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      Just realized its been 8 years, how long for you?

      I just realized that in a few months i will be able to say i have been part of dreamviews for 8 years. I have learned alot about dreams and in some situations alot about life. I have slacked off on posting the past couple years but i always find myself coming back and reading posts.

      How long have you been here and has being a part of dreamviews changed you in anyway?
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      Soon 6 years. I came here thinking I'd learn to lucid dream, and for a while that was my big thing. But to be honest, I hardly remember that. Some important things happened in my life and Dreamviews was my place to vent and discuss things with others. I know it's been important to me, but I probably underestimate how much it has really meant, and how special of a community this has been for me. Thanks to Dreamviews, I've always had a place to go and get feedback on things that many others like me have to keep to themselves forever, or go to some pretty dumb other forums.

      I hardly even remember anything that happened before 2008, so I might as well say that my life started at the same time that I joined Dreamviews. So yeah, even though I don't lucid dream at all, and even if I hardly use the forum anymore (I just hang out in IRC), Dreamviews has definitely been incredibly important to me.

      Thanks, Dreamviews

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      Will be 1 year in a few days, not that much, right. But still, i've expanded my knowledge alot about lucid dreaming and had a good number of LDs, also i've became more open minded which changed my beliefs and helped me to find out about spirituality. And nowadays, helping DV overall while being on staff.
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