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      Self-awareness... wonderful and... daunting...

      As I started getting more involved with the idea of lucid dreaming and attaining lucidity, I have noticed a great increase in my awareness of physical sensations in my dreams. This seemed great at first, but it has actually been not so great in the real world. My self-awareness becomes so focused sometimes that I don't feel like I have a body, it's like I can only feel the movements of what I'm doing, it's really surreal and to be honest it can sometimes be very uncomfortable and exhausting. For example, if I am tapped into this mode of feeling whilst outside on a sunny day, the heat along with just the thought of the overwhelming size of the universe relative to me can start making me feel dizzy, if I have self-awareness. I toss and turn in my bed restlessly because my breathing will become one with my physical awareness state, and sometimes I feel like I'm not even lying on the bed. I have also been seeing the world in a different way, when I walk around the ground nowadays I have a very strong awareness of the fact that there is no real south, and that I'm just being pulled towards the center of a planet which is in space. I often look at building and start to feel dizzy because it's as if I could down the side of the earth or fall towards space. If I'm sitting in a room looking at a wall I can feel like the wall in front of me is actually my floor, and I'm hanging in a gravity chamber.

      This stuff is as wonderful as it is scary, but I'm worried it will soon send me over the edge if I don't back away from it. Any thoughts/similar experiences?

      EDIT: I'd like to add - I've not been trying to attain lucidity lately, because I have experienced some of these sensations from the real world in my unconscious dreams, and I have felt the same anxiety. My dreams are a lot more vivid nowadays, I can often recall them every morning in great detail but I haven't been recording them, and a day later they're gone. If I achieved full proper lucidity which I know I could probably easily dive into now if I really tried, I'd be afraid of what I might feel whilst I'm there.
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