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    Thread: I was kicked out

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      I was kicked out

      Not sure how much I'll be on here for the next month, guys. I got in a fight with my father and told him I was planning to move out. He was already angry and only took it personally, telling me if I didn't want to live with him anymore, I could just leave now. I'm 18 and have less than a month of high school left to go, so I'm going to be staying at my girlfriend's house until I can move into my friend's house a little further away.

      At first, my father said I could keep anything that was in my room, including my computer, both of my guitars, and my amplifier. He came back on that offer once I got it all to my girlfriend's house, saying it (my phone too) was his property and he's going to call the police if I kept it. Technically, he bought me each of those things, so I didn't see anything I could do. At this point, I don't want to have anything to do with my father in the near or distant future. I don't even care if I ever ssee that stuff again. To me, it's just stuff, and although I enjoy having it, it isn't stuff I need and it is all replaceable (Besides the 100 gb of music on the hard drive along with whatever else was on there).

      I'm not going to be on here as much, as I have no computer. My girlfriend has one, but it's like a family laptop, so spending all day in the IRC isn't going to happen. I should still be able to make posts from school, and update my DJ regularly, though.

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      Well good luck with your move... we will miss you on IRC!!
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      I can totally relate to that... Don't stress if you can't get onto DV for a few days, if it means something is being accomplished off the computer. Hope things work themselves out!

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      If he bought you those items for your sole personal use then a court will deem them your property. They will be deemed a "gift" or something like that, it's similar to how you can't get jewelry back from a girl after you split up with her (yes you paid for the jewelry, but then you relinquished ownership of it to the girl as a gift for her own personal use).

      You seem concerned about losing all that stuff, which makes sense, it sounds pretty valuable. Give the local PD a call and ask about your legal rights to your stuff and how your father is trying to keep it. At least you already have it with you...

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      Honestly, I think your father is just hurt and doesn't really want you to move out, which is why he is saying that he wants that stuff back. He doesn't really want it back, what is he going to do with it? He's probably just trying to make it so that you won't move out. Why not just let things settle down a bit, and talk to your father. I've been in a similar situation where I got into a really bad fight with my dad and he told me to get out and that he'd call the police if I took my jeep because it was his. Of course, he didn't mean it. He was just hurt. After a day or so everything was back to normal, and we both regretted the stupid things we said. It's family....just learn to talk without fighting. Try to see things from their perspective. It's easy for kids not to realize how selfish they are, when they have been receiving so much from their parents their whole lives. Anyways, good luck! I'm sure it will all work out. If you guys love each other, then it will.

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