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    Thread: Holotropic Breathwork

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      Holotropic Breathwork

      Anyone checked this out?

      Here is a link to torrents with a video explaining what it is and some music to breathe to: pastebin.com/raw.php?i=bXVjYFvp.

      Basically, when LSD became illegal this emerged as as somewhat of a replacement. It's purported to have similar therapeutic benefits: insight leading to psychological paradigm shifts, emotional cleansing, intense exploration of emotions, and even.....colored closed-eye visuals.

      All it really involves is very quick rhythmic breathing to music. It is great for someone who is interested in self-exploration, introspection, and/or therapeutic healing.

      I just tried doing it for an hour. Definitely need to practice it for longer than that, but so far I've noticed how cleansing and energizing it is.

      .........discuss, share experiences, check it out!

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      When I went through the most traumatic period of my life, I did that every night. It was incredibly therapeutic and also very mind expanding. I never had closed-eye visuals, but it was awesome. I still do it sometimes.
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