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      Dream Journal Program

      Hello All, I'm not entirely sure where I should post this so I'll post it in "The Lounge".
      Anyways, I have become increasingly lazy about updating and maintaining my dream journal, and when I do, I am pretty OCD about how its formatted and how it looks. So I made a simple Python program that gets all that formatting nonsense out of the way so I can quickly write down the gist of the dream and I'd like to share it with all you.

      How it works:
      Simply start the program and a simple menu will pop up. Basically the first text line is for the title of the dream you had, the second much bigger text area is for the dream itself (and yes it does scroll down for those ridiculously long dreams every now and then ;D). And below the text area you have buttons labeled "Lucid Dream" and Regular Dream". I like to record how many of each dream I have had total so that's why they are there. Anyways, you click on one after you had filled out the other two areas and the dream is then submitted. Both text areas should clear when you press one of the two buttons, so you don't have to quit and start the program every dream.

      The dream that is submitted goes into a text file called "Dream Journal" where it is formatted in this way:
      <The Date is displayed IF you submit a dream on a new day then the previous dreams before it; Its displayed like: April 11, 2013

      then the title of the dream followed by the number of dreams of that kind (lucid or regular).
      After that the text of the dream.

      Here is an example of three dreams that were recorded all on the same day (April, 11, 2013):

      April 11, 2013
      Title: TEST | Regular Dream: 1
      this is a test.

      Title: Test2 | Regular Dream: 2
      This is another test.

      Title: Test3 | Regular Dream: 3
      This is yet again another test.

      Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to turn the python file into an exe one so you will need to download python in order to open this program. You can download the latest version here: Download Python

      How to Set-up Properly:
      Simply download the text file and copy and paste the contents of it to a new python file. After that create two new text files, one will be called "Dream Journal.txt" (this is where the program will record all dreams that are submitted), leave that one blank and the second should be called "Settings.txt", this is were the program stores the last date a dream has been submitted and the total number of lucid dreams and regular dreams. To make the program run properly for the first time, you need to include five zeroes each spread out with a space in the Settings.txt file like so: 0 0 0 0 0
      In case anyone wants to mod the program the format for the Settings file is: <Day Month Year Regular Lucid>

      Why I made it:
      Well for one thing I don't really trust blogs all that much. I like having a copy of my dream journal on my computer and this program is basically just me trying to make a program that is as easy as posting to a blog but instead it saves to a computer. Also I don't have much time in the morning to format and get my dream journal perfect and this program really cuts down on all that crap and just lets me get the gist of the dream quickly before I have to go to work.

      Obviously this is all open source and anyone can change my program as they want. As of now the program is pretty bare bones so I encourage people to add new features and change it however they see fit. Also any suggestions are welcome.

      Dream Journal.jpg

      EDIT: So apparently dream view won't let me upload a file with the extension .py so i will have to upload it as a txt file. Basically just copy and paste what is in the text file labeled "Dream Journal Program" inside a new python file and then save it. I'm hoping all of you can figure out how to do this. I will monitor this thread for a while so post any question and I will try to answer it as quickly as possible.
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