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    Thread: The Culture High

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      The Culture High

      For those of you haven't watched The Union yet, shame on you. It's a very informative, yet entertaining, film that aims to educate people on the ineffectiveness of cannabis prohibition and the monstrous harm caused by the illegality of this plant. The movie itself has been ridiculously helpful for the legalization movement and now they're planning on shooting a sequel and showing it in theatres in America, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This would spark major discussion and bring us that much closer to some sensible, evidence-based law reform.

      They need to raise $190,000 in 41 days or else they can't show it in theatres. They managed to raise over $2000 in the first 3 hours of announcing this so 190k is definitely possible. If you can't donate, then at least spread the word (via Facebook, Twitter, forums, etc).

      Click for more info: The Culture High by Adam Scorgie
      Here's the original:

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      Nice thread!
      Legalize it!

      Please, take your time and visit my YouTube Channel
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