chaps, all you guys on these forums are so helpful

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      It is good you are keeping a dream journal. Don't stop! Start doing reality checks, a good one is the nose plug. Basically, you want to pinch your nose and try to breathe in. If it's possible, then you're probably dreaming. Try it again, or another one to be sure. Remember, as you're doing the RC's, to think about what it is you're doing. Think ' I'm checking to see if I'm dreaming or not. If this suceeds, then I'm in a dream '. Don't just do them randomly, otherwise they're more or less useless.

      Try many different techniques. I have never found WBTB or WILD to work for me, but others say they have great success with these methods.

      I find using straight MILD or DILD or VILD or some other method usually works.

      It's different for every person.

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      A DJ not only helps you to remember one or two dreams, but you'll probably find as time goes on that you'll be able to recall more and more, often in greater detail. The more you recall about your dreams, the less likely you are to forget a lucid dream. Yes, you can forget LDs and it's a pain in the butt!

      There's no fixed set of steps that someone has to go through in order to practice lucid dreaming. If you haven't already, take a look at some of the tutorials (MILD, WBTB, and WILD for starters) and pick something that you feel might work for you. Try working with it for at least a week or so and if you find that you're not getting any results, try something else. Regardless what you choose, you'll have to put forth effort towards achieving lucidity unless you're a natural. Just keep in mind, though, that eventually you will see results. Don't give up and you'll be surprised at what you can do!

      My first LD didn't come for three weeks. Some people have them their first night after learning about them and some take longer. Just enjoy the ride!

      "If there was one thing the lucid dreaming ninja writer could not stand, it was used car salesmen."

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      Ame just put it perfectly. Keep up with your dream journal and try any technique you feel like. The key is to make Lucid Dreaming work for you. Explore techniques, make up some of your own even. Do what works
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