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      Learning to play guitar?

      I have really small hands so transitioning between strings is difficult but it's something I'll have to deal with. Has anyone learned how to play guitar, electric or acoustic? Is the best way to go about it is to pay for lessons?

      Reading music is like impossible too btw.

      Any advice is appreciated.

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      It's really a case-by-case thing. Personally, I didn't feel like learning for over a year once I got my first guitar. I was too busy playing Guitar Hero II but a friend encouraged me; That was in 2007 when I got my first guitar and 2008 when I started a bit more though I still didn't learn a C chord until March 2009. And now I can play as fast as Dick Dale, for a short time at least.

      If you want a suggestion, I say (suggest) you get the guitar set up assuming it's an electric and use the lightest strings you can find for the lightest tension. A set up is like a car tune-up; there are more adjustments to a guitar other than just tuning it and they all depend on the guitar and the size of strings you want to put on it. The thicker the strings, the more tension they have which is good in some cases. Some people like the sound of thicker strings, others like thin ones and the strings all play differently.

      Oh and if you're ever late or want to get somewhere fast, don't be too fast. I did that once and the result was a broken guitar neck because I slipped on ice and fell on the guitar which was in a soft bag/case and the neck broke without any wood splintering, but still - broken neck.

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