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    Thread: Happy 12th Birthday DreamViews!

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      Happy 12th Birthday DreamViews!

      Yay! It's the community's 12th birthday today! \(^O^)/ Let's all wish DV a happy birthday together!

      Over the years DreamViews became and now remains the best dream and lucid dreaming resource and community on the internet, as well as one of the most peaceful and friendly communities there is. A community for all dreamers worldwide, a place where everyone is welcome to share their experiences, ideas, and hangout with fellow dreamers in a friendly environment.

      Each year the DreamViews community helps a whole years worth of new lucid dreamers down their path to lucidity, answering any and all questions, giving helpful advice, and welcoming them into the community. The community shares their experiences and knowledge with newcomers that will later become tomorrow's experts. Today's experts are yesterday's newcomers and today's newcomers are tomorrow's experts.

      With every year, more people learn of lucid dreaming. With every year, DV progresses and improves even further. With every year, we meet and make more great new friends.

      Of course there is more beyond the academic aspect of DreamViews, the off-topic forum and chat discussions have always been popular and fun. Looking at all the threads posted over a year's time you see more than just things that pertain to our community. You see all the events of the world that happened in that year, the release of a new movie, discussion about a favorite book, the death of a beloved celebrity, tragedies and miracles, both good and bad things happening in member's lives.

      Let's toast to many more years of spreading knowledge about the art of lucid dreaming, progression and improvement, peace and harmony, and making countless more friends! (^-^)

      For DV's birthday we're creating a celebration video to pay tribute to DV and it's members. Please go to this thread to read more about it and to learn how you can contribute: http://www.dreamviews.com/lounge/157...ml#post2162049

      I hope you all have a wonderful anniversary day!
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      Woo, happy birthday Dreamviews!
      I remember when I first joined way back when, it's crazy how much the site has grown since then. It's helped me a lot, and taught me everything I know about LDing. Here's to many more cool years as the site gets bigger and bigger, and more lucid dreamers enter the fray.
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      And now, a brief look into the history of the DreamViews logo.

      Circa 2001, when the site was first made. Back then, it was simply a small site with only a few pages of text explaining what lucid dreams were and one technique on inducing them. This logo continued through the arrival of the forum on June 18, 2003.

      In 2004, the layout of the site was brought into the 21st century, featuring much cleaner graphics, more helpful articles, and even a fancy forum login in the top right corner.

      2005 marked the arrival of a new logo and a nice face-lift for the forum portion of the site. This was our longest-lasting logo, sticking around for almost 7 years.

      And finally, in 2012, the DV logo received its most recent update. The forum was brought to the forefront, and the entire site got a much more night-friendly color scheme.

      So let's celebrate the evolution of graphic design! Oh, and this awesome site too. *cuts the cake*

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      May I be the life of the party here? I got pro 360 no scope mad lyfe dance moves..

      actually im scared of dancing..

      But for real, happy birthday DV!
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      Congratulations guys!

      Well, I've only been here for 2 out of these 12 years, but this is definitely the best lucid dreaming site ever!
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      Happy birthday DreamViews!
      I hope that this community will keep growing, and that DreamViews will be around for many more years to come.
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      Aww, too bad I missed it, Happy Belated, DV
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      [Shrugs] Last time, I posted a Mario cake, so this time it's a Zelda cake.

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