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    Thread: How do you use dreamviews? Share tips and tricks on manouvering the site.

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      How do you use dreamviews? Share tips and tricks on manouvering the site.

      Hi! I am pretty new here and think this forum amazing.

      However I always end up using the LD subreddit instead. The reason is simply that I am so used to reddit. I know how to effectively manouver and use it. Where as on dreamviews I feel a bit lost.

      So I was hoping we could share some tips on how to use the site. Where do you go? What do you look for when you log in? What are some things you wished you had known about the site when you first came here?

      Share anything that can help improve the dreamviews experience.

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      If you are only looking for random new posts about dreaming, click on the "What's New" tab on the top left of the ad in the middle of the page. It shows only the most recent threads about dreaming, which helps bring everything to one place.

      Also, on the right of the page it shows the most recent posts, threads, and journal entries. This is also useful for seeing what is new.
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