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    Thread: Is The Sims Games fun to play for guys?

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      Unhappy Is The Sims Games fun to play for guys?

      I wanted to buy some game just cause i dont have a life(no social life in real life).
      At first i thgouth Battlefield or COD. But my computer can't even play those cause it's old and it's a mac.
      So i gave up on that idea.

      Also i thought about Getting a Wii thing and wii games. But I'm not the type that wants to beat games and spend whole bunch of time trying to beat/pass those types of games like Mario or RPGs or even sports games cause i'm not a good gamer and i never pass things.

      I've always interested in Virtual Reality experiences. But that doesn't exist yet(fully). And then the Occulus thing(googles) is so expensive it's not something i want to buy. nor do they have immersive games yet, they just have the goggles to use for old games. So it's not really virtual reality yet.

      But so i wanted to find games that are kinda of virtual(but i dont want shooter games and First person games make me dizzy ). So i want Games that are not really games, but rather experiences like real life.

      So what's the closest to that.Only the Sims.

      But i want to concentrate on dreaming and i have hobbies, so playing Sims would be a waste of time. Just playing around hours and hours plus you can't really execute any moves yourself. you just select options and stuff and influence things but that's kind of boring.
      Moreover i hear it's buggy. (Sims 3) and they never fixed those bugs even though Sims 3 is already an old game.

      So yeah, i decided not to buy it. But i kinda want to because it seems kind of fun, but then again,,,,i'm not even a social person in real world and these games it's like making stories based on social stuf. And that to me it's kind of boring.
      If there were complete control in kissing girls or something in the game, then it would be cool but you can't even do that. You just select option to kiss but you dont' keep kissing by repeatedly pressing a button. in other words it's not as interactive as games where you use buttons to exectute stuff.

      ANyways, Is the Sims a game that Guys enjoy? And if so and many guys play it, how do you enjoy it if there's no action and not much control in kissing or actions, and you cant fight or nothing using buttons.

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      Dunno about Sims... but maybe try Minecraft? Nah, I shouldn't recommend that. I've wasted so much of my life playing that damn game--and I continue to, but it's so fun. That and Civilization (which I believe is also on Mac, if you're into strategy games).

      Honestly, you're better off with no games. Buy a bike instead. Or an instrument. Or anything else that won't suck out your soul and sell it to the devil. Then again, video games are fun.
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      I enjoy The Sims 3, I go through times where I play it and times where I don't it's fun I guess, but making houses is definitely the funnest part.
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      Quote Originally Posted by voByJunior2013 View Post
      But i want to concentrate on dreaming and i have hobbies, so playing Sims would be a waste of time. Just playing around hours and hours [...]
      Then concentrate on dreaming and your hobbies.
      You seem severely confused, first you say that you want games that are like real life, then you say you don't want games that make stories out of 'social stuff'?

      I've been reading this thread like a couple times now, trying to figure out how the hell a proper reply to it would look. There's just... too much wrong with it.
      If you're interested in the Sims, try it. If it doesn't look fun to you, don't. Why do you care if "Guys" enjoy it? Some males enjoy Sims, others don't. I enjoyed it for a while. It's a fun game, but if you want action, something more fast paced, then no Sims is not for you. You could also watch videos of it on YouTube and see if it looks fun to you. I guess I can say that whatever the case is, don't expect kissing to be satisfying in any way.

      I think you should either drop the idea entirely, or try it out in some way. Either just go for it and buy it, or see if you can find a way to try it out first. But if you're so conflicted about it that you have to make a thread on a forum, it's probably not going to be that enjoyable for you, otherwise you'd have been convinced by the game itself already. I'm leaning towards dropping it entirely. Do something you know you enjoy and also maybe try to get involved in real life rather than running away. It's clear to me that you want to have a social life or you wouldn't be looking for a virtual recreation of real life...
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