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    Thread: Is Dreamviews Dead? A continuation...

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      Is Dreamviews Dead? A continuation...

      The last thread was locked without a reason given which is part of staff guidelines so I have re-opened the discussion...

      I just want to say two things:

      1. To Sageous: We have enjoyed many a discussion between you and I. Rarely have we ever resorted to personal attacks and I am surprised you would choose to do so considering the seriousness of the topic under discussion. Maybe for a moment, you might attempt to see the issue from my perspective, then you might begin to understand why I say the things I say. And don't kid yourself Sageous, we all crave community, we are social beings. This thing called the internet is a collection of human beings, not someone's backyard. This is collective space, not a monied interest's property. We have the right to speak our minds with respect, is that not why this site was started?

      2. As we can all see by now, my point has been proven by the wonderful admins. So far have they traveled into their land of delusion, at this point I am simply amused. Irritating those who have hurt many whom I have known on this site brings me great satisfaction. The only people left are almost all on staff. The rest of the old timers just want to chill and socialize. So staff, I hope you enjoy presiding over this shadow of DV's former self. The real quality and value of this site is people, not content. We are more than knowledge or ability. That is what makes a community. Without that, you might as well close the forum. Keep the academy by all means. Keep the wiki of course. But the forum is really unnecessary at this point. People make the forum, and people are not part of this administrations calculations, unless of course they want to remove them, silence them, or in general demoralize them.

      So...lets see how long this thread lasts...

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      Why would you think this thread would last more then a few minutes. We let you discuss all your issues in the community section, and you know circumventing a closed thread is not allowed. Seriously Chimpertainment?
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      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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