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      I honestly thought that I would grow out of this one day, but ever since I was a little girl, combing or brushing my hair hurts. If there's a tangle, especially near my temples, my eyes reflexively tear up. It's annoying..

      SO, things I have done to combat this are: 1. to use really expensive conditioners when my hair is long, or 2. keep the damn hair short.

      Right now, my hair is pretty damn long. And what I've been doing at work, is putting it up in a ponytail-loop. (I work at a bakery so it's gotta be kept up in a hat or hairnet or something). Problem is, since my hairs are also very very fine, if I do this ponytail loop many days in a row, and don't comb it out perfectly after my morning shower, it starts to turn into one giant dreadlock. O_O Which of course hurts even more to brush out, so I don't. Repeat cycle.

      It does look kinda cool though. If you seen that one Dracula movie with Gary Oldman, I have the butthair going pretty strong now:

      But I'd like to be able to keep my hair long and preferably NOT ratted up if possible, while not making it a painful repeated morning endeavor. My hair is thick in number, but they're superfine, so I'm researching super-duper conditioners. An alternative would be to texture and layer the heck out of it, so that each individual hair isn't a mile long. I don't really want to go short again, but yeah, any advice is appreciated.
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      I can relate to this! My hair is waist length and thick/superfine as well, it's a frizz-fest that tangles 5 minutes after I brush it. It helps me to braid my hair at night and brush it throughout the day. I think part of my problem is not trimming it often enough but I really hate going to the salon. I used to love aveda cherry almond bark conditioner but they don't make it anymore, maybe they still make something similar.
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      You live in Texas and I'm guessing it's really humid there. My hair has gone to hell like that while in humid places. I probably have similar hair but luckily I don't live anywhere humid. So, solution...: move somewhere less humid. The only other thing that's worked for me in those climates is to braid it. Products that claim to fix it don't seem to work.

      It's weird that you say you reflexively tear up. That sounds like my reaction to someone else brushing my hair, like a hair dresser. But I don't get that reaction while doing it to myself because I'm expecting it. Or maybe it's because I hold onto my hair at the top while brushing it, so that I can't feel it pulling.
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