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      Changing my life

      Now that this is a hack free boards, i will post this again.

      I posted this video a few times before, but now i want to show it for something else.

      Jim Carrey "The Power of Consciousness" HD!!!! NEW - YouTube

      Or the short version of what i'm talking about.

      The Real Jim Carrey (Eckhart Tolle) - YouTube

      I wanna expierience this...how do i make this more of my life then how i am living now? i wanna expierience what mr Carrey did, the feeling of bliss, the being of 1 with everything. I don't even know where to begin to start this at the beginning. I live life thinking money will bring me happiness so i imagine having a job, hell i want a high paying job so i can make $$$, but i figure that wont solve anything for me. My uncle, and dad had a talk with me about this aswell that money isn't everything, more about enjoying things and having an intrest in them, is much more important then going for money. Spirituality makes too much sense to me.
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