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      Fall out boys new image

      I don't know how popular fall out boy is currently but... Ever since their "save rock and roll" album and re-branding they've been a little odd to my taste. I've always liked their music because well, it's catchy and what not. I thought their newish album was about their battle against the rising influence of rap and how they can make "rock and roll" competitive in a basic good vs. evil standpoint. But I just watched their video of centuries and now they are saying they are David vs Goliath as their music is so underrepresented against the rap giants. Am I mis-seeing this? Or do they just not care every song they've made over the last year or so been on the radio quite often.
      I mean I like their new music but, really? It's not like they aren't selling albums. They are really popular and i dunno it seems they are just riding on this supposed "no one listens to rock music anymore" vibe. As it seems to me they are raking in a good bit and how long can you say your underrepresented when every song you come out with plays on random radio stations. Maybe the first or so out of the blue was what they're claiming but, it just seems silly now.

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      Wikipedia says, 'The title was created as a tongue in cheek remark after Wentz envisioned album reviews that would sarcastically state the band "came back to save rock and roll."' So I don't know. I don't think they take themselves all that seriously.
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