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      Anybody Have Twitter? #dreamviews

      So I just got really pumped up because I've been having success with dream incubation, and a new (to me) technique to help assist with DILDs, and my hope is to find my dream guide tonight. I tweeted "Tonight I will find my dream guide #dreamviews" and i dunno, but I think it would be really cool to see people from the site who have twitter accounts make tweets about their progress with lucid dreaming... lucid goals... etc.

      Just a thought... not sure if its stupid or not.

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      I would still think alot of people would tend to use the main site (dreamviews.com) out of sheer habit like me, as I'm a bit 'old-skool' when it comes to new technology. However I think Twitter and Facebook do have their place, so I think what you say is a good idea in principle. Even Dream Views has it's own page at Twitter

      @dream_views (Don't forget the underscore otherwise you will be following somebody else!)

      DV page at Dream Views | Facebook

      However, in practice I suppose it depends what hashtags are used. You could narrow right down to a specialized subject or area.
      E.g. #lucid dreaming #lucid dreams #dreams #obe, etc. are popular ones on Twitter for this topic where like-minded people use and who follow, or 'tweet', etc.

      Do bear in mind that if you were to use a more general (or 'generic'?) term like #dreams then this would cover a multitude of subjects, people, and criteria - even the selling of beds; bedroom furniture, for example. Especially in the UK.
      So for example, the spammers and marketeers have been quick of the mark to use the 'new' social media also, which is a fact of life. Albeit an annoying one, IMO.

      You could I suppose set up or join an actual lucid dream 'tweet-up' (which is a type of online meeting), in actual 'real time' with like-minded people, which is what you are asking.

      P.S. (Please note that I'm still in the learning curve when it comes to the newer social media platforms, so try not to be too harsh (or should I say 'hash') on me if I have missed any vital point(s) out like using 'Myspace' ...(wtf?), mobiles, or apps, for example.)
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