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      I want to share this with you ^ω^

      Heyy all ^_^
      So I wanted to introduce you all to some of the groups and websites which I personally find very informative and some of them might turn out to be our future one day if we manage to get the greedy bankers of their... anyway. The things that I am going to discus today are meant to "awaken" you. Now I mean that on a mental level so you know with what actually the whole world has to go trough. Also, everything that I discus here actually has a FB page, so you can go and search for them in Facebook in you are interested and want to get day to day news and articles.
      So the first website I want to introduce you all is Collective-Evolution | Be Change. In this website you will find all sorts of information that you just can't get your hands on while watching the so called "main stream media". GMO foods research, solar cells, green energy, aliens and so on, and so on. Every topic is in this site. And it has a section from which you can watch the "awakening" documentaries and movies. Again there are many to choose from all topics around the world.
      The second is The Mind Unleashed | Uncover Your True Potential. Again similar to the first one, but sometimes provides some stories that just can't make it to the first, mainly the spiritual stuff, though the first website has a category for that.

      Now the third is actually something very, very, very impressive!
      This is an idea of a man that is as we say here in Bulgaria UP IN MY EYES. What I mean is that he is a pure genius. And I personally sometimes had the same ideas before finding this. So the website is https://www.thevenusproject.com/.
      So long story short on this one. The creator, Jacque Fresco, has the idea for all of us to get rid of all the corrupted politicians and bankers and start a Resource Based Economy. A little background about him you can find on the internet, but trust me you won't waste your time with neither one of these 3 websites and the information I am giving you right now. So what is a RBE? This is a system, if you want call it like that, in which the individual doesn't have to use any sort of financial payment for anything around the whole world. So this basically means you go in the store you get what you want and get out. No payments, no checkouts. You need a car? No problemo buddy. Here you go a, and EV ( electric vehicle ) which you can charge freely everywhere around the world. So you get the point till here. He also wants to remove the borders and the armies and the weapons of absolutely every nation. Now you might think that he would want to rule us all. Well..NO! His idea is that we all, united, will choose the faith of the planet. After all the future of the planet is in our hands right? He implements technologies that were being suppressed in the past and combines them with even futuristic ideas that we can, however strange they made be, accomplish today!
      There are many more things I can tell you about the cruel financial elite and the sustainable economies and so on. But these 3 will deffenetly higher your concious level!

      I hope you look in to what I am saying. I hope you spread the word and even you, yourself find more interesting websites for other people to explore. Tell your friends, your family, everyone! People have the right to know!

      I hope I didn't waste your time guys and galls. ^_^
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