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    Thread: Third time I've meditated and these thoughts came to my mind.

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      Third time I've meditated and these thoughts came to my mind.


      You see that shit? Do you even realize how large the universe actually is? Can you even grasp that there's thousands, millions, billions, of places to explore out there? Do you have any idea how small you actually are? To the universe you're as small as the bacteria that's inside of you.

      You're a tiny spec, you're practically nothing but you are something. You are something amazing we all are, to be able to think to be aware of ourselves, our thoughts, our ideas, our imagination. The imagination is a powerful tool, it shapes reality, without imagination we wouldn't have the internet we wouldn't have anything at all we'd all go by instincts. The universe doesn't give a flying fuck about you, you're here for a really small amount of time in comparison to the time the universe lives. Enjoy your life, don't get into a job you don't like. Don't go around stealing shit being arrogant, closed-minded and being shitty to other people.

      Be cool to people be as nice to as many people as you come across smile and have a good time! Do whatever the fuck you want to do that makes you happy, don't do it because you have to, do it because you want to. We're here for such a small amount of time that being depressed, worrying about what others think about us, is a waste of time.

      Improve yourself, be the best of what you can be day by day. Don't let anyone push you down. If you hang around with dumb people you're going to be a dumb person, if you hang around assholes you'll be an asshole, if you hang around smart people you will be a smart person. Just find the people worth your time, find the people that you want to be, and realize what you need to improve yourself on.

      Write down your goals, don't go crazy write small goals you want to accomplish in life. Just keep track of what you're doing, be aware of your surroundings, you're a fucking human being, be aware, be here, be at this present moment.

      Meditate, concentrate on who you are, don't go through this life like a robot. Question things, question everything even if it goes against your ideologies, question your religion, your ideas, your goals, your life, your friends, question everything. Think, be a thinker. The only way to evolve as a person is to start thinking differently.

      Do you want to know why I'm writing all of this? If you're still reading this, you're like me. Most people have probably stopped long before this got finished. But you my friend you are a thinker, you are someone I can respect since you've gotten this far. I started this essay because of thinking, because I love people, because I want to express myself, because I'm a fucking human being.

      We're here for such a small amount of time, look at that shit, look at this picture and tell me what you think. It's insane, it's so insane how big the outside of our little blue ball we're living on is. Be a better person each day, just be kind and you'll live a fantastic fulfilling life, have fun out there. Remember you're not alone.

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      i'm guessing this is the part where the zen master grabs a stick and whacks the student over the head with it.

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