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    Thread: Help me with my romantic cause!

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      Help me with my romantic cause!

      Hi guys! So I have this cool idea for an anniversary present for my boyfriend and was hoping to get some people to help.

      I'm getting people from all over the world to take a picture from where they live, and in the picture is a piece of paper saying "I love you in [name-of-your-location]". So like, if you live in Helsinki it would say "I love you in Helsinki, Finland". The background could be anything, but it'd be cool if it was something iconic from your location. Doesn't have to be though.

      What do you think? I think it would be a neat idea, and I could print out the pictures and give him a big album of them if I get enough. If anyone wants to help me, you can email a pic to [email protected] ( ^-^)

      And sorry if threads like these aren't allowed here, I just don't know where else to find a bunch of people from different places.
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      That sounds interesting, not sure if I can help though. Hope it works out the way you had hoped.

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      Would São Paulo, Brazil be interesting enough? If so, I can take a picture tomorrow or on Friday.

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      To be honest, I don't get why that would be romantic. It just seems kinda weird. Why would you want to get so many strangers involved in your gift? Why would they beholding pieces of paper saying 'I love you' when they don't even know him? It's kind of creepy. If I received something like that from my boyfriend it would just confuse me. And what does it even mean? That you'd love him no matter where you were geographically? Is it normally expected that love only counts in the part of the world that you live...?

      It seems that something similar to that may make sense. That telling him that you'd love him through specific difficult situations that might occur in your relationship - that would show that you're committed to the relationship and are willing to endure tough times because that's how much you love him, or something like that.

      I'm not trying to be mean, just blunt. Of course it's your relationship, and if you feel sure your boyfriend wouldn't react in the confused way I've described and he'd love it, then go for it. It just confuses me personally. Maybe it's just me. But I feel you should be warned, just in case you haven't thought it through, so that you don't end up giving a gift that will just be awkward.

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      Of course it is romantic, and I am sure he will like it. A lot of romantic type stuff seem silly, cheesy or weird. The point is that you are putting yourself out there and putting real thought into what you are doing. Trust me, people find stuff like this more romantic than something safe like giving them a flower.

      Also she probably meant just have a card and some interesting background, not a close up of some strangers face hehe. If the people are not in the photo, then that resolves your entire problem with it.

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