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    Thread: can you dream whatever you want to dream at will?

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      can you dream whatever you want to dream at will?

      Hi everyone,

      I have been wondering for some time now if many people could simply chose to dream something in the afternoon and when they go to bed actual dream it. If you can do this how specific of a dream can you chose to have and how much time did it take you to learn how to do this. can you do this whenever you desire or just on random nights. Thank you for your response!
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      Yea it's possible - and it's more effective to 'incubate' the dream when you're in bed (at least that's what I think). I started getting good at it when I first started lucid dreaming, when I was obsessed with flying. I kept doing it just because it was fun to get those dreams, until the process became second nature to me.

      I assume you're new to LDing, so go through all the basics first, then do some research on dream incubation and see how it applies to what you're doing.
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