What i mean is , i just converted to islam religion about a week ago

here is a kind of story bout it ;p
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When i was born at 1992 in Georgia after a while my parents
wanted to baptiseme as a Orthodox Christian and there was
a civilian war going so we had to move out of there
and we moved to Greece , where me and my brother
got our Nationalitys. Few years later we moved to Cyprus
a greek island and at the age of 7 i was baptised
by Cypriots with my brother George and
my name as Stephan and we became Christians.

Although we was just little childs in Cyprus and we didn't knew the language
that much , the country and the people it was kind of hard.
My mother worked all day to feed us and my dad did his best to support our living.

We've been visiting the church regulary every suttarday and sunday for few years
but when we grew up we kind of kept forgetting it. Our parents were that busy
and they couldn't explain us about our religion , only in our school we had
learnt a bit about our religion. For the next few years i rarely
visited the church , forgot praying the way
i learned in school and everything about religion was blind to me
untill a priest showed up one day in a small shop near our house and took
me in his house to help me out and guide me to the right path.
I was just about 11 years old and the way i grew up i was really bad kid
but i did harm nobody without any reason. The priest used to give me
food , money , let me visit his house anytime and start talking about anything
about life , family and religion. I remember when i had made sins and he
confessed me everytime i told him about my mistakes. He taught me how to pray
in a christian way by touch the pillow of my bed with my hand and making
a cross and say 3 times ,,Jesus , his mother , the 12 apostles jesus christ wins".
He told me to make no sins and love my family and people around me.
In that time i was starting to visit him alot , i loved his kindness and support
he gave to me , i remember when i asked him
"when we die what does then happens" ?
and he told me that "my soul will rise up and there will be 2 Gates at the right and left,
the left for people who made bad sins and the right for people who did good sins.
I also asked him what do we do in paradise?
and he answered you will just be in peace
and stand there and stare the beautyness , i Kind of got afraid when i heard that because
i thought in heaven i will have everything i want and such and such , may allah bless the
priest who took care of me with that kind of love he had.

In the next few years i've been having new friends , had to go to other school meet new people
and much more that made me stop visiting the priest and forget alot about my religion.
I have many sins that i regreted when i was much younger, may allah forgive me and
all those who make mistakes in this life. There was a moment where i had to move to germany
at the age of 14 , things changed too much , i've finished my Greek school in Germany, Munich
and i was more safe and happy with my new life but also sad that i lost alot of friends and
my childhood. I always wanted to go back to my childhood and i haven't returned ever
again to cyprus for personal economic reasons .

My new life in germany had good and bad things , i've made new friends with good
heart and with bad heart. For those reasons i haven't succesed the german school
that i went at 9th class and i had to re-do it 1 more year, afterall i wanted to start education
but i couldn't because i lack of school papers .
I have finished 9th class of greek and german school only , and i had to go to army for half
year in greece so things mixed up and my plans changed that much , i always liked to
learn something interesting in my life but everytime i tried something bad came up
so i started working and working untill now i am working and doing my best to
support my family , the truth is i have forgotten everything about who Created us
and our World which made me start drinking ,smoking and not caring about my self
that much so every chance i had with something that i wanted to do was hard to take
or it got broken.

Right now i am 21 years old and the only thing that can guide me to the right path
is the religion of Islam.
The only way through this life is to worship our creator of the world in a correct way.

Converted at Friday 18th april 2014.
Mutah Beale had helped me through skype to say the shahadah , then i did and i also went directly to Masjid and did it there also.
Also another brother of mine i know on internet for long time helped me and got me into it , much love.

Peace to the world.