pj put a lot of hard work into that site
I don't want ya'll to do anything about it, I just want you to remember your family. Remember where you came from.

Hello, all.

I have made the decision to end my involvement with Mortal Mist. There are many reasons for this. It is a vast, complex web of personal entanglements, real life circumstances and watching what has become the undoing of the last of what I hoped this place could and should be. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to host and bear responsibility for this community.

I will leave the server up one week for you to download your dream journals and copy off any other content you wish. You can download your journal simply by clicking on the Profile link, then just click the link in the left bar that says "Download Dream Journal".

If any established member or group of members has the interest and means to take over this site, I am willing to pass the mortalmist domain set and the database along. I will not be involved in hosting or running the site once it is shut down on this server. I will not pass along the domains and database to just anybody; I need to be satisfied that those taking over (if anybody) understand and honor the principles behind Mortal Mist.

I will be turning off the TF2 server and the MineCraft server within the next 48 hours. The MineCraft world will be made available for anybody who wishes to download it and perhaps host it elsewhere.

While the board will remain open for the next week, I will not be participating in any public discussions. After the board is shut down, I will still be reachable at my email address here: [email protected]

Thank you.