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    Thread: Weird sounds outside my home

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      Question Weird sounds outside my home

      So, lately I've been hearing a cat meowing outside my house. Today, it did it three times, yesterday, two, and the day before, one. The cat is really loud and whenever my sister and I hear it, we look at each other in a sad way, because we both want to do something for it. After all, it's freezing cold out there. But because we don't know what the cat is like and where it is, we can't do anything. Once, I heard it, and went downstairs and looked outside to find it. When I turned the light on, I didn't see any kind of animal. Anyone experience something like this? It may just be because the cat is cold or something, but still. I'm not an animal expert, so I don't know what this means.

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      If you want to do something for it, you can go to a local animal shelter and some times they will loan you a trap. Then you can set the trap outside with a little food in it, and catch the cat. Otherwise it might be pretty difficult to actually catch it. If you catch it in the trap you can take it in to the shelter though.

      Hard to tell if it is a wild cat, or if someone just let their cat wander around. I think it is kind of a bad idea to just let your cat wander the streets by it self, but a lot of people seem to actually do that. Honestly, if it was a wild cat, I wouldn't try picking up and it might just run away from you on sight. So the trap is the best idea.

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      One night around 2 am, raining and on a quest for beer, a buddy of mine and I went to the gas station. We heard rampant incessant meowing. We thought somebody was fucking with us because it seemed like it was coming from everywhere. It was raining pretty hard and we got our beer, so we were like whatever fuck it. Two days later, we went back for alcohol again in the middle of the day on Thanksgiving, and then I hear the meowing again. This time we pin down the location, and it was behind the red box (where you can rent DVDs). It's probably hidden behind a bush or something easily to hide behind. I have to warn you though, the cat we picked up is a fucking demon cat. I'm pretty sure it's feral. Be careful if you bring it in if you ever find it. Feral cats have no regard for humans socially. They are like domestic cats, but never learn the boundaries that domesticated cats learn. When it comes to food, they go after it like a ravaged wild beast, doing anything to get to it. They ignore any kind of corrective measures you use to try and get it to be domesticated. Just be careful. If it seems to be that it can't acclimate to a human environment, be prepared to give it to a shelter. You took it in, gave it food, etc. If it can't be a domesticated animal, you did what you could, but there is no reason to have to deal with what my friends have been dealing with. Just a warning.
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