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    Thread: I-doser meditation (binaural, isochronic)

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      I-doser meditation (binaural, isochronic)

      Hey guys, i have fair experience with meditation and find i-doser really usefull to help me get and stay 'in the zone'! Seeing as all the related threads are 4/5 years old i was hoping to restart a discussion to see what people think about binaurals and isochronic tones and how they help people meditate.
      On the days that i meditate at least 2 times (15 minute sessions) i get really vivid dreams and the couple of lucid dreams i have had happened when i first got into idoser. This may be placebo of course but it seems consistant so if it works, dont knock it, right? I occaisionaly have days that i dont get chance to meditate but do it at least 4 of 7 days a week. Anyone else with similar experience??
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      I don't know. I'm not familiar with i-doser, but I do enjoy binaurals.
      I use them for relaxation, energy and headache relief.
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      I did in the past, some years ago, and I didn't notticed anything, but I wasn't interrested in meditation on that time,
      I'll give several tries, by combo binaural + meditation, or WILD. I'm interrested in this topic.

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