Hey guys !!

I need YOUR help!! On the 15th of february there is the birthday of my dear friend Alina and I want to make a surprise for her. The idea is to tell her that she is awesome and therefore I need YOU! I wrote a sentence for her and the idea is that everybody of you takes a foto of himself/herself holding a paper with one word of the sentences on it. I would like to have some pictures from all over the world, so it would be great to take the fotos on a location that is typical for you country. The sentence is: "Hi Alina, my dear lion-hearted girl, the world just wants to tell you, that you are very very very awesome !" So I need exactly 20 people from all over the world who would like to support my project.. I would be so thankful, because it's already in 3 weeks !! Who would like to participate??? If you would like to, just write me a private message and I will tell you wich word to write.

Thanks so much ♥


(btw. sorry for being so inactive but I have really little time)