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      Triggered Memories by Stimuli

      This is probably because I'm in a vulnerable state..but I'm starting to experience intense nostalgia at memories about events and people (particularly love interests)

      I often have some sort of stimuli attached to this special something or someone. Usually, it's a song, for me. That must reveal how much I listen to it, haha....But just today, I was listening to a song that I remember dancing with a close girl friend about 5 years back. I felt like I was back there. And now I'm realizing I'm here, I'm all like "What the hell just happened?" For a minute, it felt like time travel.

      This is probably why I was very sensitive concerning OCD. If memories could be so triggered, then my fears are just as easily triggered. It's worst whenever I fear I've done something wrong, my moral sense just goes berserk, sometimes sending me into a moral down spirial, which is not a good thing....
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      Sometimes, while listnening to certain songs or reading books, I get 'taken back' into a very vivid memory. The connection you've made with the song or smell, or whatever triggers the memory is what affects you.
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      yeah, for me it's certain songs, certain smells, back i go, zooming into the past...
      I was listening to a song today, that i played a while back, when i was going through a bad time i thought was good. (if that makes sense)
      Now that i'm out of that, listening to that song, took me back to the person i was...and i didn't like what i saw.
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      it's not like that to me, i just get somewhat depressed and try to get away from whatever it is.

      edit: okay i really don't want to use the word "depressed" because i HATE to throw that word around, it gets so overused and now everyones saying it for the slightest bit of discomfort and it's just stupid. so lets say..."upset"?

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